Russ - Grammy Bag Freestyle Lyrics

It's 4am I'm boutta roll up
Workin' on my second blow up
Simultaneously workin' on an app
I call up Foda
No more soda
Tryna tone up
Manitoba's where Milan's from  (Yeah)
Promoted our own show and made 100 and beyond some (Yeah)
People like they on some (Word)
Yes it does appear so (Uh huh)
Couple rappers cool but most of them are fucking weird tho (Uh huh)
Tried to let my beard grow
Made it to Malaysia
Shootin 16's like a king like I'm Peja
He's too cocky
He's Svengali
Bitch you gettin' blocked like my name's Ben Wally
Ice by Jain, this is not Ben bally
That's no diss, that's a rhyme get off me
I feel godly
How could you blame me
Sellin' out arenas make a million in the same week (Sheesh)
That's old Dom flow (Yeah)
Switch it up pronto (Yeah)
I be out in Denver gettin high with the Broncos
Listen up if you hated just let me say this (Come on)
You'll probably never make it sincerely someone who made it (Ha!)
Exercise your patience you need to master the basics
It's not my fault that you ain't got no payments off that lame shit
What's funny bout the game is
When they make the change hit
You're everybody's favorite till you're everybody's favorite (Yeah)
Look at T-Pain and Lil Wayne, y'all should really be ashamed how y'all really tryna play them (Facts)
You could throw in Nicki too
DMX to name a few
Reachin' for my food and I'ma throw the fucking plate at you
I ain't boutta play with you
I'm all that my family has
Gotta be their fuckin' crutches 'cause without me they'd be handicapped (True)
Talkin to the Universe pointing out designers like hand me that
Of course I want that Grammy bag
Are you fucking insane?
That shit like doubles your show fee...
The fuck, uh
Yeah, ooh, yeah
Come on, ah

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