Ry Cooder - Jesse James (Story) Lyrics

I'll tell you about Jesse and Frank James
My grandfather was personally acquainted with them
My grandfather lived in the southern edge of Baxter County, Arkansas
And they stayed all night with him lots of nights
And my grandfather told me there was a lot of those robberies that was laid to Jesse and Frank James
And he knew they didn't do it 'cause they was at his place when it happened
But you couldn't tell the public that
When they get their minds made up that somebody's done something
Why the public's gonna stick to it anyway
My grandfather, he knew them as boys
And they could come to his place and go without anybody paying attention 'cause nobody expected them
Down in Arkansas, see, 'cause they was from Missouri
Now that's the story that my grandfather told me when I was just a boy
And he said that Frank James, at that World's Fair
I think it was 1901 in St. Louis him and Jesse were both there
My grandfather and Frank James were together there
And that Frank James offered to bring Jesse there alive
He said that the man that the Ford boys killed wasn't Jesse James at all
But the fellow they killed was just about the size of Jesse and he was red headed
And he wasn't any relation to the Fords
See, Jesse James was a known cousin to Charles and Bob Ford
That's what my grandfather said
He said Jesse and Frank were not even in that part of the country when that fellow was killed
And the Ford boys, why, they collected a thousand dollars for killing Jesse James!
Now the song says that the Ford boys killed Jesse
None of us up here in the mountains believe that, no sir!

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Ry Cooder Jesse James (Story) Comments
  1. Juan R. Salazar

    Jesse James was Mexican, and brother of Pancho Villa Cabrones!!!

  2. antidepressant11

    all these songs/tunes are very playable guitar wise and fun too.

  3. antidepressant11

    I think the loud farting tuba sound was meant to add humour?

  4. Jim Ingram

    Brilliant casting in the Long Riders, brothers playing brothers.

  5. Robert Visser

    don't know but he better be in rocknrol hall of fame

  6. Karmen Jazbec

    yeqah ry sun ray shine on me and warm me up

  7. 道上裕子


  8. Dale Rowan

    Stacy and and James Keach and Robert Keith and David Carradine. Randy Quad and his Brother Did a Fantastic in doing The Long Rider's. Their very good actors. perfect part for those guys

  9. hebbe61

    The Legend of Jesse James ,a thematic album from 1980,starring Emmylou Harris-Levon Helm-Johnny Cash-Charlie Daniels and more is also a great take on the Jesse James story...


    hebbe61 yes. I've been gone a long time, but think I have a few tracks up. It's a very good album. Thank you, Moppet

  10. hellbilly billy

    The SW Missouri area and the Ozarks have a unique musical style which is very close to Texarkana but has the hill sound in it as well brought from the

  11. MyMoppet52

    This Channel is about MUSIC. If needed I will disable comments on this song. I've only done once before. I will not promote hate, Moppet

  12. valentuss

    My heart is Full with this music!

  13. el jinete nocturno

    Gran western convertido en pelicula de culto con un elenco de excelentes actores muy bien escogidos hasta el punto que son hermanos en el filme y en la realidad.

  14. Luciano Pantano

    meravigliosa,non mi stanco mai di ascoltarla

  15. Janest S

    The BEST western, I have never forgotten it, we saw it first in the 1980s and still play and love the soundtrack. What struck me the most is how slow the lifestyle was, compared to the frenetic activity we all experience now. The acting was great and we loved all the characters.

  16. Dale Rowan

    the long riders was such a good movie the tech brothers James and Stacy and Keith Robert cartridges did a fabulous actors pretty well tells the real story o f the James and younger brothers they say that Jessie was not killed by the Ford brothers that Jessie lived to be a old man only the Ford brothers knows they won't tell

  17. Mathieu Tassé

    True American Song 👌🏻

  18. Frank Watson

    I'm in the mood for robbing a train,  who's with me ?

    John Province

    You want to hit them going up a hill when they're going slow and I ain't takin no woman's wedding ring.

  19. Gordon M

    Magical playing. Ry is music incarnate. Going down to Brownsville to see my mama and the horses, Amen...

  20. Erg Budster

    Ry is a national treasure of the USA. Whilst some folks are tearing down statues, right or wrong I can't say. I hope some fine artists will raise up a statue of Ry Cooder when he passes. And anybody who could object to that would be a sorry sack indeed. In the immortal words of Mammy Yokum: I has spoke.

  21. jesse james


  22. leti ruiz

    crazy movie ..cow boys wore bad ass .. now everybody act like pussies

    hellbilly billy

    They were not cowboys. The James met the Youngers at the battle of Wilson's Creek MO in 1861 at the start of the War of Northern Aggression. They rode with Quantrill.

    Dale Rowan

    Jessie James fought in the Civil War. To me any fella fighting in the Civil War had to be brave. They fought for our country. Civil War was horrible.

  23. murray inwood

    Great movie and great soundtrack and you just have to love those goddamn Yankee Pinkertons getting blasted out of their saddles! Long live the Stars and Bars

  24. TheJR1948

    Thanks for sharing. Ry Cooder is an awesome musician.

  25. Brian Trend

    im british and will back any american over a liberal globalist Marxist cunt anyday as long as hes a Rebel      GO PRESIDENT TRUMP      THNKYOU FOR YOUR TRUTH HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY      RESPECT FROM A FREE INDEPENDENT UK      BREXIT MEANS BREXIT YOU LEFTY TRAITOR Libtard CUNTS        FUCK ISLAM

    David Prescott

    Fuck catholicism

  26. Tiago De Jesus

    Jesse James king of pistols

  27. antidepressant11

    such a cheerful ditty!

  28. gringopig

    Ry defeats Nazis left right and centre.

  29. PA Canal USMC Nam Survivor

    My Yama pass in review theme...only TDM900

  30. Ernst Becker

    Some Americans are still fighting the Civil War. That's U.S. History.


    Thank you. I have to go through and delete many comments... you are right. They are STILL fighting. I post for the music and the history. I appreciate you comment, Moppet

    hellbilly billy

    All americans are still fighting it in a sense and it should be called by its proper name "The war of Northern Aggression" With absolutely zero legal legitimacy or justification to do so the South was invaded and eventually burnt to the ground in the first total war campaign in modern history. In England the slave holding companies such as Dutch East India Tea company were compensated for giving up their slave holding interests. There was no talk of that in the former colonies - it was a war of conquest later disguised as a war to free the slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation which in reality did absolutely nothing as it was a symbolic act for world opinion. The Southern states did not trust their Northern neighbors and states rights were the issue. The Articles of Confederation were thrown out by Madison and Hamilton who were essentially monarchists which is why states rights is an issue. Nevertheless the real cause was that we were invaded. There was slavery on the North American continent for 3 centuries and the CSA was only 4 years yet the South fought for racism -- crushing logic. After the carnage was over the carpet baggers exploited the southern population black and white alike which took a century to recover from. Indentured slavery continued unabated in the North. The only thing that is free in America is the freedom to starve - CIA operative Rev. Jim Jones - head of the CIA murder operation to stop the Black Power movement. And after the South lost endless, countless Yankee wars of Colonial Aggression and Exploitation continue day in and day out for years bringing the freedom of no home or food and the democratic principles of a puppet government working for the Yankee war machine with military bases all over the globe. All men are created equal except for blacks who count only as 3/5 of a person for the census and have no rights but Southern Slave Owner (not by choise) ended the International Slave Trade. Sure we're still fighting it - It is the duty of a Patriot to protect one's self from one's government - Patrick Henry. And remember the best thing thing about being a self-righteous condescending hypocrite is that you never have to apologize as you're always right no matter how wrong you are.

    hellbilly billy

    US History is being re-written every day in every way. To the victors go the spoils and the revisionism. Hell most Americans mistakenly believe that Lincoln freed the slaves - hardly. And before y'all start screaming racist I am also a Black Panther

  31. Robert Martinez



    So glad you enjoyed. I have most of the album up. There is a Ry Cooder Soundtrack Playlist and a Ry Cooder Playlist on my Channel if you ever want to explore. My best, Moppet

  32. Gordon M.

    Ry is a magician!

  33. chuckHart70

    Historically accurate music, but the movie could have been closer still a good movie.


    I love Ry Cooder music. If you enjoy Civil War music, I have a Playlist. Also, a Ry Cooder playlist and Ry Cooder Soundtrack Playlist. Thanks for stopping by, Moppet

  34. John Keating

    One of the greatest movies ever made

  35. tiffsaver

    "He robbed the Union train..."
    I've heard many groups try to play this tune, but none better than Ry. He's the real deal!! A true American original.


    Ry Cooder is one of the best living musicians at this time. (there are a few.) I have a Ry Cooder Playlist. I have a Ry Cooder Soundtrack Playlist if you ever want to check them out. I've loved Ry since high school, Moppet


    + MyMoppet52
    I think the term, "Living Legend" would certainly be appropriate in this case. Whenever I hear him sing The Legend of Jesse James at the end of the film, I have to sing along, as loud as hell!!!


    I agree. We have a few of them left, but Ry Cooder is a true Living Legend! He's beyond brilliant. I have one song with him and David Lindley - Old Coot something... (I've been gone years, sorry). It's wonderful. Ry runs outta steam and cracks up in the middle. It's worth it to just hear him fall apart. Only time I've heard him do that. Thanks so much, Moppet

  36. Bert Lilley

    Aahye most likely from Cullybecky !

  37. valentuss

    MyMoppet52! I Sign "with two hands" under your every word spoken of you here about Ry Cooder !!!

  38. Witsend

    Jeepers! It's "The Bonnie Lass O Fyvie"! An old Scottish tune, but Ry does it great!!!


    I need to look that up. I have lots of Celtic music on my channel also. I don't know that song. Thank you. I have Celtic Playlists, 2 Ry Cooder Playlists... I organized all my music if you ever want to look around. Blues by styles, harp blues, New Orleans, Chicago. .... all of the music in groupings. Thanks for the tip, Moppet


    I'm laughing. Thank you so much. Listened to The Corries and Andy Stewart singing The Bonnie Lass. I don't have that song in my collection. I appreciate your input. (I've been ill for a few years and not around much. Just saw your comment here today). My best, Moppet


    How many Irish do you think settled in the South?  Roots of our blue grass mountain music.  They came to America with nothing but their musical instruments and pa's still.

    hellbilly billy

    @math4U1234 The one's that didn't were handed a rifle to go invade it as soon as they got off the boat!

    George Washington

    A lot of Scots Irish settled in Appalachia and crossed over the mountains into what is now Tennessee in the 18th century...in fact they actually declared independence in 1774, one year before the American revolution even started.

  39. frank brinkhoff

    one of my favorite western ever.....

  40. Sallie Showan

    Never get tired of these songs,awesome.

  41. valentuss

    I can listen to this record a hundred times! Every time I feel
    incredibly pleased by this vitality, poetry, romance, the strength of
    feeling in this performance ... Thank you very much for the record, my


    So glad you found this. I love it so much, I made a Ry Cooder Soundtrack Playlist so those who enjoy can listen easily. I also have Ry Cooder Playlist ... plain. I think he is a musical genius. I've been in love with his music since high school. Thanks again for stopping by, Moppet

  42. William Harper

    Great pure Musical with the tune about Jesse James.

    William Harper
    San Antonio, Tx

  43. CC_ The_Martian

    For those who want to hear the singing skip to 2:10.

  44. Don Schley

    Best movie ever about the James-Younger gang, and the best cast. Ry Cooder's soundtrack is incomparable, with all the period music, such as "I'am a good ole Rebel" and "the Ballad of Jesse James"...

    John Province

    Yes, very much to the period.

    Billy D. Bunny

    While I thought it more than a little James-Younger propaganda, it was accurate as far as I can tell. Jesse is not the golden hearted Robin Hood he is sometimes portrayed as. Riding with Quantrill was not the same thing as serving on the front line under Jackson, to say the least. The Northfield raid was exceptionally well done.

  45. Skippy QSB

    Thank you for this. This movie is my favorite western of all time and the music is amazing.
    I came across your channel via following the Barra MacNeil videos. You have a very eclectic taste in music... just like me!
    I noticed you have a great group of Americana music videos. I don't know if you have heard of them, but I highly recommend a duo called The Civil Wars. Amazing.
    Thanks again. I look forward to spending time on your channel


    +Skippy QSB I will check The Civil Wars out. Thanks for the heads up. Yes, I do enjoy lots of music. I'm hoping some of my old time musicians come up with the name of the one song you asked for. I bet you saw the Playlist "SOUNDTRACKS" on my Channel. It has Ry's music from Crossroads, The Long Riders, and The non-Ry music of The Songcatcher movie. I need to get more Barra MacNeil's up...I tend to get sidetracked. Nice to meet you, Moppet

  46. Helge Gram

    I think Ry Cooder is the finest slide player ever, I am fortunate to have get rhythm on 12" LP, Can't beat perfection.


    +Helge Gram I think he is the best modern slide alive! He is musical genius on many levels. Thank you for your comment on the Great Ry Cooder. If you are a fan, I have him and David Lindley doing Old Coot from Tennessee...I think that's the song. Ry gets to where he says "I ran outta notes"... I love that for many reasons, but love hearing him being "human"...

  47. Anni Rose

    Love the movie and the music!! Brothers playing brothers!!! Thank you Moppet for posting the sound track!!! Finally located a new copy of the movie now I'm working on finding the soundtrack!!!


    +Anni Rose til you find it, I have posted most the music in a Playlist called Soundtracks. So glad you found it & enjoyed. Glad you have the movies. I still watch the old tapes...My best to you, Moppet

  48. p169inspfilms

    The music just adds to my thoughts that "The Long Riders" is the best Western ever made. The Western writer master, Louie L'Amour, was once interviewed by, I think it was 60 Minutes. He told the interviewer, when asked what was the most realistic Western movie ever made up until that point, and he said without hesitiation, "The Long Riders."


    Amen, brother. After watching it about 100 times, I'd have to agree:-)

    Billy D. Bunny

    I think Unforgiven beats the Long Riders in realism. They are both awesome movies but Unforgiven does not gloss over the crimes of it's hero, and the Long Riders is James and Younger propaganda, the way I see it. This does not effect the story one bit. When I was a kid it was all Louie L'Amour and Jack London for this guy!

    Epic chemi Fernández

    Let's be honest and fair:
    "The Long Riders" is the best western of the 80s!!!

  49. Ernst Becker

    Moppet: Many thanks for posting these songs by Ry Cooder from the movie " The Long Riders ".

  50. Filipe Gonçalves


  51. MyMoppet52

    +Jay - thanks for sharing. Thanks for your comment also. I agree with you. The other comment was so insulting that I removed it...and it removed you also. I'm sorry for that. My best to you, Moppet

  52. Zoidas Dasam

    baita filme...o melhor  do gênero

  53. Don Denman

    Best movie musician ever.  Best slide guitarist ever.  My favorite musicologist.  My favorite political musician.  An amazing human being.

  54. Linda Fields

    It is indeed genius.  As the movie came on the music caught my attention as usual and I was caught and held spellbound throughout.  It was so wonderful to see truly traditional music played and sung.  This movie in and of itself was a masterpiece.


    @Linda Fields Thanks so much for listening & leaving a comment. I thought the movie was good but the music was perfection. I appreciate your comment. Thank you, Moppet

  55. salamattamalas

    I love , Ry cooder's music


    @salamattamalas so do I. Just saw your comment right now, so I wanted to thank you for listening & say "hello". I'm reorganizing my Channel Page & have made a lot of Playlists. I have one that is labelled Ry Cooder with all my videos of his in it. If you want to check it our, please feel free. I love Ry Cooder's music also! My best, Moppet

  56. José Alonso

    Ry Cooder. Uno de los grandes guitarristas. Gracias


    @José Alonso Gracias por escuchar y dejando un mensaje tan bonito ti. No he visto tu comentario hasta ahora. Usted es bienvenidos en cualquier momento! Hice una lista de reproducción Ry Cooder para mi página del channel. (MyMoppet52) que tiene todos mis videos de Ry Cooder en ella. Si nos fijamos, divertirse! Mis mejores deseos para usted, Moppet

  57. TorontoJon

    Today, I bought The Long Riders LP at a local Salvation Army Thrift Store and it was in near mint condition. I'd never seen the movie or ever heard the soundtrack, but I'm really impressed with the score composed by Ry Cooder. It truly is a gem.


    does it have the song jack of diamonds as sung on the movie? i have been looking for that version but i had no luck.

    Rob W

    See the movie, as well.  The Keaches played the James boys, the Carradines played the three Younger brothers, and the Quaids played the Millers.  The soundtrack, of course, was done by Ry Cooder.  Very well done.


    @Rob W thanks for adding to the conversation. I wasn't bright enough to add a comment like yours. It is appreciated! My best to you, Moppet


    Did you ever get to see the movie? I've seen it too many times to count... a total classic, and with Ry Cooker's music, EVEN BETTER. Watch it.


    Hey, tiffsaver. No, I still haven't seen 'The Long Riders', but the Ry Cooder score is fantastic and it was a lucky find at a local Thrift Store; not a common LP to find at all.

  58. psu893

    Jesse James there was a men! Not the today pussy american that wines we got a rotten system full of warmongering corrupt politicians. This man would fight the rotten shit:) 

  59. Mossycleft

    I was 6 when i watch this movie...Love the score 


    Hello. I loved this movie but I was a bit older when I saw it. The music IS great! I love Ry Cooder in all his aspects though. Love the score! Thank you for listening and taking the time to leave a comment. It is appreciated. My best to you, Moppet


    movie is ok music is brilliant:)


    Agree. Ry Cooder is almost always brilliant. In fact, he IS a brilliant musician and composer. Thanks for your comment! My best, Moppet

  60. dave Drolett

    The sound of old Southern backwater roots!  


    Ry is so talented, he can write all types of music. Yes, I love the Southern roots sound here. Thanks for commenting and listening! It is appreciated. I've been 'out of commission' for several years and hope I'm on the road to recovery. I want to upload more great music. I can actually sit up for a while now. Stop by anytime, Moppet

    hellbilly billy

    Just so you know this is Southwest Missouri style which is spittin' distance from Texarkana style. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is from SW Missouri and their Will the Circle Be Unbroken album from 1972ish is one of the great events in American Music and Cultural history. Appalachia meets the Ozarks. Some invitees refused to go as they were long haired pot smokin hippies and they were not missed.

  61. Sam Armstrong

    old irish/scottish music

  62. Daniel Ryan

    Got the record for Christmas; instantly felt like an outlaw as soon as the needle hit it. What a soundtrack and what a film.


    You said it all! Thank you, Moppet

  63. Tuan Muda

    Nice ;)

  64. Albert Oscar

    I GET TO SEE YOU RUN JESSE---David Carradine--portrayed one Of The Younger Brothers in THE LONG RIDERS 1980 film ^___^

  65. Albert Oscar

    I hope u feel better and I like to thank you for Loading THE LONG RIDERS soundtrack ^_____^ many cheers friend

  66. MyMoppet52

    He did "Southern Comfort" and "Crossroads" also. He's done something new, but my mind isn't too great right now & can't remember. I have much of his stuff. I think Ry is one of the greatest players & writers going! The BEST, but that is personal. You can't judge...it's personal preference. He doens't like to tour, play in front or push himself much. He'd be as big as Clapton or others if he wanted. He didn't care.He loves the music. Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Thanks again for commenting!

  67. MyMoppet52

    I ran out of space...You can also type in Ry Cooder & they should all show up. Thanks for commenting and adding to the discussion. I appreciate it very much when people take the time to leave comments! My best to you, Moppet

  68. MyMoppet52

    Hi. I've been ill for sometime & haven't gotten back to many people in the last year. Looking forward to a better 2013. Wanted to let you know that Amazon often has the movie & supposed to be uncut. If you'd like to hear more of the music, type in The Long Riders or The Long Riders soundtrack into Search Channel area on my page. I tag all:Civil War era, Blues, Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Gospel, Native American, instruments, artists, cds,even types of sub-genres.Delta Blues,Chicago,Piedmont.

  69. MyMoppet52

    Thanks for your comment. I told malcommasters I had seen it on Amazon, but if you have any other info, it would be appreciated. I have most of the songs up but utube blocked a few. You can see them if you go to my page & type in Search Channel area. The Long Riders, The Long Riders soundtrack, and Ry Cooder. I tag all I can think of:Civil War era, mountain music, Appalachian music, bluegrass, blues, Celtic, Newfie, Native American, folk,+ cds,songs,artists,instruments&more.Thanks for commenting!

  70. MyMoppet52

    They used to have (in the last 6 months), what I believe are uncut versions on Amazon. Good luck. I've been waiting for 9 months for one movie, but I want it! If you want to hear the songs I have up you can go to my page & type in The Long Riders or Ry Cooder (or both, one at a time),and all my videos will show. I tag Civil War era, bluegrass, blues, mountain music, gospel, southern gospel, Native American, Celtic, instruments,titles of cds & songs.Everything I can think of.Have fun if you look!

  71. MyMoppet52

    I've been under the weather even though I got my flu shot. I'm way behind in comments but want to thank you for all the comments & interaction you've had with others. You've helped me out greatly PLUS I love to read the comments. I appreciate each one left! You are a true expert on the movie. Thanks so much for adding to the discussion! My best, Moppet ps you can type in The Long Riders or Ry Cooder in Search Channel for the vids I have. utube blocked a couple. That's the easy way to find stuff!

  72. MyMoppet52

    I tried to send you some music, but it says it can't find you. I ran your name together & it still didn't work. Do you know what utube calls you? I tried to send you Last Month of the Year by Nashville Bluegrass Band & when I saw where you were I was going to send a few songs every now & then. What WAS the first recording in 1924? I'm going to try to find it, though. I appreciate comments and yours has intrigued me. Thanks for taking the time to leave a note! My best to you. Stay safe, Moppet

  73. Albert Oscar

    Its Ok friend, i seen that film 30 years ago wow, but i look forward to get it on bluray :)

  74. Albert Oscar

    Oh No, thats what his Character said to the teller banker in the film. before he got shot. I love Randy Quaid and the whole cast.

  75. malcolmmasters

    Theres an uncut version? love this movie

  76. Albert Oscar

    You Dam Yankee Bastard---Randy Quaid, Awesome Film and a Great Cast of Actors and Character Actors too, cheers friend for the load of the Music, A Great Western Film, Cheers Walter Hill ^_____^

  77. uviclad

    I have the DVD.....one of the finest movies I've had the pleasure to view time and time and time again,

  78. czyhrs

    Great song.
    Good job.
    I enjoyed it.
    Thanks for putting it up.

  79. MyMoppet52


    Channel page over on top rt. in Search Channel area & they will all show up. If you like Ry, type in Ry Cooder. I tag by artist, song, cd, genre (if blues, can also do delta blues, slide blues, Chicago b, electric b), & instruments even! Some genres: bluegrass, blues, folk, mountain music, Celtic, Newfie, Native American, Americana, Appalachian, Southern Gospel, gospel, cowboy songs, type in whatever you think. If you try this, have fun! My best to you, Moppet

  80. MyMoppet52

    So glad you found this here. Yes. I'm not sure but think this was his first. I think Southern Comfort came later. Someone will set me straight if I'm wrong. I'm too tired to look it up. He also did Crossroads. Three great soundtracks! It's been a rough day, there may be more. (I'll check later.) Amazon has DVD & VHS on sale. They are rated R, but don't know if it uncut version or not. I have about every song in soundtrack online, except what was disallowed by utube. Type The Long Riders on my ..

  81. gjc82071

    Hello again. It's been awhile (7 months or so). Did you get ever get a chance yet to see "Hard Times" (1974) w/Charles Bronson & James Coburn? :-D

  82. MyMoppet52

    I love this soundtrack. I love this film. I really appreciate that you left a comment! It means a lot to me when I know that someone likes what I am putting up. Many of my videos have ZERO comments, so I really do thank you for saying "hello"! My best to you, Moppet (Barbara)

  83. kamatemateLIVE

    i love this song and the film is one of the best

  84. MyMoppet52

    @gjc82071 It's a small world, isn't it? Going from 'Barbara Allen' to Charles Bronson. You''ve got a good memory or inquisitive mind. I tend to do that but mostly with music and history. Thanks so much for all your info!!! It is appreciated very much. Barb

  85. gjc82071

    @MyMoppet52 I knew your username looked familiar. I noticed on your channel, under Movies you list "The Songcatcher". We've commented before to each other about that movie. I was interested in the song "Barbara Allen" that is in the opening scene of the movie. Anyway, if you buy Hard Times, let me give you some advice, because most available DVD's are of really poor quality. I might not have enough room here so I will continue by leaving a message on your channel/page or inbox..

  86. MyMoppet52

    @gjc82071 I really like Bronson. It's just hard for me to think of him as "Chuck". Boy, you have some personal contacts, be it by distance!

    From "Cool Hand Luke"...That is one of my all time favorite quotes from a movie! I have about 6 or 7 in that category. Yes, he is a great actor also. Thanks for the help with this. My very best to you. You were so kind to add the info for me & I appreciate it. Moppet (Barbara)

  87. gjc82071

    @MyMoppet52 Hard Times is 1 of my favorite movies & probably 1 of Bronson's best. Though he has kind of a sparse dialog, he really shines. I've always loved Charles & have 50 of his movies. He was in my grandfather's army platoon/barracks in WW2, in the U.K. before D-Day. They weren't "friends" per say, but they'd say "hello". "Chuck was always lifting weights" he'd say. Strother Martin. The prison warden in "Cool Hand Luke". "What he have here....is failure to communicate".

  88. MyMoppet52

    @alderneyfred Your comment is very interesting and informative. I didn't see the film with John Carradine playing Charlie Ford. I'd really like to find that Ford didn't kill James, but I thought they did a DNA and found it was Jesse. (Of course, there's always the possiblity that was fixed also.) Just think of all the lyrics that would have to change.... Thank you for commenting. Please jump in on any of my videos with comments. I appreciate it greatly. My best, Moppet (Barbara)

  89. MyMoppet52

    @gjc82071 I need to track down "Hard Times". It has to be great. I can almost do the dialogue for "Crossroads". I love blues. I don't remember the directors...my bad. Thanks for all your info. I appreciate it & hope to see "Hard Times" soon. With Hill, Coburn, & Bronson it's going to be a winner. (I probably will know Martin when I see. I'm also bad on names.) Thank you for you input! My best to you again. You are always welcome to add to any of my videos! Moppet (Barbara)

  90. alderneyfred

    Interestingly, the action sequences of the Northfield Bank raid follow very closely on the similar sequences in the Hollywood movies of many years before. Also the casting links; John Carradine had played Charlie Ford who killed Jesse James; his three sons played the three Younger brothers of the James and Younger gang. It is said that Charlie Ford did NOT kill Jesse James, because they were cousins, and therefore family. Instead he picked someone who resembled Jesse, and shot him in the face.

  91. gjc82071

    @MyMoppet52 Yes, Walter Hill director on both. Hill is 1 of my all time favorite directors. Look @ his filmography on Wiki. He's done some great movies. The Getaway, 48hrs 1&2, Alien 3&Resurrection, etc. Probably my favorite is "Hard Times" (1975) w/Charles Bronson, James Coburn & Strother Martin. Bronson plays a depression era street/pick-up fighter & Coburn, a manager w/a gambling problem. Fittingly, the 3rd & final Hill/Cooder collaboration was on "Crossroads" (1986) It's a blues film.

  92. MyMoppet52

    @INUIT3333 You are very welcome. I love Ry Cooder's music. Period. I have been trying to get more on, and I keep getting blocked. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it very much. I'm glad you are enjoying the music! My best, Moppet (Barbara)

  93. MyMoppet52

    @agatematt Thank you for your comment. I knew some of the info, but not that THREE juries refused to convict Frank James. I have often wished that Jessee had not been killed, since I knew that Frank lived out a full life. Thanks for the info on how full his life was!!! Please stop by anytime. My best, Moppet (Barbara)

  94. MyMoppet52

    @gjc82071 I hadn't realized it had the same director, but I can't count the times I've watched Southern Comfort. The movie is so well put together, Ry's fantastic score, ambiance, scenery, direction (and don't laugh, but I don't usually like violent movies...not comments down the line please), that I watch it over and over. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it very much! My best, Moppet

  95. gjc82071

    To any film, if you add Walter Hill (director) + Ry Cooder (soundtrack), how can it = anything less than amazing??? Twice the have worked on films together. The end product was Southern Comfort & The Long Riders. 2 amazing, all time classic movies.

  96. Matt Diestel

    Jesse James is the prime example of 19th century outlaws who becaand me larger than life legends who Americans turned into heroic myths. What the move did not show was that three juries of tried and true Missourians refused to convict Frank James of any crime. Thus, the older of the brothers lived out his long life a respected and honored citizen in Kansas City, MO. and a power in the state's Democrat Party.

  97. MyMoppet52

    @shymermaid1 So glad you found it. Come back anytime. You are more than welcome! Barbara (Moppet)