Runrig - Wall Of China / One Man Lyrics

[Wall of China]

They say the wall of China's seen from the moon
They keep building empires to mortal fools
But where the world goes small you stood alone
To face Goliath and the might of Rome

Where the rock sets hard your arms hit strong
Digging out your road ten thousand paces long
Fragments of survival in the driving rain
With the blood and tears that bear your name

On and on the meek the strong
On and on the meek the strong

They built the wall of China with a million men
Thought that broken promises would wear you thin
But they didn't count on things they couldn't see
One island man with heart of steel

On and on the meek the strong
On and on the meek the strong
On and on the meek the strong
On and on the meek the strong

[One Man]

One man to change the world
One word to bring it down
One stand to right a wrong
Only the meek can break the strong
Only the meek can break the strong

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Runrig Wall Of China / One Man Comments
  1. Espen H. Pedersen

    The first 5 sec sounds like crap. The rest of the song is amazing ;)

  2. Drakkan12

    Heard this two nights ago. Heard it many times last night. I should have listened to this band much more. But after seeing them live I'm totaly converted. Long live Runrig, 40 years young!

  3. Amandaahhej

    i just can't believe i like this.. ._. but it's just plain awesomeness

  4. FortOyer

    Tribute to Calum's Road FTW!

  5. Mads Boesen

    agreed. my favorite too. ;)

  6. XenaWoman12

    Yes, they are a great band and you have me beat, I haven't yet had the privilege to see them perform live. It's something I'll have to do when I visit Scotland. :) Proterra is my favourite album and always will be.

  7. XenaWoman12

    Hey no need to feel old at all. I've listened to Runrig since like... 2000 and I'm never going to stop, since they're just *that* good! :) It doesn't matter how old you are because if you think about it how many members of the band are really that young themselves? ;) :D

  8. WaterWolf

    Hehe, you gotta love this song ^.^

  9. XenaWoman12

    I'm glad all of you like this song, so much. Let me know if y'all want any other Runrig songs and I'll work on putting them up.

  10. Andreas Zimmermann

    This is the gratest song of Runrig...Andreas

  11. tinkerbellinparis

    haha! I lied too hehe!!

  12. SavedandSound

    Not to worry, Tink--If you listen to Runrig, you're young at heart (like me)!

    (P.S. I fibbed about my age in my profile, LOL! Shhhh...don't tell!)

  13. tinkerbellinparis

    I certainly will! Been a fan for 17 years now! Gosh I feel old!!lol

  14. SavedandSound

    Heya Tink!

    Thanks--it suits my feisty little pup!

    I see we both have excellent taste in music, LOL! Keep rockin' to Runrig!

  15. tinkerbellinparis

    Cool dog name!!! brill song!

  16. SavedandSound

    Love, love, LOVE this band (so much, in fact, that I named my Cairn Terrier "Runrig" after them.)

    Thanks for posting--you made my day!