Russ - Here I Am Lyrics

Laid back contemplating chess moves
Life heating up I just need someone to vent to
Cup full of stress so I'm sippin like the rents due
Dialing the number for my visions hope I get thru

10 2 seaters in the driveway
Chains on everybody
Welcome to the ice age
Murdering the moment makes me money I guess crime pays

You probably have to leave your state to change your mind state
Blind dates with my journey everyday I wake up
Runnin thru these hoes
Never trippin keep it laced up

Cuz all of them got cardboard signs
Saying save us
But after the last one I chose to hang the cape up
Focused on myself

Ain't no time for distractions
Sometimes I can't believe it all
Like how'd the hell this happen
Gotta keep it movin tho

Ain't no time to look around
Jab you with the raps
Then knock you out when I bring the hook around

Everybody here I am
Everybody here I am
Tanqueray cups got me woozy
Posted up lookin for some floozies
Devils get up off me like Boosie
Imma always keep my first hoopty

Imma pro juggler lately my life's a circus
I spent about 10k on purses
And every cent was worth it
Once i saw her eyes light up

It's me myself and I who the fuck wanna fight us
Dreams overlapping now
Lines keep blurring
Drunk off my accomplishments

I keep slurring
And nowadays my contact list
Is stocked with enough weapons
That I'm pointin at the game like bomb that shit

Saddam that shit
And bring me back the loot
Hit the dealership
Go head and bring me back a coupe

I ain't got no time to hang
These hoes are lookin like a noose
And I ain't got no time for exes let alone an excuse

Everybody here I am
Everybody here I am
Tanqueray cups got me woozy
Posted up lookin for some floozies
Devils get up off me like Boosie
Imma always keep my first hoopty

Hold up
I don't hear you talkin when I roll up
Where's that shit you poppin when I roll up

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Russ Here I Am Comments
  1. EskerKha

    Can someone remake this beat and link me i wanna remix the track Love the beat

  2. Lili Camacho

    set the speed to 1.5

  3. Adrian Miranda

    How have people still not heard this 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. Cash True

    Overly slept on

  5. Edgar Hernandez

    Damn a few months ago it didnt have this much views so u know for a fact all these views are people just hopin on the wagon lmao its gonna suck when russ gets burnt out 😡


    you know he won't bro aha the man's been prepping his whole life for dis

  6. Jacee Brewer

    Love this song

  7. tim Coplin

    Song starts at 0:19
    Thank me later! 💯💯
    Enjoy russ and his fire ass music🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Bradley Bowen Jr

    fuck who ever dislikes this or any Russ.

  9. Chase

    This is the same sample used on Wat's Wrong by Isaiah Rashad.

  10. hithom86

    i just listening 2 Russ, and hes legit. i wanna buy 1 of his albums but he got 2 many! haha! i dont wanna but the 1 album that may b garbage. any recommendations on which 1 to grab 1st as a new fan

  11. Yago

    Where was i all this time this song was out?? This is straight fire!

  12. mcnuggetsful

    It's me myself and I who the fuck want to fight us!?💯

  13. Luis Rosario

    700th like 😌

  14. Richie Onwuchekwa Uba

    Ah Isaiah Rashad sampled this beat. Real recognize real

    Promoting Sounds

    russ & isaiah, does it get much realer than that?!


    Richie Uba on what song

  15. jelle dn

    russ the Belgium English rapper yo russ keep doing what you are doing all of your songs are straight fire

    Mark Fajardo

    hes Columbian as well

    Zach Banks

    jelle dn hes Sicilian guys.. lol


    it was all good

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    +WHATEVER-MAN you know it!

  17. Paul Louis

    Russ is just too good

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    +PaulLouisTV 100% agreed

  18. Vincent Schmidt

    Is there an instrumental for this??

  19. Mimic

    Downloaded all of Russ' songs <3

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    +oMimic12 A great choice!

  20. Omar Dominguez

    damn this is lit

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    +Omar Dominguez Certainly a banger!

  21. L3gionJay

    Russ killin it as always <3

  22. ItsBlockBreaker

    Couldn't stop listening to this on Soundcloud on the way to school :)

    Promoting Sounds

    +ItsBlockBreaker Yeah man, he's got too much dope stuff up it's crazy haha!

  23. Morad Amal

    thanks to this chanel where i did found many sounds that i was looking for long time

  24. SmeagolOG

    Dope af

    Promoting Sounds

    +DeVisGames :)

  25. Squid

    Surprised you didn't put that iPhone picture up! Jk great tune fam!

    Promoting Sounds

    +IForever Throwed Hahaha I don't use them that often okay ;) Glad you dig!

  26. Lil Milo

    pull the trigger xd

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    +Louuis ♥ Such a dope track

  27. Jim Moriarty

    Now I heard the Russ track here first haha.
    That beat is hot tho.
    Russ of course killing it again.What else.His singing parts are so good every damn time.

  28. Zach Laskowski

    This has quickly become my favourite channel to find new music! Keep it up, man! Russ kills it every time

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    +Zach Laskowski Thank you so much for that man, hopefully we can keep bringing you top tunes and stay there!


    +Zach Laskowski Agree to you, man!

  29. Trinly


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    +Trinly You're favorite ;)

  30. Isabella2000kp

    Can I have you're email to talk to you about promoting a upcoming artist?

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    +Isabella2000kp hit my email at [email protected] and I'll check it out for sure

  31. gdogg

    found Russ a while back because of you and i love him!

    Promoting Sounds

    +Fuzzy Greg That's great to hear man! Just happy I can spread dope music like Russ's around

  32. Isaac Sepulveda

    Amazing Upload as usual. Ive been listening more of Russ lately. Keep it up and get to 50k