Ruth B. - Mixed Signals Lyrics

I don't know what road we're on
I don't know what we're heading towards
But I know my heart is all yours
All my friends tell me I'd be better off on my own
And sometimes I believe 'em
But I know, I can never leave him

Mixed signals, mixed signals
They're killing me
I don't know what you want
But I know what I need

The 'goodbyes', the 'hellos', the 'I need you' 'no I don't'
Every time I start to close the door
You knock and I let you in
Loving you is my greatest sin

You tell me to get lost and that you're done
I see it in your eyes, you wanna run
But I know, you know, that I'm the only one
I can find someone who'd never make me cry
Someone who'd never tell me goodbye
But I know that I would never survive

Mixed signals, mixed signals
They're killing me
I don't know what you want
But I know what I need

The 'goodbyes', the 'hellos', the 'I need you' 'no I don't'
Every time I start to close the door
You knock and I let you in
Loving you is my greatest sin

I don't know why I love you
I don't know why I stay
I don't know if its worth the pain
But even when you slam the door and drive away
I still set the table for two
Babe, you know I'm waiting on you
To buy me a bouquet, tell me we're okay
And that you're so so sorry
And I believe you every time
But I can't lie, these

Mixed signals, mixed signals
They're killing me
I don't know what you want
But I know what I need

The 'goodbyes', the 'hellos', the 'I need you' 'no I don't'
Every time I start to close the door
You knock and I let you in
Loving you is my greatest sin
Loving you is my greatest sin
Loving you is my greatest sin

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Ruth B. Mixed Signals Comments
  1. chumba yegon

    After a fight I went to the bar to get a drink and you wouldn't imagine that the person who approached me to talk to me I told them of our first meeting with my boyfriend. All we've done this year is hurt each other over and over but it doesn't look like it stopping we pull each other in and out we such a mess I have a bag packed but I can't seem to gather the courage to leave

  2. Jimmu Llorca

    Wow I love this

  3. MissSilverUnicorn

    After talking to him for four months, falling in love with him, him telling me he loves me, then him ignoring me for 2 weeks, his friends msg me telling me that he told him to go out with me and now I gave up. LISTEN HERE REALLY CLOSELY! Before loving somebody, love yourself. Treat yourself like the king or queen you deserved to be treated like. Because when somebody else isn’t doing it for you, you can do it yourself. People are either gonna make you or break you and if they ever break you, make it your duty to build yourself back up. You don’t deserve to be treated like a piece of 💩. If you realize the relationship is toxic, leave before you get poisoned and by then it’ll be too late

  4. Ancy Mathew

    I had a crush on someone for 7 years and I've never told him. All he do is throw mixed signals all around me, like sometimes he is so sweet and talk so heartily with me and the next time he acts as if he had never met me and ignore me like crap. I've tried to shut him out of my life but then he comes back like he really cares about me and I again fall back into this shitty loop. I seriously can't understand his signals, I don't know what's right and I'm still stuck with him in my head even after these 7 years and I've never had any other crush in my entire life, and nor did I ever dated anyone. I really hope that I'll get over him one day though I never told him I like him and I think it's the right thing to do cuz I know I deserve better. Right now I'm preparing for my college entrance and stuff cuz I really need to make myself a bright future and make my parents proud. Time heals everything I hope♥♥♥

  5. Magdalena. G

    fav song 😫🥺😍

  6. Victoria Alexis

    I thought I lost him but he lost me


    reminds me of a love i never had

  8. Shania Arnold

    Idk y but she reminds me a bit of Billie Eilish fsr?!🤔

  9. Ellen Mendoza

    That moment when your knees bleed
    Praying to God he is all you want other than he is what you need.
    You stick and stay
    Despite your heart constantly cries at night.
    Thinking where you really stand in his life
    Or if you trully matter to him and if you are really in his heart.
    If liquid prayers are powerful then how come my heart is still feeling these pains and fears for being left unsecured and insecure.
    I asked God for miracles... but the more I pray for him to be genuine, the colder he becomes and the lonelier i am...
    Its ok, I know God heals the brokenhearted and He surely binds up their wounds.
    He will turn our sorrow into Joy, in His perfect timing.
    Not my will but His will be done. 😔💔

  10. Alex

    My bf packed his stuff while I was at work. Left me this morning. Woke up alone and had to go to work with a wounded soul.... Guys I’m hurt

  11. Haley Herrin

    I really miss my ex boyfriend but I’m really glad me and him is back to being friends everytime I talk to him it makes me feel much better and now I’m hoping me and him will get back together one day we’ve been broken up almost a year now and I still think bout him all the time and I know he knows I miss him still cuz I didn’t do a very good job at hiding it when I seen him almost a week ago we hugged 5 or 6 times that day and it was the happiest day for me that I’ve been in a long time all cuz of him and his hugs 🤗 he always knows how to make me feel better and I’m glad
    I’m really glad to have such a sweet guy like him in my life he’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and ever will have cuz I ain’t gonna get over him cuz I don’t want to he is all I want and I’m not gonna rush things but I really hope me and him get back together....

  12. Veronica Martinez

    Where im at right now. It hurts so bad!

    Benny Love

    Love is painful i was hurting for more than a year and gurl i still cant forget him... .but i stop crying. You will get better i promise you that.

  13. I n_Life

    What if it’s ur best friend who used to love you and now you just don’t know anymore

  14. Heather Willingham

    My song to my current relationship. Been trying to find the right song. This is it. Damn.

  15. yυer

    I hate the fact that he gives me these *mixed signals* like He's friends are teasing him whenever I'm there and the fact on how he looks at me.Everytime I performed he's infront and smiles at me. But why, I stalked him and it looks like he already have somebody else it's a if they had mutual feelings Because I know the fact that ..that girl likes him but I don't know if he likes her back...I need help it really hurts I felt like my feelings are being played.

  16. Gloria G

    My marriage in a nutshell. 💔

  17. kelly sabatino

    Yes !!!

  18. OfficialTamz

    So relatable n sooooo deep!!😪

  19. 585rock City

    Damn this deep I felt like this about a woman like myself we fell off on bad terms we haven't spoken in two years and a few months I got over her she came in my dream one night now I miss her all over again we never was in a relationship but she made me feel this way about her that's crazy

  20. Colt 45

    I'm watching everything fall apart in front of my eyes.... Everything that I've worked so hard for is being taken away we're leaving one by one. What's everything is gone, and there is nothing left to lose. That will be a very dark day 😞

  21. maxunam

    I know many guys are stupid and give you ladies mixed signals but it rough on the nice guys in your blind spot. We think you open the door and lets us in then get crush when you chose some kid who dont know how lucky he is to be able to hold you in his arms

  22. Sydney Bostaph

    This is how I feel in the relationship I'm in rn

  23. julie kaye

    Loving you is my greatest sin !!!!

  24. Dimitris Papalaios

    Love is that it happens....this is the reason....

  25. Dark Storm


  26. Niphlayah Benjamin

    Heard this song for the first time tonight and I love it I can so totally relate I'm going through the same shit with my man.....I need to leave

  27. michelle zhou

    there's this one guy that i really like, we’re in the same group of friends, sometimes he acts like he likes me and then ignores me and acts like we’re just friends, i’m confused 😔

  28. Elissa Stick

    I needed you fuck off

  29. Hol li

    This song still speaks to me. It always has 💜😭

  30. Mustang Sally


  31. Ramona Rayner

    Brilliant song

  32. Petrina Simmons


  33. harry koppe

    She good

  34. alex burress

    I'm sorry if I've hurt you there's a lot of things and information that are not in order nor do I know who they come from it's just hard dealing with past in people's feelings and knowing did I cause Pat

  35. phill chambers

    I love my lady I just wish it didn't have to be so secretive it kinda makes me feel like I'm not good enough but you know there a lot of thing you do that makes me act like I do but I don't get a chance to tell you I believe you know though I just want to tell I love everything about you if I'm hold you back or I'm hold down then I jump back because it will be bad later your my little bit of heaven on earth thank you bb

  36. Adriano Mercy

    I hv decided to let go

  37. Dawn Sok

    Wtf ! Ugh this song Is what I'm going through . Why can't we be strong enough to just shut the door when we know that's what we need .......

  38. Dom Rossy

    Loving you is my greatest sin💔 jsp😢💔

  39. Kriszta Bucsi

    There’s a guy I like. We met only once but I felt that I kinda really like him. We were talking from a while before the meeting and since then we talk every day. He was supposed to come to my city to meet me for the second time (for the first time I visited him, I travelled 8h to see him) and he couldn’t come. Since then he’s ignoring me and talks different. He said that he might not feel the same way as I do. He broke my heart
    All I got from him was MIXED SIGNALS then FRIENDZONE then IGNORE

  40. Cat Stevens

    I don’t subscribe to mixed signals. Tell the truth or go away!!

  41. Mon P_B

    “I don’t know why I love you
    I don’t know why I stay
    I don’t know if it’s worth the pain” 😔

  42. alex burress

    I'm not worth that right now thank you I'm flattered bad timing belt

  43. Adison K

    I don't know why I'm laughing hearing this Song . Had my own reasons

  44. Sharon Oakley

    DM Libra, this song is deep & is not good, Im thinking I should go. I most of the time have learned that you don't want to be bothered by me, you never write me ask me how I'm doing, see me to see how I'm doing with your own eyes. Your signal is you are busy about you, more interested in your own life, no time, no real interest in me. You have too many ppl already, I cannot stand it, So I stay away. I don't know your address, your phone #, where you live, who you are with, what you are like. WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE EVEN. HAVE NOT SEEN YOU IN 8 MOS NOW, NOBODY INTERESTED IN THEIR PERSON DOES THAT.
    It's always my fault according to you. I don't know why I love you either, I'm clearly not good for you. Maybe we are just addicted to each other. Yes that song has interesting lyrics. They scare me, make me think I know I can take care on my own, I should just go & do it. I can, better than before this game, before I met you too. I know more now, you have taught me alot about life, my self even not seeing you taught me alot.
    I dont want you to be miserable with me. Without me you can do what you want to do, & know what those things are about. I'm very probably too old for you now. You like much younger ppl, I know that about you. You want to love ppl & go on to your next one, so there is no responsibility. Truth is I really do wonder what happens if I get sick, hurt, need help, need to be taken care of, will you be there
    I don't really think so. It's an illusion I think, & I fall into it every time.
    I do really love you, admire you, feel proud of you, & look up to you, your accomplishments, your confidence, your way you have with ppl, your style, your beauty, your risk taker. I hear your an amazing lover, I know your an amazing friend. But some of these things also scare me to desth, & then some. I want to be with you so bad, I can taste it, but I'm scared of diseases, & I'm scared to tell you that. I want to move in with you, wake up with you, pillowctalk & loving you all night, but I'm scared of your activities, I dont want to be around, substances, & the ppl you bring home, & I dont want to tell you that. I'm scared of your temper, & your need for revenge, & scared to tell you that. There is more, I could go on you want to know my truth, but not really, you wont like it or me for telling you & you will feel a need to seek revenge on me, so I will stop here. Yes I changed, you changed me alot, but I don't like some of my changes anymore than you do. Being around you makes me very nervous, & I dont want to tell you that. I want to be so gut level honest with you just like this, but, you dont really want to know these things, things like this. Yruth is I want to know even more about you, zi want to be present for the good stuff too, but so much bad keeps happening & I think you just dint want me to really know you do you?
    Yes I would give you a chance, but we have to talk & create something new we can both live with in spite of all this stuff, past stuff. Its our only shot I think Libra. I'm not the best, not even close, but im a good person, & I love you still. I will be vulnerable with you, if you will be vulnerable with me. That's a necessary thing for us I believe to make it, to build trust back, especially fir the little, abandoned children we have inside us. We have to do some hard things, I know you want some hard things from me too. I dont know anymore than you do if I can do it. I don't know if I know how, but I know how much I want to believe I can do it, & stay on my spiritual path too.
    I know this is alot. I know there is more, but this is a start, & something to think about. I will stop here. Since I never know where you are, or how to reach you, I'm dependent on your contact. I will listen to your turn you can take my inventory next if you wish. If this was too much, & u need to go, just let me know. I'm sitting at social security in the morning, they close at noon on wednesdays. I'm still trying, been 3x, its harder than I thought it would be too.
    I' am sorry Im difficult, & so damn different too. I feel alot of mixed signals with you also. As soon as I can afford it, I want to see a therapist. I'm confused on some things, & need some help. Just so you know. Take care, I do luv you babe. Tell me how I can help you, I will do my best. I do feel you are my friend, & I'm yours too, dont forget that ok? I will be your friend I pray no matter what happens otherwise. DF, Scorp

  45. Amy Barney


  46. Julia Cidfuentes

    If YouU'r gonna do sth for me. of course it's worth the pain. Today Sunday I already told Jesus, again and again. yes, Loving YouU is my Greatest Sin, but it was Jesus who put you in me. Is He testing me?Or showing me? The Pope says You have to look for your happiness. Ayuda, tendrás que hablarme o algo ♾♾♾♾YouU

  47. Allie Wethington

    Why can u go with out houlding me

  48. Allie Wethington

    I just mis u

  49. Allie Wethington

    An i dident cair what it woud do to ûs

  50. Allie Wethington

    I need her i chose her

    Allie Wethington

    Tell. Me wat i can do to make it right

    Allie Wethington

    I am only a man

  51. Archie Samuel

    It's not

  52. donna hookem

    Close the door on me !

  53. Gretchen Hartmann

    best aesthetic

  54. Laura Lopez

    All the words in my head keep saying I love you ZNTH ❤️

  55. bella angostura

    WHY is this so relatable😣😂


    Mixed signals beautiful. Song ❄️💙🌹

  57. TT That’s All

    This guy loves me more than I’ll ever love him, he’s coming on too strong, i need some space and I don’t know how to tell him. He tries to fix everything and I don’t want that. I want to work on things on my own.

    Joe Emery

    TT That’s All. you need to tell him how you feel and that you might want different things moving forward but don’t waste either of your time pretending, be cruel to be kind. Good luck

  58. Britney harrell

    I have never in my 18 years of life have related to a song so much.. me and ex were 5 years of dating and we recently have broken up again this time he has said some very hurtful things that involve my past.. and I feel so foolish and nieve because I STILL love him.. I know that I shouldn’t and I should move on and forget about him. But EVERY time he tells me he’s sorry I believe him and think everything is gonna be perfect again. And like she said “loving you is my greatest sin” you guys it was bad enough that I don’t know if we are ever gonna get back together.


    I had them.....I could not decide....but he's actions always pushed mi....for the 5 th done with done....this time I chose my d one who ended it...I had all the why's....but I never got the answers...I was tired v always waiting for him..always understand I done with him... though miss u him...but...this time am done

  60. yordanos teklu


  61. Rachael

    My YouTube feed I dedicate this song to you . I love this song

  62. Abi Grace

    Hes killing me but the only one curing me

  63. Abi Grace

    Honestly this matches my relationship so much

  64. Melissa Murray

    Exactly the way I been through for 4 yrs off n on, finally I kicked him out, it was so hard..I was in deep depression, anxiety kicked in for 2 yrs I been alone, I was so angry why did I let it happened...haven’t heard from him for 2 yrs then his ex gf message me asking what’s wrong with him, she too went thru just like me I told her he will never change, let him go, now she’s back to him, I told her not to bother me anymore I blocked her on fb that was last week... please if your relationship go off n will never works! Let it go, best thing happened to me

  65. Szarinah Solivio

    mixed signals. he's so clingy , and so sweet nowadays

  66. Natasha Singh

    So meaningful

  67. honestly idk

    Where was this song when I needed it ? Lol

  68. Jessica Lopez Gonzales

    "Mixed signals mixed signals
    They're killing me" really hit deep 🖤

  69. Tarryn-Lea Walsh

    "You tell me to get lost and that you're done I see it in your eyes, you wanna run but i know, you knoe that I'm the only one. I can find someone who'd never make me cry someone who'd never tell me goodbye but I know that I would never survive"

    Yep I feel that!

  70. Denise Wilson

    Need you too Daddy...💋💋💋❤❤❤

  71. Cris Smith

    These mix signals are killing me loving u is my greatest sin

  72. sue carrigan

    The hardest part is not knowing, this is why I’ve backed off, it’s not something I would want to do, but I have to in order to salvage my self respect,

  73. sue carrigan

    I wonder if it’s become I love him deeply, I just can’t get him to realise what he’s loosing, loveing him is my greatest accomplishment, he’s my everything, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he turned up at jp coopers concert in Dublin, xxxx

  74. sue carrigan

    You won’t talk to me , so what am I supposed to do

  75. Михаил Никоноров

    If a girl u like listens to this shit u better stay away n look for other bitch believe me this shit wont end up good this hos are dumb

  76. Charley jesse Taylor

    call me

  77. emma siregar

    This is my real story 😥

    emma siregar

    And it just happened 😔

  78. Roberta Luchey

    .YES , I LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY.........MAYBE I AM THE FOOL............

  79. Ashley Guseman

    I love him....God, I really do but he just wants to be friends for right now...and yet still wants to kiss me/be romantically intimate. Boys are confusing.

  80. Angelika Balancy

    yeah cheat on me everytime ..then came crying and saying you are so so sorry and i believed everytime but deep inside i know you will never stop.....this song is totally relatable

  81. Tabi Justine


  82. David Tyra

    How can someone say they love you when they lie and cheat on you or jump in the bed within a week of a breakup???


    This is my story 😩😭

  84. Sonia Irvine

    This song made think of the man I thought I was going to marry but hey life never goes to plan 😪😪

  85. Fabiana

    I dedicate this song to all those men and women stuck in unhealthy, co-dependent and manipulative relationships. Please find the courage to ask for professional help, you deserve to be able to see the truth and enjoy the light.

  86. Gary Lynch

    It's ok to leave me i understand I'm no good. I will always love you

  87. mary ruth johnson

    That one person 💚

  88. omg child

    I’m recently talking to this guy he’s great he makes happy but the last couple of days I feel like he don’t really want me no more but he says he does I’m confused and I get sad when. We don’t talk.. it’s too many mixed signals 🥺

  89. Ruth Spears

    Absolutely So True

  90. Fatima Aa

    She doesn’t want you she not give you mix signals she just not a hateful person she gives love and care to everyone

  91. Robbyn Ellzey

    You can be in love with someone, but it’s okay to walk away when someone isn’t treating you right no matter how hard it can be. You must walk away.

    Veritas Aequitas

    I second that..

  92. Katherine Morales

    All I want is you.

  93. Clouie 16

    Is this for me??? 😭😭😭💔💔💔
    "Loving you is my greatest sin"

  94. Isabella Sinclair

    when this hits so deep that you just ball your eyes out these mixed signals kill me every time

  95. Quinn YuQaa

    Guys.. ive been falling in love with him more than 4 years!! And he always keep a secret! He even dont want me to upload his pic on soc media.. one day i try to upload his pic and suddenly there is a girl chatting me he said they were in relationships for 3 years already.. and not only one.. a lot of girl! But he leaves all the girl and choose me.. and this year.. i try to do the samething and he mad me.. he said if u want to upload the pic just upload but dont find me anymore.. why? Is that bcoz he still keep in relationship with the. Other girl? He told me that he dont like to upload his pic.. everyime we always fighting.. but there must be the reason we keep staying.. we love each other.. but i always thinking much.. and cry in the middle of the night.. sometimes he make me feel like i am the lucky girl in this world bcoz he loved me.. but sometimes we fight.. i cry.. and he said he very busy with his bussines... i dont knw if i shud continue my relationship with him... 😔😔 can u guys tell me what shud i do? Why if a man dont want to upload his pict on soc med..

    kendall gumbs

    Let go believe me

    Quinn YuQaa

    kendall gumbs thanks for ur concern... i still cant forget everything about him until now.. but i keep tryinggg🙏

  96. Kevin Brooks

    This song hits me hard I kept leaving and them couldn't handle it because I really do love this person with my all my heart and I have learned so much and thats all we can do is learn from mistakes we all go through different things in our life so this said I still love you life is short to wait for someone to get better but if you can wait thats love and I'm working hard on me not giving up on me

  97. Prabhjot Kaur

    nothing in this world is worth the pain.. dats my point!!

  98. Heyoka 8

    This song is really for me💔😢

  99. Charlie McKay

    I'm glad people are enjoying this video I made for Ruth's awesome new song! If you want more videos like this, be sure to subscribe! :)



    Charlotte Bass

    @evelyn kissinger huh

    A Gogue

    Wow song good bye thumb song nice. Thank

    LaDonna Clark

    Charlie McKay i wish this was on iTunes so I could buy it :-(

    connie lancaster

    Charlie McKay I just found her on YouTube I love this girl