Ruth B. - I Was Married Lyrics

I married in the sun (tell me where, tell me where)
Against the stone of buildings built before
You and I were born (start again, start again)
And to my heart confusion rose against
The muscles fought so long (fought so long)
To control against the pull of one magnet to another magnet, to another magnet

Now we look up in (tell me who, tell me who)
Into the eyes of bullies breaking backs
They seem so very tough (it's a lie, it's a lie)
They seem so very scared of us
I look into the mirror (look into)
For evil that just does not exist
I don't see what they see (tell them that, tell them that)
Try to control the pull of one magnet to another magnet, to another magnet

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Ruth B. I Was Married Comments
  1. sbhudson20

    😂😂😂 everyone thinking this is an actual Ruth B song. No. It’s a Tegan and Sara song that was released on their album, The Con, in 2007.

  2. 9sincere9

    Sry goodbye you didint answer no disrespect

  3. 9sincere9

    What if your postive pulled my negative until the potivity pushed back and if we were just beside eachother everything would ok

  4. 9sincere9

    I just love you thanks for the inspiration can't wait to meet you one day💜oh im still telling the truth about everything and waiting for you but don't make me wait too long im a really good guy

  5. alukaaa

    OH MY GOODNESS 😭😭💕💕😭

  6. Jess B.



    I 💚 it

  8. Jariya Bat