Rush - The Stars Look Down Lyrics

Like the fly on the wheel who says
'What a lot of dust we're raising'
Are you under the illusion
That you're part of this scheme?
Seems like a lifetime ago
You could look with pride
On your world of dreams

What is the meaning of this?
And the stars look down
What are you trying to do?
And the stars look down
Was it something I said
And the stars look down

Like the rat in a maze who says
'Watch me choose my own direction'
Are you under the illusion
The path is winding your way?
Are you surprised by confusion
When it leads you astray?
Have you lived a lifetime today...
Or do you feel like you just got carried away?

What is the meaning of this?
And the stars look down
What are you trying to do?
And the stars look down
Was it something I said?
And the stars look down
Something you'd like me to do?
And the stars look down

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Rush The Stars Look Down Comments
  1. Walter Yellow

    The same Stars looking down are looking up.

    R.I.P Neil Peart
    You will never be forgotten

  2. Simon Ward

    Good grief - listening to this just hammers home what an unholy clusterfuck the original mix of Vapo(u)r Trails was.

    maria I

    agree 100% that engineer should not be allowed in a studio ever again.

    Jasper Gillgannon

    The original mix is some of Peart's best sounding drums imo. Though I can see how all the instruments tend to blend together. Also the way the guitar is mixed, certainly makes it hard to distinguish what Alex is actually playing. And personally I've never been a big fan of the many Geddy vocal layerings and harmonies over top of each other. But either way, I still do love this album to bits (over the remixed), hugely because of the nostalgia I have from listening to it way back in 02 and 03

    You Too

    @Jasper Gillgannon this original Rocks!!

  3. Robert Whitlow

    What a sound! The guys had their instruments on five stars out of five. Heavenly, celestial sound. What is the meaning of this? The bar band at the end of time, and the stars look on.

  4. Brian

    NIEL ..Read the Book that has never been wrong. Almost 1900 prophecies fullfilled to the atom ! With only a dozen or so to go !!!! If you dont know what book, then JW.Org for your most accurate copy

    Kraneia The Dixie Dryad

    Brian Darlin'... he isn't likely to look up anything, seriously doubt he reads comments on fan postings of his songs, and certainly not from people who can't spell his name correctly.
    Just sayin'. ;)

  5. bertdorf3


  6. IchTrommle

    Neil Peart wrote/thought of these lyrics when he was struggling with himself.  Its a complex story, his life.

    You should read his book Ghost Rider for more insight into his thoughts and power of mental process. Are the Stars looking down his passed wife and daughter? Does he feel guilt for surviving? What a lifes Jouney he has lived.  Introspection is the key to understanding.

    Thank you Neil for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. You have helped many understand thier lives and acceptance of "How It Is"....

    Jow Lorenz

    existence is a cruel fucking joke.
    may as well raise some hell .


    @Bryan Fink he is reflecting on how we think we are in control of our own destinies, but that it's all an illusion and our paths twist and turn in a way that's far beyond our control. Has someone or fate, predetermined this path, or are they punishing him ... but he realises that there's nothing "up there" and the universe is indifferent to his plight.


    @PaulStanley i definitely get the meaning of the song, my comment really is just addressing the lyric in the first part of the chorus.

    Mark P.

    @PaulStanley This song is a response to a much more naive Neil Peart's "Freewill"


    @Mark P. it's a sequel to Freewill to my mind. Yes we can determine where we proactively take our lives, but as in the later song, hand in hand with freewill is responsibility, coincidence and consequence. Maybe even Circumstances lol

  7. Nitragame

    Thank YOU for posting all this wonderful songs with such a good quality and good lyrics! I love your channel, and I love Rush! =)