Russ - Exposed Lyrics

Yeah, I feel like I'm the only one
Feel like I'm the only one

Y'all gon have to do better
I can't believe what I'm seeing
All this bullshit going on
The industry is deceiving
All the masses
Pitching rappers as these independent grinds
Meanwhile there's been a label right behind them the whole time
Fake shit call it out
You were plugged before your first song
I was puttin in work
You were getting worked on
Yo fans are fickle
Cuz your come up is a mystery
My fans gon stick with me
Cuz me and them got history
Longer than 2 songs
You don't know how to build
You tried to start at the roof ah
You won't be here for too long
I don't fuck with crews unless you're the one who put the crew on
The rest of y'all got buzz because he put you on a few songs
Ooo umm did that strike a nerve
If the shoe fits then wear it
Either way I know the truth Imma share it
See these rappers sign deals
Labels know what they're doing
They tell the rapper don't announce it
So the people keep rooting

Try to keep me on the hush but I do not give a fuck
This is Russ uncut I'll expose you
You ain't really seen shit just wait till I'm on
Then it's on gotta lot I gotta show you
Why you gotta lie
I'll bring it to the light
Gotta expose fake shit
I put in too much time

I'm comin thru exposing fake shit
God can't save you
Youre a boss?
You gotta boss
And that boss rapes you
Barely pays you
But you cool with it
You're a soldier unaware that you're a lieutenant
I gotta gripe with the media
All of y'all are wanna be's
Producers and rappers
Down for sodomy
Dick taking
Cuz the industry tells you to
It's fucked up I had a standard that I held you to
I'll name names if you provoke me
So shut your fucking mouth
My platform is way bigger
Than the ones that turned me down
Bunch of grown men and women
Talkin bout grown men and women for a livin
Man you gotta be kidding
Call me bitter
Call me jealous
Call me this
Call me that
This is 10 years grinding what the fuck you call that
Made the beats wrote the songs sang the hooks
And I mixed it
Everybody's gotta switch and y'all just flipped it

Try to keep me on the hush but I do not give a fuck
This is Russ uncut I'll expose you
You ain't really seen shit just wait till I'm on
Then it's on gotta lot I gotta show you
Why you gotta lie
I'll bring it to the light
Gotta expose fake shit
I put in too much time

You're an industry artist
I'm an artist in the industry
Me myself and I that's the holy fucking trinity
I partnered with Columbia
Partnered is the key word
We split the profits 50/50
Better do your research
Came in with my own fanbase
Sold out tours around the world before the handshakes
You see I play the game well
You let the game play you
You don't know your own power
You think the label saved you
Now subconsciously you owe them
You're submissive with your actions
Then you flop flop flop
And you wonder what happened
Couple things
You dropped one song and signed a deal
You have less than 10 songs out
You're not real
So the song became bigger than the artist
People know the song but they don't know the artist
Not enough songs to become their favorite artist
Not enough songs to be a headline artist
I could do a week long set if I performed my whole catalogue
Every single song the crowds sing and rap along
Fuck a summer I'm a decade rapper
You're here now I'll be here a decade after
I put out 11 albums
Produced by Russ
Mixed mastered engineered written by Russ
I put out 11 albums
Produced by Russ
Mixed mastered engineered written by Russ

Try to keep me on the hush but I do not give a fuck
This is Russ uncut I'll expose you
You ain't really seen shit just wait till I'm on
Then it's on gotta lot I gotta show you
Why you gotta lie
I'll bring it to the light
Gotta expose fake shit
I put in too much time

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  1. S W

    It's the funniest thing you Thank you think that you got my money I took him to the lawyer and you to consider Angus when I've been with CIA and the FBI tracking me and you're all Fox because guess what the longer you played the better more evidence I got at my phone my phone is been If it up could you try to keep me under Hu's I don't give a thuc I wasn't keeping anything of the harsh I was letting you play the game so I can cat

  2. J cudi_KE

    Russ wrote this comment.. 😂

  3. Lex Jordan


  4. Mani Hill

    Loyalty and respect from North Korea

  5. Fabian Duda

    I pomyśleć, że jakiś tam tacodafi czy jak to się tam pisze ma milion subskrypcji, a ma dwa razy tyle łapek w górę.

  6. vanessa lopez


  7. Spencer W

    Talk yo Shit 😎💯

  8. Jeff Mason

    Fuck me you got a new fan here mate listened to a few songs before for a while but this 👍👍
    .like it says " can't deny facts"👍👍


    in the MOSS jersey doe

  10. Sascha Müller

    Only left dead bodys all over the ground in the woods of MC's. It's all over guys , nothing left to build on. He just killed this whole fucking braindead fake game in only four minutes and a half. Just happened right in front of your eyes.

    Russ : I'll Kill this game now

    Chill man it takes time to kill something that's grown for decades.

    Russ : Give me 4 Minutes and a half

    |In gorgious Memory|
    ~ 4th of May 2017 ~
    The Day a Hoax died

  11. Sadboy Theresa

    This song makes me think of Jumex

  12. Pallab Baruah

    Russ' beats hella underrated!

  13. Pallab Baruah

    If you know you know

  14. Taj Lane

    Sounds like Eminem

  15. Armani Lopez


  16. Kiilae Kaleohano

    My favorite song Russ

  17. Joey Hill

    Eminem would be proud

  18. Ivan A Ruiz

    People like fake shit that’s why they hate on him🖕

  19. A.Frank Blunt


  20. Andrew Cotton

    I would kill to do a track with you Russ or even if you make me a beat ahaha I would feel blessed asf ahahah

  21. Γιάννα Ουσταγιαννάκη

    The best🇬🇷

  22. Jomar Javier

    My best rap IDOL

  23. Jomar Javier

    My idol russ diemon

  24. nmc matic

    Wow. That was about as dope as it gets.

  25. Romnick James

    cocky with a taste

  26. Tom Legit

    Garbage song lol I can rap better than this guy😭

  27. Corey Better not change

    Russ my man, how many Jerseys o you have?

  28. John Dorado

    Russ is trash

  29. Padova City



  30. CheddaBeatz

    Russ - Exposed [INSTRUMENTAL]

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    Lamo 25 Year old on ferina st

  32. Richard Bonilla

    See every1 blasting u in Norwalk now

  33. Arri B

    This is my favorite song hands fucking down!!!!

  34. Sonia Morera

    Yesssss gettt itt!!❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪

  35. Luis Oliva

    I just heard best on earth today and a few other songs. Every song every beat so far is fire to me.

  36. Sabin Iliev

    do you even realise how much you copied eminem on this sung u freaking fraud

  37. STEPHANIE Wachma is not who

    10 years is nothing you YouTube and ed my history was written before the world came to be im the big bang mf the world started and end with me

  38. STEPHANIE Wachma is not who

    Stephanie Wachman coming for my mmmmm you got for me

  39. Shohrux Mahkamov


  40. Life Support

    When Russ said "this is 10 years grindin WHAT THE FUCK you call that" I nearly passed out

  41. Gabriel Ouzts

    He might be Jesus of this generation

  42. Kyle brewer

    I here alittle Eminem’s beat and tone in that chorus lol dope asf

  43. BeatingInnocent Scorpion

    u spis my pik

  44. Clelia Scala


  45. Trevor Chambers

    Dog gives me chills, inspirational.

  46. Movies 2night

    His songs are addiction, been listening on repeat. 2019?

    Josh Webb

    'the best rapper you've never heard'

  47. DeliciousDylan

    “me, myself, and I that’s the holy fucking trinity” -Russ

  48. Britt Britt


  49. King Tyler

    Stay woke.

  50. v-kash pandey

    Beat 👌👌

  51. Alauna Oskaboose

    If you dont love this man. Your lying to yourself. OG! Just listen to his voice. Look at his face, oh my god hes an angel without a doubt sent from above or whateva. Just know I love this man w/ my whole ass heart my LOVE 💗

  52. Porsha Colton

    Does anyone else think this beat sounds like an Eminem song beat?

  53. Michael Gatewood

    This is much better than ain't going back.

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    Idgaf wat anyone gotta say. I'll put Russ up among the greatest. Sitting with Tupac Biggie n Eminem. IDGAF

  55. Nina Reeves

    Your words are life lessons hitting hard but all good 💯✌🏼

  56. Shivam Verma

    Opinion dnt mattr ..
    Only fact ...😍


    This beat and Yung God are my favorite instrumentals he’s done

    Mirvan Bablis EK19B 363KAGY

    Listen to real player shit by him. That beat is 🔥

  58. Marguerite Simair

    Fuck yes

  59. Alexander Virgil


  60. Ana Paiva

    Just came across with your music, you're awsome, don't know how I haven't heard about you before, you do really good shit, congrats

    Dallas Shaw

    Listen to russ-willy wonka

  61. Gurpreet Saluja

    Marshall mathers rage and tone and sound.

  62. Young BrokePuffy

    2003 ...50cent🔥🔥🔥too dope

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    I love how his music bumps in my car

  64. vijay marlay

    Russ Fans .......

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    Yusssss😍 You Needed Something Like This🔥

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    FACTS 💯💯

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    World first class rap song

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    Music is very beautiful

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    Russ am a new fan and subscribers I hate the fake ass rappers u the real deal am a real fan

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    this is russ song i exposed you

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    Bisaakh who else listening?

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    Keep at it G you're fucking killing it and hushing haters to the sound of the beast that is Russ

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    "Your a boss. You got a boss and that boss rapes you"

    "You're a industry artist. Ima artist in the industry "

    Damn. I just found this song and played it 5 times in a row

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    He literally ripped off Eminem and Busta rhymes “I’ll hurt you.” Fuck Russ 😂 y’all stupid af


    And literally half the songs in your R&B playlist are rip offs of someone else. The fuck you're on?

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    Love you💝🌈



  86. litbeatzzz

    Fun fact :russ didn't make this music video

  87. Dasboy

    Russ shot and edited the music video to! Shout out to this mans work ethic


    yeah he a beast I edit all my own videos too


    deep good job

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    2019 🇵🇭

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    Bro this kid is hard af

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    Puto amo bb loviu xd

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    keep it up homie you are the realist <3

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    Can this guy get some respect w/o getting compared to shady? him and chris webby really got that problem all the time

  95. Official_YPC

    Never Heard of this Dude!. I came across this by accident!. I can Relate to this! Wake the World!
    #iamYPC #Ear2DaStreetz #Respect

  96. B Mar

    Love the teddy bridgewater Jersey louisville ky go cards

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