Rush - Peaceable Kingdom Lyrics

A wave toward the clearing the sky

All this time we're talking and sharing our rational view
A billion other voices are spreading other news
All this time we're living and trying to understand
Why a billion other choices are making their demands

Talk of a peaceable kingdom
Talk of a time without fear
The ones we wish would listen
Are never going to hear

Justice against the hanged man
Knight of Wands against the hour
Swords against the kingdom
Time against the tower

All this time we're shuffling and laying out all our cards
While a billion other dealers are slipping past our guards
All this time we're hoping and praying we all might learn
While a billion other teachers are teaching them how to burn

Dream of a peaceable kingdom
Dream of a time without war
The ones we wish would hear us
Have heard it all before

A wave toward the clearing sky
A wave toward the clearing sky

The hermit against the lovers
Or the devil against the fool
Swords against the kingdom
The wheel against the rules

All this time we're burning like bonfires in the dark
A billion other blazes are shooting off their sparks
Every spark a drifting ember of desire
To fall upon the earth and spark another fire

A homeward angel on the fly
A wave toward the clearing sky

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Rush Peaceable Kingdom Comments
  1. Donald Badowski

    I've often wondered what a real video of this song would be like. Scenes of jets flying into the twin towers while someone tries to talk them out of it. Suicide vests worn by a madman with the detonator in his hand. Fanatical preachers calling for destruction while people in the back cry. And of course, a wave towards the clearing sky. I live and work in Chicago, and they let us out of work early that day. I walked out to my car to drive home, and I noticed something your rarely see in Chicago. Not a single aircraft in the sky. They'd all been grounded.

  2. John Janssens

    Is that nod to The Chile Peppers on the quiet verse?

  3. You Too

    Not as clear as the remix but this original has balls

    kenny play

    Dislike the remake

  4. Gaffer Anon

    Love this song, heavy and beautiful at the same time.

  5. William Seyfried

    The remix might serve a purpose but the original mixes sound like fire and combustion which is what you see on the cover


    William Seyfried The original was mixed too hot by a mix engineer who over compressed it. It should never have been released that way to begin with. The remix is actually listenable...

    William Seyfried

    Well yeah that’s the idea, which is more listenable. The remix can be played louder, the older one can be played less loud before it clips, I definitely know I like more of the older ones but the new mixes have a few ones I could see being better than the original , maybe freeze and stars look down


    In general I prefer the remix. It's clearer and more in line with Snakes and Clockwork. But the original does have a certain undeniable intensity to it.

  6. Universal Memer

    Thank you Neil.

  7. David Polaczek

    alright with all the commercials YouTube this isn't TV

  8. Pete Jimenez

    A wave toward the clearing sky

  9. Chris Hutt

    Can't be sure if it was but could be about 911 & sadly just as relevant today
    Al Quada then, ISIS now
    Take it from Neil & the boys to put it all into perspective
    These radicals are just not gonna stop! Period!


    read the lyrics again...."time against the tower"....sure is about 9/11 as is the song "Freeze Part 4 Of Fear"


    It’s about tarot cards mate

  10. Ethan Whateley

    the imagery of the lyrics in this song is amazing, and the dark, heavy chords fit perfectly. I say this is up there on a short list of their best work. In fact , the entire album is solid, def. better than S&A and even CA IMO. If you don't have the remastered version, GE IT! There's a big improvement.

    The Giggler

    Definitely better than S&A but Clockwork Angels trumps both of these albums in my opinion.

  11. Mark 10:18

    LOVE IT !!! LOVE the band. LOVE the song. LOVE the LYRICS ESPECIALLY ! LOVE RushLyricsOnScreen !!! TY !

  12. Michael Blood

    I just understand why the rest don't get it - respect - and love - oh here we go -Is it that difficult?

    Odyssey Mosaic

    +Michael Blood For some, I suppose they just aren't 'there' yet...for me I admit I am always learning, listening, thinking...and Mr. Wordmith Peart is a fascinating voice of 'life'.

  13. James Lehr

    Anybody here know anything about TAROT CARDS? They get mention several times during this song and several are featured on the CD lyrics booklet.


    Neil wrote about receiving a tarot card reading in his book The Ghost Rider.  His reading was apparently completely accurate to what he was going through at the time, after the recent death of his wife and daughter.

    Elven Kitten

    Tarot Cards are fortune telling cards, the speak of the future. The tarot cards are spread wide in many religions.

    Odyssey Mosaic

    +James Lehr One could also attribute the symbolic use of the Tarot to Game Theory that is always going on in the world by the leaders at the top. We on the bottom are the ones surviving the power plays and pitted against each other as they enjoy the sideshow.

  14. chrisp5549

    I love the remixed version of this song on the new album.. Its a good song to begin with but the new version is AMAZING!

  15. Hal Kits

    This lyrics in this were definitely a reaction to 9/11.

  16. Fox Socks

    love all your vids thanks so much for your post

  17. Thrasher13

    This song rocks!