Russ - Brush Me Lyrics

Not about to do round two but I found you
We move with the moon, I make you how to
Golfed up, but I pull up solo-dolo on you
Chopped in school when we fuck, put the slow-mo on you

I'm a romantic man, gyal, despite what ya heard
Pop di champagne, gyal, body ya murda
I can be di patient and yu can be di nurse
Operation pun di table, proceed, go further
If ya foreign language, foreign be heard ya
If it is dis kinda lovin yu forget what yu deserva ya
I had di sweet spot for yu, tickle my nerve-ya
So gyal yu take me pon ma nerve ya

Want di sugar pie, pitty come touch me
Mi luv is style while you brind me, come touch me
Giv yu anything, I be the life full of luxury
Already anytime, gyal, come notch me
Want di sugar pie, pitty come touch me
Mi luv is style while you brind me, come touch me
Giv yu anything, I be the life full of luxury
Already anytime, gyal, come notch me

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Russ Brush Me Comments
  1. PubGangsta

  2. Dia Maria

    I need the full version!

  3. John Doe

    Big chune!

  4. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    This song needs to be longer~ <3

  5. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Sugarpie, sweetie~

  6. Afton O'Brien

    Here in 2019


    Collie buddz bring the vibes....artist

  8. Lynz


  9. Anis Nakash


  10. Gwendoline Mardell

    F#@* this song isnt long enough 😢

  11. OoWHyzERZ

  12. Ytwosworld

    sounds like "goodbye" russ

  13. Tomasi Paxton

    john holt - sweetie come brush me

  14. Fatimah Sharif Official

    Russ 🔥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💙

  15. Real Rap

    🔥,🎵 💰 🏦.

  16. 805 Playa

    Nice mellow vibes, 🎵.

  17. Sweet Cocoa

    I love some Russ ❤

  18. Nikki Nooks


  19. maxime clement

    Too much effect !!

  20. José juan lion

    Fire burn hahaha yeah!

  21. jose steel

    “I’m a romantic man, girl despite what you heard.”

  22. Audrey Biggs

    I have always and will always be a huge Collie Buddz fan. As well as Russ, but.... idk how i feel on this song.. maybe a couple times of hearing it i might digg it... but for now ill still to the original brush me!

  23. Harry Makaveli

    wish I can get a colab with Collie Buddz #Guyana

  24. 1 luv

    I love you white boy, I'm black boy from ethiopia BLESS everyday life boooooOOOOMMM😎

  25. AlphaMegaTron

    Wack AF collie feel off HARD..on his head apparently LOL

  26. samurai_kendii

    Yooooo collie and Russ fucking 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Jordy Anthony Paredes

    No way russ sick ass collie buddz✌

  28. moises medrano

    This is fucken dope!

  29. Dream Breezyy

    love n respect

  30. Keylan Bankston

    Russ did this classic justice!! 🔥🔥🔥

  31. inf714

    Always with the dope collabos

  32. Claudz 1212

    Old song

  33. Jungle Warfare

    Classic Collie!


    Nice this was posted on my birthday haha

  35. khal tafari


  36. Kelechi Agu

    I remember the original version of this record from 2011.

  37. Stonka

    Russ added nothing to the song, I prefer the original

    Bobby S.

    I can relate to the verses but I can hear where youre coming from.

  38. smiley Khan

    Mmmm feelin dis..

  39. Fußball Meister

    Still Collie Buddz. I love your music.

  40. Andrea Marley

    Lovely. Thank you ❤🔥🔥

  41. Infamous Fresh Unspoken Words

    Highest level #Brawlingg

  42. Dan Osborne

    Damnnn it needs to be longer

    ahbrahm slayabugh

    I said same thing on fb.. Lol

  43. Bafumiki Mocheregwa

    This is an old jam -


    Ross Bafumiki an old classic that is


    Ayeeee tune aye Jhezz 🔥🔥

  45. ikarus007

    wow what an amazing new version

  46. Juggernaut

    The song is too short!

    Adam Lorenz

    Yea needs another minute its to good for just 2 mins

    al gwiji

    Short and sweet

  47. bougclean

    1:17............... Maddddddd i want a chorus with this should magic

  48. prod. hennyboy

    This is a dope song collie
    Chevk out my channel if u get the chance and subscribe , il sub back right away

  49. oSoLoxX

    7 years later, Collie Buddz re-releases this song and still fire!
    the original was better tho.
    (this song dropped in 2011)

  50. Ippsy Dippsy


  51. kent 420

    the nostalgia hittin me hard..i miss the time around 2007-15 it was collie all day everyday! fuck its been 10 years already!

  52. Imran N

    🇬🇧 Love all the way from the UK

  53. L. Vinicio M. Salazar

    Madrid en las casas!!!!

  54. Lora Brown I

    Stimulating🔥 music.

  55. Chrizla

    Your songs are catchy. I love it.
    Thank you.

  56. Alexandra

    This is so good, used to listen to Collie back in the days. This collab with Russ is amazing. Both great artists.😍 always good vibes from both!