Rush - A Farewell To Kings Lyrics

When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow?
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred, fear and lies
Withered hearts and cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude and
Scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering
The sacred Halls of Truth
Ancient nobles showering
Their bitterness on youth
Can't we find the minds that made us strong?
Can't we learn to feel what's right
And what's wrong?
What's wrong?

Cities full of hatred, fear and lies
Withered hearts and cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude and
Scoffing at the wise
Can't we raise our eyes and make a start?
Can't we find the minds to lead us
Closer to the heart?

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Rush A Farewell To Kings Comments
  1. Roosevelt Pessoa

    RIP Mr. Neil Peart, You´re forever THE BEST drummer and Person... RIP Master...

  2. Dicky Ball

    A fond farewell to Neil Peart, to the best drummer, ever.

  3. Larry Sawler

    RIP Neil

  4. Harvey Underhill

    One of my most favourite songs , RlP. Neil rock on 🤘🏽 up there 👆

  5. Ace Macen

    I just have one word for this. WOW!

  6. SuperStrik9

    Farewell Neil. RIP

  7. Arjan Busser

    Requiescat in pace

    Rest in beats Mr. Peart, you will be missed!

  8. julian mcfarlane

    Bye King’s, thanks for your help, stopping the bleeding, installing a new liver, keeping my spirits up, putting up with my insanity and getting me out of the wheelchair.

  9. Php 2509

    Neil Peart are not more alive in person but his spirit are alive in our hearts, R.I.P Neil

  10. Chris White

    R.I.P. Professor Peart.

  11. Nia Sosa

    Neil, farewell to a king

  12. Jim Gilbert

    A fantastic drummer and a criminally underrated lyricist in a band that had the wisdom and wherewithall to release their vast library of material on Youtube for all to enjoy...on 21/12. If there were proper words to fully express our collective feeling of loss and sorrow, appreciation and respect, the man best capable of formulating them has left us to figure them out on our own.

    Thank you Neil Peart. Your influence will live on in music till the end of time...and then some.
    Farewell to the king.

  13. ruthlesspat

    Farewell to a great drummer king may he rest in peace rip neil

  14. Bigbadwolf Wolfje

    A farewell to the king of drumming.

  15. D Moody-

    Pure excellence. R I p Neil

  16. SunnyMcTribe

    RIP Neil 💔

  17. Liquor

    Farwell king peart say high to mr bonham for us.

  18. Toos Hilberts

    R.I.P. Neil Peart. 💔

  19. OmegaPoint042

    A Farewell To The King! R.I.P. Neil.

  20. Bhaben Chandra Sarma


  21. tjordulf

    Thankyou Neil for all your years of raw musical power, energy and majesty. This is not just some Fly By Night band, they will still be listened to in 2112, their music will drift through the ether forever on Permanent Waves, the epitome of Grace Under Pressure, a band that was more than just Moving Pictures, they truly captured the Spirit of Radio, they tapped into both Hemispheres of our brains, they showed everyone that All the Worlds a Stage, so now as we turn off the Signals, because Transmission Impossible, it's time to Roll The Bones, and have a Show of Hands, as we say A Farewell to Kings.......... EXIT STAGE LEFT.
    Goodbye Neil, This world misses you.

    Bjangofett J

    Well said man

    Vocal Gravy

    @Bjangofett J cheers Bro, it's from the heart.

  22. Andre Hughes

    God's speed to our dearest friend Neil Peart.
    We will forever cherish you.

  23. David Gadea

    A Farewell to My Prog Masters !!! RUSH 3EVER !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On!!!

  24. Minhaz Plabon

    Rip sir Peart,, I'm here today for the farewell to the king💜
    you'll be in my heart always Mr.Heart Peart..

  25. bean_plant

    This really hurts

  26. Javier Hernández

    We will miss you Neil, RIP

  27. Rob Tron

    My very first concert was Rush at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, 1979, I was 13 years old. One of my most cherished memories. RIP, Professor.

  28. italo barbosa

    R.I.P. Neil Peart

  29. stacyann825

    RIP Neil. Thank you for EVERYTHING! 💔😪

  30. TheJohn8765

    RIP, Neil. You'll be missed.

    Mark Mark

    TheJohn8765 he is 😔

  31. B H

    First thing I listened to today and then I heard Neil passed later in the day. RIP to an absolute legend.

  32. S - T - U

    A Farewell to the King: Neil Peart
    RIP Maestro

  33. Rhonda B

    Rest in peace, Neil. Thank you for all the lovely songs.

  34. Jean-Marie Silver

    Rest in peace and farewell to this King.

  35. MindFury

    Rip Neil

  36. Steve Hansen

    R.I.P. Neil Peart.

  37. drithligh

    Requiescat in pace, Neil.

  38. Uyung Yuliasman

    A Farewell to Neil Peart..R.I.P

  39. Steve Sliva

    Neal Peart was the Elvis, the John Lennon, the Prince, the Johnny Cash of drummers...Damn, how we will miss his genius....

  40. Plysomack

    He is not gone. He’s right here.


    Plysomack Thanks man. Needed to hear that.

  41. Tosa

    Farewell, dear brother Pratt. We will see you on the other side. +

  42. Bageera Sixtythree

    Rest in Peace, Neil.

  43. Brody McCain

    Rip Neil

  44. Mário Alves

    Farewell to the King Neil Peart

  45. Shahar Luxenburg

    Farewell king. A farewell to legend..

  46. Susan Smith

    Rest in peace just streaming away, and my heart is heavy tonight.

  47. Chad Kauffman

    rip Neil

  48. 123 pitcher

    RIP Neil!!!!!!!!

  49. Michaela Andrew

    Gone but not forgotten 💔😢🇨🇦 R. I. P. NEIL 😢

  50. Jeffro68

    Neal’s stories and lyrics left a mark on my soul. RIP MAESTRO

  51. Dany B

    R.I.P. Neil Peart :(

  52. Cam Newton

    RIP Neil Peart 💔

  53. vikki sandoval

    A farewell to a king.... RIP Professor 🥁😥

  54. TheTruthseeker59

    neil peart died today, truly the greatest drummer to set behind the kegs and part of the greatest band to walk the earth! thank you for decades of truly masterful rock and roll!

  55. Mike Steele

    Farewell to the King RIP Neil Peart

  56. The Turtle Project

    farewell king Neil , RIP :(

  57. Edward Catiller

    R.I.P. Neil Peart.

  58. Pulung Sugiantoro

    Farewell to a true king.. RIP Neil Peart (1952-2020)

  59. Jim Pemberton

    Kings indeed. Rest in Peace, Neal Peart. You'll be missed.

  60. Jim Moccero

    RIP Neil

  61. will moore

    Rest in Peace, Neil

  62. Alex Estevam

    Rip Mr. Peart. A farewell to the king of kings in drums. 😭

    Lance Russ

    More so than the king of kings this is tru ..more like the Bruce Lee of drums


    Pure brilliance.


    Will never be forgotten

    don juan

    Farewell the Drummer of kings !

  63. Viktor Tuomainen

    RIP Neil

  64. mum

    R.I.P. Neil :-(

  65. Clemens the Red

    RIP neil peart

  66. M. W. Degan

    Farewell. 1/10/20.

    Winner's Creed

    1/72020 actually


    Rest in peace Neil

  68. Kent Wakelee

    Farewell to the King, So saddened to hear of Neal's passing. Long Live the King

  69. Frank Anderson

    Fantastic!! RIP Neil P.!! You are a king!!

  70. Avitar Magnus


  71. Diego Borges

    RIP Neal

  72. Rasputins' Ghost

    Farewell Neil.

  73. John Novikoff

    RIP N. Peart

  74. Alan Carda

    RIP Neil. Your words were never truer than here.

    The hypocrites are slandering
    The sacred Halls of Truth
    Ancient nobles showering
    Their bitterness on youth
    Can't we find the minds that made us strong?
    Can't we learn to feel what's right
    And what's wrong?
    What's wrong?

  75. Matt Newman

    RIP Neil Peart

  76. John P

    Sad to learn that drum phenom Neil Peart has passed away, Jan. 7, 2020 from brain cancer. The world is a better place because of his talent. He will be surely missed.

  77. Pedro Mendes

    rest in peace neil

  78. Johnny Mendez

    love u Neil peart

  79. Vladimir Marinov

    RIP Neill! :(

  80. Method 2 Madness OFFICIAL

    R.i.p. Neil i got the pleasure of seeing you 4x and you grew up in our little city of St. Catharines Ontario from all of the cast and crew of Method 2 Madness rip you were a small town icon that took it world wide.

  81. Philip Krogmeier

    Rest in peace, Neil.

  82. Fausto Prado

    Farewell, Neil =/

  83. ivan terrible

    Neil, R.I.P.


    R.I.P Neil Peart
    A Farewell to a King

  85. thebestStevenHawkins

    Today we bid a farewell to a king.


    A Farewell to the King of the Drums. R.I.P Neil Peart. Rush Forever!!

  87. Rodrigo Gonzalez

    Today January 10th 2020 is a sad day... we all found out that Neil Peart past away three days ago... RIP Neil, your legacy will always be remembered.
    Farewell to the King...

  88. Halil Küçükyıldız

    RIP Neil Peart. Thanks for your excellent music. You are the one of the people make the life more colorful.

  89. Room 237

    Farewell to one of the kings. Rest In Peace Neil

  90. Unboltedmatt

    R.I.P neil peart

  91. Nick Simms

    RIP Professor

  92. john knapp

    Rush is by far one of the best Rock Bands to exist. Granted, at least in my opinion, they went downhill after Moving Pictures but everything up to there was solid gold.

  93. Derek C

    I love your new video

  94. irishguy13

    The first time I saw them was on this tour. It's difficult to convey how great, exciting and captivating they were. And then they got better, and better and better. Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures. It was epic. (I had seen them five times to that point. They lost me entirely with Signals, which I still haven't listened to from start to finish, but I was really grateful for the ride up to that point, and I was then ready to move on.)

  95. Dunkilo S

    First listen for me..I like it....
    I like a lot xD

  96. tom senick

    Alex Lifeson is not underrated.

  97. Maxine McKenzie

    First Rush I heard, aged 13 the Album opener blew me away.I was a bit taken aback by the High register of Geddy's vocal...but I still fell in love with these 3 Fantastic Musicians.Great Lyrics too. A Unique Sound.Still Love it. Thanks Guys!

  98. Moyses Nascimento

    the time passes and this music still TIMELESS!!
    Can't we find the minds to lead us closer to the heart?

  99. the Omega Concern

    Trump would never understand this song