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Imma' show you how to rob
Imma' show you how to rob

Yeah, wondering if my presents, gonna' treat me like my past
Wondering if I could ever, get too caught up in the cash
Wondering when, these bitches will leave my sister alone
Got me drinking 'til my livers gone, I'm still at home
But I'm traveling more often
Life got me speechless, so I'm babbling more often
I'm lucky for the mic, so I can rap instead of talkin'
God, it's kinda' funny I've been laughing kinda often
The gas got me coughin'
There's some ass that I'm lost in
Cause it's more than just ass
She makes me feel like I ain't ever, ever had a past
But I wonder, does she know?
And does my sister really know how much I love her? Does it show?
My momma told me long ago
That I better be a role model
So when the cuffs went on me, they didn't tell her
But I told her, I was holding bottles
Don't ever make the same mistake
Showing people love, that have no interest to reciprocate
This worlds been curving on me
Ones are getting straight
These labels swerving on me
Cause I'm eating without the food on the plate
I'm good in my state
Shoutout to Herb
Shoutout to Calvin
They fuck with me on the south side
Shoutout Mckavon
Spreading DIEMON 'round the hood
I never thought I'd ever hear my sounds in the hood
But it sounds pretty good
I almost took this bitch, to get buried in the hood
In the ground in the hood
And get found in the hood
But I was raised better, so Imma' be fine
I just hope, that the chick that I'm with right now
Don't play me, have me feeling like the perfect mind, gah damn
We're the mutha' fuckin' blood for D-I-E-M-O-N
So you know, hit miss argue, double dollar sign, not tryna' really do or die
How To Rob

[Hook - Bugus:]
I still see him running down her eyes, she ain't wanna' see her son die
I even feel him running down my eyes, I ain't wanna' see my uncle die

Even though I'm growing up, I'm still a good baby
I do it for my grandmother, she a good lady
I thought bad things only come to bad people
But in this game of life, we done lost mad people
It's like a game of dice, everyday playing with your life
I just wanna' write, I don't wanna' think about that night
April 13, spring of '96
My uncle got killed, he got taken out the shits
See, he was with his girlfriend, coolin' out, vibin'
Then he had his world end, people drunk drivin'
Drunk mutha' fukka', swerved, hit him on the side
Then his car flipped over, then it was all sirens
Listen for his heartbeat, it was all silence
Layin' in the streets, little chance to survive
Then he died before the mutha' fuckin' ambulance arrived
My momma got a call, she picked up sounding all surprised
Cops said, they think he's not alive
He died on the scene, his face hit the glass, I know it's sad
I just hope before he past, he had peace
His brother had kids, now he have niece

Uh, who got the answers?
Who could bring people back and cure cancer?
Uh, my grandma the strongest girl I ever met
You an angel, I love you to death

[Hook x2 - Bugus:]
I still see him running down her eyes, she ain't wanna' see her son die
I still feel him running down my eyes, I don't wanna' see my uncle die

Rest in peace

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Russ Jay Z Comments
  1. Bostontopten Sixonesevenfinest

    I like some of Russ music but I love how a nigga be really gettin 6 ringz to the dome five finger discounts there's been rappers who had issues for ten years somehow never popped off on each other ever never but keep it a bukk Russ makin a statement let him promote what he believe in the I respect Russ more then a lot of these corny ass niggas trying to sound like Chicago I love real drill musik no imitation drill to me is strictly Chicago he's on his own shit I do listen to it but that don't mean I gotta instantly hate on em I salut

  2. Ax Man

    Guapdad 4000? Lol smh

  3. Dwayne Walker

    AK said Russ beat him into a career 🙄🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️😂😭😂

  4. Dustin Savage

    I bet Russ won’t try southside like that

  5. swipe monster Rio recklezz

    Fuck russ

  6. Elias Romero

    The bandwagon release form I’m soo dead 😅😂😂

  7. Rawzy Al Pacino

    This Purple Nike Tech ain’t it Wayno 😔👎

  8. Kt In

    Nipsey not top 50 but he a top 300 at least and that's still an accomplishment

  9. Biased Show

    AK was talking out his ass on this one....

  10. Rw sports online debate

    Biggie impact aint even close too any on the list

  11. Grioh


  12. ArtOfSpace Gfx

    Nadeska got AK... she know Russ prolly sent the video to AK prolly with some bread and said “do what you do”

  13. John Watson

    Russ ain't dum he Kno who to and who NOT TO fw

  14. John Watson

    Dam what about Southside he came straight at Russ and Russ didn't do shit!! Go look

  15. Jack man

    Guap is the Softest dude out how u just get jumped and speak so softly? He was afraid Russ might hear him and give him another 2 piece no biscuits

  16. Jack man

    Guaps music is not nice smh He’s a instagram entertainer who makes music there’s a bunch of those smh

  17. Don'tDropThatDunDunDun

    One of these days Russ is going to fuck with the wrong person

  18. Bin Wahli


  19. JimmY V N.Y.C.

    WHY Tip SNiTcHn ASs ALWAYs GoTTa MaKe iT a RACe THiNg ⁉️
    LeT's TALK B0uT H0w THe Feds RAn Up 0n HiM & GoT CAuGHT SLippin WiTH HeAVY ArTiLLerY & WAs BAcK iN THe B0OTH THaT SaMe WeeKeNd As a FeL0n 🤐

  20. M. Sordam

    I dont understand why we let in/ tolerate russ in OUR music/culture and then let that guy beat 1 of our own and try to defend russ? A white guy hits a black man and we suppose to be cool with that? Hell no man!!! Russ needs to gtf out of here.

    JimmY V N.Y.C.

    iT's THe TAKe0VeR👌

  21. King Exodus

    brush listen to pac lyrics NOBODY fuck with PAC

  22. El Plebe Uchiha

    Why do New Yorkers always think their MC's are nicer than MC's from the West or South. Pac is nice. Snoop is nice. Always on some lyrical $#!%, no. But, they can of they want to. (+)

  23. Goldie Voerman

    PAC obviously better than Jay of course New York niggas gon say Jay But Pac is way more legendary than Jay he did SOOOO much in a short period of time and he was a mega star and had a impact in Culture outside of just music he was a icon in fashion,Movies/Film & Social issues Niggas don’t ever mention that shit PAC is waaaaay legendary than Jay don’t disrespect pac like that wayno & Jay z know that shit too

    JimmY V N.Y.C.

    💯 JaY C0uLd FooL THe ReST oF THe W0rLd BuT N.Y. KN0Ws☑

  24. WsFILMS

    AK is a fucking capper bruh that nigga a whole hip hop staple in 2019 and say he don't know who guapdad is

  25. Billy Facts

    Running up with his security that's not Gangsta at all

  26. Francoir Martin

    Wayno said straight facts when he talked about biggie I feel like biggie and pac still sound older than ppl in their 30s

  27. Mista Mean

    2Pac tought us how to thug and speak our minds, but it didn't end up well for him. Jay-z tought us how to move in a room full of vultures. No sense comparing them, we should learn from both of them..just sayin

  28. Maxinallcool

    jay a goat but Pac a goat, most influential

  29. FIne

    Nadeska not necessary in this

  30. Melzts

    Bruh wayno look like a purple Elmo

  31. Lauren Klitsch

    Pac crushed gay z years ago

  32. Lendon Miles

    That Russ dude just like boxers who come up not fighting real dudes. Why you never see him running up on real goons, plenty of ppl say stuff about this dude, but he only targets ppl like that. Let him run down on a young thug or Casanova then he can get clout, this dude a lame

  33. outherefilms

    Nadeska looks hot as hell

  34. scar face

    Guapdad is straight up gay

  35. Carlton Banx

    This show literally sucks

  36. Carlton Banx

    Her hair looks tired.

  37. pharaoh ford

    TDE will never compare death row...they just both happen to be westcoast terms of being smarter about their endeavors YES they are better...but as far as impact and breaking ground...being home to not 1 not 2 not but 3 artist that are Irrefutably LEGENDS...there are some things that can never be done again...and that is one of them...that impact is a once in a blue moon kind of thing

  38. pharaoh ford

    Niggaz will never learn...of course she will opt out of the circus of hip hop once she realizes she will be accepted by her teddy pendergrass said "be for real"

  39. Gabe Stattic

    Russ is biggest coward in the Industry !

  40. Rob Lathon

    How dare this nigga where a hood with solid on it and know shit about being solid wtf🤔


    Russ from Ga aint he? Not Ny

  42. Mob MOB

    Bro ak is realer than wayno

  43. Seth Pino

    Russ is a goat

  44. flacko ap

    Guapdad ain een dis bruh 😂

  45. Blue Flame Gospel

    That intro was funny tho

  46. Manny G

    this why Tory Lanez real af lol told Travis Scott we can go outside and shoot the fade right now lol

  47. Rich Porter

    Anybody who say PAC ain't lyrical ain't heard PAC 😴 I bet you any money all these people know is dear mama 🙄

  48. terrell willis

    Ak cappin like he don’t know who he is but he posted his video a couple months ago

  49. Billiam Blaze

    Russ is a sucka. Somebody gonna catch that boi slippin, and beat the dog shit outta him!!!

  50. Jeffrey McNamee

    I would watch a show if all of you guys get to bring one guest and formulate a top 50 list, ak, wayne 0 and Nadeska.

  51. World Viral Daily

    4:20 lmaoo look at aks face after he said Russ beat him into a career I'm fuxkig dead af lmaoooo

  52. The Great One

    Wayno dressed like a light saber


    great way for russ to get himself shot. hope it happens soon

  54. ajay.f

    academics must think russ the next 6ix9ine

  55. Snaps Photography

    Wow. Wayno's inner New Yorker wont allow him to say a single thing to downplay BIG's legacy. lol

  56. Christopher Thompson

    Akademiks and Russ are the same type of bitch, difference is Russ has the money to send black men to fight his his battles and that's when he steps out PUBLICLY. Ak is that bitch with no real connections, taking dick up his ears and is a complete nutt-for-brains.

  57. Dickson Boys Filmz

    Ak speaks his mind. I feel that. Wayno is compromised

  58. mattg562

    Nadeska really rides for guapdad lol

  59. 独 $

    Looks like Wayno dressed up early for Halloween this year

  60. Wulf

    Didn't know guap dad existed till Russ beat him

  61. Eric Bell

    8:14 - AKADEMIKS: "... and he was getting "tossed" around like mayonnaise..." ... AK, in this fantasy of yours, is there also salad present?

  62. Clutch

    Nadeska a gaupdad groupie ☠️🤣

  63. Intimate Convos With A Black Man

    Please get akademiks aka Tom off this show crazy how he never talks about all the times he was pressed by rappers and fearing for his life.

  64. Karl Ditz

    Tupac had 300 songs unreleased high quality songs. Biggie had two albums and 20 scraps. Get wid it....biggie was skillful with slick lyrics but he wasn't saying shit that can make a brother contemplate his life...he was over rated.

  65. Karl Ditz

    Wayno dont be an ass... Kanye's passing would never ever ever have the same impact as Michael Jackson's. Michael Jackson's death was on British and U.S. mainstream Television for a week straight.

  66. yannick930

    T.I. is right ! Pac is Global, Jay z is US based.

  67. Karl Ditz

    Straight to the Tupac part...

  68. MWMTEE

    what this show still on aint seen this for like a year

  69. Saul Good

    Russ need to be careful he ain’t tough for shit Forbes list or not you gone fuck with a nigga that will get you killed for $500

  70. Brandon Burns

    Russ is benefiting from white privilege rn... let that had been a grown as street nigga and his homies that had did that to guapdad..

  71. Valentin Outlaw

    2pac could have been lyrical any time he wanted to be He just cared about Letting you feel his message in songs touching your soul with his music But when it's time to diss he on point

  72. DariYES

    Russ is a bitch

  73. shannon magallon

    Russ be listening to Xxxtentacion’s songs Run up on em he gonna make these ppl stop playing with him 😤

  74. Tony Crawford

    Nadeska fuckin wit Guap
    Guapdad4000 just scammed his way to Everyday Struggle

  75. Ely Serrano

    Being best rapper to people in NY is word play u can say a bunch of shit that means nothing as long as u use word play NY mf will gas u u need content more then u need word play

  76. lxrdvice

    Way to succ off Russ Ak

  77. Buttin Pusher

    Guap Dad’s song titles sound like he’s biting off Riff Raff the peach panther

  78. Hypnotiic Black Art Films

    Russ just beat him to a career😄 ak at it again

  79. spanky 1.8.7

    Really Dre Dre Nate Dogg snoop daz kurupt lady of rage

  80. spanky 1.8.7

    I hate this show

  81. Jorge Chavez

    Nadeska is so cringy when she talks about Guapdad lmao

  82. Jorge Chavez

    Why Nadeska always being a bitch to Ak, he be saying the most normal shit and Nadeska acts like he said some retarted shit

  83. Jbeezy Dub

    Snoop ain’t touching no fucking PAC !!! Lil Wayne is a better rapper than Jay Z . Jay Z top 10 lyricist at best. To carry a message that’s it.

  84. Sphakamiso Zondi

    This debate on Pac being respected more after death is corny. If thats the case, how come rappers after Pac and Big that died dont become big huh? Is anybody checking XXX? (Im not knocking him by the way), what abt Nipsey? Pac isnt big worldwide coz he died. Pac was impactful during the time he was around. Facts.

  85. Akilu Abdulaziz

    AK out here looking like Barney the dinosaur

  86. LifeOfSuperstar

    the list go

    lil wayne
    Kendrick lamar

  87. Sphakamiso Zondi

    Tupac is soo impactful that his interviews alone destroy Jigga's entire catalogue. Facts.

    Goldie Voerman

    Sphakamiso Zondi Big Facts, 2Pac is a Icon Jay could be a legend but 2pac is a ICON

  88. LifeOfSuperstar

    jayz not even top 3

  89. LifeOfSuperstar

    ima name drop russ i want him to try and punch me ima give hm hollows

  90. Torrie2Fresh

    i knew Wayno was gon nut hug jay on this vid.

  91. Dhana Todd

    Wells Fargo was the worst song on that mix tape lmao

  92. MTL4L

    Bro i hate nadeska

  93. Meech Montana

    L for Russ

  94. Janodean Calcutta

    Here to read comments about wayno and the purple outfit.

  95. iiiiiiiii

    That Russ shit is cool till he pulls that shit on the wrong guy and everybody gets shot... hope it doesn’t get there but he’s playing a dangerous game with that tough guy strong arming shit

  96. Kenzo Kev

    Nadeska still got that salty face when ever anyone mention Russ 😂

    Dahntae Deluna

    Kenzo Kev yo

    Young Grump

    You peep that ? She still feeling salty af about Russ . Like she need to let that shit go 😂

  97. Pickle Jay

    If you dissing, you have to be able to back it up. You fake niggas kill me. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Russ ran down like a real one.

  98. TheOfficialStealz

    Waiting on Russ to pull up on Southside, gherbo oh wait he won't cause he knows how that will end for him lmao

  99. JentaroTV

    Also, given more time, and if Pac was alive and Dre never left, Death Row would've bloomed in more than it was. If only they kept it together past 2000's when the times began to change. I got mad respect for TDE and they on a similiar grind, just Top Dawg got notes not to step on his artists' toes like Suge. He gave his artists room to bloom.

  100. JentaroTV

    They be out there talkin' only about impact, like Pac didn't had mad flows on Heartz Of Men, Troublesome '96, All Eyez On Me, Picture Me Rollin' and countless others. He wrote for others and in the same time he also touched more subjects with substance in his few years of bloom before the age of 25 than most of his contemporaries still haven't and they in their 40's now, chasin' 50. Also, R.I.P. Johnny "J", he and 2Pac were a great tandem.