Russ - Longevity Freestyle Lyrics

So many people blowing smoke
It's getting too cloudy
It's kinda funny watching you you and you doubt me
I'm going where I'm going
Ain't nobody stopping that
Shooting for the stars
This is barely me cocking back
I put in work what you think they're cheering russ for
Taking short cuts could have your whole career cut short
One more month or
Definitely by spring
Imma be a millionaire
Turnin thoughts into things
Couple thots couple tings
Doesn't matter I'm the tin man
Nothing frees the pain like some tanqueray gin can
And I hope you playin chess and not checkers
I know that's your best
I hope you know you need to do better
I hope you see the scarlet letter on your wifeys sweater
She acted single when she was with me she let me do whatever
But fuck the love and affection
I got this buzz that I'm building
I just want plugs and connections
I swear I'm drunk off the feeling
Of being me
Ain't nobody bout to sober me up
Understand me everybody's looked over me once
I gotta chip on my shoulder
I got this voice that's inside me
That's yellin ain't nobody colder
Dare somebody to try me
I'm comin thru with that real shit
Popping without a deal shit
I play against myself
I'm on some steel sharpens steel shit
Cuz ain't no competition
Only my potential
I don't even have to rap
I could be rich off instrumentals
Making other people stars
But I figured I should shine too
The games got her legs open
I figured I should slide thru
Now people round the world confirming all my prophecies
Name your favorite rapper I got double their discography
So add an apostrophe to anything you offer me
You need me I don't need you so just watch how you talk to me
It's comedy watchin how the game goes
Industry plants use steroids
So as far as hall of fame goes
You got an asterik
And ain't no getting past it
We all rapped to get here you were just wrapped up in plastic
And shoved down the masses gullet
I see your card imma pull it
We don't believe you
You need real people
It's all good tho I'm off it
Cliq full of young prophets
Like we all go by Muhammed
Its amazing what can happen when you
Follow your instincts
So in sync with myself
They gon give ya boy bands
I want wealth
I want Grammys
I want 100 foreign girls in just panties
I want you to stop being so scared to be you
I want all your dreams to turn into reality too
It could happen if you want it
Cuz dreams deferred turn into nightmares
And I don't think you wanna be haunted
I gotta lot to accomplish
Further than mmmmm boppin
No disrespect to hanson
But longevitys my anthem
Faith is my companion
My doubt got abandoned
My devil stills dancin
In a house in the Hamptons
Momma still waitin on her beach front mansion
And she still mad at dad cuz the money's been random
It's been tighter than the tension in this room
Coldest summer in a while and the winters comin soon
But don't worry I'm gonna make the snow melt
The prize will be peace like a Nobel
Imma be on covers with one hand on my balls like I'm Odell
I never let nobody ride my coat tails
Living outta duffle bags
ITunes checks lotta hotels
Only time I lose is when I blow L's
Go tell whoever got the game on lock
That I got the key
Man my train don't stop
I gonna be
Here for forever

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