Rush - Cold Fire Lyrics

It was long after midnight
When we got to unconditional love
She said, 'Sure, my heart is boundless
But don't push my limits too far'
I said, 'If love was so transcendent
I don't understand these boundaries'
She said, 'Just don't disappoint me
You know how complex women are'

I'll be around
If you don't let me down too far
I'll be around
If you don't let me down

It was just before sunrise
When we started on traditional roles
She said, 'Sure, I'll be your partner
But don't make too many demands'
I said, 'If love has these conditions
I don't understand those songs you love'
She said, 'This is not a love song
This isn't fantasyland'

Don't go too far
A phosphorescent wave on a tropical sea is a cold fire
Don't cross the line
The pattern of moonlight on the bedroom floor is a cold fire
Don't let me down
The flame at the heart of a pawnbroker's diamond is a cold fire
Don't break the spell
The look in your eyes as you head for the door is a cold fire

I'll be around
If you don't push me down too far
I'll be around
If you don't push me down

Love is blind if you are gentle
Love can turn to a long, cold burn...

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Rush Cold Fire Comments
  1. Craig Quinby

    I think this was Rush's come back CD

  2. J Kent

    Great tune

  3. Dany Brito


  4. Kate Murphy

    Thank you for the upload

  5. Micky Wilde

    Not their best

  6. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    January 7th, 2020 is a Cold Fire.

  7. Mike Grant

    Wow had to back that thing up for another listen. If rush is going to do a love song its gonna be real

  8. Michael B

    He was MISTER Peart to us mere mortals and a true legend and pioneer. You will be missed, sir. RIP, NP

  9. giovanni deldio

    I used to listen to this song and album all the time in high school. It has a special place in my heart. RIP Neil Peart.

  10. King Xarios

    RIP Neal Peart

  11. Kevin Almeida

    RIP Neil...thank you for so many incredible songs and your impeccable drumming...

  12. rutgerhauer666

    RIP professor. Thank you for the music.

  13. Matthew C.

    RIP Neil Peart. You were a pioneer.

  14. Andrea Mullins

    RIP, Neil. You were one of the greatest.


    RIP Neil, you were the greatest.

  15. Joe Flash 4

    R I P Neil peart

  16. Gerry Harvey

    The sound on this album is beyond amazing

  17. Patty Silva

    I'm pretty sure this is their best album.

  18. salvatore diAngelo

    I love this song because it points out the hypocrisy and coldness of female nature. I'm not saying all women are like this just as men are not always the abusive selfish predatory creatures that today's feminists would have us believe.

  19. Priscila Del Grande


  20. marksman cs

    How many of you have wondered what these guys are singing about. When I first heard the album 'Grace under pressure'( my first encounter with Rush ) I thought it was just a good music, but when my English got better, I began to understand the lyrics and from that point everything changed. They were using metaphors and sometimes you have to even know something about literature too. That was a weird experience.

  21. idoj654123

    The gleam at the heart of the pawnbroker's diamond...

    Between Neil and Mark Knopfler, I'm not sure which of the two is the best songrwiter in history. History of the world, because it's lyrics and not Shakespeare.


    Música show!!

  23. Shawn Aldrich

    i'll b around if you don't let me down too far

  24. name4106

    their song are awakens my imagery .great song great band .from japan .

  25. LE STUDIO Morin-Heights

    Another awesome track recorded at LE STUDIO Morin-Heights

  26. Hugh Welch

    Regardless of what rush album it is. . It kicks fuckin ass !!

  27. ELPFAN Jahrling

    E P I C !

  28. evan snedecor

    Definitely a great album cover

  29. marksman cs

    I have never understand why this album( Counterparts ) never really got the appreciation both between my friends who were fans or others if that matters. I thought this was a solid album in any respect and maybe closest to hard rock of any of the others and not in a bad way.. just a bit different.

  30. CosmicJazzman 46

    One of the most truthful songs about so called "LOVE" in the past 50 maybe 60 years. I'd like to think theirs someone out there for me that believes in loyalty. Above all mutual respect for each other.
    RUSH.... Not a band known love songs wrote one of the best! Not a sappy piece of garbage that we here on other people's car stereos

  31. Craig Townsend

    I've been the biggest fans liers, weather coseagulls, hansom mem, arrogant fan loatsrrogant group in the band winds and Decembers,
    But "FireFly" took me 40winds years four pooh, almost died Iiving firefly deep southern mean pride mean mean stride. Firefly!!! Rrick the right about what it, the maker decides if we have to ask him is it's okay with them if it's okay with him again the meaning right original idea was just an of a fan disagreement never heard but wicked as it maybe the art declaration whom means two misunderstandings collects meaning Moiety cleverneaa and bright discussion tries so

    Steve Whitehouse

    What the fuck are you on about !!! Possibly drug related !!

  32. TheOneWhoGives Likes

    If you are Fire why in the hell you start a relationship with a Cold?

  33. doron aranga


  34. mundo da yanne victoria


  35. Jose Junior


  36. Scott Dailey

    Never hear anyone even reamber this song. It's good. Underrated. Not lime light or anything. Just good

    47 and2

    better than limelight. so is Cut To the Chase and Leave That Thing Alone.

  37. John Mazzuca

    GIRLS ,,!!!

  38. John Mazzuca

    Was fuckin,,,there in 1994, ,
    I loved that d,c
    Got fuckin high as hell,,
    Great seats,, I no Getty was smelling my fucking weed all night,,!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
    Good times with R,U,S,H,!!!

  39. The1WhoKnowsTheTruth

    Favorite Rush song right here. Neil's amazing lyrics capture the exact dynamics of the female mind.  Especially when said female is pissed off.    "This is not a love song, this isn't fantasy land."  That hits you like a proverbial punch in the face.

  40. John Mazzuca

    It,s was long after midnight,,,,
    Is when I started to Fuck,■ her
    It,s a warm fire in there,,,
    And I feel,s fuckin,,,, great,,,🦍,, ,
    So, fuck me like a beast,,,,,!!!■
    Please,,, i,ll be around,, !!

  41. John Mazzuca

    It,s just like real life,,,,

  42. Terau Gene

    Listening to my headset all nite working for a paper mill in 1993 and cold fire came on almost hourly! Miss the old times

  43. Skryp3r

    Founding the old cd of them was a great thing <3

  44. Michael L.

    One of my favorite RUSH songs!!

  45. Devyn Yates

    holy fuck Rush is such a great band

  46. Steve Whitehouse

    Make that 53 dumb asses

  47. Doug Shannon

    I have been a Rush fan since 2112 . This is my favorite album. Definitely in there prime.

    47 and2

    it's in their top 10 for sure. i'd put it 6/7

  48. Mason Moyer

    Counterparts is an incredible album. Many great songs.

  49. Tiago Fernando Pelá

    Melhor banda de todos os tempos em mais uma inesquecível obra.

  50. Scott Grimes

    Closest Rush ever came to a love song, if you can call it that. And it kicks ass. This, as with most Rush songs, is when you want to open the windows, put the stereo on max., and hope no fuddy dud neighbors call the cops.

  51. Jerry Boone

    47 dumb asses did a thumbs down. What the fuck?

  52. Ultimate Videos X

    Owl mine :%

  53. Ultimate Videos X

    As an artist I wonder if musicians take volunteer efforts for granted..
    This was remaster like this:
    1. Obtain good file.
    2.Put it through software, my ears
    🎧3. 're cord my track
    4. Proof it
    ,5. Burn it


  54. PulsarsEntropy

    "big! thumb up!" :-)

  55. Tony Robert

    Sem palavras........

  56. Ultimate Videos X

    It's like stereo is black and white
    Digital is colour


  57. Ultimate Videos X

    These are my remaster eq settings
    Listen to that snare!!!!

    Ultimate Videos X

    And the bass
    I'm the best ever

    Ultimate Videos X

    Except most brutes think this is it
    Truth is that the CD is in 6.1
    Gotcha there,....

  58. simeonflake

    Maybe this song should have closed out the album. Although, I am warming up to "Everyday Glory."

  59. Ionildo Rodrigues

    Cold fire.... Game of thrones spoiler!!!

  60. John Fritz

    This has to be the one of the most underrated rush songs.


    yeah, but fuck your profile picture

  61. Michael Knowlton

    magnificent guitar solo!!!

  62. Sung Yul Taylor

    Neil Pert = BEST DRUMMER OF ALL TIME. Rush has ALWAYS BEEN. Rather listen to their "old" music then the garbage they play in the current day.

    e m

    Sung Yul Taylor - they even named a shampoo after him

  63. Gabriel Amadej


  64. Myndir

    Lyrics: Coal fire
    Such a coal fire
    It was long after midnight
    When we got to unconditional love
    She said sure, my heart is boundless
    But don't push my limits too far

    I said if love was so transcendent
    I don't understand these boundaries
    She said just don't disappoint me
    You know how complex women are

    I'll be around
    If you don't let me down
    Too far

    It was just before sunrise
    When we started on traditional roles
    She said sure I'll be your partner
    But don't make too many demands

    I said if love has these conditions
    I don't understand those songs you love
    She said this is not a love song
    This isn't fantasy-land

    I'll be around
    If you don't push me down
    Too far

    Don't go too far
    The phosphorescent wave on a tropical sea
    Is a coal fire

    Big Sweaty

    Bro, you ever read the title of the track?

  65. booshee

    one of the best love songs EVUR, seriously (and i hate love songs in music), not sweet, full of fear, love is love, hard and painful yet full of hope

  66. Lukas Souto

    Geddy Lee é um Deus!

  67. Kevin Murphy

    who are the 23 idiots

  68. Kevin Murphy

    who are the 22 idiots

  69. drumdtheredrumdthat

    "The flame at the heart of a pawn broker's diamond is a cold fire... The look in your eyes as you head for the door is a cold fire"

    Neil's lyric writing is right up there with his drumming. THAT, boys and girls, is how you write lyrics!

    Ariel Guilarte

    don't cross the line......

    Robert Plante

    Totally agree, I have been saying that for years!!

  70. Chris Sexsmith

    just like the band underrated great song great band. Who else has this much hot souse. Rush has so many great songs that are not played on the radio its nuts. US RUSH fans know how great these 3 Canucks are

    Robert L. Villa


  71. AdamTheDroog

    Wasn't too keen on this song when I was thirteen. Thought the lyrics were a bit ridiculous. Now that I'm older I understand the weight they carry.

  72. Carlos Dos Santos

    Cold Fire uma das músicas mais linda do RUSH

    Tom Franklin

    Sem dúvidas


    100% certo! E ainda lembro quando essa musica surgiu -em meio a outras que tornaram-se clássicas - no rádio no ano de 1992 ou 93 !!!

    Pablo Sostena

    A condução mais foda que já ouvi.

  73. Steve Sullivan

    Such an underrated album! Always loved this track. A great tune that perfectly nails relationships. The ebb and flow of emotion. Calm at 0:47, but then almost "bitchy" by that 1:37 build-up of guitar, echoing her response... just, wow! Smart writing, great grooves... Rush is such a perfect band.

    Giblet Gravy30

    Correct! And you wouldn't expect that from a Rush album.

  74. Stéphane Bongiu

    A masterpiece as is the whole album. Alex Lifeson is an unsung hero (u damn right mike k !!!)...

  75. mike k

    what beautiful guitar work on this song!! I know the word AMAZING is overused these days but its truly deserving here. the solo is magnificent. such an underrated master guitar player this guy is

  76. Sirinwara

    these lyrics are just wise

  77. Joao jr79

    I love this album...rush makes awesome's ballads

  78. pi seseven

    so as to say that a sparkle never fades

  79. patrice monette

    drums man wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Chad Collins

    +eugene p monette 1:43

    Eder Albuquerque

    eugene p monette yyyy


    If you ever fall in love with a Virgo, this is your go to song. It describes the way we approach love.

    pi seseven

    +Lori Wells even for an Ophiuchus?


    If that's what you consider yourself...why not?


    +Lori Wells virgo's are the most romantic.

    Zach Johnson

    You approach it the same way everyone else does, since astrology is bullshit...

  81. Kryspowicki Józef

    Dzięki Ci o Pani.

    Olga Nesterowicz

    Piękny utwór, czyż nie?

  82. Nico Garza

    Don't go too far.
    Don't cross the line.
    Don't let me down.
    Don't break the spell.

    Love is blind when you are gentle.
    Love can turn to long, cold burn.


    That's not true love in a relationship, that's a list of demands, but unfortunately, it happens so often.

  83. John Richards

    This is not a love song, this isn't fantasy lad

  84. Raquel Zambianchi

    As músicas da banda rush são encantadas na minha opinião uma das melhores.

  85. patrice monette

    amazing drums   once  again

  86. ARCO


  87. Josep Pi Esteve

    Una de las mejores canciones de RUSH para mi, muy, muy buena....

  88. Dene Seal

    Neil's lyrics are pure poetry.  I get the shivers when I hear this.

    AJ Grant

    Me too!! Especially when It's playing and I step out of the shower in front of my vanity mirror!

    marksman cs

    He is a poet along with some drummer skills:P


    It's an amazing lyric. Truthful, adult, compassionate. It's always stuck with me. RIP.


    Lembrei daquele beijo...

  90. Ruatha58

    No other band has given me more listening pleasure, as a drummer myself Neil peart has always been the golden standard to aspire to. Getty lee's pure truthfull vocals are miles ahead of 99% of everyone else. And no one can match " the big kahuna" on the gitfiddle.

    marksman cs

    @Ruatha58 The lyrics are always meaningful and thy could carry out the hole song, but then there are the three men who are one of the best at their branch. I love Rush.

    Lauren Perrotta

    +marksman cs √

    Steve Whitehouse

    I think you will find its Geddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. MichaelHansenFUN

    awesome at the height of grunge

  92. The Definite Article

    Really? The exact same thing happened to me... me and my girlfriend broke up a little while ago, and then I heard this song, which described my relationship greatly.

  93. Terri Lee

    My favorite Rush song is this one. I always have to hear it multiple times. :)

  94. Rebecca Ashley Peiffer

    I love how in the chorus the things that are a "cold fire" become more and more literal. At first you're like "how the hell does this relate to relationships?" and then "ohhhh..."

    I love when music makes you double-take and want to listen to it closer :D

  95. DisappearingBoy

    4 people didn't see the flame at the heart of the pawnbroker's diamond

  96. Fat Guy Fitness

    I wish there was a thousand "like' button for this comment. :)

  97. samboy1288

    This is that song on Counterparts that reminds you, even though much of what you have been listening to has been grunge-flavored (minus the vocals), this is still a Rush album to the core. The timing is perfect. Counterparts is one of the most underrated albums in Rush's discography, and it's freakin' great.

    Greg Truax

    samboy1288 totally agree, criminally underrated

    Steve Whitehouse

    Grunge my bollocks !!!!!!


    Underrated by who? It's probably my favourite as a whole.


    This album is grunge like Rush is a string quartet.