Rush - Prime Mover Lyrics

Basic elemental instinct to survive
Stirs the higher passions
Thrill to be alive

Alternating currents in a tidewater surge
Rational resistance to an unwise urge

Anything can happen...

From the point of conception
To the moment of truth
At the point of surrender
To the burden of proof

From the point of ignition
To the final drive
The point of the journey is not to arrive

Anything can happen...

Basic temperamental filters on our eyes
Alter our perceptions
Lenses polarize

Alternating currents force a show of hands
Rational responses force a change of plans

Anything can happen...

From a point on the compass
To magnetic north
The point of the needle moving back and forth

From the point of entry
Until the candle is burned
The point of departure is not to return

Anything can happen...

I set the wheels in motion
Turn up all the machines
Activate the programs
And run behind the scene

I set the clouds in motion
Turn up light and sound
Activate the window
And watch the world go 'round

From the point of conception
To the moment of truth
At the point of surrender
To the burden of proof

From the point of ignition
To the final drive
The point of a journey
Is not to arrive

Anything can happen...

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Rush Prime Mover Comments
  1. Tom Baker

    RIP Mr. Peart, Neil and Geddy thank you rush I was at your last show in New Orleans

  2. William L.

    the point of the journey is not to arrive..... RIP Neil

  3. Joey Boedeker

    So many memories.
    Thank you Neil.
    You will be missed ((((((

  4. Paul Garcia

    RIP Mr. Peart. Thank you for making beautiful music.

  5. Flayne009

    RIP Neil. I'm devastated.

  6. Rob H.

    One of my favorite Rush albums. As a drummer, this album is just a blast to play along with. Technical, yet artistic. This song particularly is a blast.

  7. K84

    Never heard this song until tonight and suddenly it's been on repeat for half an hour: wow, what a track.

  8. Devil's Offspring

    One of Rush's most simple, yet greatest, songs!

  9. Johnny Rotten

    This is Rush sounding all the same I haven't enjoyed there music past Permanent waves

  10. Flame Boy

    When I learned to play this on bass I felt like the King of the World!

  11. Rob H.

    God, this is a great song.

  12. GravitonArc

    Super underrated song, but when it’s from a band who has a hard time not making a masterpiece, it’s bound to happen.
    10/10 Thank you Rush.

  13. Danieltsss Blackmouth

    This is their most underrated song, such a masterful piece full of joy and great licks, it reminds me a little bit of Enola Gay from OMD they have similar notes

  14. Balsaff Steele

    The Hold Your Fire album is on my desert island list for sure

  15. enos218

    I hate to burst your bubble but, this is overproduced prog-pop-rock, a grievous genre which only the foolish enter.

  16. china type2 bass rocker

    I love this song.

  17. Terry Trosin

    God, I love Rush

  18. Al Stefanini

    this is the ultimate song of rush. don't cry. thers nothing to fear. God bless.

  19. TheMetalAndPunkA,B,C's

  20. vennootje

    15 people should have their ear drums checked

  21. thomas hillemann

    Jau, great band, great record. Have listened to them since"Exit Stage Left".- Missed them in England though in 2013.

  22. Kal El

    Best Rush albums:
    2. Signals
    3. Hold Your Fire
    4. Permanent Waves
    5. Hemispheres
    6. Presto
    7. Caress of Steel
    8. Snakes and Arrows
    9. Grace Under Pressure
    10. Power Windows

  23. Al Stefanini

    I first listened to this in 1988 before my senior year in high school, all my friends and family where alive and well, what a great time to live the best I could and that's enough to say. God bless.

    Marcus Williams

    God bless you!

  24. Row80

    'The point of the journey is not to arrive', so profound when will we hear/see this type of talent again?

    Al Stefanini

    Only now and then, the prime mover is not easy to understand.

  25. j mar


  26. Joshua Rund

    Who the fuck downs this!!!!????.... you're an idiot! band ever! don't know your hands from a cock up your ass!....super douchebag!!!....😁go fuck yourselves...... forever.... really..... don't waist your time.....

    john martin owen maturan

    Joshua Rund *waste

  27. Al Stefanini

    the will of man is only by god.

    john martin owen maturan

    Al Stefanini wtf

    Al Stefanini

    God is the prime mover my man!

    john martin owen maturan

    Al Stefanini oh yeah ofcourse

    Al Stefanini

    all praise to our Lord the prime mover.

  28. Mexico Sin Sangre Saquemos al PRIANRD de los pinos

    Es una hermoso tema de rush tocado con supremacía y como siempre su excelente técnica y ejecución mi tema favorito...Prime Mover

  29. John Smith

    This song is partially about life and death, right?

    Vital Signs

    The lyrics are set to many applications in life. True to many of his writings.

  30. IntheeyesofMorbo

    I studied geology in college in 87 or 88 listening to this album. this was my favorite song from that album. the line about tidewater surge got to me because i was studying sedimentology over immense periods of geologic time.

  31. Bat Man

    Amazing song. love the work of all the boys, the open stings that Lifeson uses to fill the song always amaze me, and the base work drums and light touch of synth blows me away for this three piece band.

  32. Kevin Bower

    Anything can happen. A pretty good summary of the entire career of this incredible trio.

  33. Steve Whitehouse

    Anything can happen when a super group like this is involved !!!!

  34. menom7

    One of my ALL-TIME FAVES off this album!!! <3

  35. Jason Wilson

    Many miles 🚶 love it

  36. jimmy pye

    Power Windows employed keyboards in a tempered way. On this record, the keyboards take away from the tracks. The tracks are relatively weak compared to power windows.

    C B

    That's your opinion.

    Kal El

    Two completely different albums, bro

  37. Fernando Rochdi

    Always deep and elegant

  38. Bhiner1029

    I love the way the beat kicks in on "Alternating currents." No matter how many times I listen, that part is always amazing.

  39. detonator2112

    Best version of Prime Mover is this one... ASOH live.

  40. Ultimate Videos X

    Very good, very very good channel

  41. Malagoli Stories

    first time I heard this song was watching “A show of hands”, and it was the only time ever that a song made me cry.

  42. Albon Forbes


  43. Jeff Rusin

    "Anything Can Happen".....wonder if Neil was reading up on quantum physics back then....



  44. William Schell

    My wife was nice enough to make me a complete rush box set. One of the greatest gifts ever. Truely one of the greatest bands to ever Grace the air waves.

    Ramadan Steve

    That is an amazing woman. God bless

  45. alexis aranguren


  46. Doug Koehler

    Yup, this turned out to be my favorite album.

  47. Puzzledtraveller

    Standing here with tears in my eyes listening to this.

  48. Marr

    i luv this song so much

  49. Fire Brand Gaming 4

    A really meaningful song

    Brendan Hicks

    i think so too

  50. Fire Brand Gaming 4

    Good song very meaning ful

  51. Kevin Kosar

    More Z 28 Memories

    james arriola

    Kevin Kosar
    Man, the mighty Z/ 28. 😲


    I should say so.

  52. John Moran

    Coming up in 30 year anniversary of this album. 1987 was an Awesome Year

    HooVooLoo Bloo

    30 years!   Whoooo!  Happy anniversary "Hold Your Fire".


    HooVooLoo Bloo and also 40 years for Farewell To Kings

  53. MegaMonsterGoji

    who is here because they searched prime mover by ghost and found this

    Dr. Draconius

    MegaMonsterGoji ✋✋


    Nope. Just about to watch a Twilight Zone episode called The Prime Mover and I remembered this song. Give you one guess what Rush song I look up next.

  54. Wouter Yntema

    oh that fantastic snare and toms good god!!!!!!!

  55. john oconnor

    I'm a huge Rush fan from the time I bought 2112 in '76 but this has to be their worst album with Power Windows being second. I'm here cuz I don't own either of these albums (well... I did have Power Windows on cassette but I lost it and never missed it) and I'm trying to like them but... I just can't. ZZZZZZ!!!!!

    john oconnor

    Ricky Roma You have to love every. Rush album to be a fan?

    john oconnor

    I can't have an opinion people? I'm just not into the synth and their 80's sound. Even Alex said he thought his guitar was being pushed back.

    john oconnor

    What Rush album is worse then this crap? Name me one album.

    john oconnor

    btw... fuck you! Have u ever heard of 2112, FTK, Hemispheres... And you think HYF is the best of Rush? Douchebag.

    James Saracene

    john oconnor this album is great it has this second nature hold your fire mission and time stand still

  56. mazrio128

    Rational resistance to an unwise urge....

    R Diaz

    +mazrio128 -- Indeed. Parenthood is expensive! ;-)

  57. Josh Bergman

    This song is like the story of my wife and I. We met on MSN messenger in 2007 by chance, as my buddy had left his account signed in. We weren't really into thw aame things, but we got along really well. Both in highschool, we decided to meet, for the first time, for the homecoming dance. The rest is history. Anything CAN happen.


    met on MSN messenger. lmfao lamest thing I've ever heard.

    Josh Bergman

    Hey, people still used it back then. Now that kind of thing is more dated than frickin MySpace. Lol


    Yup. As lame as an angry storm :)


    mike wins duh internets

    Xefros Tritoh

    thats... really cute!! god bless you dude xd

  58. alwaysquestionable

    I have to listen to this song at least 3 times min. It gives me a great high!

  59. Ben B

    They are the supreme masters. Perfect synchronicity, and Neil is from another planet.

    shinzon k

    they are not masters , they simply work good together

    Kal El

    They are masters of their craft, get real dude

  60. Adam Jensen

    This is the song of my life

  61. jcfbell3001

    i wish they would have turned up some of the lower frequencies in this whole album...sounds totally different if you re-equalize it

  62. hoochrocks

    The lyrics in this one are the most meaningful on Hold Your Fire in my humble opinion.

  63. sean k

    I'm a downpour.... and I hate advertisments

  64. bvgstudios

    ohhh alex you make me smile... and kinda jealous too

  65. Chev4206

    What a brilliant song. I have them all.....

  66. J Toms

    @GordonYYZ I'm gonna disagree with both of you. Even though I love the entire album, my favorite tune has always been High Water.

  67. William Thomas

    @GordonYYZ Prime mover.......

  68. platedab

    Do rush make any bad songs at all? few at least!

  69. platedab

    Do rush make any bad songs at all, few at least!

  70. MrTommYYZ

    This songs a beauty eh.....

  71. MegaCrusher99

    R u serious!? Who is the fucking hater who pushed the dislike button for this video? With a band like this i think all videos related to RUSH should have the dislike button disabled. Anyways RUSH ROCKS!!!

    Johnny Rotten

    Havent enjoyed anything past Permanent Waves. After that all the sounds sound alike

  72. SgtBastard101

    @stinkbomb13 I agree with you about the video to "Time stands still". Such a powerful,uplifting song,that got stuck with such a cheesy,80s style video. I'm going to make a video and post it,just to get a good one on here.

  73. Nikki Rush

    Pure musical perfection. Anything can happen!

  74. BuccaneerSlave

    This has always been my favorite Rush song. The lyrics are awesome--"Prime Mover" being Aristotle's term for God--and the musicianship is pure Rush. I especially love the vocal loop starting circa 5:06, it seems to modulate and acts as sort of a vocal eruption--great touch. The whole album is wonderfully produced.

  75. wendeltiger

    that"s awesome!


    Wizard of Oz.

  77. Kris Silver

    probably one of the greatest albums in prog rock history

  78. 1980sbrawl

    mines too, i fucken bang my head for this song like hard on the cough lmao.... this song gets me pumped up and makes me wanna go in stage and perform this song.

  79. joshster89

    "I set the wheels in motion, turn up all the machines"

    What does this line represent?



    china type2 bass rocker

    I think it's Neil just Getting ready to tour another kick ass Rush album.

  80. stinkbomb13

    have you ever seen the music video for time stand still? makes me sick. good song though.


    Yeah, the video is a block of cheese and a clear product of its time, but, indeed, a beautiful song nonetheless.

  81. Brian B

    No I think Prime Mover is before Time Stand Still. BTW Force Ten is really good :)

  82. siitrom

    :) your right

  83. clarionflyer

    You're way off, siitrom.
    Here... let me fix it for you.
    1. Caress of Steel
    1. Hemispheres
    1. Moving Pictures
    1. Hold Your Fire
    1. Permanent By 2112. :)
    1. Etc... etc... etc...

  84. siitrom

    My all time best Rush albums.
    1. Caress of Steel
    2. Hemispheres
    3. Moving Pictures
    4. Hold Your Fire
    5. Permanent By 2112. :)

  85. siitrom

    This still one of my faves.... And that's coming from a fan who's favorite record is Caress of Steel. I just dig that album so much, lots of memories. Same with this record. It was my departure from being a total Rush head to just a biggest fan. I got hooked on a lot of music from Norway and Sweden, that old power metal has the same attitude as Rush in the beginning. Long epic songs. Where the music just soars. Permanent Waves got me out of being a Kiss fan.

    Kris Gray

    didacts and narpets

  86. pelagic6

    mine changes weekly

  87. D-Nice Sandoval

    ALL rush albums are masterful and unique. here is how i rank the rush albums:

    1. Roll the Bones
    2. SIgnals
    3. Permanent Waves
    4. Moving Pictures
    5. 2112

    chevy Dryden

    You can always find a great song on any Rush album

  88. pelagic6

    Agreed 100% right now I am on hold your fire, coincidence?

  89. burningxdimx

    Permanent Wave
    Moving Pictures
    Power Windows
    Exit... Stage Left
    Grace Under Pressure
    Hold Your Fire

  90. Heard2112

    Choosing a favorite Rush album is like choosing your favorite kid. Just can't be done. There are days that I like other albums better than others.

    Daniel Brown

    2112 it has to be.

    Sea Change

    RIP Neil Peart :( end of an era

  91. DrummerWorld19

    roll the bones was '89

    james arriola

    September 3, 1991.

  92. DrummerWorld19

    haha, rush didn't make any music in the 90's
    only the 60's, 70's,80's and then 2000 - 2007

    James Saracene

    Dude they had 3 90’s albums

    Roll The Bones ‘91
    Counterparts ‘93
    Test For Echo ‘96


    It's been 10 years. Have you stopped smoking crack?

  93. derdings2112

    One of their best