Ry Cooder - Wildwood Boys Lyrics

This here was our situation
We was just young wildwood boys
New as the birth of the nation
The kind that the Army employs
High riding Rebs from Missouri
Fought for the grey [?]
Caught up by the battle and the fury
Back when just living was hell

After the battle was over
And after the Union had won
It was quitting that made us the loser
So we kept doing just what we'd done
Riding as comrades together
We looted the trains and the banks
Removing that carpetbag money
And sticking it hard to the Yanks

Death always follows behind you
When you ride down that old outlaw trail
Someday a bullet will find you
Or you'll rot like a corpse in some jail
Turning your back to the danger
Is a wager no man can afford
'Cause gold turns a friend to a stranger
Like old Judas turned on our Lord

Men are revered and remembered
While they lay in that coffin and rot
Some live in the legends of history
Most are forever forgot
The victory it goes to the strongest
And only the strong will survive
Survival is living the longest
But nobody gets out alive

The questions don't never get answered
And the rights, they're remembered all wrong
The facts, they can get plenty confusing
So someday if you happen to be singing this song
Remember it's just for the record
You can't change the handwork of fate
And tell 'em I lived for the moment
And I died when I tried to go straight

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Ry Cooder Wildwood Boys Comments
  1. Del Strain

    Rebel Yell! 14th Virginia Captain James Strain and his three brothers. My other side Hoy , well one rode with Quantrel and was hung Perry Hoy. His son married Jesse James daughter. Scots Irish in London. Rebel yells.

  2. valentuss

    Great! Jim Keach sings this so-so strong! Touched me in one's heart of hearts!

  3. problematic

    I love this so much.

  4. Superamos 31 Davies

    The best song about the wild west that has ever been written .

  5. Gordon M.

    Great vocal. Beautiful arrangement and playing.


    See you are enjoying the movie music. So glad. I love to see the music being heard. My best to you, Moppet

  6. Chuck Crowell

    we call it the.outllaws lament. all us old criminals can relate to it.


    I've been gone due to illnesses. Just seeing this comment and you made me smile. Thank you, Moppet

  7. Ger Heijnemans


  8. Victor Pearson

    learning this for a jam this tuesday . Jessie was a complex character...brave , hard as nails , a brilliant guerilla fighter , cruel and sadistic to those who didn't share his views , wouldn't want to be his neighbour....but those were harsh times and atrocities happened on all sides .I can understand why a lot of folks think of him as a hero , sure enough . Regards from the U.K.

    David Prescott

    Good Words

  9. key2seventhree

    Jim Keach sings Wildwood Boys; My favorite. !!!


    +key2seventhree So glad you found it here and enjoyed! Thanks for letting me know also. I've had 3 comments since 2011, so yours is truly appreciated, Moppet
    p.s. I have a Playlist called "Soundtracks" with the music from The Long Riders in it. Also, Crossroads & The Songcatcher soundtracks.

  10. Michael Hall

    A true Southern Classic Up the Missouri Rebs Oorah !!!

  11. MyMoppet52

    @UncleDuckle Thank You! I loved Ry with the Stones before I knew it. When I found out who 'the player' was, that was it. I've been a dedicated fan. I loved him with Taj. When Southern Comfort & Long Riders came out, that was icing on the cake. I need to get my turntable working also. Thanks for commenting!!! If you look around, I don't get many! It's ok though. On some songs I see comments that don't have a thing to do with the music. Just arguments. I'd rather have nothin' than fighting! Thanks

  12. Joe Richkus

    It's one of my favorite soundtracks. I like Ry Cooder a lot and have known him since his early work with the Rolling Stones. I have this on vinyl but need a new turntable to play it. I was really happy to find the songs that you were able to put up from it.

  13. MyMoppet52

    @UncleDuckle So glad you found your favorite song from the soundtrack. I tried to get them all on, but some were blocked. It is a great soundtrack! Thanks for listening. It means a lot to me to know that some like the music I'm putting up. Your comment is greatly appreciated! My best to you, Moppet (Barbara)

  14. Joe Richkus

    Thanks for putting this on here. I had been looking for it now and then for a while. My favorite song from this soundtrack.