Russ - The Ceremony Lyrics

I'm drinking heavy, smoking often
Running from the devil, thank God I think I lost him
But I move with caution, head is on a swivel
All you bitches bite, I'm tryin' to find the one that nibbles
Ain't got time to play the fiddle meaning, no strings attached
These rappers act like champions but don't have rings to match
I'm Kobe and I'm Shaq, they gon' hang my jersey up
Wheels in the sky keep on turning, yeah this journey's tough
Feel like I got hernias, every time I wake up
That's probably why my glass is full, probably why my J's stuffed
But I'm making beats and skipping sleep until my day comes
Running through these hoes, grab my Gucci's and I lace them
Sorry Mom I said it, Sorry Dad I did it
I know this ain't the life you thought I live but I still live it
I know that too much liquor can't be good but I still drink it
I know I'm gon' make both so proud any minute
Yeah, it's coming any minute

All I need is one shot, fireworks will spark up
Never made a gun cock, but I'm a shoot the charts up
My guards up, looking at the mirror feeling starstruck
Guessing it's a blessing to remind me of my start up
Stressing but my heart's stuck in this crazy game
I'm going off the rails living in this crazy train
But, we all have a choice I just choose to be chosen
I'm out here running circles around you squares, that's my slogan
Yelling someone pass the potent, someone call some chicas
I'm looking for some accents, couple curvy features
Couple bottles of some Bombay and some reefer
Celebratin' life my boy Nick, I'm glad they freed ya
Get the party rollin' the girls we hardly know em
I said I wouldn't tell but it's amazing what they showin'
Ya broke because you're broken in the mind, here's a token for ya time
And keep it open don't be closing every moment that you find

This is the Ceremony, all you who barely know me
Tryin' to be my friend but way back when was embarrassed for me
White kid making beats, said my life was make believe
Now they hit me up with verses cause they hate the life they lead
I laugh and then I light the weed, I might just be, all up on ya TV screen
Run and tell ya momma "Hey that's Russ I tried to kill his dreams
How the fuck this happen? Now he's fuckin' rappin'?"
It cuts you like a knife because you busy folding nikes [?]
I'm the captain, I marks the spot
Meaning everywhere I go, got some gold in my thoughts
Scotch on the rocks, things become thoughts
But way before I'm gone I'll have yachts at my docks

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  1. Kalogeros Production's

    I truly cant believe only 180 likes like tf 🙏🙌🙌

  2. Andrei

    why is this song so underrated?

  3. yvng simba

    yo Russ is so underrated it's not even funny.💯

  4. Man Garcia

    The king of kings

  5. Dacho

    The Story of a legend

  6. King bull

    3rd comment :D

    King bull

    I fucking love russ no homo

  7. Jenny Thompson

    🖤 the beat

  8. Janis Carrasco

    Thank you for making my life easier with your music. one day, I'm making music with you. remember this name