Runrig - Life Is Lyrics

Life is hard, somehow
Life is cold, somehow
It can make you, it can break you
In pieces all around

There is no return
Once the seal's undone
Morning dawning with life abounding
But in time we all must fall
And it seems to be this way
Hearts change and brightness fades
And it leaves you facing the days
When your hope is blown apart
Life is hard

I walk you down that road
It's the only road we know
Nights so blinding, the world denying
That love so loved the world
What words to ease the pain
A life to live again
What can lift you up from this place
Where you hold a broken heart
Life is hard

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Runrig Life Is Comments
  1. musicbuff51

    one of their this

  2. Jožica Stuhne

    Simply beautiful!

  3. Ande

    He is a little Danish too...

  4. chazzaster

    What a stirring and haunting voice this song is full of emotion from a fantastic singer in one of the best bands i've ever listened to. Keep up the good work Bruce and long live Runrig. from a fan of 22 years.

  5. Susan Howard

    Bruce Guthro maybe Canadian but Scottish spirit and beautiful voice.

  6. Ingrid Letzgus

    Amazing video...and I know SO DAMN good HOW you feel/ felt...

  7. Dieter Fuchs

    warum war ich nie so gefühlvoll wie dieses Lied?
    it s amaizing - special

  8. Dieter Fuchs

    gnadenlos gut - trifft meine Stimmung grad 150 %ig.

  9. Dieter Fuchs

    einfach nur gigantisch - die Musik - die Stimmung - der Text
    Runrig halt
    very special

  10. Dieter Fuchs

    auch in Deutschland wird Runrig gehört und geschätzt.
    Runrig melancholisch - nothing better

  11. Gunilla Holmberg

    one of the best songs from runrig allthough it is very hard to choose all their music are wonderfull but the words in this one absolut top of the top

  12. celticlass32

    Thanks 4 sharing this beautiful video.The words so beautiful of a heart breaking of a luv that once was and how very precious time is.One of many things I have learned is to always make the best of what I have even through the heart breaks & pain 4 there is still light and we have this moment if anything at best to live it fully no matter what comes our way 4 after all we have someone that no one can ever take away from us and that is *OUR SELF* we are our own best friends along lives journeys.♥

  13. christine brown

    Thank you for uploading this. I love this song so much. The words are beautiful & poignant.