Russell, Leon - Heartbreak Hotel Lyrics

Oh since my baby left me I've found new place to dwell
Down at the end on Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel
I get so lonely baby I get so lonely baby I get so lonely I could die
And though it's always crowded you can still find some room
For broken hearted lovers to cry away the gloom
I get so lonely baby I get so lonely baby I get so lonely I could die

Well the bellhop's tears keep flowing the deskclerk's dressed in black
They've been so long on Lonely Street they'll never never never get back
I get so lonely baby I get so lonely baby I get so lonely I could die
So if your baby leaves and you got a tale to tell
Just take a walk down Lonely Street to Heartbreak Hotel
I get so lonely baby I get so lonely baby I get so lonely I could die

Oh since my baby left me...

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Russell, Leon Heartbreak Hotel Comments
  1. Ursula Bornhauser

    what a combination...............good evening

  2. Clancy Walker

    I hope Mickey Raphael knows just how much we appreciate it when he is featured. LOVE him,

  3. Bruce Cratty

    This is when I was part of the tour, (back stage catering)...... 2 drummers, 2 bassists, Leon's sax player and conga player, Jody, Mickey and the man! My only duty in NYC for the show, was to deliver 10 cs. of Lone Star Beer, to the cast and crew! 3 of my all time favorite days!

  4. Miss Holley King

    LOVED playing this on my radio show today!

  5. d abdella

    I'd like to hear leon minus willy, like the extra instruments.

  6. Nick Wride

    The King's version is the best but I love this version. Neal Diamond and Kim Carnes do a nice duet of this too.

  7. Bruce Cratty

    From SNL!! My only purpose for being there was to deliver 10 cases of Lone Star beer to the cast and crew of SNL! It was a great time in NYC!

    Nick Wride

    >>> Jeez, you lucky bastard.

  8. Logo Film

    Anybody has any idea when did Mickey Raphael joined the Willie Nelson band.


    circa about 74 or so...saw Mickey in Jerry Jeff Walker's band the same night I first saw Willie in fall of 73, so he hadn't joined Willie yet but did so very shortly thereafter.

    Logo Film

    CasaDexter because his album, Shotgun Willie, was released in 1973 somehow credited Mickey Raphael on harmonica.


    didn't know that--could be guesting then. all I know is what I saw in fall 73: Mickey played in Jerry Jeff's band that night but he did not play in Willie's.

    Victoria Gensheimer

    Logo Film mid-70s

  9. peter betts

    merlinshat07 u suhould go buy the live album /cd they did together in 1979 .

  10. Ed Driver

    great version ... love it

  11. Ed Driver

    Great version .. love it

  12. Sir Ralph

    RIP, Leon. My favorite version of this song.

  13. Micksy Pickxen

    This was likely from early to mid 1979 as that was when the tour promoting the "One More From the Road" album happened. The band consisted of an eclectic gathering of musicians that included two drummers, Willie's long time drummer, "Me & Paul" English (black hat) and short-timer (from a Willie band member standpoint;) Rex Ludwig (red kit/straw hat), two bass players, Bee Spears RIP (behind Mickey) and - also short timer - Chris Ethridge RIP (far stage left), founding member of the Flying Burrito Bros. I seem to remember the sax player was part of Leon's band at the time... first name Marty (can't remember his last name), Mickey Raphael on harmonica, Jody Payne RIP on guitar/harmony vocals, and of course, Leon on keys. There is someone far upstage right playing what appears to be congas, whom I don't recognize/remember. Hope this helps.


    The "Marty" is Marty Grebb, one of the founders/songwriters of the Buckinghams, one of the greatest bands to come out of Chicago.

    Bruce Cratty

    And Ambrose Campbell on congas, RIP, who came with Leon and Marty and was actually Leon's spiritual advisor

  14. A Blast from the Past

    All comments not in English will be removed, I have no idea of what your saying , it could be spam or hate for all i know!


    I agree....they have to understand English or why else comment on this song

    Shiibane Shiibane

    A Blast from the Past kkkkkk


    have you ever heard of google translate? ....

    Mary Robbins

    A Blast from the Past +

  15. MrPicofmylife

    Wow. What year? Anybody?

  16. verimadmags vMM

    Don't love Mickey Raphael, adore him!!  Just wish he was shown more prominently in all the songs and gigs that he made so complete!  Thank heaven, for guys like him.

  17. Cindy Tatum

    That is Micky Raphael playing the harp.  Bee Spears is on bass.  Both guys have been with Willie for some time now.

    Warner Gregory

    And Leon Russell on keynoards

  18. twangville

    check Willie and friends, from third man records; - who's playin bass here ?

  19. relimes

    IS that guy with the musache to the left of Willie from The Doobie Brothers?

    Cindy Tatum

    That is just too sad.


    +Cindy Tatum Jody was married to Sammi Smith, Help me make it thru the night singer, & the parents of Waylon Payne. in several movies including walk the line & Crazy.

  20. Hadeel Masseoud

    Uhm no.

  21. getoff myback


  22. Chris Burgess

    BEST Version of this song - EVER !!!

  23. merlinshat007

    id like to hear more from leon than willie / sorry but true

  24. RastaSaiyaman

    The Yamaha Electric grand CP70 says to me that this was early eighties.

    Maze Music

    Leon started playing the CP70 in '77 on Leon & Mary Tour. This video was likely to be from around 1979

  25. Werner van Riet

    Well, whatyaknow! Willie Nelson HAS been young!!! Great post, thanks!

  26. Terry Harcrow

    This song epitomizes Jamin! A few geniuses and a couple fillers and you've got Jamin! Oh yeah! Thank God they recorded it on video!

  27. Bruce Cratty

    My only purpose to be in NYC for SNL was to deliver 40 cases of Lone Star Beer to the SNL cast & crew Saturday night. What a trip!

  28. rebi1945

    willie and the boys in their prime right there...real tight

  29. gargan1977tua

    Willie picks mighty good when he wants to.

  30. PhilandLeesa Danner

    wonderin' when this was? mid 70's ? nice Alembic bass!

  31. mantle64

    Happy Birthday Uncle Willie.