Ruth B. - In My Dreams Lyrics

The lights are bright tonight, the music loud
A perfect mess that's what surrounds me
Then I see you over there, I can't seem to break the stare
Maybe it's 'cause your shirt is my favorite color
Then you walk on over with a smolder
And you hand me your number, I say, "What is this?"
You say, "Love at first sight, it exists"
But I've had my heart broken so many times before
Yeah, I've walked through so many empty doors

But if I see you in my dreams tonight
Then maybe you were right
And I'll call you in the morning
If I see you in my dreams tonight
And you take my hands and tell me
"I've been waiting for you"
Then I'll tell you, "Me too"
If I see you in my dreams tonight

I start to drive away and smile like I'm insane
How can I feel this way? I don't even know your name
The napkin doesn't say
Then I remember that I vowed not let anyone enter my heart
I say "What is this?"
I know love at first sight can't exist

But if I see you in my dreams tonight
Then maybe you were right
And I'll call you in the morning
If I see you in my dreams tonight
And you take my hands and tell me
"I've been waiting for you"
Then I'll tell you, "Me too"
If I see you in my dreams tonight

Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension
And you can tell me all the things you didn't mention
Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension
And you can tell me all the things you didn't mention
You'll say "What is this?"
I'll say "I guess love at first sight exists"

Cause I saw you in my dreams that night
And I knew that you were right
So I called you in the morning
(In the morning, in the morning)
Yeah I saw you in my dreams that night
And you took my hands and told me
"I've been waiting for you"
And I told you, "Me too"
Yeah I saw you in my dreams that night
If I see you in my dreams tonight

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Ruth B. In My Dreams Comments
  1. Mongdi Walling

    Really wish I had an amazing talent like you
    I keep singing your songs even though I can't sing

  2. potato_on_weed :l

    Anyone from December 2019

  3. Brenda Savage


  4. Angela Who

    That's the thing he has been in my dreams . He is my everything haven't even met love him so

  5. Bonnie Horn

    I can’t believe I forgot about this song!! It’s so beautiful!! 😭

  6. dasche

    Please come to Austria, can take a bed at my house and my stister is playing the piano for your at a concert

  7. pointless stars

    This song makes me feel like I’m in love and It also makes me super sad

  8. Brenda Savage


  9. Brenda Savage


  10. Abram DF Lopez

    Her music has been part of my experience here on earth. Ive been waiting for her ...As each day passes on into the next I miss her even more than i did the day before.

  11. Rusaina Nazrin

    One of the most underrated singer😘

  12. chim shooky

    I'm still waiting to those people who still sleeping on her. She is so underrated, all of her songs are masterpiece. Been with her since Lost Boy.

  13. The Poetic Mike Tyson

    I love the fact that she writes all her songs by HERSELF!! That's how songwriting should be! Not some DAMN group project! You don't even know who wrote what!

  14. Roxy Foxy is a Christmas Fox

    Anyone else like:

    Wow. ❤️👑

  15. Delilah Queen

    I thought this song was gay for so long and I'm genuinely upset that the video isn't. 😂

  16. Childish_ Kacy

    I’ve been watching you since Vine! I love you so much!

  17. Fuck Off

    Then there’s my dream and that will never come true😭😑

  18. Isabella Nehrenz

    i luv u

  19. Livurochy

    Okay but that last line?
    Did anyone else get the impression that perhaps the rest would have been something along the lines of:
    If I see you in my dreams tonight, maybe I’ll take you out tomorrow night.
    Because, while she says the verse “if I see you in my dreams tonight”, the last one comes after she’s said that she saw him in her dreams, so perhaps it’s not just a repetition of verse? Idk.

  20. Trevor Mention

    Anyone brought here from "Once upon a Time" ?

  21. jcastanza

    Wow just amazing at such a young age to write, compose, play piano, and sing so incredibly!

  22. 9sincere9

    I got hacked lmfao this song makes being celibate hilarious sorry

  23. Hunter Cousino

    this song helps me a lot rn my boyfriend broke up with me on Monday and i have been super upset and i thought he was the love of my life and this song reminds me dont give up he did it for a reason (not ready for a relationship) so dont stop texting him good morning i hope you have an amazing day today or goodnight ill talk to you later and make sure you show him you care and that you're still their for him

  24. Charlie Cypher

    I love you so much, lovebirdy.

  25. Kwanele Simelane

    Recommended by my girlfriend 😊😊

  26. Misty Ross

    her songs are like gold

  27. xolouu ,

    her songs can give me feels I've never felt before, so pure yet so deep. ): 🖤

  28. ncw 307

    Wow these lyrics...👍🏼 “maybe we’ll meet in a different dimension...” 💙

  29. Shyannamae Wheeler

    I showed this to the guy I liked and after that he took me on a date💋💕💖

    Sw33t S4lty

    Shyannamae Wheeler cuteeeee

  30. L. S.

    She has a voice like an angle 🦋✨

  31. butterfly girl

    Beautiful song. Love it💖

  32. InterestingIris

    ❤🤧💦 *Her songs are so beautiful*

  33. Jenny Bee

    What is the piano part, I wanna learn it

  34. Nevaeh Woodward

    this song helps me calm down

  35. Lucy Bentley do u think i can sing

    love youuuu💖💖💖💕💜💛💗💘💝💞💟

  36. amerie dolan

    2:48 ❤️

  37. Kyler Castellion

    I'm 14 and this is deep

  38. 4 AM Records

    golden lyrics .

  39. 9sincere9

    Which dimension cuz im on earth and my third eyes always busy stupid pimples right spectra cream works babygirl

  40. 9sincere9

    2 1/12 years no dates just friendship and love ive been single waiting for you since last i told you joshua adam keddy mino gighgat gooday is my spirit name

  41. 9sincere9

    Sonreals concert ruined it

  42. Skye Davidson

    “Cause when I fall, I fall hard but when my heart breaks it breaks harder” 💔

  43. Athena Arce

    omgomg your voice is amazing!!!! More people need to see thisssss

  44. Mosima Molepo

    I mean! This never gets old!❤️

  45. David Macchia

    Thank you Once upon a time

  46. nouf Adil


  47. Abbie rose

    Ruth, i am a big fan. This is somg and rare are my favorites. Keep writing songs like this.

  48. Archie Agui


  49. the soul sisters

    Im a fan Ruth b this is my fave song besides lost boy

  50. Antonia Gouvatsos

    so glad I found her...

  51. 9sincere9

    Tmi and cracked screen sry i know i know like slim shady right its my actual life not for a movie though i never asked to go in there i was forced

  52. 9sincere9

    It couldin't of went as insane as they said i was lmfao all i said was i hear spirits and they let me kut one place the next place a gave the full monty to the nurses and they let me oht because i like to think the nurses wanted to sleep with and that was a co flict of interesf anyways jist an i sight to what was going on two years ago after this all happened

  53. 9sincere9

    Rap version i seen you in my dreams and destiny lost my phone please i'd never break your heart take the bullet and protect you from the dark if im rich im tony stark if im poor deadpool with every mark but i always loved you at first lostboy was the start.

  54. 9sincere9

    Just woke up i been waiting too i was napping after i got my nephew to school and posted on tnsta

  55. faith H

    This is a cute song

  56. 9sincere9

    Excuse my spelling i can spell corectly but you know what its like when your tired and smoke weed if not good more for me Nd a man of many different talents💜😙😁💯

  57. 9sincere9

    Oh i got the name shady because some girls thlught i looked like eminem by the basketball court worst curse of my life real talk i love you witch dimension this one?💜💯😁😂

  58. żałosne


  59. T Belictioner

    Came here since Once Upon A Time, now the series ended and this song reminds me of it.
    This is a very beautiful song tho.

  60. Lori Ann White

    12-21-18. Yes I know I am late, but now that I'm here I'm all in. What a beautiful Voice.

  61. fordkd1

    Such a beautiful song!

  62. createdncali

    Why does she remind me of Jorja Smith amd Lorde combined

  63. Carlitoes Breadnwater

    Perhaps in another lifetime

  64. Gabrielle Leinenbach

    You make me so happy you are a beautiful woman and singer:)😺😸👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👧🏼👱🏼‍♀️👩🏼🌈🎧🎤📳🇱🇷

  65. jo blo

    This girl is so boring all her songs are the same

  66. Dat Nguyen

    Henry and Violet bring me to this song. Love song

  67. Miley Maldonado

    I love this

  68. li’l sushi

    Your singing is like a dream

  69. gomass

    im glad i experienced this in my lifetime <3

  70. lonelystars

    I can't stop replaying- gladly my replay button hasn't broke yet.Here's replay buttons, there free :)0:000:000:000:000:000:000:00

  71. utary dw

    idk how to say, this video clip just satisfying

  72. Lizzie Hangsing

    I’m so in love😭❤️

  73. FinallySinging

    This song is so beautiful. I was hooked immediately! Thanks for blessing us all Ruth B!

  74. Aaliyah Ramsay

    Ruth B songs lemme think of pure gold ❤️❤️❤️❤️😩😩🔥🙏🏼🙏🏼

  75. patrickkelly3

    tender, and yet, passionate. wonderful song!

  76. ophelia

    i can't stop hearing this song. I am probably going to sing this in my dreams tonight

  77. nada gm

    The Piano's picture is in every video of hers ! 😅

  78. Thy Phuong Khanh

    YOU ARE AWESOME RUTH B !!!! Love You Forever :>

  79. smg97

    Who else is crying

  80. Zahara Parks

    OMG I am crying 😢😢😢

  81. Reena Arya


  82. mackenzie reed

    The song is on once upon a time haha it’s beautiful

  83. Kiannah Lance

    This song tells a story. A story of true love. Love at first sight. This is my first time hearing this song and i understand that this song, this story is about love at first sight.

  84. fab gab

    here because of someone

  85. Megan Roberts

    I wish I found someone like that love at first sight lovely❤💋❤💋


    Yeah this is definitely the song I’m singing for my talent show at school in November.

  87. Mariah

    Omg, I’m in tears 😭 so true Ruth, it truly gave me chills

  88. A.M Nadine

    Imagine if this happened to you...

  89. farha suleiman

    Can't believe just found you yesterday!!! Can't stop listening 😊 Girl!!! Your songs are everything ❤️

  90. Kiana Rezaee

    Once upon a time brought me here this is soooo goood 😻 lve got goosebumps

  91. red panda

    this song remainds me of clarke and lexa. im depressed again

  92. Kharma Schweninger

    I feel like this song could have been played in twilight

  93. Nise xo

    This song.. omg I love it!! Made my mouth drop and my heart stop!!😍😍♡♡