Ruth B. - If This Is Love Lyrics

It's been a long day and I'm trying to figure it out
The way those words left your mouth
I feel broken, shattered, and blue
And it's all because of you
And I'm trying, trying to figure it out

If this is love
Why does it break me down?
Why do you break me down?
If this is love
Why does it break me down?
Why do you break me down?

It's been a long time since I felt the way that I do now
Like I need you, but I don't know how
It's been a while since I smiled
And I meant it from my heart
But the idea of leaving this behind
It tears me apart

If this is love
Why does it break me down?
Why do you break me down?
If this is love
Why does it break me down?
Why do you break me down?

Kiss me now and remind me why
I ever wanted to make you mine
And even though it hurts in this moment
I've always known it
You're the other half of my broken heart

If this is love
Why does it break me down?
Why do you break me down?
If this is love
Why does it break me down?
Why do you break me down?

Even though it hurts in this moment
I've always known it
You're the other half of my broken heart

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Ruth B. If This Is Love Comments
  1. Carolina Camacho

    Anybody 2020?

  2. Magdalena Langer

    Why are most of her songs sound so depressing but I still love her

  3. rose anne

    2020 anyone?

  4. blurryface girl

    Admit it for those who doesn't know the song and just heard it about it now, you sang the first few words in 'See you again' tune

  5. Random_Youtube _Addict

    Anybody 2020???

  6. Fihin _

    2020 anyone??

  7. Caleb Dunn

    Anyone feel like she was going to say "it's been a long day, without you my friend" at the start?

  8. 박수현


  9. MoonOrchid 1689

    Im broken 😂

  10. Mackenzie Yaag


  11. May Pakornsiri

    I really feel the same as the lyrics said...

  12. ynabanana

    2020 anyone?

  13. Singing Malik Akram

    So beautiful lyrics and lovely song.

  14. sweet-like-hxney

    When you're extremely late but you still want to comment something, hoping you'll get likes, but still don't know what to say...

  15. Heisnam Poirei

    Never imagined i would relate to a song like this but now here i am in my bed thinking about her and tears on my pillow

  16. Masego Morobane

    Some songs can make one crave for a heartbreak 😭

  17. Vincent Cuevas

    2020 here ,,

  18. Omar Trace

    Am i the only one who hears Birdy in her voice, she is beautiful

  19. Shreeya Madan

    i dont understand why she's so underrated. she deserves so much more love and fame. i absolutely love her voice, oh my god.

  20. Sharmain Gail Pelicano

    2020 ❤

  21. Kaniz fatima

    Happy New year(2020) to all of you🖤🖤🖤🖤

  22. Thecla James

    I have liked my best friend for long but I couldn't tell him .wen he finally came Arnd and asked me out my life ddnt allow me to date 😔he promised to wait for mih .He called on Tuesday saying he has moved on I was hurt and I was cool Infront of him.dat nyt just like dat my feelings for him left .he calls de next dae saying he was pranking me buh my heart can't see him lyk I used to fr I got hurt dat nyt and am nt sure if I luv him anymore

  23. Sherryn Trnda

    Whoever reading this rn, we made ittt.. Its 2020. Dont worry if he/she is not back then he/she is not yours but if he/she comes back then it means he/she is yours (:

  24. dave harrison


  25. Sara miriam Polizzi

    If it breaks you down, it's not's just a toxic relationship

  26. ka ka

    why do you break me down?? 😌

  27. Lisa Jones


  28. Kawaii land

    I'll sing this to my crush that hates me... hehehe

  29. jannah alia

    im not crying

  30. Connor Matheny

    can you delete this off of all platforms there is a cute girl i wanna talk to but she's to busy crying and being mean bc of this😫😫

  31. Bhumi Bisht

    I hate that word.

  32. Srijita Chakraborty

    I can so relate to this lyrics right now :')

  33. queen of night

    "Why does it break me down
    Why do you break me down"
    Because it isn't love...💔💔

  34. MS - 10MP - Erindale SS (2322)

    When I first listened to this song (which was right now, sorry if I’m late), I thought the lyrics would be, “why does it break me down? Why *don’t you build me up?*” Idk my brain does this sort of stuff sometimes (comes up with make-believe lyrics for already perfect songs)

  35. Gly Dequilla

    If this is love why does it break me down. 😐


    1:31 💓💗

  37. Yana ADriana

    Who else listens to sad songs when you're sad. Ya know those songs that hit ur soul and you can feel it hit in your stomach........not to make you feel better but to just make you feel even more sadder 😂

  38. Anonymous A

    I thought this just came out, but oof, it was from 2017 ;-;

  39. Sharon Limbu

    Why does it break me down??? Is this is LOVE :)

  40. Courtney Koen

    if i get at least 35 likes.. i’ll sing this in front of my whole theater class and for my school talent show


    Prodigious video, i like it to much ... Chief part is 1:58. *I uploaded 1st dance, Plsss check it out and say what you think* ❣ 💓 💝


    💕 spanking ❤ 💓


    💗 fantastic 💗

  42. Janine Flores

    Listening to this while The break-up scene happened this Evening

  43. Selamawit Mulugeta


  44. Rylee Lawson

    Youtube must know I just started getting sad over a boy, 'cause all this stuff's been in my recommended for you stuff.

  45. Zefanat Manson

    I broke up with my girl😭 i came here to listen this

  46. Dipshikha Gurung

    Kiss me now and remind me why I ever wanted to make you mine

  47. ree roo

    Its been a long day and Im trying to figure it out
    The way those words left your mouth
    I feel broken shattered and blue
    And its all becuase of you
    And im trying trying to figure it out

    If this is love
    Why does it break me down?
    Why do you break me down? (2)

    Its been a long time since Ive felt the way I do now
    Like I need you but I dont know how
    Its been a while since I've smiled and I meant it for all of my heart
    But the idea of leaving this behind it tears me apart

    If this love
    Why does it break me down?
    Why do you break me down?(2)

    Kiss me now
    And remind me why
    I ever wanted to make you mine

    And even though it hurts in this momemnt
    I've always known it
    You're the other half of my broken heart

    If this is love
    Why does it break me down?
    Why do you break me down?(2)

    Even though it hurts in this moment
    I've always known it
    You're the other half of my broken heart

  48. Rinchhana Rokhum

    Feel pop2

  49. Kristian nicholas Rego

    Hella your a great singer hit

  50. vanilla

    "Even though it hurts in this moment, I've always known it
    You're the other half of my broken heart"

    Sometimes, we tend to hurt ouselves by overthinking and maybe even by over-feeling the things that have happened in the past that's why.. maybe, just maybe, we tend to bring along the traumas, fear and fear along with us in our current relationship.. sometimes, having a fight with our significant others can trigger us to remember the past, and make us hurt even more.. fights with the ones we love will hurt like hell and even cause us to doubt their love but having reconciliation with them would always be what we want because even though they might hurt us sometimes, we are the happiest with them.

  51. Jon West Sr

    America is bound to fall in love with this talented young woman's talent and beauty

  52. caleb

    no, it is not

  53. LadyAnne

    Crying. ... Cause it hurts.. Hurts bad.. I think I should stay away for awhile..the truth and pain in this breaks my heart.

  54. Bellany Aguirre

    This song is so relatable holy cow

  55. njabulo mthethwa

    My favourite Ruth B songs
    If by chance
    If this is love
    Mixed feelings
    2 poor kids

  56. D S

    There was a time in my life when i related to this song because of my ex. Now after listening to it again, after mths, this dosent invoke any feelings in me anymore.

  57. alex burress

    You know I'm fighting to stay strong for you you most likely won't even know this is going on because luck and I am working to stand again I am working to regain the person I respect and loving me be patient with me my heart is a joule and the good Lord is shaping me thank you God. Amen

  58. alex burress

    But I'm trying for y'all the ones who have helped me down and I know we all have Liars and Heartbreakers and nasty people in our lives the world creates them by breaking their souls so remember even if I've hurt you hold a strong heart know that I'm not a nasty person and stay strong for me because my life's hard and it's getting harder and this is hard for me to deal with I get hacked all the time my dad's got for users that he allows us to steal data from us everyday he doesn't know what he's doing and I don't own my own phone so I apologize if there's something that happened to hurt you one day in our lives you can ask me and I'll give you the best truth from me I can but remember sometimes my truth isn't your truth

  59. alex burress

    I was rolling a few cigarettes for my dad I don't know what's been said to people and I can't tell you on what information's the truth I know that I have not made no claims to anyone to be truthful I'm not even good at bettering myself for another yet and that's most of all what I want to do to become strong enough to protect to love to honor to respect my loved ones I've been dealing with depression for a long time it started when I lost my dog in apartment looks like the worst chain a horrible things happening back to back to back so Much Death so many friends going in the last 2 years now has been one of the hardest things to deal with in my life I lost the love I was with for 4 years at the time and then shortly after I lost my dog shortly after that I lost my home and job then my aunt died and then I found out my mother has cancer terminal on top of family members and their problems and troubles and still trying to keep the stresses of my own love affairs in order there is a girl I owe a huge apology to but to most of you girls I've always tried to be respectful loving and kind forgiving and strong I'm not perfect and I can sometimes be spiteful Brute rude and I'm very sorry for my weaknesses I've been praying to God to help me lift my anger and depressions to rid me of my

  60. alex burress

    It was real selfish of me to say I'm the only one sometimes I don't work things correctly and they come out harshly I apologize for that but I just want to believe in love

  61. alex burress

    You say that but I'm the only one that's lost composure lost faith lost love I'm the only one out here with a face that's real I'm the only one showing love it's you fake programmers and hiders and blockers and haters who had no human Spirit In them I've turned down wallet loads of money I turned down death threats and ran down back alleys I've chased after and going in the wrong yards looking for someone who's a ghost now I'm just trying to breathe I don't know maybe still trying to understand things that I don't think is understandable and I don't know what's truth or not it ain't like I had anyone that's for real wanted to tell me anything either people full of fear people with broken souls and broken respect I may lose my head from time to time but it lasts about 5 to 10 minutes then I'm back to being as strong as I always am and I'm working on becoming stronger

  62. Aciel Susan

    Im just confess to my crush and he didn't reply it like like he always do.

  63. Angela Who

    So true, but love him

  64. miracles Life

    I love your song lost boy

  65. ScorpionMassive

    I have a feeling, GF is just lacking. Lol.

  66. Jada Cooper

    If I get at least 30 likes then I'll sing this song at my schools talent show


    Jada Cooper Good luck💫

    Luna Lovegood

    Good luck💫

    Butterly KIW

    U better sing it... Otherwise we're gonna take back our likes😁😁


    so where's the update?

    Kawaii Chan

    Ummm didn’t you say that the the lost boy song too?...

  67. denzel97

    I hope I'm still your half

  68. kherlly kherz

    2019 I was here

  69. gelyn molina

    It's like you're in a relationship but you feel alone. 😔😞

  70. Day Day

    *Those 3.1k dislike people have no heart/feelings bc they let their guard down and been heartbroken to many times* 💔💔

  71. Macy

    Needed this

  72. Creepy sheep

    I kept repeating the vedio, it's so hard to keep listening to it because the words are too sad it melts everybody's heart ,because everyone is pretending to stay strong , because the sentence "I'm over that person" WAS A BIG LIE..........

  73. Fallon Wortham

    That isn't love not real love. Love doesn't break you down or beat you blue

  74. Ellis B Leo

    Come on guys. Someone help me. Literally me and my girlfriend went through a rough patch. She sent me this song. I know I want her back with all my heart. I know we both made mistakes. But I’m so ready to get of my arse and just prove to her that I will give her everything. We spent so much time together in the beginning and maybe that wasn’t wise. But someone put me out of my misery. If she sent me a song does that mean there is a chance. I heard all the lyrics and I can only apologise for breaking her down. For making her feel blue. I feel it too. Love isn’t meant to be easy. I know that. And I know there are some ways I need to change. If she will give me the chance then oh my god I will kiss her like never before and show her why she trusted me. If she is talking through the song then I would like to tell her I feel the same. It hurts in this moment and I’ve always known it. Your the other half of my broken heart. Someone please pass me the frigging glue. I won’t give this a chance to rip apart again. Almost 22. I’ve found my true love. Zeilie, babe. That’s you ❤️

  75. Nik Hasni

    2019...nice song..😙

  76. CLEO HW

    i like your songs

  77. Gygf Gyyg

    I won't like to be happy

  78. Jongmal Kim

    Dear you ,
    Losing you was a nightmare ,
    but loving you was even worse :')

  79. holup

    Ugh I need a hug now

  80. Suchismita Das

    Finally found the song that describes my emotional state.

  81. Mish E

    Still can't stop thinking about you...

  82. Σοφία Φραγκάκη - Σαββάκη

    this song is me😔😖

  83. Calvin Diamond Millian if this love remix.. Your song motivated me most

  84. Stephanie Mhile Dela Cruz

    my boyfriend broke up with me today and it sucks..i dont know what to do.😔

  85. neshauna wallace

    now everyone in their ball gowns n masks grab a person u didnt acompany tonight and lets glide across the galaxy lit room n be lost in your emotions

  86. Loraine Isuga

    a perfect song for my shattered self (?) :”(((

  87. Danielle Is a person

    Does anyone know the song where it says

    “He looked at me and said you mean the world to me I knew he was lying but I still smiled”

    Droze Rose

    No but I'm glad I found another person looking for it

  88. Petit Luna

    My favorite singer ❤️ she has the perfect tone for me to cover her songs (even if it’s just me in the shower doing my particular show 😂)

  89. S Y R E

    Anyone for me?????

  90. florina jhnaman

    I love you ruth b

  91. My Cottage

    Thank you creating such a Beautiful song. I am Blessed

  92. Jenasi McCord

    how do i tell a boy i like him please tell me or help me please lol it's so hard to anyone help

    Grace Johny

    Just open upto a friend then go with someone and see what he says and if he says NO then forget him.

  93. Soil

    I found the song for my crush who rejected me.

  94. 조문주

    쇽땽해.. ?..