Ry Cooder - Pink-O-Boogie Lyrics

There's a new dance going round the whole town's talking about
It's socially uplifting boys but it sure is wearing me out
All my low friends in high places won't talk to me no more
They can't take no chances being seen out on the dance floor

Pink-o Boogie's fun baby Pink-o Boogie's hot
Pink-o Boogie's got the thing you republicans just ain't got
Pink-o Boogie's cool baby Pink-o Boogie's new
I'll join the party baby if they let me party with you
I like tight action I like loose fittin' shoes
I like slow dancin' to the good ol' country blues
I like the FBI Secret Service too
I'd like to see J. Edgar do the Pink-o Boogie with you

Pink-o Boogie's tight baby gone right to my head
Gonna do the Pink-o Boogie till I get cherry red
Pink-o Boogie's fun baby Pink-o Boogie's hot
Bend over and let ol' Kash Buk see just what else you got
Pink-o Boogie's fun baby Pink-o Boogie's hot
Pink-o Boogie's got the thing you republicans just ain't got
Pink-o Boogie's cool baby Pink-o Boogie's new
I'll join the Party baby if they let me do the Pink-o Boogie with you

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Ry Cooder Pink-O-Boogie Comments
  1. Rose Parade

    How much of the overdrive tone is from the deco? Just curious as it sounds like it could be the amp as well!

    Eric Haugen

    All of it!
    All my vids, the actual volume I'm playing at is living room volume. I have pretty bad tinnitus from decades of being a dumb dumb rock guitarist, so I play quiet whenever possible.
    Protect those ears!

  2. manovoid

    Eric! May we please know at what tempo is this played? Reason is I want to play it with a metronome but slow it down to 50% of 70% of what you've been playing to get the hand movements down.


    I bought the tabs btw! thanks for your work!

    Eric Haugen

    I just watched again and it seems like that opening is at about 175 bpm. Maybe take it down to like 110 to start - see how that feels :-)

  3. Saad Ibrahim

    John Mayer is a master at this too

    Eric Haugen

    Indeed! Mark Knopfler, Lindsey Buckingham too

  4. Chase Tilley

    that TONE...11/10

    Eric Haugen

    Ha! Thanks Chase!
    Single coil pickups, light overdrive, ribbon mic & reverb - that's what works for me!

  5. Taylor DiClemente

    Knopfler does it too.

    Eric Haugen

    Indeed he does! In his own crazy way too!
    One of my all-time faves

  6. Jason Quackenbush

    looks a little like clawhammer banjo or the carter scratch

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah very much so!

  7. Norbert Varga

    Thanks a lot Eric, I’m so happy I found this video! I heard this groove from RL Burnside and I could never figure it out. The guitar is not my main instrument but this technique is so cool I have to learn it. ✌️

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah I've watched that footage of him playing jumer on the line over and over! His thumb technique is insanely groovy!

  8. Thelonious Coltrane

    Dear Sir or any music lover out there,

    Please share the NAMES of
    great electric rhythm guitarists in
    what albums to listen to; and what songs to play.
    The electric rhythm guitarist is
    the unsung hero of rock and roll!
    Help. Help. Help.
    Please help. Appreciate it.


    Eric Haugen

    Good question!
    Some of my faves:
    Steve Cropper, Andy Summers, Jimi Hendrix, The Edge, Richard Lloyd, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, James Burton, Ry Cooder, Mark Knopfler, Marc Ribot, Dave Rawlings, - yeah, some of them do leads too, but they're great groove-keepers!

    Thelonious Coltrane

    @Eric Haugen super thanks brother!
    What country are you from good sir? Thanks again.

    Sonic Superantihero

    Blake Mills.... a modern Cooder

  9. gariG2

    Thanks Eric, another great lesson with your no nonsense straight to it approach😊 Brilliant groove. Seasick Steve uses it too. Teaching rhythm guitar and licks together is a breath of fresh air and something really hard to find (done well) online/YouTube. Especially, how you present it and in your living room😁

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much man!
    Yeah, I’m really into the whole groove plus fill approach - it really helps blur the lines between rhythm and lead playing!

  10. Fred Burnham

    That is such a sweet groove cat 🤘

    Eric Haugen

    That cat is one of the chillest casts I’ve ever known - basically a stuffed animal. You can pick her up and put her anywhere and she just rolls with it 😺

  11. LeftyLin72

    That’s interesting, should check out Magic sams boogie

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah that one's on my list to take apart and put back together!


    Eric Haugen let me know if you make a video about it, would love to learn

  12. Busyfingers 24

    A little Cooder paw! 🤣😂
    Very cool lesson 👍

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks man!
    Using the pads and the nails of them fingers opens up some cool and crunchy possibilities!

  13. Rob Velazquez

    Some R.L. burnside stuff would be RAD!

    Eric Haugen

    Indeed! Good idea, Rob!
    He's got groove for DAYS

  14. Stormedbyhippies C

    Cooder is legend, crossroads for life

    Eric Haugen

    I love Steve Vai/The Devil as well, but if I had to choose, it'd be Cooder all the way :-)

  15. George Atkins

    Great sound, and on a Mustang, to boot! I had that model (mine was white) when I was in a band back in the '60s. Too bad I lent it to my brother when he started playing, because it is now only a memory.

    Eric Haugen

    This one might be yours! The original color was white I think - my older brother bought it back in the 90s. It was spray painted black then.

  16. Paul Kelly

    Tone is unbelievable

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much man!
    It's a combo of funky old mustang, strymon flint, ribbon mic, and plate reverb added in post :-)

  17. Kent Beery

    Totally diggin that

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Kent!
    Using both sides of the right hand fingers is something I noticed clawhammer banjo players doing - it sounds awesome on guitar!

  18. Patrick Palmer

    I need a nice amp now

    Eric Haugen

    Fender Princeton Reverb! I love my tweeds the most, but I recognize they’re not for everyone.
    I feel like the Princeton reverb has all the things you could want in a tube amp - portable, tube reverb, tube tremolo, takes pedals well.

  19. Patrick Palmer

    Are you running an echo, I have an old piece of junk echo but it was the only way I could get something going.

    Eric Haugen

    Not exactly echo, but there’s some Valhalla effects vintage verb on the mix (I tweak the audio files in GarageBand).
    I just picked up the Boss Dm2 waza craft analog delay, and I gotta say it’s great for a nice warm slap back!

    Patrick Palmer

    @Eric Haugen I have to find those pedals and upgrade to a better amp. You're killing me, ha ha ha...stay well Eric. I'll get the lessons the 3rd.

    Eric Haugen

    I'm the worst gear purchase enabler! Do it!
    You only live once - life's too short for mediocre tone :-)

  20. A51

    You're every drummers dream rhythm guitarist.

    Eric Haugen

    Dude thanks man!
    I’ve played drums for as long as I’ve played guitar - it really influenced how I approach the instrument. I’m always aware of the kick and snare, the groove. Rhythm is everything!

  21. Patrick Palmer

    Watching again I love watching you do these. One played for 60 yrs and have always liked those clicks it's like incorporating bass and drums in there in a weird way thank you. More more more

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Patrick!
    I play drums too - I think this idea came a little bit from seeing if I could incorporate the kick and snare into the guitar. It sorta works!

    Patrick Palmer

    @Eric Haugen I love doing that too and big reason why I really dig your vids

  22. Jeffery Mercer

    Brother...your On ta sumthin here!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Jeffery!
    It's tricky to get the groove rolling, but once you do - lookout!

  23. Patrick Palmer

    I like that. Great lession

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Patrick! It takes a session or two of practice to get the groove rolling, but once you do - lookout! Groove City here I come!

  24. frankswildyear

    What an awesome lesson! thank you Eric!!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks man!
    I love Tom Waits, btw. Like, a LOT!

  25. R P

    Very funky and cool bluesy groove...well done buddy

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Rick!
    It sure is a fun one to jam on!

    R P

    @Eric Haugen Damn, that is hard to get the brain and hand syncopated....its like learning finger style with training the thumb to subconsciously play the alternating bass line. Still love watching this over and over and has inspired my to revisit Ry Cooder music that I discovered after Crossroads movie may years ago. Keep up the good work....Southbound Again (Dire Straits) was really good too....another tricky Knopfler technique to work on

  26. Electro-Roots Workshop

    This is my favorite of yours!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks man!

  27. fotoajojo

    Dude. This is the coolest. Got the basic stroke down and some permutations of my own, but when you play it at speed at the beginning there seems to an extra little giddy-up in there. I See that occasional Lightnin Hopkins high E/B string grab, but there is something other than the hammer happening on the bass groove at speed. Any clues you can offer? Maybe an extra low E on the muted Chunk by dragging your finger nails down on the low E - making it a Ka-Chunk?

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks man!
    I think at full speed, it's combination of muting/accenting that give it that certain extra-grooviness.
    There's definitely some left hand deadening going on to shorten the sustain of the A and D strings.
    I hope that helps!


    That’s the ticket! Thanks. If you cut the tempo about to where you are when you demonstrate the basic groove and alternate bars hammering the E on the A-D strings and slow bending a G bass on the E string on the next bar - you get this cool swampy thing. Sadly every time I am practicing my swing comping I throw in 4 bars of this. I think I need an intervention.

  28. Adam Quin

    Thanks Eric, very cool thing going on there................

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Adam!
    Once I realized that Ry was using his nails as well as his pads - it was a real game changer!
    Lindsey Buckingham and Mark Knopfler do this as well - two more of my faves :-)

    Adam Quin

    @Eric Haugen I'm going to see Mr. Knopfler soon and I can't wait to see him live.

    Eric Haugen

    Awesome! I'm so jealous!

  29. geoff green

    Eric- I play drums, been doing it for 40+ years- been a long time frustrated guitarist- I think that’s why I gravitate to guitar shuffles and accents, and not Bass as is multiversally supposed. Your guitar playing just really lends itself to a full commitment from the drums,.,.. love it

    Eric Haugen

    I play drums too! The idea of groove+fills heavily influences how I approach rhythm guitar! I never noticed until recently how much my favorite drummers (Charlie Watts, Levon Helm, Cosmo Clifford, Ringo Starr, Al Jackson) affected my guitar!

    geoff green

    @Eric Haugen Hi Eric - nice choice of drumming favourites - glad you liked the comment.

  30. Danny Alexander

    I’ve watched this like 400 times just to listen. Where are the vids offering more of this? 😏

    Very cool, I’m working on it now.

    Eric Haugen

    It’s a such a cool little trick!
    It makes appearances in some of my other vids - Knopfler’s Southbound Again, and Nina Simone’s Sinnerman - I know I used it on those 🤙

  31. Kev Dean

    Check out RL Burnside's Jumper on the Line. Very similar rhythmic pattern. Great lesson!

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah I know exactly the tune you're talking about!
    There's a great clip of RL playing it on YT - his thumb is HUGE! Such a groove hammer!

    Kev Dean

    @Eric Haugen I would say that rhythm is from North Mississippi. You don't hear it in Muddy's music but Junior Kimbough and Rl have it going on. Hooker sort of had it. It's a one chord thang!

  32. Anthony Clarke

    Well done....you will not get one bad comment.......you have that beat down to the last second....amazing..........great work

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much Anthony!
    Once that little groove gets goin there's no stoppin it!

  33. Alex Ashley

    This is rad! I'm a weirdo, though; I play upside down and backwards (I flip a right-handed guitar and play it in left-hand form). So I'm trying to figure out how to do this with the 6 string on the bottom.

    Eric Haugen

    Oooh it could sound really cool upside down!
    Try starting on the D string, and letting the Big A and E ring together.

  34. Jim Hodges

    A great variation of this is Ry on Hyatt's Memphis in the Meantime. Phenomenal drumming too.

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah that's a great tune!
    One of my student's brought that in last week! Ry KILLS on that one!

  35. Dakota M.

    You forget to tell us how long it took you to get this down lol

    Eric Haugen

    I'm a hack clawhammer banjo player, so the technique overlaps a bit. But yeah, it took a week or so till it was comfortable :-)

  36. Doug Riddle

    Heh-Cooder Claw

    Eric Haugen

    😎 It's a memorable phrase!

  37. Mikko

    Thanks for your videos! Really glad to see and hear real quality rhythm guitar!!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Mikko!
    Yeah - rhythm is everything! I'm a drummer too, so the importance of groove+fills type playing is huge for me ;-)

  38. Jeff DeMarcus

    Cool cat

    Eric Haugen

    She’s the best!
    Super chill, super friendly - but HATES it when I play guitar !

    Jeff DeMarcus

    Maybe she prefers that Marshall sound. Lol. Just kiddin. I really dig your videos and your playing.

    Eric Haugen

    Funny thing is, when my buddy Jonah is over playing classical guitar she loves it :-)

  39. fred ve

    I found your page after looking for a tutorial of Ry's "Down In Hollywood". Haven't been successful (yet) as I got stuck on this page. This "boogie technique" is fascinating and have been trying to learn it. It's great! Sounds so cool. Thank you for taking the time to post this!! You've got another subscriber.

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Fred!
    Welcome to my relaxed little corner of the internet!

  40. Jim Mahoney

    That is a very cool Mustang.

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Jim!
    It's a '66 - I've had it ever since my older brother bought it back in the 90s. He left it to me when he went off to college and I've used it ever since!

  41. Baci302

    Dude, you are The Man!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks man!


    @Eric Haugen I love the tone you get. Do you have a video on your rigs?

    Eric Haugen

    Mostly, my tone is a combination of low output pickups, the strymon deco, an inexpensive ribbon mic, and valhalla effects reverb added in post.
    In my newer vids, I make sure to mention the gear I'm using in between the opening demo and tutorial :-)
    Also, I've got this playlist of just gear demos: https://youtu.be/F6aXUyAiJOY

  42. Adam K

    Jesus... what a great rhythm! I feel like quitting guitar now with my lame skills...

    Eric Haugen

    Don’t give up the fight!
    I know that feeling - when you see/hear something so cool that you’re like “Dang! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

    Adam K

    @Eric Haugen Hi Eric! I don't know why but when you play it quickly, it sounds very different from the slow version you're presenting at the beginning of the video. I can replicate the slow version but when I speed up it just doesn't sound anything like what you're doing there. Is it the same rhythm pattern? Thanks

    Kev Dean

    Bottom line. The more you put in the more you get out. Sometimes it's good to NOT watch all the great guitar players on YouTube as it can be discouraging. Remember it's about you not them. The alternative is to stop playing and that would suck!

  43. James McNulty

    Cooder paw!

  44. 78tag

    Thanks Eric - I picked up the download. I'm sure I can find a good jam track but do you have any suggestions for a particular jam track?

    Eric Haugen

    Hrmmm I think this groove could work well over a CCR type thing like Susie Q or Born on the Bayou. Give it a shot!


    @Eric Haugen - you're right, those are good choices. I'll be trying it over lots of stuff when it becomes second nature.

  45. Daniel Kelly

    i learned this a year and a half ago but forgot it :( wish i could remember everything/song i learn

    Eric Haugen

    That's why I have videos!
    I forget how to play things too! Luckily, I can go back and see what I did :-)

    Daniel Kelly

    @Eric Haugen After sitting watching this over & over again last night I realized this technique is embedded into my playing. This was a huge pivotal point for me last year. This video completely changed my playing and laid the foundation for me going down the rabbit hole that is learning John Mayer songs cause this slap technique is in so many of his songs. The part i forgot was the licks you're playing cause i remember slowing the video down to 0.5 speed and rewinding constantly till i got them ha cheers bud!

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah once you got the slap is all good!
    There's some fun little blues licks I throw at it in this one, nuthin' too special :-)

  46. Jeffery Lord

    theres a technique ive espied lately in youtube land called chuck and pluck, mainly on acoustic, this looks pretty similar. what a boogie! u can’t sit still and listen to that. great lesson sir.

    Eric Haugen

    Chuck and Pluck! I love it!

  47. Samuel Blues

    cool cool cool

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Samuel! 🤙

  48. redrock1963

    John Mayer has elements of this technique - sound.

    Eric Haugen

    That dude's a master of many many styles of guitar!


    @Eric Haugen - it never ceases to confound me that a V talented guy such as yourself doesn't go stellar with their own "stuff" cause U R a great player and I'm guessin' wouldn't need much to get U huge - greetings from Australia.

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks my brother from down under!
    I keep busy, and have had some near scapes with musical fame when I was in my 20s, but mostly I'm a solid minor-league level guy and teacher.
    I do actually have an EP of my own psyche/fuzz rock stuff coming out soon, so who knows - maybe through the magic of YouTube It'll get picked up!


    @Eric Haugen - I'll definitely be keeping a look out for that one Eric - Good luck man your talent deserves it. Here in Melbourne we have a big live music scene so let us know when you are touring here in Oz and I'll drop in to catch you live.

  49. totusdispute

    Eric Haugen, did any more come of this lesson?

    Eric Haugen

    I employ this technique in some of my other vids, most notably on my version of Nina Simone's "Sinnerman."


    @Eric Haugen awesome, thank you!

  50. Ander S

    Hey, Eric. What Ry Cooder album would you recommend for starters? Also I think you could make a video about your favourite records. Thank you, mate.

    Eric Haugen

    Oooh that'd be fun!
    For Ry Cooder stuff, I'd actually start with Captain Beefheart's "Safe As Milk." Ry played on that when he was 19 and did some really great stuff.
    I really like his collaborations a lot - Buena Vista Social Club, and Talking Timbuktu (with Ali Farka Toure) are both great too.

    Chris Hockey

    In terms of guitar playing 'Get Rhythm' is an insane album

  51. joe pish

    It's like a right hand built in drum kit goin' on. So cool.

    Eric Haugen

    That's the idea!
    I play drums too, and I think it really influences the way I think of rhythm guitar. The idea of groove + fills is HUGE to me!

  52. tweed guitar

    Eric, Would you please be able to teach : "Tattler " by Ry Cooder ? I have been totally mesmorised by this song for many years: Would I be able to learn it via Skype so i can pay you to teach it please ?

    Eric Haugen

    Oooh good idea!
    I can certainly add that one to my list -or if you want to do an online thing hit me up at me email at: [email protected]

  53. Sergio Peluso


    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Sergio!

  54. Angel Martinez

    Hey love the lesson and your rhythm!! Fantastic, do they still make this kind of guitar? The Fender Mustang? I feel a George Thorogood pulse.

    Eric Haugen

    BBBBBBBAD to the bone! Thanks Angel!
    Yup Fender still makes the Mustang and the new ones are basically just as good as the old ones 🤙🏼

    Kev Dean

    If you scour Craigslist you can find one from the '60's for about $1400.

  55. Philip Trotter

    Great idea for a lesson but more of the pattern and less of the lick, please

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks for the feedback, Phil!
    For a little bit more on this pattern, check out this vid where I apply it to Nina Simone's "Sinnerman": https://youtu.be/dpijcQ8cNKM

  56. Min Tran

    Very groovy. Love it!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Min!

  57. Robert Merritt

    Great videos. Thanks. Love the kitty too!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Robert!
    Cats and guitars - what more does anyone need?? :-)

  58. Craig Madden Music

    Terrific teacher, very clear....terrific tone....good editing....everyone else had covered it in comments but I concur with them all. Making a difference bro....keep it up.

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much, Craig!
    It makes me so happy to hear that my style resonates with so many good people out there!

  59. BarnesUK

    Is that standard tuning?

    Eric Haugen

    Yup, it sure is!
    I use this technique in Open D sometimes and it's even growlier :-)

  60. Christopher Westerkamp

    a bit of banjo technique in this...

    Eric Haugen

    I was talking about this technique with a student. It's got Carter-Style, Clawhammer, and drumset groove+fill things going on.

  61. Jeff Beguin Music

    Freakin brilliant!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much, Jeff!
    It's neat how it's a combination of blues, carter-style, and clawhammer banjo all in one!

  62. Dennis Malenfant

    I guess the cat wasn’t interested enough to stop around!

    Eric Haugen

    She is not a fan of my guitar playing :-)
    It's funny, otherwise she's the chillest cat. But if there's a guitar or a vacuum around - she's outta there!

  63. Darin Strauss

    Great lesson. thank you for posting it! is yur tone here again the mojotone tweed clone with the weber speakers? And -- may I ask -- did you have a distortion or reverb pedal? Thanks so much!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Darin!
    I really like the Strymon Deco for crunch - that's what I'm using here. Also, I've got a Strymon Flint for a little bit of reverb. The Mojotone Tweed Pro is miked up with an affordable ribbon mic - that's what gives it that throaty-ness.
    Also, added a touch of Valhalla Effects Plate reverb to the .wav file once it's in garageband.

  64. bournvilleaddict

    What type of amp is that silver one in the background? I don't think I have ever seen one.

    Eric Haugen

    That's an old Silvertone 1484 "Twin Twelve." They're cool funky old amps that break up relative early.
    I think Jack White uses one :-)

  65. James TheDoctor Duncan

    A friend just turned me on to your channel and I'm lovin' it! Never heard that much amazing tone out of a Mustang, man! I know that fingers matter more than gear, but would you mind telling us which amp you used for this video? Thanks man.

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much, James!
    In this clip, I've got the 'stang running through my strymon deco for some crunch, and then the strymon flint for some reverb. That Se Electronics X1r is in front of my Mojotone tweed pro clone with a Weber Alnico speaker. Fun stuff!

    James TheDoctor Duncan

    Eric Haugen thank you so much! Man, what an amazing combination of gear, and the best part is that you don't have a ton of "sauce" on the signal to get that nice, fat tone. I'm already looking forward to your next video. Meanwhile, I'll be working on this right hand technique! Thanks again, Eric.


    @Eric Haugen Great tone. Did you assemble the amp yourself?

  66. todd shaw

    Great job, thanks.

    Eric Haugen

    It's my pleasure, Todd!

  67. jeeprosenberg

    Wow, what a resource...you have really done your homework, Eric, and you have great taste.

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much, Jeep!
    That means so much coming from an accomplished artist such as yourself!
    Much Respect!

  68. Michael Steven

    Have you done a lesson for this? 3:42

    Eric Haugen

    I haven't, but my British friend Adrian has throughly worked it out on his channel: https://youtu.be/fjeQUnt3Vtk

    Michael Steven

    Thanks..I got the slow rhythm groove you demonstrate but when it picks up to the faster shuffle, it falls apart..The 2 rhythms (slow and fast) are completely different patterns..frustrating..(for me)

  69. Paolo Ottimo

    beautiful video! Can I ask you if you're muting the low E string when you pluck the A and D toghether (on the E5 chord)? I can see the double stop is staccato!

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Paolo!
    I just checked and yep I'm palm muting the low E string throughout :-)

    Paolo Ottimo

    thank you so much man, it's a wonderful technique and you gave a great example on how to implement it!

  70. ThomasTravisBarker

    Groovin! I wonder if he got the right hand technique from Son House. He says in another video that he admired him. Here's a Son House video with something similar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzdMj7V2xXs

    Eric Haugen

    I can totally see that connection!
    Plus I think the combination of Carter-Style Guitar and Clawhammer Banjo enter in to the equation as well :-D

  71. Manel Maragall

    It would be so cool if you could show us what's his move on "It's All Over Now ", from Paradise And Lunch

    Eric Haugen

    Oooh that's a good one!
    I'll add it to my list :-D

  72. mickey Mantell

    Cooder almost always plays rhythm in open tunings

  73. ikisugita_DIY

    Very nice! I like Mustang & Duosonic!

    Eric Haugen

    Thank you!
    People think they're silly student guitars, but you can get a lot of good sounds out of 'em :-D


    I have 3 Duosonic! It' very nice & my treasure.

  74. bruno delantivy

    Hi Eric, so good Sounding with your Mustang ! as in doublestops lessons, Gilmour style solo, Lou reed arrangement .. this guitar and amps sounds so goooood.. which scale is it ? 24 ? and which string size (gauge) ? thks for these videos, lots of inspiration for me !

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Bruno!
    My mustang is the 24" scale, and I use Ernie Ball 11s on it - helps to beef it up a little :-D

    bruno delantivy

    Ok Eric , thks for your answer :)

  75. Martin Baldock

    Great! Thankyou!

    Eric Haugen

    It's my pleasure Martin!
    Thanks for watching!

  76. Gordon M

    When I first heard Ry I lost my mind. Just crazy stuff!

    It's like Duke Ellington or Ray Charles or who knows what!

    I love it!

    Eric Haugen

    +Gordon M Indeed! He is a singular artist! No one quite like him!

  77. michel taillon

    thanks eric.

    Eric Haugen

    It's my pleasure, Michael!

  78. fred borne

    terrific nice video you didn't wander of as many do thank you

    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Fred!

  79. VirtualWoodshed

    Man this is very cool. I’m pretty adept at the Travis style stuff but this really opened up a whole new universe of nastiness!! Happy thanksgiving my brother.

    Eric Haugen

    It's like the grittier groovier drunk cousin of Travis Style :-D


    Eric Haugen I think you just named my next band. The Drunk Cousins. LOL!

  80. Gordon M

    Bernard Edwards of Chic, bass player has a great chucka-chucka style that you can incorporate into your jag.

    Keep on rocking in the Free world as Neil Young says...

    Gordon M

    The way country boys and girls play is interesting. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds is a virtuoso genius on the 12-string.

    Keep on rocking in the Free World...

    Eric Haugen

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    Those grooves are TIGHT!

    Eric Haugen

    Oh yeah - McGuinn's style on the 12 is inimitable!

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    Eric Haugen


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    Eric Haugen

    Hi Dakota!
    Yeah it's really exciting! I'm sorta YouTube famous now :-D

  83. Guitar Johhny

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    Eric Haugen

    That's a great tune!
    I gotta break down some John Hiatt guitar stuff on here :-D

  85. jonathan roman

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    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Jonathan!
    I've got this one here, where I apply this technique to Nina Simone's "Sinnerman": https://youtu.be/dpijcQ8cNKM

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    Eric Haugen

    Oooh good idea!
    Blake Mills is a MONSTER!

    Mike McGlone

    You have a great talent explaining and I have purchased the fabulous Deko. People too often talk about fret numbers whereas you give a better explanation with intervals and the actual notes. I learnt to play by ear and your lessons are a great help. I hope you agree that the Blake Mills item is fun and picks up from your Ry Cooder concept.

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    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Terry!
    It's tricky to get it going, but once you do it's really fun!

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    Eric Haugen

    Ha! Totally.
    True story - I keep a "band names" note open on my phone. Whenever someone says something funny, it get added to the list. The most recent additions:
    "Van Haugen"
    "Toyota Celiac"
    "Aunt Mom"

    Scotch On the Rock

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    Eric Haugen

    Good one!

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    Eric Haugen

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    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Jacob!
    You're hearing a combination of things: The Strymon Deco is providing the crunch, the ribbon mic is also giving some growl, and then in Garageband I add some Valhalla Effects plate reverb, which gives it a sorta slapback sound.
    I think any light overdrive pedal will do for crunch. I love my Deco, but I also have a TS 808 Tubescreamer, and Timmy, and I like those a whole lot too!

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    Eric Haugen

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    Eric Haugen

    It's my pleasure! Boogie on, brother!

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    Eric Haugen

    Thanks so much, Mike! It took me a while to get comfortable with that pattern, but then once I did it became real natural, like riding a bike :-)

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    Eric Haugen

    he he he - sometimes I can be sorta silly :-)

  95. Steve Kohn

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    Eric Haugen

    Awesome! Thanks so much, Steve!
    You're absolutely right - tone and intention are just as important as technique!

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    Eric Haugen

    Thanks Leo! In the end, we're all just random internet dudes!
    I'm so glad my taste and style resonates with you!

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    Eric Haugen

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    I'm always looking for a 60s psychedelic thing! Thanks for the recommendations!

    John Markle

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