Rush - Driven Lyrics

Driven up and down in circles
Skidding down a road of black ice
Staring in and out storm windows
Driven to a fool's paradise

It's my turn to drive
But it's my turn to drive

Driven to the margin of error
Driven to the edge of control
Driven to the margin of terror
Driven to the edge of a deep, dark hole

Driven day and night in circles
Spinning like a whirlwind of leaves
Stealing in and out back alleys
Driven to another den of thieves

But it's my turn to drive
But it's my turn to drive

Driven in...Driven to the edge
Driven out...On the thin end of the wedge
Driven off...By things I've never seen
Driven on...By the road to somewhere I've never been

But it's my turn to drive
But it's my turn to drive

The road unwinds towards me
What was there is gone
The road unwinds before me
And I go riding on

But it's my turn to drive
But it's my turn to drive

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Rush Driven Comments
  1. cyber bri68

    This is one of my favs!!!! Love this song and this video!!!!!

  2. Nicholas Thompson

    First song I listened to when I got my license lol

  3. Brad Hornbuckle

    Neil's timing on this is just mesmerizing

  4. Union of Soviet Socialist Republicists

    i feel like this is something that a Trials Evolution map maker would make -_-

  5. Opia

    Main riff seems like 2 minutes to midnight of iron maiden... Please don't kill me sacred followers ahahahaha

  6. Andy Salter

    Strong tool vibes on this amazing song !!

  7. JRL24

    Driven to the margin of error, driven to the edge of control!

  8. Zack McCrea

    This video is more weirder than I thought it was

  9. J Avila

    Rush goes grunge and succeed...only they can manage to create all kind of songs with such a melody and well structured and still get the vibes of the times when they recorded each album..this was mid 90s and Soundgarden Superunknown was already out and Alice in Chains became big...and Rush still adapted to the times like the Champs of Rock they always were !

  10. pschroeter1

    I love this video. I'm freaked out that this new Rush music is 23 years old.

  11. Christopher Glos

    Man, the new Mad Max looks kickass...

  12. Marcelo Neuri Haag

    Why is the video inverted? Look at the words in it ...

    Alex DeLarge

    I was wondering just the same; both Alex & Geddy play right-handed guitars! I felt as if I was watching a mirror image of this (fine, no doubt) video.

  13. frank GFish ferrante

    Driven up and down in circles
    Skidding down a road of black ice
    Staring in and out storm windows
    Driven to a fool's paradise
    But it's my turn to drive
    Driven to the margin of error
    Driven to the edge of control
    Driven to the margin of terror
    Driven to the edge of a deep, dark hole
    Driven day and night in circles
    Spinning like a whirlwind of leaves
    Stealing in and out back alleys
    Driven to another den of thieves
    But it's my turn to drive
    Driven in
    Driven to the edge
    Driven out
    On the thin end of the wedge
    Driven off
    By things I've never seen
    Driven on
    By the road to somewhere I've never been
    It's my turn to drive
    The road unwinds towards me
    What was there is gone
    The road unwinds before me
    And I go riding on
    Songwriters: Alex Zivojinovich / Gary Lee Weinrib / Neil Elwood Peart

  14. Jones Mikel

    Not crazy about this album, or pretty much anything they did since "Hold Your Fire," (aside from Roll the Bones and Clockwork Angels), for that matter...but THIS song rocks!


    Half the World isn't half that bad (pun intended) if you give if a few listens, otherwise, I'm in pretty much the same boat, except I extend those dates to Counterparts...

  15. beatervanman

    wow.. my first impression was...why are they wronghanded... as in.. Half the world

  16. Midori1539 AJ

    Now how did you not get copyrighted and I did?

    Chris Maxfield

    He mirrored the video?

  17. jedinightwing

    still think the sign should have comedically fell over at the end.

  18. Marcelo Neuri Haag

    Why is the video a mirror image (reversed)???

    Nicholas Thompson

    To trick the copyright bots.

  19. Cirque Du Opinion

    What the hell is this? The Beautiful People for like 5 year olds? The song ain't bad but this video is awful

  20. Ant

    11 Justin Beaver fans...

  21. Patricia Lopez

    Rush always tries to give us messages from a different point of view.

  22. Patricia Lopez

    To think they will never tour again.

  23. Erik Smith

    Anyone have a non-reversed version of this video? :)

  24. Derrick Jones

    My favorite band my hero's

  25. Greg Severance

    Great song

  26. Steve Schaff

    Warning: Bands that ARE NOT RUSH should be careful when attempting to do such a Mind Blowing song!!

  27. last first

    They completely ripped off Nitro - Freight Train, released in 1989. Look it up.

    GG GG

    last first doesn't sound like it at all sry

    Prog Legendas

    No. Don't sound like the Nitro's music.

  28. Christian Alan Wilson

    Eh. The video is what it is. But the tone of this release made for a welcome and long-awaited return to a 'harder' style that had seemed to be lacking in the past few Rush albums (at least according to me and many others). For a long time I attributed this harder edge to the harsh events of Neil Peart's personal life, but as I now understand it, those events had yet to happen when this album dropped...which somehow makes it even MORE poignant.

  29. Master Of Puppets

    all the rush fans out there. this is proof the world is filled with assholes. rush sucks , but they love it. pure dogcrap. this song is for imbeciles. as is the entire rush catalog. fu

    Steve Schaff

    F' OFF and Bow to GaGa LOSER!!

    Prog Trash

    This dude obviously came here to poss off rush fans lol

  30. taylor smith

    I remember this song being on a 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps episode. where gaz got a sheep in the car

    china type2 bass rocker

    That sounds like a very British sit-com. Looking up that show now.

  31. The Happy Hoser

    Anyone know if the film has been reversed or did they both play opposite handed for the vid?

    The Happy Hoser

    Ah "The End" is backwards too.


    Mirrored to avoid copyright strike from jewtube.
    Reversed would be played from end to beginning.


    SFtheGreat Geddy is Jewish

  32. lurch321

    5 people need to drive into that deep, dark hole.

  33. Dustin Martin

    The whole video is backwards, Geddy, Alex, and Neil are all right handed.


    To avoid copyright strike from jewtube.

    Dustin Martin

    Well they can kiss my ass, I say do it.

    Erik Smith



    SFtheGreat sir, Geddy is Jewish

  34. X.x Justdoitfool x.X 2

    I know Damn well Geddy doesn't play a lefty jazz!

    GG GG

    SFtheGreat you realize geddys parents are/were jewish


    Don't be an asshole. Geddy is not only Jewish but his parents were in the camps during the war. Show some fucking respect.


    @kaveman1021 That's why Rush's songs are so smoking, eh?


    @SFtheGreat - Your mom hates foreskin anyway. Ask me how I know.

    Axel Dorman

    anybody complaining about the jewtube joke is a snowflake

  35. Matthew Popow

    Canadian Mad Max? Miffed Max?

    The Happy Hoser

    I'm sorry.

    Chris Maxfield

    @The Happy Hoser Molson Max.


    Wie der Name schon sagt, klingt ein Lied von schnellen und kraftvollen Bass-Gitarre Akkorde gemischt mit einigen Trommeln immer homogen und perfekt.

  37. Eric Aguilar

    Is it just me or does this video has some sort of a Primus vibe in it. What do you guys think?

    James Marsh

    Eric Aguilar It's prob because Geddy is playing some slap bass like Les does

    Erik Smith

    This video reminded me of The Art of Noise.

    Ross Marvin

    Geddy and Les Claypool are friends...

    Scott Hannigan

    Eric Aguilar - They toured together and Geddy credits Les with influencing the flamenco strumming styles he experimented with at that time... and ... they were friends.


    James Marsh when

  38. puckdropper27

    they always impress me.. just another great song.. this band is pure magic

  39. Marcos Rush

    Por que esse vídeo esta com a imagem invertida ???....Como se fosse de frente para um espelho....Percebemos isso porque os dois, Geddy e Alex , estao invertidos nos instrumentos.....Não só esse clipe , mas também outros desse album...

  40. dude

    since when are Alex and Geddy left handed?


    +dude The video is inverted left to right

    günther Zaruba

    +dude in the Mirror

  41. Bill Stewart C

    no sé como hijueputas este video no tiene mas de 300mil visitas aunque sea, esto si es una obra de arte

    The Djent Guy

    Pijo un español que escucha Rush te voy a llevar a cuarto milenio

  42. Jay Smith

    When Rush thought they were Tool...... still an epic song and Rush is a Tremendous Trio one of the best


    +David Clarke I'm saying this was the sound Rush adopted in the 90s, because it was popular at the time. Listen to Hold Your Fire (1987) and compare it to this and you'll know what I mean.


    It's a natural progression from Presto to Counterparts to this sound. *shrug*

    Prog Legendas

    "Copy" the style hahahaha. Many bands copy Rush style mainly prog metal bands. Rush has his own style, even they taking influences from the musics of this or that time. Not "trying to copy" but just taking influences like others bands do. I don't see any band with the same sound of Rush in albums like Hemispheres, 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures. How do you explain that if you say that they "copy" the sounds that are in vogue? You just said bullshits, nothing more.

    Steve Schaff

    WHO made WHO?!!

    Agustín Risatti

    @Prog Legendas I agree with you but you can't deny 1:39 sounds a lot like a Tool song.

  43. günther Zaruba

    i like, how that driver fixes his golden tooth, show on his companian than to the green traffic signal &-))

    Mud Sh-sh-shark

    that's Geddy

  44. theantonlulz

    why is the footage flipped?


    +theantonlulz To avoid copyright and have it removed

  45. Cheryl Claussen

    I actually found the video oddly interesting and a bit existential

  46. Cheryl Claussen

    For all the talk of how vad rtf mmm


    You alright?

    Cheryl Claussen

    +GamesinaBit just a bit of a bad texter some days, thanks. the brain gets ahead of the thumbs!

    Cheryl Claussen

    +GamesinaBit Sorry. just bad texting. the brain gets ahead of the thumbs or vice versa. thanks for asking

  47. Cheryl Claussen

    For all the talk of how bad this cushy? video is, I saw it as interesting and existential

  48. xsellsbrod

    i would like to know ,who the Drivers are

    Jason Scott

    +xsellsbrod well it is Geddy's turn to drive...

  49. Scary Hobo

    Geddy, Alex and Neil look great! Awesome song but IMO the video is spoiled by the freaks driving the cars.

    Mike Page

    tooFleecez sayz nein drei` zerremen alle den bich

    Robert Fisher

    Scary Hobo -in their prime

  50. TheImmortalVK

    Love the song, but this video sucks.

  51. Blake Peterson

    Some of the best music ever made


    @Blake Peterson check "Driven Rush" at google and see my sketch - Driven , Greetings G.

  52. Quality Vibes 4 Life

    Why is the video a mirror image (reversed). I know I'm being nit picky, but I own a version of this vid, and image is correct. Never the less Driven is another killer song, and incidentally it's a fantastic song for driving to. Especially longer freeway (open road) trips. Duh, go figure. I know.... I just stated the obvious. Rush's R40 2015 tour starts in Tula, OK. in May. The band recently announced that the R40 tour will be the last major tour for them! I'm planning on seeing them one to two times this summer, at the very least. These show are going to be epic! If you're into Rush you should definitely get to an R40 show. 2015 also marks Rush's 40th year! See you at the shows people. Peace!!


    To avoid copyright strike from jewtube.


    Wouldn't the music also trigger a copyright strike?

    Midori1539 AJ

    I thought this album came out in the 2000's because this song reminds me of Neil Peart's cross-continential journey after his family died. Which, makes it even scarier, because instead of being based on it, it was almost like he was forshadowing it...


    SFtheGreat idk why you gotta keep using Jewtube as an insult when Geddy himself is Jewish

  53. Kent Mains

    Rush was getting back to the basics on this album and it was excellent.

    R Diaz

    +Kent Mains -- They felt something had been lost in both the keyboard years and _Counterparts,_ so Neil sought out Freddie Gruber for some technique insight, they lightened up on the keyboards, Geddy & Alex focused on their instruments...and T4E was born. Now that is a "Grab-you-by-the-throat-and-shake-the-lunch-money-outta-you" kind of album!


    @R Diaz wdym, counter parts was the album they went back to basics

  54. Dave Hamnahem

    Brett Archinal is right, The images are reversed. Also the writings etc. Really strange...

  55. VVA2Gaming Inc.

    this sounds a bit like Tool. or Tool sounds like them a bit in this song. just the type of music. i just noticed that. 


    lol Dude, Rush def helped inspire TOOL to create their sound, They've been doing riffs and bass lines like this since the 70s. Rush are in a league of their own, though, Very few bands can be compared with them!

    VVA2Gaming Inc.

    @gummoboy333 I agree with you and i'm glad that they are very unique. It's awesome when listening to a band that doesn't sound the same as some other bands. And yea, you are right, they didn't inspired Tool. I'm glad they did! Rush really rocks!

    Doctor Who Fan

    @VVA2Gaming Inc. Tool sounds like a heavier Rush.

  56. charlie waters

    1 person smoking crack.


    No one big time rush fan who found good music

    R Diaz

    +MadKazZzZzZ -- no, three video haters who preferred going back to their gerbils' cocks. Their loss.

  57. Burgerrider

    Interesting video. But, I don't care for videos. If the song was great. They can have a couple of lines for most, and it would be ok. The song should tell the story. Video should just add a little to it. 


    How was the song?


    @bleekcer I like this song. Great guitar and lyrics. 

  58. Mud Sh-sh-shark

    Goblin engineering FTW!!

    Heidi Montross

    Great comment, great profile pic.  (Although I tend to go Gnomish engineering.)

    charlie waters

    @Heidi S Brown anything but dwarves! 

    Mud Sh-sh-shark

    +Mud Sh-sh-shark XD

  59. Brett Archinal

    The images are reversed. None of them are left handed.

    Mike Page

    the mirror is lived to all turn mighy tie xrdr mdxr V

  60. robertgurz

    it's cool