Ruth B. - World War 3 Lyrics

Cold afternoon, I had no idea who you were
So casually you walked into my universe
You said, "Hey, you got some pretty brown eyes."
And I couldn't, couldn't help but smile
And I think that's the moment it all happened
"Wouldn't you say so, Captain?"

But love turned into games
And games turned into heartbreak
And heartbreak turned into war
And if I'm correct you used to tell me,
"Darling, all is fair in love and war."

You, you meant the world to me
Then you went World War Three
You, you love so mercilessly
And left me out to bleed
Guns out, let's go,
I'll be your fighter if you say so
Shots fired, I see
The battlefield is filled with fatality

I don't get why we're meant to fall in love, then say goodbye
Gave you all my heart and all my precious time
And I can picture you in your blue jeans
Looking right at me with that gorgeous smile
I couldn't see the lies and the things that you would hide

You, you meant the world to me
Then you went World War Three
You, you love so mercilessly
And left me out to bleed
Guns out, let's go,
I'll be your fighter if you say so
Shots fired, I see
The battlefield is filled with fatality

So here's to you, here's to us
Here's to everything we ever were
And here's to a new World War

I can see the headlights now
He tore her apart
But I got the greatest weapon of all
A broken heart

You, you meant the world to me
Then you went World War Three
You, you love so mercilessly
And left me out to bleed
Guns out, let's go,
I'll be your fighter if you say so
Shots fired, I see
The battlefield is filled with fatality

So here's to you, here's to us
Here's to everything we ever were
And here's to a new World War

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Ruth B. World War 3 Comments
  1. MrButton

    Well it’s coming

  2. Chill Noodle

    Y'all ready boys!?

    Hakura Gxcha


  3. happy day

    Ooh boy, its 2020 and world war is about to happen 🥳🥳

    Who is here before ww3

  4. Takayuki Gacha

    Oh. My. God. We’re all gonna die. See ya in Mars everyone!!

    Hakura Gxcha

    Well...ya know.... They don't really got Wi-Fi there so I'm chill staying here. Bye y'all!!

  5. Z-FLO

    I am Z. And I approve this message.

  6. Yudis Yby

    Akan terlahir peperangan yang maha Dahsyat !
    dan itu terjadi di negri sang gersang, mempertemukan negara negara hebat,
    dan setelah itu mulai lah,
    bla bla dan blaa.

    Gaming For A Day

    Please speak english

    Gaming For A Day

    No one speak indonesian here

    Yudis Yby

    Au ah gelap

  7. adriana dreaaamer

    This aged well.....

  8. Hey it's me yah boi

    And heres to a new World War.....

  9. Prim P

    aw man, she predicted the future

  10. Bianca Santiago

    when a song actually predicts that there is a ww3. idk if i should be laughing or....?

  11. Ginoong Blackheart


  12. Ultralagger R.E.V

    Ruth B. If you are reading this i sadly want to confirm that we are in the very beginning of an actual World War 3.
    The world will fall and everybody dies
    No winners

    Gaming For A Day

    Dude , your girlfriend is hot

    Gaming For A Day

    What if someone take her?

    Ultralagger R.E.V

    Gaming For A Day who said she was my GF? 😂

    Ultralagger R.E.V

    Gaming For A Day not sure if you’re a bit drunk because my comment is a warning because the U.S is going to war with Iran and Russian and Chna will f-ing launch their ICBMs to your house and kill everybody in a radius of the nuclear bomb. Not sure why you’re saying something that has nothing to do with my comment like. World War 3 IS HERE and i never said she Ruth was my “GF” so you must be drunk

  13. giraffe.editz

    and look where we are now

  14. Magicalpotatos

    Well we’re screwed because of trump

  15. UwU lol

    Well guess wut?

    War world 3 has *arrived* 💼⚔

  16. Saurabh Chaudhary

    This can be the OST for the World War 3 live action movie we are about to see.

  17. Marino Rubio

    It's 2020 I really looked up world war 3 meme's and this poped up im dead lol.
    Shoot yall get yall's minecraft bed's ready for the war so yall can respawn.

  18. Ken De Matta

    Jan 4 2020? USA vs Iran & China


    Britain and USA

  19. Trinity Shepherd

    im only listening to this song only because World War III was announced. great way to start off 2020.

  20. natolie

    me after falling in love with a guy from iran while on the battlefield:

    diehard fan

    But you're asian


    diehard fan boi- it’s just a comment from all of the memes happening. let me have a moment without involving my race damn.


    diehard fan and??


    diehard fan just because she’s asian doesn’t mean she’s not american ??

  21. Aurzz

    I just she just predicted the future lol..

  22. Nikhil Jain

    This shit is gonna get real Ruth🥺

  23. ShortJackie

    2020 anyone? After the #ww3 memes lol.

    Edit: this song hits 😍

  24. Zoe Brooke

    this went from underrated to BATTLE CRY

  25. Emma Bihag

    World war 3

  26. Stage Zero

    Here before actual WW3

  27. JupiterBeats

    no body:

    trump: Drafts will begin

  28. Blake Growney

    Me and the boys are gonna play this while charging into battle against the Iranians

    100,000 Subscribers Without a good content

    But Americans killed the general(no offense I dont want the war)
    I dont wanna be enemies
    Lets all be friends

    UwU lol

    @100,000 Subscribers Without a good content exactly UwU

    Brianna’s Lynn

    100,000 Subscribers Without a good content
    The Iranian General wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

  29. crow

    Can't wait for the music video!

  30. CrispyCheerio69

    Lmao they named a war happening rn after your song

    Jordyn Ashcraft

    CrispyCheerio69 lmaoooo


    Soudainement War III Is True

  32. Hood Vids

    Who’s wat Hong this whole it’s about to be ww3

  33. nikee

    you predicted the future..

  34. Daisy The alpha

    I’m here because World war three might start soon 2020 anyone ?
    I’m here to enjoy this song an so are you Lets sit back and leave our fears behind and hope for the best

    TheRealMoron IsHere

    We need to get itunes incase the war causes wifi to go out. We can at least have something downloaded.

    Park Jimin

    Daisy The alpha yes omg

  35. mn imran

    well this song gonna be Soundtrack WW3 for real soon.

  36. Paty Garduño

    I'm the 10k like ❤️

  37. Lovely _AllTheseYears

    *well look at where we're at now*

  38. AgentSocks

    We bring you this nuclear siren
    Inspired by this work of fiction:
    World war 3
    *Now in 360 vr*

  39. AgentSocks

    Ww3 memes


    Lmao I came here after the memes of the ww3

  41. Denise Lay

    So beautiful

  42. The Awkward

    Kinda sounds like jt

  43. Abi-Mia Byrnes

    This song would kill it in a Bond film. Anyone else think so?? 😁😁💫

  44. Liyah Bralock

    this a good song

  45. sparkeyy__


  46. Amina Shamala

    Her voice🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤

  47. Rebecca Marrison

    Good song

  48. al3aazf


  49. Lauren Li

    What a beautiful song! I love it!

  50. Ruth Dedecker

    omg this music is soo good

  51. Nugget of Truth - Eric King

    Yes. A war is coming involving Iran and Russia. I have three main talks regarding this very issue.


    You just predicted the future..

  52. Lynn

    Her voice is so smooth and flawless... her voice is peaceful.. I never been to heaven... her voice make me feel I’m in heaven... she is originals no one sounds likes her... thank you Ruth ❤️

    10000 subscribers without any videos

    I love the meanings of her song to and how she uses lyrics in her song to develop meaning

  53. Herxmoy

    Lol so I met you once at a family thing or at least I think it was but anyway I really love your voice and keep singing so beautifully.
    From one habesha to another
    Love you lots

  54. distortion

    Beyond talented!

  55. samantha ho


  56. 9sincere9

    Stay beautiful oh I was with my ex wife for 12 yrs I’ve been single until 3 months ago

  57. 9sincere9

    Purple panther party till I die criiips r.i.p. nipsey and dr sabi fuck drake bye there’s no word for it in ojibwa sry that one either enjoy drake and trumps newyork

  58. cialpeachh

    If there ever was a war with Ruth b vs anyone I would be on Ruth b's side 100% 👌🏻👷🏻👮🏻

  59. radin

    one of her most underrated songs.


    She should've named this
    Donald Trump

  61. ALarge Bagette

    For those of you who ever read the book Red Queen, I actually think this song fits well with it!😀

  62. aboody shibami

    Amazing 😔

  63. boby dutta


  64. Adil Jumabekov


  65. kadi !

    ابغى متترجمة):

  66. mick makle

    I found this searching something else I have to say you have such a beautiful voice I'm a new fan your so talented

  67. Darell Graham

    This is one hell of a song. “Ww3”

  68. Hailey Nelson

    1. In My Dreams
    2. Dandelions
    3.If This Is Love
    4.If By Chance
    5. Superficial Love
    6. World War 3

    -The order of the story-

  69. Janella Riter

    Literally all her songs give me goosebumps... Beautiful

  70. beetee

    If this is love
    World war 3
    Are the best

  71. Philomena Ratterman

    "Guns out,let's go, I'll be a fighter if you say so" ....perfect words:)

  72. Steve Shanadi

    She’s my favorite girl!! I love the way you do your music 🎶 ❤️❤️❤️✌🏾🇸🇪

  73. Tirando

    i sang your song at a talent show, i got 1rst place. I love your music. <3

  74. Ramon Sandelin

    Beautiful song. It sings my soul... as many of your songs do

  75. 9sincere9

    I am sorry for leaving you not for what happened to me love you💜

  76. 9sincere9

    I can't appoligize for what has happened in my life but i love you so much

  77. Balsam le-shamalamadingdong

    im really really in love. her songs are the only things i can love.

  78. Natalya Mapps

    I wanna cry but I'mma go strong

    2min later
    I'm crying my eyes out

  79. Self-love235

    I need to know how to play this on piano!

  80. pictorial arrow

    2 years later and this is still 😔❤️

  81. Rob Moir


  82. Maddie Kaufman

    How is her music so underrated??

  83. Kimyo D

    Her voice is similar to angels......

  84. Joseph Rodriguez DeLa Rosa

    Cool song 😎😀👍

  85. Jathniel Pedro

    I never get tired of her music true or not

  86. potato

    Tom lehrer did it better

  87. Anna Clara U.U Ferreira otaku :3

    aaaaaah Ruth b my life i Love you ❤😍

  88. William Eilish

    It kinda sounded like something from Hamilton lol I love this song

  89. Eddie Buch

    😍😍😍😍😍😘😘 that voice can cure cancer and all diseases

  90. pathnativejam

    wow... Ruth B. is old school soul, Old soul . just found her today! took 10 seconds and I'm in love forever!

  91. grateful.

    cute song to listen to the end of the times: metaphorically and not.

  92. blah

    My favorite song on the album.

  93. Montel Dublin 3.0

    The best World war 3 song is music call sign of the times

  94. TJung111

    came while looking for conspiracy theory videos

  95. Dennis Groshev

    Lol, shots fire.