Russ - Cherry Hill Lyrics

You know what I'd do for you
I know what you'd do for me
You will see
The truth in me

Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you

Feelin' lonely in this room since I was seventeen
Thought this bottle was supposed to drown my memory
But I'm still swimmin' in your vision and it's temptin' me
But next time that I call I'm hopin' that you answer me

Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you

You know what I'd do for you
I know what you'd do for me
You will see
The truth in me

Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you

I'm looking for the place
Where I was falling into you
Dressed in sunlight, warmed the cold
That lived inside me
We shouldn't be here
What we said
When we were
The top of Cherry Hill

Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you

You know what I'd do for you
I know what you'd do for me
You will see
The truth in me

Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I'm a fool for you

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Russ Cherry Hill Comments
  1. Monica Smith

    My sisters always listen to this song I finally found it! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Jaclyn Fontaine

    Reminiscing this song, I had given birth to my daughter April 8th 2017... listening to this song while we’re driving in the evening ❤️

  3. selenah bean

    This song makes me fall a sleep

  4. Melina Garza

    I love this song this how I love it bc I listened in the shower I have it lowed I hear this song ever day 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂

  5. Guera Jasmin

    I love this song so much russ the stuff

  6. Enlightened One

    Heard this song at the bar, couldn't get the name the first time...then they changed the music again so I rushed up and got the name and I am.

  7. Sammie G

    My boo sent this to me and I’m just not sure if he means it

  8. Alexis Faith

    The beat is fucking sick dude, so addicting 😂😂lyrics are repetitive but some of the best repetitive lyrics I've heard ❤

  9. Marcos

    Am I the only one in 2020?

    Bianca Riley

    Marcos 🖐🏻

  10. Chandler Howell

    This is one of my buddies favorite artists and songs. He passed away the other day from a wreck. I miss and love you, Kyle..

  11. Hennessy Benitez

    So am I the only one that thinks he sounds like Zayn? No just me okay🥺

  12. Enyd -

    I love listening to this song high 😩

  13. Ghost Li

    when he goes into that creepy singing, it sounds like a radiohead song

  14. ew boy

    I immediately want to go to tmg after this song to laugh instead of crying lmao

  15. Ali Walsh

    This song makes me think of the boy I like that will never like me back

  16. Jeremy Guerrero


  17. Jeremy Guerrero

    The truth In me

  18. TheEmmd

    budden interview got me here

  19. raphaela e

    this hit 😭

  20. Kamryn Angel

    Heard this song in the background of a porno 😂💀 I was like stop moaning so I can hear the lyrics to look it up 😂

    XxXLoser gulrXxX Rs


    DeeCee Studios

    Kamryn Angel maam this is a comment section.

    XxXLoser gulrXxX Rs

    DeeCee Studios nodbody cares

    XxXLoser gulrXxX Rs

    LMAOOOO 😂😂

    DeeCee Studios

    XxXLoser gulrXxX Rs ok sorry sir just move along the line

  21. Steven Avila

    play back speed 0.75 while looking at photos of my wife........ i miss you


    Driving while smoking

  23. Aaliyah Medicine Stone

    2019? 🤭

  24. Katheryne Rivas

    Him moaning in this song tho. Like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck and the guitar do I even need to go there 😫😫🤷‍♀️

  25. Jason J.

    Fell in love with a girl I met OUTSIDE the club scene, later learning she did dancing/stripping..

    I still supported it and then things went terribly wrong. This was the song playing during my private dance she gave me the night she asked me to come see her perform.. ceiling mirrors, shiny lights, and bass.

    Still hurting over this. I’ll never get to see or talk to her ever again.

    Travis Bennett

    Jason J. that’s tough

    Jason J.

    Travis Bennett still goin through it. Can’t play enough keyboard or write enough music, it’s like she permanently imprinted my brain.. I’ve been in a 4 year relationship before and nothing comes close to this... I’m 26 so I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities however I’m not sure if I want them as bad as I did before her. Now I really, for the first time, feel myself by myself yknow? Lol sounded dirty but really, it was a life changing experience.

  26. Amuse G G

    Jus thinking bout my sun over hereeeee.

  27. Caity Leigh

    This song really gets me

  28. Emma Alanis

    Who else repeat this song

  29. Hannah Cain

    Favorite song from him 🥰👏🏻

  30. Bella May

    I love this song❤️🖤

  31. My name is Jeff

    1:59 anyone knows how to play this on guitar if so hmu with the tabs please

  32. doueven footnite

    pablo i was to when cesar i think broke up with monse

  33. Kasandra Cervantes

    Russ and Jesse Reyes need to collab 😭😍😍😍

    Like this if you agree 👍

    Shaharia Chowdhury

    They already have it's called Basement

  34. Dylan Howell

    Try listen to this on ecstasy

  35. Jill the girl obsessed with Hey Arnold

    My crush would always listen to this...he moved just today

    Also 2019 check ✌️

  36. Zelgaro

    Knowing the back story is so interesting. Russ had this song when he was broke with like no fans, but he sat on it because he knew how good it was. He wanted to make sure there was an audience before he released it.

  37. Shannon

    Halfway home I forgot you weren't gonna be with me tonight and now I'm sad 😭

  38. Lizz R.

    This dood is everything music should be.......💪
    I almost lost hope with today's music but along came Russ. He just gets it. Hands down one of the greatest of our times.

    Torrance Teague

    hes good but If you feel that way listen to xxxtentacion, j Cole, Joyner Lucas and NF

  39. Nognog TV

    I really love your songs Russ, I'm also starting to build my own studio!! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  40. Kimberly Lara

    ❤❤love it

  41. 2020

    Ben fero nun klipten gelenler +

  42. Sergio Granado

    now i feel like a fool

  43. No One

    September 8 2019 hitting my speakers and heart hard

  44. Best gacha Editors

    2019 anyone 😃😃😃

    Lvl.99 Blastoise

    Hell Yeah

    Buttered Side Up

    No 2020

    Lvl.99 Blastoise


  45. Delaine Sanchez

    Still bumping in 2019 anyone ??(besides me )

  46. Jason Fetterman

    Was in love. 1 year ago. Made this my song for her. Didn’t know it would end with me listening to this song. My love song for her. It hurts more hits different. I guess I was a fool for her

  47. KWM KYLE

    Chills everytime.

  48. 2k sweattty

    Add son to the end of the song name

  49. Angel Ballantyne

    This song makes me think of a sunset while swinging or laying in the grass with your favourite person.

  50. Aiman Aqmal

    was crying so bad during the live performance at gvf19 when this song was played. i held her around her waist the entire time from behind and she didnt know that i was bawling my eyes out bc i knew she wanted to end the relationship w me so bad. turned out i was right she discarded me after the festival ended. it was the most painful moment in my life. wish you nothing but the best sabrina.

  51. sierra cook

    This hits differently when your seriously into someone

    Kukabrra Bird

    Nipsツ facts

  52. choloboy1920

    Lmao all the ppl who came here after on my block are sum clowns lmfao i came here when this guy released it like 2 days later

  53. BigdadiSixty9GTC

    Reminds me of Hoobastank - the reason

  54. 13FLAKO10

    It hits me every time in the chest

  55. Michal Burdziel

    Chills all over my body ! Daaaaaamn

  56. David Johnson


  57. Peace

    Does anybody know what he says after “maybe im a fool for you” the second time?

    Betzy Cisneros

    Peace but why I think

  58. Dunkidozz

    anyone after gvf? quality performance by russ

  59. tirza trash

    this song gave me goosebumps. legit. goosebumps.

  60. Richard Sanchez

    I love this song

  61. Mariah Caballero

    F all u haters 😠😡🤬😼

  62. HappyDoggo

    Crystal I miss you bad but I finally understand everything fully

  63. John Hi

    Bruh fuck Russ but I was smoking and this song lowkey hit when I was high

  64. luh l

    Am I the only one that IS NOT here from on my block ?

  65. raea nn

    This reminds me of that lesbian episode of black mirror

  66. Pablo Salinas

    Who was actually here before on my block😒.

    Anthony Kurosaki

    Hayden Chan lol I think it’s a tv show

    Hadley Lambeth

    been here since this song was first out lol

    Alison Reyes

    Pablo Salinas meeeee

    katie stitt

    Lemon Boy they never said they were tho?

  67. Marlene Caballero

    this song is on on my block

  68. Lait Tutorials

    From Joe Buddens interview? Anybody?

    Dylan Short

    He dropped the blueprint on exactly how to navigate thru this shit 😂 had to hear the music

  69. Josephine Alvarado

    Already knew about it most people who are here heard it from on my block

  70. Kelly Stone

    Love me some russ

  71. Paige Foster

    This is actually the best song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. More similar songs and recommendations ??? Love the vibes

  72. Jaime Espino

    I had no idea this nigga sang this song

  73. Queue

    Who here after watching The Pull Up.

    Never heard this before but its dope and got more respect for russ after that interview

  74. Method To My Madness

    Pull up brought me here

    Jay Jay

    Lol I was lookin for this comment

  75. Debra Flett

    L like this song

  76. José Juarez

    Alguien Habla Español?

  77. yeet

    who remembers when this was released?

  78. Karina Kane


  79. Peace On Earth

    Why Im I late

  80. Karissa Cruz

    I want to cruise with my gf listening to this

  81. Karissa Cruz

    I love it

  82. Alexia Hernandez

    Did you own it’s impossible to breath while your smiling

    Jk just wanted you to smile ❤️😁

    iLluSiOn H34

    Lol 😁

  83. Dakota

    If my ex Shelby see this, you a ass hole. Anyways this track fire yo 👌🔥

  84. Liz Christy

    You are welcome

  85. Gelloo 420

    Never forget , Cesar .. walking away . He did her wrong

  86. Sussi Lopez

    All I wanna do is listen to Russ and cry 😭😒

  87. samera abarca

    Ugh this song 🤧🤧🖤🖤

  88. Kareemah Thomas

    When the food is good “MMMMMMmmmmm”

  89. Lisa Gauthier

    I love this song

  90. Jeramy Allen

    That fckn 🔥🔥🔥GUITAR tho.

  91. Brittney Aycock

    My ex dedicated this song to me ..

  92. geo Esp

    Listen to this while high! Wow different feel

  93. Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler

    this seems rather... lessssssssbian...