Rush - Something For Nothing Lyrics

Waiting for the winds of change
To sweep the clouds away
Waiting for the rainbow's end
To cast its gold your way
Countless ways
You pass the days

Waiting for someone to call
And turn your world around
Looking for an answer
To the question you have found
Looking for
An open door

You don't get something for nothing
You can't have freedom for free
You won't get wise
With the sleep still in your eyes
No matter what your dreams might be

What you own is your own kingdom
What you do is your own glory
What you love is your own power
What you live is your own story
In your head is the answer
Let it guide you along
Let your heart be the anchor
And the beat of your own song

You don't get something for nothing
You can't have freedom for free
You won't get wise
With the sleep still in your eyes
No matter what your dreams might be

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Rush Something For Nothing Comments
  1. Michael Baker

    looking back on it...I bet god wishes he would have had rush write the bible

  2. What I Left

    No matter what your dream might be

  3. bass fishing pro

    Doctor you have 10 Minutes to live ME RUSH

  4. Rob Leith

    2112 is decently the best!!!

  5. MrDarkastar

    timeless masterpiece, it seems to hear something that to do with the iliad and the odyssey, the Mediterranean sea and the classical Greek-Roman antiquity, from stormy seas to clashes with other civilizations in the littorals of the Near East. And in the final return home, of the survivors. Think about it. You will see them. They will smile, good-natured, from some sky( Davide from italy)

  6. Budahbaba

    Aside from a brief period as a child, i have always hated this band. Way too high on the treble/mechanical side. But i have always enjoyed the poetry from Neil Pert. He is good at what he does with lyrics.

    Patrick McNeil

    David Dugas
    You’ve been” putting it up” your whole life

    David Dugas

    You'll never get wise with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what your dreams might be! 😎

  7. Tony Griffin

    best of all time

  8. Alan Lloyd

    29 liberals don't want anything other than handouts


    Alan Lloyd Fuq Der Fuhrer Trump and his uneducated brainwashed masses.

  9. 白村右京

    I love Geddy`s voice so bad.

    y t

    Check out Allison Moorer.

  10. Snotlout Is A God

    Back when Geddy Lee possessed lungs made of leather....

  11. David Austin

    Rock on

  12. Tony Griffin

    this is my religion,thank you JESUS.

  13. Craig Townsend

    That open door
    Will take a chess queen?

  14. Brian Kliewer

    Always loved this song but to me, the live version on All The World's A Stage is even better. 👍

  15. Robert Senecal

    Still cool,40 years or however long its been,i havent heard this in a Looong time,Thanks man!!

  16. steveo7371

    Music can unite us all !

  17. Bruno Preti

    Classicccccccccccccc Guys,this is word!!

  18. Fire Smith

    Suck it Bernie Sanders!

  19. Fire Smith

    I thought Rush was left leaning but this song is 100% 1776.

    Jackson Gatens

    If anything Rush is Libertarian, but just leave politics out of it in the first place


    Fuq 1865, 1945, 1964, 2008 and 2012 are more important. By the way 2112 and 2012 have synchronicity.

  20. Jack Cade

    In your head live the answer, let it guide you along. Let your heart be the anchor and the best of your song

    Best lyrics to a rock song ever! Best open minded non-cultist non judgemental explanation of existence and being ever.. thank God for Peart! Turns out I'm not alone and insane!

    Craxan Shards

    um..."beat" of your song.

    Jack Cade

    @Craxan Shards damn autospell.


    Kicks ass

  22. Lyle Gross

    every time you see a vet, thank them for your freedom

    Philip Cardillo

    Lyle Gross I'm all for appreciating veterans, but I don't think fighting in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, or Afghanistan did anything for my freedom.

  23. Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmer

    I bet Socialists and Communists hate this song.

  24. jhonny Carvalho

    Best song from them ever!!!!!

  25. Bitchy_ Bitch!

    Such great wisdom and insights are sung by RUSH. Some is prophetic! 👀😯👀

  26. panda44r

    Wore myself out on Caress of Steel and 2112,......WHAT A WAY TO GO! :o)

  27. Ice Olson

    Grand Finale is my favorite track on this album!

  28. Michael Douglas Nóbrega


  29. Arthur F. Scaltrito

    Rush, Montrose, Robin Trower Phila Spectrum Nov'76
    Cheap Trick Rush, Tower Theatre, Feb '77
    Tom Petty, Rush Tower Theatre Aug, '77
    Rush Blondie Phila Spectrum June '79.

    curragh 42

    Wow petty and rush. That's crazy

  30. Jahna Roth

    3 Rd time you smeared Joe Donnelly, so older whiter but clinging. Listen to Geddy Lee - if you smear Joe by remembering these days your a hypocrite's dream.

  31. Shane DePriest

    Easily my favorite track from 2112

  32. James Charles

    Well there are 12 people who need to see their ear Doctor cause there is something wrong with their. hearing !!!!!

  33. Time to make Changes

    I love this song I was a teen back in the 70's but I was a vehement anticommunist Still hate those pos. They hate everything I love freedom.

  34. djtebeau

    Quit your whining and go get you some!

  35. Tony Rivera

    One of my all time favorites!

  36. G Mas

    I wrote this song and sold the rights to Neil Peart! :-)

  37. David 1167

    The heart of these musicians, in my book, is incomparable.

  38. Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals

    Trump should have used this song while campaigning. Lol


    @curragh 42 You are right that trump was not a politician. He is a traitor to America. He lied to the poor people that believed in the pied piper. This song is about that. The question is what side are you on? Do you want freedom? Well let that be blasted by RUSH who I am sure will let down all the trump supporters. The rainbow has many ends. I want the end that calls out to all the bastards in this world to run away off the edge.

    curragh 42

    @stefanveatch2 a traitor to America?? LOL. you are talking about that pos Hollywood actor Obama right? You libtards are the most hypocritical delusional lowlifes that should stop breathing oxygen. Democrats never ever cared about government spending before.. willing to give everything to anyone, illegals included. And now all you hypocrites are bitching about a wall that will cost average American taxpayer 17 dollars. If it was up to morons like you we would have open borders and America would turn into a 3rd world country. Thank God Hillary lost....

    Robert Wolenski

    curragh 42 I second that.

    Jackson Gatens

    Leave politics out of it

    a pear

    Do you dipshits really have to bring politics into rush? Go post this on the dipshit music your dipshit friends listen to.

  39. Eric X

    Rocking Geddy! Yeah!

  40. Nate Varney

    thanks Arthur Brown

  41. skip michaels

    I grew up in the 70's and 80's and always likes RUSH better than Led Zeppelin .

  42. John Rivinius

    Every song on 2112 kicks ass

  43. Jeff Lardizabal

    In your head is the holy spirit convicting you of sin and calling you to renew your minds in Christ - who brought the Kingdom of Heaven to the world, in the flesh, and with such inspiration, this song was most likely born.

    In Christ, we are all God's children, who gave us freedom from sin with a great price, even his only begotten Son.

    a pear

    Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are both atheists

    Carmine Sassano

    Shut the fuck up with that bullshit.
    Rush is not religious

  44. Sean Herstedt

    Whoever disliked this is a douche.


    ,..and a half.

    Tim Brown

    Whoever doesn't like this songs is a Socialist.

  45. MrDavid123w

    Massively cool.

  46. Capt Dave's Sport Fishing


  47. Otar Magaldadze


  48. The InfinitySkull

    What's so political? This entire song is just the epitome of a basic human moral. If y'all want something, then you need to work to get it!

    a pear

    @Fire Smith so have you ever met a leftist, or are you just going on what you saw on facebook?
    before you say it, no, I am not a liberal.

    J Man Es Man

    @a pear He doesn't know that lefties also believe in liberty

    a pear

    @J Man Es Man american politics is a bunch of he said she said bullshit anyway lol. Everyone should have known our democracy was fuck after we had to choose between hillary shitting clinton and donald fucker trump. it makes me so sad that so many people buy into the narrative of republicans vs democrats. our true enemies are the people who use tribalism and fear to divide and control us.

    Philip Cardillo

    Fire Smith "freedom and liberty" are not left or right. This song could just as easily be interpreted as a leftist anthem to stand up and fight for your rights as a right-wing individualist one.

  49. Joey P

    Loved it back in '76 and I love it even more now!!!

  50. Lessons we learn not to do????

    Are we still at WAR??

    J Man Es Man

    The U.S.? Yes, yes we are

  51. theleonfamilyvideos

    i love how nobody has disliked this video ever


    @Robert Wolenski While you are listening to his crappy music, give young Justin a blow job too, ok.

    Robert Wolenski

    Nerdygirl I was joking.

    Robert Wolenski

    Nerdygirl I guess I should have known better. A sense of humor isn't generally the first thing that comes to mind with Rush and their more intense fans.


    20 now. Looks the the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez followers didn't care for the message of the song.

    Alan Lloyd

    @95thousandroses funny!!!!

  52. Galora Barren

    Peart read aynn rand,,,,,but took the good parts and threw away the bs.....Rush aren't corporatists
    this is a song of hope and human will
    not rand philosophy

    Keith Robinson

    Rand was a genius of the highest order, boardering on prophetic. The socialist states of north america are about 65% of the way to Rand's vision. Obamacare was a huge step in that direction, as was the patriot act. The police become more militaristic by the day and the government becomes more tyrannical with every new piece of legislation. Our schools have become indoctrination centers for the socialist agenda. We are at war people, just most of you will sleep through it.


    @Deathadder - Ex-Pearts?

    Artur Spatuzzi

    @Keith Robinson Well spoken, tax is theft! My support from Brazil!

    J Man Es Man

    @Artur Spatuzzi I'm guessing you support the fascist Bolsonaro?

  53. felinethug

    Ayn Rand words true

  54. ChevKen

    *BANG BANG BANG* Wake up, Chevken!

  55. stupendus guapo

    If I woulda taken this words to heart when I was I youngen, I would be a bajillionaire by now.

    Christopher Trafnik

    stupendus guapo me too

    Shane DePriest

    Haha, memories of singing to this and feeling all touched by it during beer and bong hits then looking back at a working class life...if only I had listened to Neil Peart

    Eddy G's Music World

    you and me both brother. Easy road more appealing than the hard one

    kelly brady

    It is never too late friend, that is the beautiful thing. It is your own story to craft.

  56. mongopipes

    The meaning of life!

  57. Bruce Bosco

    So Prophetic

  58. fredi briseño

    rush kills

  59. Marshall Banana

    It's impossible to have a favorite Rush song, but this one is never out of the top three, for me.

    Gerald Moreno

    +Marshall Banana  For  me, what ever song is playing at that particular time, that one is my favorite.

    Jack Peterson

    my all time fav rush tune.

    Carmen Moore

    I agree, it's a perfect combination of the lyrics and the music. Perfect in every way.

  60. greg persondek

    This is what is wrong with the Republican party when they pretend to be Christian: "Speaking of Rand in 2005, Paul Ryan noted “I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are, and what my beliefs are … It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff.” Ryan went on to claim that Rand was the very reason he went into politics in the first place, and that it’s important for the future of America to return to Rand’s vision. Though he’s since repudiated – to some confusing degree – his former commitment to Rand, Ryan’s policies have undergone no significant changes between the before and after."


    @***** Ok then, explain to me exactly how Obama has ruined this country. What specifically has he done?


    @***** Lmao, you had all that time to show me even one example and you couldn't. You're pathetic to say the least.

    I'm not even a huge Obama fan, i'm just sick off all the damn conservatives blaming literally everything on him. And i really do mean everything.


    @***** I'm not a liberal. I'm more of a libertarian. 

    " He illegally smuggled in 30-40,000 ILLEGALS" 


    "He let ISIS develop" 

    ISIS is a direct result of the Iraq war, thanks Bush!

    "He refuses to fight ISIS, putting this country in great harm."

    What harm has been done? also, have you even listened to his speech about what he plans to do with ISIS?

    "His "Fast and Furious" fiasco put THOUSANDS of guns into the hands of Mexican cartels who are wreaking havoc in Mexican/U.S. border states."

    Wasn't that the ATF? Also, that was initiated in 2006, two years before Obama took office. As someone who recently lived 15 minutes away from Tijuana, i can tell you i've had no problems with the cartel...ever. (i can also tell you that the border patrol are still doing their jobs, i watched a group of illegals get arrested a few days before i moved from there)

    "He destroyed the health care system" 

    Funny, the only complaint i've ever heard about Obamacare was taxes, otherwise, could you tell me how he ruined the health care system? I mean, look at canadas health care, much better than ours. Shouldn't we strive to have better healthcare like them?

    "He purposely weakened our military in order to make us seem less intimidating to the rest of the world, making us more vulnerable to attacks."

    No, were fine. We spend more than the next 8 countries COMBINED. We could remove a few billion dollars a year from our defense budget, and still have the great military we do now. Funny how you guys so often complain about taxes, when most of it goes to defense anyway, which you are so in support of.

    "He's creating division between blacks and whites like this country hasn't seen in 50 years. You're probably too young to understand since you are probably in your 20s and that's why you blindly support your "perfect" President."

    And how is he doing that? Also, did you even read my last comment? 

    "He has re-created the Cold War. He has destroyed our relationship with Saudi Arabia. He has destroyed our relationship with Israel.Obama and his girlfriend, Eric Holder have subverted our justice system."

    I'd like to see some sources lol. Not fox news either please.

    "Obama has done nothing to secure our borders, allowing terrorists to come in and become sleeper cells"

    Because we've had SO many of those cases in the last 7 years huh.

    "Obama has helped to turn citizens, mostly blacks, against cops which is resulting in a drastic increase in police deaths and plots to assassinate them on the streets" 

    That has nothing to do with Obama, but you do have to admit there is a huge problem with police brutality, especially in large cities. I'm not saying it's ok to be anti-cop, because that's fucking retarded, but too many cops get irate over bullshit and that often turns into bad situations. 


    @***** Yet you couldn't provide a source for the bullshit you're spewing, lol. 

    Grow the fuck up, it's obvious you're too into fox news and the like.

    Dem De SIlva

    +RC Collins he has a good point RC Collins.. The war was stupid and it costs so much we may never pay it back. ever.. we are stuck with the shit his dad 41 and sonny jim scum bag 43 started. Obama didnt start that shit..

  61. Pulp Free Fiction

    This song speaks to me, its such an american type song, this should be the tea party/conservative theme song.

    Jackson Gatens

    It's much more libertarian than conservative, if anything leave politics out of it


    Yeah this is much more libertarian than conservative, but is a good song and should just be enjoyed.

    Tilden Katz

    @Jackson Gatens facist

  62. Kagero Descent


  63. TarHeel

    Thanks Rush . . . . a true classic !

    Pulp Free Fiction

    uhhhhh, is that you cousin? my cousins name is your name,


    @The Firearms Brony I have 2 cousins, their names are Brian and Patrick Bush 

    Pulp Free Fiction

    hmmm, the names sound familiar, maybe your not who i thought you were, do you know any family in alabama or north or south carolina?


    @The Firearms Brony We all live in NC. 

    Pulp Free Fiction

    @Michael Bush I've actually got some family in NC

  64. xXELIIXx1234

    this song is the official anthem of rock... no other comment

    average metalhead

    more like the entire 2112 song, don't you think?

  65. dcd442

    never has a song stood the test of time, as this one has.

  66. My Melville Channel

    The truth will set you Free

    John Jennings

    I am so happy to hear that you are doing well

  67. RiflemanOfTheNorth

    Please elaborate.

  68. DisappearingBoy

    This is a song for all the liberals out there....

    Brett Jones

    Hardly, sounds more like a song for the 1%

    Tilden Katz

    @Brett Jones The republicans are now the party of the laymen.

    Jackson Gatens

    Then that would make the lyric "What you love is your own power" quite ironic because the liberals legalized gay marriage in the US. So just stop while your ahead and keep politics out of such an incredible song

  69. Louis Gedo

    Definitely sounds like "come" not "call" but why do all the lyric websites have it wrong (they have "call")...are they just all copying each other's wrong lyrics?


    Louis Gedo it is call

  70. Marty Rothstein

    Great song but I have to say I am only at 1:14 in the song and have heard 2 wrong lyrics. Not waiting for someone to call ..its come and turn your world around. and waiting for an answer to the question you have now...not found ...Still one of my favorites of all time though !!

  71. Bruce Waren

    You won't get wise with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what the dream might be!! Maybe the greatest lines in lyrical history!

  72. pvtvitoguido

    means shut the fuck up and listen....

  73. John Mobley

    Completely Existential... All of Rush lyrics usually have something existential too say and make YOU think about YOU!!!

  74. Bryant Zepeda


    Charlie Garrison

    Only 6 people liked the [INSTRUMENTAL]?