Rush - Everyday Glory Lyrics

In the house where nobody laughs
And nobody sleeps
In the house where love lies dying
And the shadows creep
A little girl hides shaking
With her hands on her ears
Pushing back the tears
'Til the pain disappears

Mama says some ugly words
Daddy pounds the wall
They can fight about their little girl later
Right now they don't care at all

No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...

Everyday people
Everyday shame
Everyday promise shot down in flames
Everyday sunrise
Another everyday story
Rise from the ashes and blaze
In everyday glory

In the city where nobody smiles
And nobody dreams
In the city where desperation
Drives the bored to extremes
Just one spark of decency
Against a starless night
One glow of hope and dignity
A child can follow the light

No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...

Everyday people
Everyday shame
Everyday promise shot down in flames
Everyday sunrise
Another everyday story
Rise from the ashes and blaze
In everyday glory

If the future's looking dark
We're the ones who have to shine
If there's no one in control
We're the ones who draw the line
Though we live in trying times
We're the ones who have to try
Though we know that time has wings
We're the ones who have to fly...

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Rush Everyday Glory Comments
  1. Cesar Augusto


  2. Alexandre Lambron

    Neil peart 🇫🇷 🇨🇦

  3. Eric Hess

    When it was just a guitar, bass and drums RUSH was an unstoppable force . “ Like a tank flying down a mountain !” Alex’s guitar just soars like a bird through thud track . Greatest power trio ever ! RIP Neil Peart , I feel like I’ve lost a good friend .😢😢


    What a great song .... RIP NEIL :(((( What a big loss ...

  5. John Mazzuca

    FUCK YOU,,,,,!!!!🖕🖕☹👹😈☠💕🤘🖕👹💋💋💋

  6. Eric Hess

    Only Neil Peart could write a song like this . A very underrated album , one of my favorites . Greatest three piece rock band ever , in my opinion . RIP Neil Peart , I feel like I’ve lost a brother . 😢😢

  7. Jimmy Velez

    I was up and very close to the stage in Sacramento on this Tour. Amazing, RIP NEIL, GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL!!>>>Jimmy....

  8. Jon Late

    We love you, Nels Pratt.👌🥁

  9. Sam Castilleja

    Their music has inspired me for decades! RIP Professor.....

  10. Renato Coelho

    Time Stand Still - Nobody's Hero - Everyday Glory - Bravado - não nessa ordem, são musicas que trazem grandes mensagens. Ouço-as direto para me sentir melhor.


    Eu incluiria Marathon aí também. Playlist top a sua! 🎸👊

    Renato Coelho

    Marcelo. De fato, marathon é sensacional


    @Renato Coelho e Prime Mover também. Haha!

  11. Gusti Ferry Priyatna

    Neil Peart😭

  12. Fernando Souza

    Rest in peace, Master Peart.

  13. S.Martin Lalande

    You know an artist has done something amazing when their music brings emotion out of you every time you hear it. Amazing song! R.I.P Neil!

  14. Jacques Progroque

    Goodbye Professor.

  15. Zebra Hett

    R.i.P Neil

  16. Dolly Horton

    I'll add another comment about how Rush songs kept me from killing myself in my teen years. I've never gotten upset by the passing of a musician before, but this one hits hard.

  17. 16efren

    Obra de arte todo en su lugar , una pena tu muerte...

  18. Santiago Palazzo

    Rest in peace, Neil Peart

  19. Henrique Hernandes

    RIP Neil!!!

  20. Rodrigo Reis

    R.I.P. Neil Peart :´(

  21. Fernando Souza

    They never played this one live unfortunately.

  22. Flavio Renan

    Banda: RUSH

    Origem: TORONTO (Canadá)


    Lançamento: 19/10/1993

    Produção: PETER COLLINS

    Composição: NEIL PEART

    Gravadora: ATLANTIC

    Vocal/baixo/sintetizador: GEDDY LEE

    Guitarra/violão: ALEX LIFESON

    Bateria: NEIL PEART


    Na casa onde ninguém ri
    E onde ninguém dorme
    Na casa onde o amor morre constantemente
    E as sombras rastejam

    Uma garotinha se esconde, tremendo,
    Com as suas mãos nos ouvidos
    Forçando as lágrimas
    Até a dor passar

    Mamãe diz algumas palavras feias
    Papai soca a parede
    Eles podem disputar sua filhinha depois
    No momento não estão nem aí

    Não importa o que eles digam
    Não importa o que eles digam
    Não importa o que eles digam
    Não importa o que eles digam

    Pessoas cotidianas
    Desgraças cotidianas
    Promessas cotidianas liquidadas em chamas
    O nascer do sol cotidiano
    Mais uma história cotidiana
    Surge das cinzas uma chama
    Da glória cotidiana

    Na cidade onde ninguém sorri
    E ninguém sonha
    Na cidade onde o desespero
    Leva os entediados aos extremos

    Apenas uma faísca de decência
    Contra uma noite sem estrelas
    Um brilho de esperança e dignidade
    Uma criança pode seguir esta luz

    Não importa o que eles digam
    Não importa o que eles digam
    Não importa o que eles digam
    Não importa o que eles digam

    Pessoas cotidianas
    Desgraças cotidianas
    Promessas cotidianas liquidadas em chamas
    O nascer do sol cotidiano
    Mais uma história cotidiana
    Surge das cinzas uma chama
    Da glória cotidiana

    Se o futuro parece escuro,
    Somos nós que devemos brilhar
    Se não há ninguém no comando
    Somos nós que traçamos o caminho

    Embora vivamos em tempos difíceis,
    Somos nós que devemos arriscar
    Embora saibamos que o tempo tem asas
    Somos nós que devemos voar

  23. Viviane Paiva


  24. Lara Rich


  25. tronlady1

    It's like U2, Coldplay and Big Country had a baby!!!!

  26. Michael Convery

    Why does Canada produce the best lyricists? Neil Peart and Leonard Cohen. Is it because we don’t take ourselves seriously, or think we are better? Is it because we are introspective to the human condition, because of those things? I often wonder.

  27. Sektor Paes

    um dos melhores albums!

  28. Quel

    Que saudades dessa época...😪

  29. Quel

    Que saudades dessa época...😪

  30. PennyPacher

    Most underrated Rush song that has ever been. Fight me.


    rush king

  32. Robert Martinez

    I love you Maria

  33. Gelora Yala Nusantoro

    Wonderful song ...good job for rush👍👍👍

  34. D A

    One of my favorite Rush songs. So beautiful yet so sad. Fine fine song

  35. sci fi dude peace & love

    Rush 101 take peak

  36. Grizzly Adams

    No matter what

  37. NevrSilent

    Anyone else notice Alex's solo is him doing a kind of riff of Eric Johnson's note choices in that era? (But not trying to go as fast)

    Steve Whitehouse

    He us to deliver my Mums bread !!!

  38. Sandro Aparecido Valeri

    Que música linda

  39. Steve Whitehouse

    Just a happy song , love it !!!!

  40. Jon Late

    This song is AWESOME

  41. Raydilson lourenço

    2018..2019 2020...?

    Ijon Tichy

    2019 Greetings from Poland, Geddy`s mother homeland.

    Jean Santana


  42. Gonzo Bass

    Esta es mi canción favorita de toda mi vida, define toda mi existencia

  43. Joe

    Every once in a while this intro pops into my head. Talk about catchy.

    Patrick Smith

    I though that was just me. I remember when I bought it when it was first released. I found it odd it wasn't the first track on that album, especially when the intro would have made being the first song a good fit. Totally underrated.

  44. colin alan smith


  45. Terrible Crayon

    Favorite song by them. So pretty.

  46. CityWide Plumbing

    The greatest poets of our time. That is all.

  47. Jon Late

    ...that is all.

  48. Jon Late


    Jon Late

    Feeling like an ass...

  49. r8dj

    4 listeners are musically retarded...that's right, not challenged...fucking retards

  50. Eric Bolt

    The greatest band to ever lace 'em up. And possibly their greatest tune.

  51. Jon Late

    Rise from the ashes ablaze.👍

  52. Eric Bolt

    4:14 Geddy's voice flows into Alex's guitar......that's why they rule.

    Michael Digiovanni

    Greatest tune of rush reminds me of freewill game over people mike digiovanni😀

  53. Eric Bolt

    The greatest band of all time. When you're in the discussion EVERY other band is #2.

    Alexandre Adami

    Van Halen is also remarcable!

    Leonard Willit

    Eric Bolt and you are on it on this comment and you ain't never lying and you are on that s*** meanwhile at the Hall of Justice you know that's right all Rush is good and your last name mr. Bolt has great meaning I'll reflect that back to you at another time faith

    Harvey Fantas

    @Alexandre Adami Sorry, but we were talking about the highest tier of bands. And it is spelled remarkable.

  54. TheEarlymtv

    their best song, this is better than the eagles songs/

  55. TheEarlymtv

    never played live

  56. Almir Riveira

    amazing song -- i love rush


    everyday glory, everyday I live, everyday I remember you, everyday I breathe, everyday I see you, everyday I know you, evevryday I am glory in YOU...!!!!!!

  58. Jim Ayala

    Masterful lLifeson.

  59. Vincent Yu

    great song

  60. Steve Jones

    One of my fave Rush songs, The one I listen to when I'm feeling down. Heard Canada's favourite sons are giving up touring Well, fair play to them for over 40 years together, making fresh , vibrant , viable , relevant music up, to their last without selling out ..... ever.. I'll miss seeing you in Glasgow. I guess I'll listen to this a few more times..... and try to live by what their lyrics to this excellent song.... just pick up, listen to Rush , rise up from the ashes .....and move on. Thank you guys for a career that has been the soundtrack of my life. Rush are the best..... no matter what they say!

  61. Mickey Cook

    Heard this on the recent documentary "Time Stand Still"....... had to look it up. GLAD I did......EXCELLENT

  62. ZappingHero

    This is one of my first times listening to this song by Rush, I'm in love with this song now, gotta love this style of 90's rock'n'roll. :)

  63. WAMBAT

    Amazing Song.

  64. Jason Fox

    "this is a very underrated song in Rush's catalog" Man if i had a nickel for every time I read this in the comments section of a Rush song LOL

    Heirs Rockefeller

    It's true, their is such a huge influx of mediocre brains that we just have to accept many diamonds will go unnoticed......but we get to enjoy them and find a special meaning that elevates OUR experience...fuck those hand bag people. Honestly, they are so lazily selfish they deserve to not even experience shit on this level.

    Jon Late

    Christ that's all their songs .....

    Allen Dodge

    Any song they didn't play live will be considered underrated. I would love to hear this song live but I know the band never had any intention of performing some songs.

    Miss Michelle Pineda

    Exactly. I'd like to make the case that it's in fact Rush who are an underrated band.

    Martin Tessier

    @Miss Michelle Pineda totally. And for no good reason. All three members are amongst the best peer acknowledged musicians in the world. Their lyrics speaks more to many than most crap you hear today. I saw them live 5 times and was blown away every damn time. I saw the Stones, U2, Pink Floyd, Metallica in their good years even Bonjovi and many more and there is jo doubt that Rush is and has been amongst the top band of all times for decades. Maybe its them that have never been into the super bright spotlight, who knows. But it certainly never had anything to do with the quality and relevance of their music.

  65. Thrill Biscuit

    This one has a very U2 feel about it, whilest staying all Rush.


    all major key chords, very happy and simple. missing all the interesting elements of their previous music. no challenge or interesting bits here, like hemispheres or moving pictures or even pw.

    Rich The Nepabadger

    Thrill Biscuit I agree. The guitar riff

    Steve Whitehouse

    U2 Who the hell are they ? Not even in the same class !!!!!


    Yeah that guitar solo sounds pretty similar to something U2 would do

  66. jay Machado


  67. Nick Willox

    I always thought this song was way underrated

    Eric Hess

    Absolutely agree .

  68. dner75

    Good song. Rush's most indie-Brit sounding song, I think.

    Sturm Antilles


    But about 10 years before that "sound" was a thing. At this point it was just vaguely 80s U2-influenced, but listening to it now, it has strong shades of Coldplay and Keane with the piano sound. Great tune!


    Keane definitely comes to mind with the melody, but I probably oversimplified that a tad.

  69. stratovani

    The best song on a great album!

  70. Michael Osztertag

    I think this song has one of rushs best chorus, along with the pass and the wreckers, so melodic and so good!!

  71. Oerg Poerg

    Such an epic chorus.

  72. Oerg Poerg

    Both are in my top five! HYF is maybe the most athmospherical album, Counterparts has some of my favourite riffs and melodies ever.

  73. Richard Fightmaster

    I cried the first time I ever heard this song. No, I'm not ashamed in the slightest.

    Eric Hess

    I don’t blame you . It’s a beautiful , powerful song . This whole album is very good , very underrated .

  74. Tomek

    Solo is just something incredible and that bass at 3:30...

  75. Limited Light

    Don't know who's telling you they're underrated. I listened to Rush beginning in 1983 or 1984, but I started REALLY listening with "Hold Your Fire."


    Really. "Hold Your Fucking Fire" grabbed your attention? I bet you had a fun experience chewing on the rest of Rush.

    Ryan Jenkins

    Limited Light damn you missed out the all the 70s rush, if you think 80s rush was great, try hemispheres, 2112, fly by night, Farwell to kings, my first rush album was fly by night, ever since then there was no going back

  76. Jesep Perez

    Boston Marathon :((

  77. Sean Coyne

    Read a book other than the bible. then you may see that the evidence overshadows the exictence of God

    Israel Quezada

    Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists said: "In default of any other proof, the thumb would convince me of the existence of a God"

  78. lifeson241

    Well said, I'm a christian and with god in my soul it's very healing and positive result's surrounded buy the truth. Were tempted daily as we know but with God's glory and trust we can be at peace..Amen and god bless all of us.

  79. lifeson241

    Good for you! I truly believe this band was so meant to touch our lives and feeling's. Such a positive band and the arraingements the lyrics and alex's geniuse mentality is so powerful, I'm with you man! God bless you

  80. Triplecenturies

    Have you ever traveled extensively as I outside the US to see other cultures and their religions and in many places lack of religion? I've read the bible with an open heart and mind. I look at the larger picture. If something so critical is so in the balance, then it should be obvious to all people around the world at all times current and through history. This is not the case. The suggestion that one must follow an unproven diety in this world today is not going to carry us any further.

    chevy Dryden

    The prove of God is your alive



  81. craigdoc29

    I'd rather respond through email but I'll just say that God's presence isn't obvious to those who are blinded by sin and live in darkness, independent from God's purpose for them. Have you even opened the bible for yourself with an open mind and heart? I would agree that man has created thousands of religions, but biblical Christianity is the only one that corresponds to the way we see history and reality. It goes beyond human opinion. What is the purpose of the cross of Christ?

  82. Triplecenturies

    If heaven and hell are in the balance (being saved) then why isn't the presence of god so obvious? Why are there so many different religions not to mention the 30 - 40,000 division of Christianity itself? In this life I'm saved by reality. It is too short to believe in made up stuff, because when you do the research and look deep into history there is not one iota of proof for a god. It has been man's way of trying to control at first a small group of people and now at present the masses.

  83. craigdoc29

    Idolaters will not inherit the kingdom of God and Rush can't save you."The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."(Romans 6:23) Turn to Him and live! "This world" is under the curse and God has declared His truth."Heaven and earth shall pass away but My word shall never pass away."

    Paul Sikes

    Get bent.

  84. stratovani

    I love Geddy's gnarly Jazz Bass sound!

  85. arsxxmoriendi

    I think they are sister albums in lyrical spirit and emotional reach, that much is true. Musically Counterparts is a much meatier, focused ROCK album. That being said, I still love the sound they achieved on Hold Your Fire. Perfect balance of pop and prog.

  86. arsxxmoriendi

    No joke, RUSH songs have kept me from killing myself and given me the courage to face a lifetime. Thanks for making a difference guys, even if you don't know it.

  87. arsxxmoriendi

    No joke, RUSH songs have kept me from killing myself and given me the courage to face a lifetime. Thanks for making a difference guys, even if you don't know it.

    Alexandre Adami

    Van Halen also cure depressive state!

    John Mazzuca


  88. lifeson241

    Rush is life ! Thats why I worship this band...Humble !

  89. Mr. Schneider

    WTF? LMAO! Seriously, man, what a stupid remark. Counterparts is a much stronger and guitar oriented album. Don't know what you have been smokin, but my God, come off it. Dumb.


    Genius Musicians

    rogerio Santos

    Neil Forever

  91. Tristin471

    Best band ever.

  92. DanZero77

    All this talk about Hold Your Fire and Counterparts belonging together -- I just heard a few from HYF before coming here.... anybody want to agree that Counterparts could be HYF part 2 or HYF for the 90s? They both had the same producer (Peter Collins) and one song written in part by Pye Dubois (Force Ten/Between Sun & Moon)

  93. Lakerloon

    certainly two of my fave Rush albums

  94. McAdamskinsky

    nah its perfect xD

  95. FePyroMaiden

    Agreed especially Hold Your Fire very underrated!

  96. Adam Pawlik


  97. Lucien The Rat

    Basically this album deals with a lot of situations dealing with love and etc.