Rush - Cinderella Man Lyrics

A modest man from Mandrake
Travelled rich to the city
He had a need to discover
A use for his newly found wealth

Because he was human
Because he had goodness
Because he was moral
They called him insane
Delusions of grandeur
Visions of splendor
A manic depressive
He walks in the rain

Eyes wide open
Heart undefended
Innocence untarnished...

Cinderella Man
Doing what you can
They can't understand
What it means
Cinderella Man
Hang on to your plans
Try as they might
They cannot steal your dreams

In the betrayal of his love he awakened
To face a world of cold reality
And a look in the eyes of the hungry
Awakened him to what he could do

He held up his riches
To challenge the hungry
Purposeful motion
For one so insane
They tried to fight him
Just couldn't beat him
This manic depressive
Who walks in the rain

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Rush Cinderella Man Comments
  1. Harry Balls

    Love the “scratchy” sound of Alex Lifeson’s guitar on this song and really, all the songs on this album. I heard he used some kind of solid state amp on this record and his guitar tone is definitely unique compared to other Rush records. You can also really hear it on Closer to the Heart.

  2. The 8-Bit Gamer

    bro whats wrong with the 15 people who disliked the video

  3. innerviews897


  4. Stacey Bueoy

    Oh Captain,My Captain! Dear NEIL,Thank You Good Sir, for the gifts you have given to the Entire World and Know that your passing has caused the most Incredible outpouring of Worldwide Collective Grief,Sorrow, Sense of Loss and Overall Admiration and Respect for your talent, dedication, Kindness,work ethic, massive musical catalog and mostly, for the Incredible, Never to be Equalled,40 PLUS YEARS RUSH has spent touring the world and proving that when it comes down to it, LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING! YOU'LL NOT SEE THEIR LIKE AGAIN!😟😢😞☹️😣😖😩😫😭🕊️🍁😌👏🙌🤘🤟🖖✌️👍💫💟

  5. Stacey Bueoy

    The 70's and 80's both because you had the dawn of Metal and Progressive Rock and no auto tune,boy bands, The social disease called rap,Justin beiber or MTV and record companies deciding what the public want to hear, instead of the public deciding for themselves! Too much $$$ to be made making crappy music that won't stand the test of time, but RUSH will be remembered so fondly and revered Forevermore!

  6. V P

    Greatest band ever...RIP Neil Peart

  7. snaildude12

    Fucking R.I.P Neil Peart. Best drummer in the world! You will never be forgotten.

  8. James Lehr

    As this marks the end of an era of sorts, the day of 1/10/2020,  I intend to hear every Rush song in existence as Memoriam.

  9. Gerard Raj

    RIP 😞😖😭

  10. Al Mojica,Jr.

    Although saddened by the news of Neil Peart's passing. I rejoice in his music.
    LONG LIVE RUSH!!! amjmetaltomotown

  11. Holly W

    RIP Neal Peart. Only 67 years old. Too young.

  12. dwayne lucier

    in 1978 to 1983 my sole was lost, but a good person introduced me to sound, this is where i found out i was not alone,....,,,,, what happined to me is very complicated,,, but i suppose it happens ,,,,let it be known that my bfriend saved my life, by makeing me realise that i was smart and the others were idiots

  13. Mike Martel

    Played repeatedly on my parents' 76 Chrysler Newport 8 track

  14. Gilbert Rojas

    i had a worker i would called him Cinderella Man

  15. phil de Blois

    yum yum music

  16. Alan Wood

    Had that on 8-track when I was 13 in '77, never heard anything like that, blew me away!

  17. Julie Gulo

    One of my favorite songs !!

  18. Xanadu84

    For me, Rush albums sort of from this onwards go in pairs. It was 'Farewell' and 'Hemispheres', 'Permanent Waves' and 'Moving Pictures', 'Signals' and 'Grace Under Pressure', 'Power Windows' and 'Hold Your Fire', 'Presto' and 'Roll The Bones'. This and Hemispheres are arguably them at their progressive peak. Both albums are very similar, and there is no doubt that this is the album's equivalent to 'Circumstances', both with their throbbing and delicious basslines by Mr Lee.

  19. tulllguy

    vinyl magic.

  20. Jonp

    Purposeful motion

  21. RVC74

    I like Rush. It's too bad they retired.

  22. flahertydann

    Phenomenal bass! Geddy absolutely killin’ it during the guitar solo. Greatest Trio EVER!

  23. thesandsie13the2nd

    by far my favorite ever of all time rush song ever.

  24. Randy Lafferty

    Love this song

  25. Xanadu Rush


  26. Leonard Willit

    Correction Alex knows how to tear it up with emotion

  27. Leonard Willit

    Alex knows how to tear it up and so does Geddy on that bass

  28. Ray Mccue

    GOOD Deep Cut!

  29. P H

    I wonder if the lads were into Jethro Tull or if that's just coincidence ?

    Dave Morse

    Geddy said one of the best concerts he ever went to was Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick tour. And Neil picked the house music at Rush shows, and you were sure to hear some Tull in that mix as well.

  30. Hockyboy555

    Rush's 3rd most underrated song. Behind Lakeside Park & The Necromancer.

  31. Tony marvel legends fanatic Ogrinc

    Great song they do CANADA proud they are our Led Zep

  32. Panic Station

    fuck eminem this song should be the first result

  33. DV DODDS

    One of Rush's most underrated Tracks...Geddy Lee Wrote the Lyrics to this one!

  34. Leonard Willit

    you never know what these guys can do they know how to make the rocket sauce flow and can go any Direction they want they are musicians musicians recognize yarp

  35. Bill Toomey

    Viva Canada
    pardon me for Trump
    I STILL AM for Hillary

    white rabbit

    c u c k


    No politics allowed here

  36. david smith

    Becaue he was moral ,because he had goodness ,they called him insane......seems the good ,today are stood on,how prophetic.

  37. katty

    I had this song stuck in my head, for two days, for some reason. I thought maybe it I listen to it, I can get it out XD


    I heard it on Sirius XM radio yesterday and it's been in my head

  38. Reginaldo Hernandez

    "Try as they as they might they cannot steal your dreams. "

  39. Jeffrey Richardson

    Scotts beautiful chair
    Laurie states mortgage is due
    Lauries pumpkin pie (Why)

  40. James Rockford

    Geddy is the best

  41. wayne campbell

    viper 6 loves this so cool ah

  42. Fernando Mir

    This always reminded me of 'pretty woman' lOL

  43. Nick bjelopetrovich

    he plucks via fingers wow

  44. Brody McCain

    I love this song. And the guys in RUSH.

  45. Jeremy Mullins

    I just watched Frank Capra's Mr. Deeds Goes To Town(1936).... Now I know what this song is about!

  46. Connie Durand

    the lyrics are fab and the drums oh the drums..

  47. Connie Durand

    favorite song of all time...classic rush xo

  48. Rick Worley

    i used to listen to this song every day.

    Terau Gene

    Same! Everyday on my way home from work!!!

  49. Slayadex

    One of my favorite Rush songs

    William Miller

    I this tune.

  50. twas brillig

    One of the few songs who's lyrics were written by Geddy Lee rather than Peart. God I fucking love this tune!

    Brett Metivier

    +twas brillig geddy*

    twas brillig

    +Brett Metivier lol i was double checking Peart's name when I wrote that comment but blew it on Geddy, thanks Brett (now corrected). =)

    Nick bjelopetrovich

    what he said

  51. Grace Young

    most underrated song, ever. imo.

    Theresa Vail

    defo xx

    Bryan Hay

    I agree and thanks for sharing this Grace

    Kal Ab

    Grace Young Rush has quite a few underrated songs and this is one of them.


    Geddy doesn't get any credit as a singer and it's criminal.

  52. Kimberly J. Sullivan

    Those DRUMS!!

  53. Starsfish Prime

    This song always motivates me, I love the lyrics.

  54. Damian Delarosa

    Man the 70's had great music.

    Al Mojica,Jr.

    Perhaps...the greatest. amjmetaltomotown

  55. Helium Road

    Greatest bass sound ever...Geddy's Ric sound is sublime

    Doug Payne

    The sound of a 4003 through an SVT screaming for it's life!

    Will E. Fistergash

    Hell yeah, especially during the solo

  56. Nicholas Dubiel

    It's Missing Madrigal at the end.

  57. ezernut9mm

    weak song, but greatest guitar solo of all time!



    Shuhei Hisagi

    @ezernut9mm How can they be both smart guy?

    twas brillig

    +ezernut9mm this is a GORGEOUS tune in every detail, from the lyrics to the music, sadly you've got too much testosterone to apprehend it.

    Will E. Fistergash

    NOTHING weak about this song.

    philip Eldredge

    lyrics are deep and insightful. try playing mario kart. thats more your speed.

  58. KhalDrogo76

    Geddy DESTROYS this tune!


    RUSH destroys this tune!


    true also

    Harry Balls

    This is one of the few songs that Neil Peart didn’t write the lyrics to. It’s Geddy Lee’s song

  59. Nathanael Schmitz

    Cổ điển "Một nghìn mười phần trăm kỳ quan"

  60. James Lehr

    HEADLONG FLIGHT II continues on this GedDay! All studio songs by Rush will be heard by the end of the day.

  61. Beeswax

    i have this song in this album!

  62. ezernut9mm

    not saying the whole album is beyond great, but for some reason this minute of music just gives me chills. always has. i mean, my god, how badass is a solo that needs a solo to prep us (necromancer "under the shadow")? genius all of it. i just love the timing and hand work on this particular solo. thanks.

  63. Michael Fender

    music to my ears

    Nick bjelopetrovich

    whats new pussycat


    lord take me home that brings back some old memmorys

  65. eltorocal

    How about Xanadu from the same album? Or Cygnus X-1 Book I, The Voyage (Book II, Hemispheres, is side 1 of the album. Listen to "Armageddon: The Battle Of Heart And Mind"... in fact, listen to the entire album and you will really like the guitar playing and solos throughout.

    Great to have a conversation with a Rush fan. I'm 50 (today) and I first saw them back in '77, 2 days before my B-day, the "All The World's A Stage" tour (w/Ted Nugent). Then Winter of '78 at Municipal Auditorium, KCMO.

  66. ezernut9mm

    pretty sure this is the best guitar solo ever. and not just for the solo itself (which is awesome), but for the timing, bass and other backround percussion. this is pure art.

  67. Toolshed029

    The guitar solo just COOKS!


    Alex Lifeson is the most unique and original guitarist ever.

  68. yone1968

    lengendery band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. kayla Nance

    there music is great!!!!!