Russ - I Can Tell Lyrics

Yeah... I can tell
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Hook x2:]
I can tell you wanna' come say something
You should go ahead and stop pretending
I wake up feeling richer than my last day
And go to sleep still tryna' get it

I roll the dice with my life
I got a gambling problem
I got this movie I'm shooting
I need the cameras on me
In Atlanta I'm probably
In the studio working
Or getting blessed by Latinas
You know the usual service
I move with a purpose
You know what it is, boss shit
You see my name on the marquee, it's all biz
And you know what to do when the don walks in
I said, you know what to do when the don walks in
Come on

[Hook x2:]
I can tell you wanna' come say something
You should go ahead and stop pretending
I wake up feeling richer than my last day
And go to sleep still tryna' get it

Tryna' figure out what the fuck I spent 10 G's on, but fuck it
Back to sipping till the hennys gone, my bucket, hoes love it
I got 10's in my Nissan
Imagine when I got the president rollie on
Gotta' Puerto Rican, tryna' get her freak on
But Imma' world traveler so I might be overseas, on some spreading out my wings shit
30,000 feet sipping gin with my kings talking king shit

[Hook x2:]
I can tell you wanna' come say something
You should go ahead and stop pretending
I wake up feeling richer than my last day
And go to sleep still tryna' get it

I know you see me from a distance
You didn't believe, now you do
Makes me think it's a...
Money thing, money thing, money thing, money thing
Money thing, money thing, money thing, money thing

[Hook x2:]
I can tell you wanna' come say something
You should go ahead and stop pretending
I wake up feeling richer than my last day
And go to sleep still tryna' get it

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Russ I Can Tell Comments
  1. Alma Garcia

    This song needs to be on Apple Music.

  2. MrFreddy123

    Real ones remember when this came out

  3. 420 Music

    I Can Tell this still🔥.

  4. Rylie Schulze

    This is the only song I like by russ Lmaoo

  5. jingle bells

    If hes rollin dice im pulling the hammer back on a revolver and passing it to the left the don Q

  6. 2k god

    I can tell)*)*)*)

  7. Mark Beach

    Currently adding ....."wanna do a track with Russ" to my bucket list 😎😉

  8. Asael Sanchez

    1:50 damnnnnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Luis Ross

    who else is here from rap pad ...

  10. Gilbert Brookins

    this best

    Promoting Sounds

    he really is!

  11. Luny craft

    im trying to get out there and im having a track come out soon

  12. Luny craft

    would yall put me on?

  13. jenni lauren

    my song

    Promoting Sounds

    russ is just too good

  14. Laurence Jonneaux

    100%bitume=le meilleur

  15. Hocine Ct

    Le gars qui gère la chaine doit se demandé quoi ya que des gens qui remercié 100% bitume 😂

  16. Hocine Ct

    Merci 100% Bitume !!! 😍

  17. roadtofish 29

    merci 100 bitume

    Promoting Sounds

    dude knows good music!

  18. Pierrick

    Merci 100 %bitume 👊👍 bitume c'est d'la frappe

    Promoting Sounds

    hes got greate music taste! <3

  19. SleeplessInLasVegas

    I can't find it on Google play. someone help.

  20. ManiVideo

    Michto aracheur dasphalte
    100% bitume

    Promoting Sounds

    +ManiVideo <3

  21. ShaD0ow_R6

    S que vous pouvez aller faire un tour sur la chaîne d'un pote svp sa lui ferai grave plaisir c DeltaGaming_YT

  22. ShaD0ow_R6

    Thanks 100% bitume !

    Promoting Sounds

    +DeltaBike 205 whos bitume? :)


    Ouais tkt on connais les bailles; )


    +Promoting Sounds tu connais 100% bitume mon copain ?


    +Promoting Sounds S que tu peu faire de la pub pour ma chaine YouTube c : DeltaGaming_YT

    sweatts 88

    tu a vu la vidéo aussi

  23. Fucked up.

    Je remercie 100% bitume le son est lourd !!

  24. Slobodan Bacic

    il se gave cet enflur de bitume pour choisir ces musique 😮

    Soldier Of The Road

    Il faut chercher au bonne endroit ...

  25. Lucas

    Merci 100% BiTUME 👊🏻✊🏻

    Promoting Sounds

    +RoVe :)


    Ouai grave :)

    Soldier Of The Road

    Lucas tu mets sa dans ton intercom .... 😍

    Tristan R.

    I love this music

  26. Hawk 911

    On dirait titeuf impeu

  27. Zilog Beats


    JB Stunt

    +Harddep Gta V et 50cc. PAlalalala mais ce son est fou !! Il est aller le chercher celui la

    Paul crisinel

    Les sons de bitume sont souvent lourd👊🏻

    Damien Gonay

    +Paul crisinel à fond 👌

    Confiture Fruitée

    +Pedron Erwan pas besoins de shazam quand tu sais lire la description ;)

    Le PaPaRaD'nis

    +Pedron Erwan Perso j'ai juste lu dans la description mdr ''^^

  28. Mr. Nobody

    when i find a russ song i haven't heard...

  29. Ryan Deaver

    Hey if russ is getting haters then that means hes getting up there.

    Promoting Sounds

    +Ryan Deaver true..if you dont have haters then you're doing something wrong!

  30. Ryan Deaver

    Hey if russ is getting haters then that means hes getting up there.

  31. Ryan Deaver

    Hey if russ is getting haters then that means hes getting up there.

  32. Ryan Deaver

    Hey if russ is getting haters then that means hes getting up there.

  33. Ryan Deaver

    Hey if russ is getting haters then that means hes getting up there.

  34. RustedNation

    Disliked. Fukcing hate this song. I deliberately searched for this fking song just to thumb this shit down

    Promoting Sounds

    +RustedNation looool


    +Promoting Sounds reason i hate it is because its stuck in my head

    Μομπάκος RapismaLife

    +RustedNation woah what a hater.......


    I do that to all of drakes songs.


    +Jerry not because they're stuck in my head though, I just hate drake with a strong passion.

  35. Yer Da


    Brooke Kymberly

    +Cj Stewart I'd be perfect for your country, since I love the cold weather so much! knowing me I'd still manage to get lost 😂, and damn, only for a month? 💔

    Yer Da

    @Brooke Unknown it's no that it's cold it's just always fucking raining & yeah, I don't know you, you might be a serial killer or suhn & a cany love a serial killer forever that's just fucked 😶

    Brooke Kymberly

    +Cj Stewart Trust me, I'm definitely no serial killer, I'm as normal as they get 😏

    Brooke Kymberly

    +Cj Stewart You'd have to see for yourself ayeee 😅

    Expanding Minds

    Yer Da now everyone knows him

  36. Nick Ryan

    sickest shit ever

    Promoting Sounds

    +Nick Ryan agreed haha

  37. LNS

    I would love the instrumental to this, it's so smooth

  38. Taylor Miller

    russ is the best/most consistent artist out right now! every song he drops is straight heat. I'm glad you know what's up. Thankyou for knowing the good music and releasing it to everyone. Keep on posting the good music and russ. 👍

    Promoting Sounds

    +Taylor Miller Completely agree bro, idk how he does it - he drops so much music and it's literally ALL fire! No problem at all Taylor, much love!

  39. Suicidal NoName

    Russ my Fav Of All srsly Listening all day long just to him repeating all of his songs 100x times he is just killing it . He should have so much more success and Fame than Nicki Minaj drake etc. ! <3 RUSS <3 ( but aren't the vocals not little bit to Quiet for this I have the feeling that the beat is louder than him ) STILL HE KILLED IT :D

    Promoting Sounds

    +Normal GuyWhoPlays Yeah man, Russ deserves to be at the top with how talented he is!

  40. Tyler Schlee

    hes fr not that good


    +Tyler Schlee He's got perfect melody, and can make a catchy ass hook. This draws him fans. He isn't exactly lyrical, but he also has good delivery. But hey, everybody has things they need to work on. He still has his feats.

    Blah blahh

    +VibeRed$ well said. Not many people have the delivery as well as the unique sound Russ has.

  41. Paul Louis

    are all these songs coming from an album or are all his recent songs just singles?

    Promoting Sounds

    +PaulLouisTV Just throwaways that Russ drops, he's putting in that work!

  42. Joshua Schmidt

    I got a gambling problem

  43. ItsBlockBreaker

    Russ is a God

  44. gdogg

    Im having depression and anxiety problems and all the music your posting is helping thank you.

    Promoting Sounds

    +Fuzzy Greg Genuinely bro, it's no problem, so glad it can help at all. Horrible to hear that - always here if you need someone to talk to


    @Promoting Sounds :)

  45. Dennis Egunnike

    I don't mean to post an irrelevant comment on this song bud are you going to put Rockin Robin by Mizzy Coke on your channel? I seen your repost of the song on soundcloud. Great track

    Promoting Sounds

    +Dennis Egunnike Rockon Robin is dope as hell! Gonna be supporting Mizzy Coke a ton more on this channel so wouldn't be surprised if I got it up in the near future :)

  46. Jim Moriarty

    Just realized you nearly have 50k Subs :OOO You're growing so fast dude.

    Promoting Sounds

    +Jim Moriarty Thank you so much bro, so close I can taste it! ;) The reason it's going fast is honestly down to continued support like yours

    Jim Moriarty

    Not hard to support a quality underground channel like this one ! It's a pleasure dude,really.
    I already see the 100.000 at the end of the year. :)

  47. Jynxi

    shieet such a good song o.o

    Promoting Sounds

    +Jynxi Glad you feel it my dude!

  48. AutoKratzxF34R

    He is what the rap game has been missing. He has flow, rhythm, badass lyrics.

    Promoting Sounds

    +AutoKratzxF34R Too true man, has so much talent & works so hard - rare sight in rap today!

  49. Insonarc

    I CANT stop listening to Russ now. Literally every song he's made is straight fire

    Promoting Sounds

    +Insonarc Too damn true man, it's addicting how fire his songs are!


    @Promoting Sounds The originality and professionalism he puts in making his songs is just crazy. Better than most, if not all, the mainstream artists right now. Thanks for spreading his music man

  50. Societas

    I can tell that Russ is going to blow up big time! So is this channel dope upload!

    kalazaya cotter

    I agree

    Promoting Sounds

    Thank you guys so much! You KNOW i have to get the new Russ up haha

    Expanding Minds

    Societas you just predicted it🤔

  51. Chiron Burns

    promoting sounds is officially the best music channel on youtube.. keep it up

    Promoting Sounds

    +Chiron Burns I've officially got the best support too! Appreciate you man

  52. Jamal Drew


    Promoting Sounds

    +Jamal Drew He kills it EVERY TIME!

  53. Hambxne

    Love this channel, I love how you stay updated on the latest👌

  54. Charisma

    Really catchy! :)

  55. Trinly

    awesome as always :D

    Promoting Sounds

    +Trinly Much love trinly! <3

  56. OttoMann Music

    where did you get this song so quickly? cause he posted it on soundcloud like 45 minutes ago, is that where you get it from?

    Promoting Sounds

    +OttoMann Music Yep, along with this one I get a ton of the music i post from SoundCloud!

  57. gus

    man you always posting the best music. helping me find new music aha keep up the great work

    Promoting Sounds

    +Gustavo Tapia Mannn thanks for the support! Try and bring you guys only the best <3

  58. lewis bellamy

    sick, Russ nether disappoints :)

  59. mX Helios

    I can see this is a dope song ;)

    Promoting Sounds

    +GsQ Helios I mean, it is Russ after all ;)

    mX Helios

    +Promoting Sounds yup :)

  60. Rui Dias

    OMG i have 4/5 musics of Russ on my playlist damn!!

    Promoting Sounds

    +rui diasPT That's the way to do it haha!

  61. Cyan bruh

    Another dope track ;) <3

    Promoting Sounds

    +Cyan bruh Appreciate that bruh! ;) Russ's work ethic is crazy

  62. amine rhaiti


    Promoting Sounds

    +amine rhaiti KILLING IT!

  63. ExOtiiCTriicKs

    Promoting Sounds just wanna thank you for showing me Russ been keeping him on the playlist for the past few weeks.

    Promoting Sounds

    +ExOtiiCTriicKs yo, it's no problem at all my dude! Just blessed to be able to spread dope music like Russ's to supporters like yourself!

  64. Kasitro

    This time im early and this song is straight fire🔥🔥🔥<3

    Promoting Sounds

    +Explicit “Camohz” Camoz Well hello there! ;) Gotta agree man, Russ slayed 🔥🔥

  65. Bruce Wayne

    Jeez, Russ is a creative genius. Great upload

  66. Legendary _Gamer0619

    Ayeee 🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    +Legendary _Gamer0619 Tooo flames 🔥

  67. Squid

    Seen the iPhone pic and knew it was going to hit hard

    Promoting Sounds

    +IForever Throwed Hahaha save them for the best! ;)

  68. Seb Khan

    man oh man, russ once again spitting flames.

    Promoting Sounds

    +Seb Khan Too true Seb, Russ stays killing it

  69. Tatum Hassey


    Promoting Sounds

    +Tatum Hassey Really glad you're feeling it Tatum!