Rush - The Speed Of Love Lyrics

Love is born with lightning bolts
Electro-magnetic force
Burning skin and fireworks
A storm on a raging course
Like a force of nature
Love can fade with the stars at dawn
Sometimes it takes all your strength
Just to keep holding on

At the speed of love
A radiance that travels
At the speed of love
My heart goes out to you

Love is born with solar flares
From two magnetic poles
It moves towards a higher plane
Where two halves make two wholes
Like a force of nature
Love shines in many forms
One night we are bathed in light
One day carried away in the storms

At the speed of love
Nothing changes faster
Than the speed of love
My heart goes out to you

We don't have to talk
We don't even have to touch
I can feel your presence
In the silence that we share
Got to keep moving
At the speed of love
Nothing changes faster
Than the speed of love
Got to keep on shining
At the speed of love
Nothing changes faster
Than the speed of love

At the speed of love
A radiance that travels
At the speed of love
My heart goes out to you

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Rush The Speed Of Love Comments
  1. Jeffrey Williams

    16 people have never felt " The Speed Of Love"

  2. Steve Miller

    RIP Neil Peart 💔

  3. Jay Saukkonen

    RIP Neil, We Miss You...

  4. Blaine Mengel

    A lyrical masterpiece.

  5. Tim Renken

    this song is awful. i love rush but since they stuck around so long after their peak great years, 76-81, obviously there was going to be a bunch of garbage embarrassing songs. this is one of them

  6. Sam Brangard

    This jam sends me!

  7. Brian Wilson

    Really great to hear them with just guitar, bass and drums. No smothering in keyboards.

  8. Wish You Were Here

    i am in love with that little guitar solo - im loving it 2:13

  9. Michael T

    Many years later, and I still adore this song and music as much as I did then!

  10. Leonard Willit

    At the speed of Love at the speed of Rush

  11. T gnomechaser

    really beautiful song. One of my favs on CP

  12. HoteiBattle

    Very atmospheric song. I like how Alex plays a simplistic yet totally fitting solo

    Wish You Were Here

    perfect solo

  13. Mark Corbett

    After writing Rush lyrics for around 18 years Neil Peart uses the word 'love' in a song title for the first time!

    Crouching Moron

    Mark Corbett What about Madrigal?

    Mark Corbett

    Doesn't have the word love in the title.

  14. Michael Rainer

    I love how Neil explores the subtleties of love. This is such a quiet, subdued song but with such a complex message.



  16. Paula Jedi

    Rush has the best lyrics ever.

  17. simeonflake

    You don't hear this much on "Rock Radio." Maybe that's the beauty of this album--that you don't hear it much, compared to a "Moving Pictures."

  18. blackrocker1

    This song has a funky R&B feel to it.

  19. GmodPlusWoW

    Ah, the speed of love. It makes Warp 10 look like a snail's pace, doesn't it?

  20. David Heinemann

    Wow, takes me back, but takes on new meaning with time.

  21. santy belloso

    hay bandas muy muy buenas, pero Rush son de otro mundo...son lo mejor.

  22. Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    two halves make two wholes is a brilliant line. this one and ghost of a chance have really grown on me over the years. thank you Mr.Peart

    Mariam Mariome


    Josep Majó

    Yeah! Ghost of a chance!!!!

  23. schrodingcheshirecat

    reminds me of kid gloves and superconductor somehow


    Yes Yes Yes,, Thank you.. -I was just overwhelmed with the sense that this could have been either a b-side from Presto - or just overwhelmingly similar to that record in-general. (Which is great, as I love that record. ;)
    Good ear. Cheers mate!

    Oscar Rice

    Maybe kid gloves... Hmm

  24. 박소희

    owl city배낀겨?

  25. JS D

    yes, it's the drum chimes that make it awesome.


    Haha, its always those little things or "accidents" that make a great song :D.

  26. Lone Star Productions

    l love this song! I don't care what other RUSH fans think, but this song is the best on the album!

    Steve Greene

    +judahrice With "Cold Fire" a close second.

    antonio kofoed

    judahrice everyday glory man.

    Oscar Rice

    Texas Rails i is the best jam..


    Alien Shore has always been my favourite - you're more than entitled to your opinion of course. Speed of love is another one I like

  27. Ozgard13

    Nice :)

  28. Alan Regis Dantas

    Great song!!

  29. Robert lokiss

    Rush Great Koncert Poland?

  30. LordofDarkEnergy

    Brian Griffins novel is faster than this.