Rush - Ghost Rider Lyrics

Pack up all those phantoms
Shoulder that invisible load
Keep on riding North and West
Haunting that wilderness road
Like a ghost rider

Carry all those phantoms
Through bitter wind and stormy skies
From the desert to the mountain
From the lowest low to the highest high
Like a ghost rider

Keep on riding North and West
Then circle South and East
Show me beauty but there is no peace
For the ghost rider

Shadows on the road behind
Shadows on the road ahead
Nothing can stop you now

There's a shadow on the road behind
There's a shadow on the road ahead
Nothing can stop you now

Sunrise in the mirror
Lightens that invisible load
Riding on a nameless quest
Haunting that wilderness road
Like a ghost rider

Just an escape artist
Racing against the night
A wandering hermit
Racing toward the light

From the white sands
To the canyon lands
To the redwood stands
To the barren lands

Sunrise on the road behind
Sunset on the road ahead
There's nothing to stop you now
Nothing can stop you now

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Rush Ghost Rider Comments
  1. Myl1ttleworld

    Thank you!!

  2. Frank B Parker

    Neil peart wrote his own funeral song

  3. Scott Shields

    The most personal Neil Peart song he penned, a book to go with it. Typing this Peart auto corrected to Pratt. Wait what? No more to say after that

  4. Donald Dodds

    R.I.P. Neil may you ride with Jackie and Selena

  5. Death Metal War Machine

    Damn, I miss Neil Peart.

  6. Sanderson Oliveira Gonçalves

    Arguably he is worthy of all homage by the man and artist he represented in his passage between us. A genuine ghost rider.

  7. paul elliott

    I was listening to Vapour Trails on a beach walk last week
    It was my least listened to Rush album but it was in the wake of the awful news about Neil
    The material is brilliant and this song has stuck with me and every word Neil wrote was burned into my brain - I’ve listened to every Rush album, especially the later ones loving the music but getting lost in Neil’s amazing lyrics
    What a truly awesome writer and this is his song
    RIP Professor, there will NEVER be anyone like you - total legend

  8. Rafael Pinheiro

    the angels will accompany the ghost rider up to the skies

  9. Robert Cole

    love the cymbal work. two hats are better than one

  10. Leonardo Leite Ribeiro

    Neil Peart , teria adorado conhecer a Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

  11. Vinyl Forty Five

    Hauling 10 kinds of ass....

  12. Memo Pinzon

    Nothing can stop you now, Ghost Rider.

  13. Saxtonhill

    Ride on and Godspeed Ghost Rider :*(

  14. Dave Harris

    Farewell to the king...

  15. MrVitalmusique

    Énorme !!

  16. Diego Enrique López Vargas

    R.I P Profesor...
    'Like a ghost rider'

  17. Mike Sorr Bass Guitar

    What a gut punch.

  18. pairart suksumek

    Very imotional especialy when Neil passed away. RIP

  19. Jacques Progroque

    Faire thee well, Professor.

  20. Sci-Fi Guy

    For some reason, this song always made me think of the “fellowship of the ring”.There is shadow behind, shadow on the road ahead.

  21. deathintheair84 strappedintheeletricchair

    I cant pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend and oh there is the dreamer oh the misfist so alone Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind
    A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
    We marvel after those who sought
    The wonders in the world, wonders in the world
    Wonders in the world they wrought this one cuts and hurts like a fuckin knife neil is one of my drumming heros he is one of the greatest drummers of all time and his lyrics are deep thought provoking and great i love him so much rest in power you are a drumming legend!!! rest in power neil peart the professor September 12, 1952 – January 7, 2020)

  22. BYnijssen

    Rip Neil Pearl❤

  23. Andrey Rodrigues

    R.I.P Neil Peart

  24. WBozzo

    Gostaria de viver por mais de 50 anos para ver surgir, outro monstro do Rock, como Neil Peart... Vá com Deus!!!

  25. HeptAndrew

    Now you are with them bud.

  26. Sumitro Bhaumik

    RIP to one of the best drummers ever.

  27. Vanaheim

    Thank you for everything Ghost Rider...!

  28. Strumzilla

    RIP Professor.

  29. ALenaFan Page

    Jeez Alex sounds like Alex no matter what guitar is in his hands...i mean A TELE!?!?! It sounds great!

  30. Phillip Ware

    Love You Neil. Let Blessings be with you! I love your music!!

  31. wes cash

    Rest in peace Ghost Rider.

  32. 화이트제플린


  33. calvinjacksoncomedy

    Thank you for the Memories Neil. I hope you rode peacefully into the sunset

  34. Gara Schneider

    Farewell, Ghost Rider. Easily one of the rawest, most powerful performances of the band and of Neil. Seldom do we get someone so articulate, so talented, and so guarded open up and connect with so many people. We've truly lost one of the few sages in modern music.


    Beautifully said 👏🏼

  35. Bob S

    So pertinent on this very very sad day...
    R.I.P. Ghost Rider

    Johnny English

    "So early on a Sunday morning there was almost no traffic, and I cruised with my legs stretched in front of me, resting on the cyclinder heads. Occassional ponds & marshes were dotted with waterbirds and near Yorkton I saw my first magpie, a sure sign of the west" RIP Ghost Rider 1952 - 2020. Your influence will always be on us Rush trekkies.


    @Johnny English Ghost rider is a great book ! Makes this song even more powerful

    Stone Cold Steve Autism

    Ride on Ghost Rider.

  36. Tony BMW

    Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me over 40 years Neil.

  37. detfaiter

    R.I.P. Neil Peart.

  38. Laureano Rubio

    Neil died today, I'm sad beyond tears because Rush meant a lot to me. This song helped me through very rough times and made me dare to make my first trip in a motorbike. He'll be missed but he'll also be remembered as a truly amazing person.

  39. Tedinator01

    R.I.P. Neil

  40. Eloi Martinez

    Rip Neal Peart

  41. Lukas Souza

    R.I.P Neil Peart 🙌🙌

  42. Luke Tracy

    RIP Neil ❤️

  43. 1Overgrown Underbrush

    carrie was a great movie. carrie nutall was a great photog. carrie on my wayward endless enigma magnum opus as eth rises eternalloverly, . Loverly.

    1Overgrown Underbrush

    alamagordo to arches to canyonlands to escape artist

    1Overgrown Underbrush

    nothing like dingus and doofus and macallans

  44. 1Overgrown Underbrush


  45. Anthony W. Maceda

    So sad to hear that nowadays music like
    hip hop rap trap like drake, cradi, B, nicki Minaj are only garbage trash losers music.

    And kids nowadays only listen to that hip hop crap music like I said and don’t even know what is real music like this.

    I’m 21 years I grew up with rock music
    My mom was a rocker fan and also my sister she was also a rocker of rock fan.

    And thank god that I grew up with real music and I know a lot of back of the day music.
    And on my phone music and I listen only from the back of the day music
    Because my parents they showed me what is real music since I was little.

    But it’s so sad that hip hop rap is destroying rock music and America and the worldwide children and youths.

    But there will be one day that hip hop music will be banned in the worldwide.
    And rock music will be back again.


    The pain...the heavy intensity of a major loss of loved ones..pain nobody can possibly understand if it's not there loss. I was in shock when I heard of your great loss Neil.

  47. Scary Hobo

    Gene Simmons approves and takes full credit all rights reserved. 👍🏼

  48. Johnny English

    Unfortunately I am reading Ghost Rider now ( a bit late but better than never. At 4:58 Neil does get a bit emotional. My mother is near the end but seeing Neil's survival has helped me deal with it. Love the part where the crowd cheers at the clip where Neil is on his motorcycle.

  49. Aschule

    Each of us their certain Rush albums that speak to them a little more than others, Vapor Trails was a special album for me, it came in a time of grieving the loss of a dear friend who also was a great bass player in a Rush tribute band named "Hemispheres" he never got to hear Vapor Trails, he passed away before he got the chance,
    But at least now his also with Chris Squire "Rock In Peace" brother Curt ✌🏼️

  50. Geoffrey Merrifield

    Incredible song.  Vapor Trails is an incredible album.

  51. Lisa Harrison

    Probably the most cathartic experience of Neil’s life. ❤️❤️

  52. twilightatireland

    A three-piece!

  53. gefilter2112

    Vapor Trails and Rush in Rio are great but its too bad that sonically they are absolutely terrible. Just a great big wall of distortion. Listen to the way that their early albums were recorded, each instrument is distinct and has room to breath. Even though this is live, the sound is awful.

  54. Jonathon Day

    having to go through much in life..much the same..lost loved one's and had to "Deal" with it....No-one knows what it really is.....Thank You Neil....You are like a piece of Granite!,..yes..the west.....Sunsets.....

  55. Pete Jimenez

    My favorite RUSH song along with Natural Science!!

  56. Ip Bh

    This is gold!!👌👍

  57. Kamil Ilnicki

    Why this album has soo bad rating?

  58. kari kuusinen

    My soul brother .... NEIL have buried my only child too .. ffs we have same Bday WTF is this CURSE of 1209 ... dont know



  60. William Seyfried

    There’s a new riff on the verse behind, there’s a new riff on the verse ahead

  61. Daniel Carlson

    Neil wrote this after his 55,000 mile motorcycle trip he made after a couple of personal tragedies in his life. A VERY INSPIRING Song.

  62. Cyph3rrr

    Wow, I never knew that Geddy sang, I respect him so much more now.

    Jasper Gillgannon

    What do you mean "never knew he sang"? What did you think he's been doing for the past 45 years

    thomas allen

    Can't listen to this song with dry eyes. My mother passed 6 months ago. Rip Professor

  63. Evelyn Arla Favalessa

    'Nothing can stop you now...' ❤

  64. jack osbourne

    0:14 Neil is with his eyes closed to fell the song, and he open his eyes to see why geedy´s don´t start ed the music, but Geedy instantly begin, and Neil close his eyes again

  65. Ken Hansew

    Barbato, I'm with you, man. It's been 38 months since my firstborn was killed on his way home from work. We'd been to every Rush concert since the morning after one years ago when a sad, disappointed little boy asked, "Dad, why didn't you take me to the Rush concert last night? You know how much I like them!"
    Sometimes these videos release such memories and feelings that I can't help but start sobbing. I miss you, Spencer Heywood!!

    Charles Christley

    Sorry for your lost.

    Douglas Kelly

    So sorry for your loss 😪
    Prayers for you and yours.

  66. איתמר אברהם

    Best band ever!


    I never seen neil beat the drums that hard ever he is so emotional during the playing of this live i know it had to be super hard for him to play this live

  68. StickHits

    Neil just broke a stick that had already cracked, as a drummer trust me when I say you can not snap a healthy drum stick in half with your bare hands lol.

  69. Artful Escalante

    so epic. neils breaks his stick after the song. even in the sound of his drums is perfectionist

  70. Suraj Parajuli

    Wow!! I'm jealous of all those people there... i would love to be a part..

  71. Bhiner1029

    It must be strange to Geddy to sing these lyrics that come so much from Neil's own heart and from his own experiences.

    Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    Bhiner1029 he wrote them for geddy ..

  72. Scott Wooley

    I wonder what neil is thinking while playing this song? Such a long struggle that he pulled himself out of. Glad he came back.

  73. jack osbourne

    Just Rush to transformer a live song better than álbum version

  74. Lori Pushckor

    I'm overwhelmed by this song. Neils long journey.

  75. Renato Hardt


  76. Herman Helmich

    Sound, synergy, vocals, emotions, audience
    This is overall their best concert movie
    Absolute genius

    Last time I heard Peart trying to devastate his drumset
    He's attacking those skins as a fucked up bull

  77. Jason Hillstrom

    Rush fans are old. The Rush Forum is like a retirement community. A bunch of losers who don't work and have nothing better to do.

    Seff Bush

    Jason Hillstrom - upvoted because you're a hungry little troll. Open wide!

    Sam Crittenden

    I’m a huge rush fan and 19......your move, Jason Hillstrom.


    Fu. ur a GOOF!

    Eric Fling

    Jason Hillstrom you have never been to a Rush concert ever. If you did you would be wowed at the range of ages that actually went.

  78. Giovani22

    Wow this song brings me back to 2002 with my band and roady chicks at the time . I saw this show 2 times .
    P.S sorry for your loss Barbato

  79. arctictimberwolf

    What I ♡ about Rush is that their Heart is in it And it Sparks in the Vapor Trails!

  80. Omuk

    I always heard that cracking sound at the end on the Rio Live album but never knew what it was. There's definitely some deeper meaning to that stick break, obviously having to do with his hurt and the song's subject matter, but is there something more to it?

    Garrick Turner

    The stick was broken while playing and he simply finished it off!

  81. shanyhoopz

    this song was written by neil after the death of his family based on the motorcycle trip he took afterwords

  82. Paul Elvis Weiss

    how can someone "dislike" that song? ;) must be one person with 11 profiles lol

  83. Hillman Sims

    You know you have created a masterpiece when it invokes so much emotion to break your drumsticks at the end of the song. Neil is mortal like us, but a god behind a drum set.

  84. R H

    Damn Neil is killing those drums!

    Brett Metivier

    Yeah he really puts out his emotion for this song. Poor guy went through so much

    R H

    I know it's sad but it could and has happened to anyone. :/


    It's very rhythm driven music. The drums are a part of the harmony and of course the lyrics normally come from Peart.

  85. Guilherme Torelly

    We all have someone we love on the other side, and someday, someone's gonna cry for us. This song is for us all. Thank you, Neil!

    Johnny English

    Thanks for never giving up Neil. You are a hero to me. In memory of Selena & Jackie Peart.

    Dawn Welch

    Johnny English Neil just joined them on the road ahead...I cannot believe it...this one is too hard to take...

  86. Murilo Klis Barbato

    this song reminds me of my brother who died 3 days ago.
    He introduced me to Rush. It gives me only good memories about him, thank you!

    Michael Jones

    man im so sorry but he had great taste in music

    Detroit Marauder.

    Wow, If I lost my little bro that introduced me to Rush back in the 70's I don't think I could have your composure. I am truly sorry for your loss my friend.

    James Turner

    I AM sorry MAN. I lost a brother. Life will NEVER be the same.

    John Lohman

    God bless you and your bother I,m so sorry for your lost

    chopper's place

    My sincere condolences

  87. T Parker

    4:58...seems like he's about to cry.....cant imagine how this song makes him feel...


    Trevor McConville That's why Geddy and Alex were walking back there a lot to check on him. They did it a lot during the shows on this tour


    Being from RUSH's hometown of Toronto..I will never forget the standing ovation Neil received from the audience following his Drum Solo when they came back from the hiatus...all the fans knew what Neil went through and were there for him the whole time. What makes a band like RUSH so unique is the bond they have with their fans.

  88. Railfan Andrew

    I came here to see the dryers.

  89. T Parker

    And No Neil didn't have his eyes closed just to focus on playing......Hang in there Bud...

  90. BlubGameing

    more than just a song for neil

  91. Brian Wilson

    It was very humid and hot when they played in Rio, that was sweat. You can see it on all the band members.

  92. Greg Camp

    A powerful song, all the more poignant in this version when Peart breaks the stick at the end.

  93. Johann Wilder

    I never cared for this song until I heard this live version. Amazing.

    Lance Manyon

    @Johann Wilder Indeed! I'm with you on that.

  94. Pheminon

    I wonder how hard it was for Neil to play this song

    Tony M

    Hard enough that he snapped his drum stick in two at the end.

    Universal Memer

    Pheminon I can only assume he experiences difficulties with many of their songs due to the emotional impact. Ghost Rider, Driven, Nobodys Hero, Stars look down, plus the many more.


    But especially the material from Vapor Trails. It directly points to what happened in his life. At the time I thought it was amazing he even bothered to return, but looking back I can see it was therapeutic.

  95. PiNgPoNgLaDd10

    geedys voice is brilliant at this age! 

    Johann Wilder

    Yep, this concert and the subsequent R30 were the last shows where Ged's voice was still fully intact, IMO.

    Brett Metivier

    +Johann Wilder snakes and arrows honestly wasn't that bad


    Johann Wilder I only think it starts to sound worse on clockwork live and r40 unfortunately it just isn't the same. I personally think snakes and arrows live is their best sounding. The drums, Geddy a voice, everything. Love these guys

  96. rockhard

    we live in a fucked up world
    the president of the united states is a run of the mill marxist collge professor
    and the true leader of the free world is a rock drummer


    He is a libertarian not a liberal.... there is a difference.


    I heard he was an Episcopalian

    Joaquin Odriozola

    00nowhereman00 lol call it wathever the fuck you want. The point is he hates republican amerifags


    He's not crazy about the mommy state. Read about his opinion of the morons who run Oregon. Hint: they're not for small government.

  97. Miltonbanana2112

    Dat pre-chorus.. shivers every time

  98. Peppy Devildog

    Fuck hatte grade Summertime Blues von Rush gesehen und da stellte sich die Frage war live weit wech also:
    Ist das ne Tussy ne doch nen Mann???? guck runter Ghost Rider ok hört sich gut an dann will ich das klären!!!! Da bin ich jetzt und:
    Meine Fresse der fall von denk`st du?? 
    Also UMFRAGE: Man oder Frau was bitte genau????

  99. AdmiralEspo

    I think this song is probably the most emotionally driven song rush has ever produced

    Henry J Anderson II

    That's because it was about Neil's struggle when he lost his wife and daughter. The song was never played live again after this performance out of respect for Neil's feelings... of which is the reason he broke his drumsticks at the end of the song.

    Keith Hastings



    AdmiralEspo The Pass, is another song that invokes great emotion from Neil. From this same concert.

    channel one

    At the time. Now id say The Garden


    @Henry J Anderson II he did that all the time when the sticks were dead.