Runrig - Book Of Golden Stories Lyrics

Book of golden stories
Days of open roads
Now the autumn leaves are falling
We'll meet on the edges
Memories, no regrets
Now the minstrel boy is calling

But as long as I can see the morning
In miracles, much more than I can say
It's enough to keep me still believing
In drifting hearts so far away

You took me through the pages
Good happiness is shared
Lost in the web of changes
This could be the last dance
Waltzing in the wind
Till the minstrel comes to save us

Yes, as long as I can see the morning
And blossom comes to bud again in spring
It's enough to keep me still believing
Your memory is everything

Book of golden stories
Book of golden stories

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Runrig Book Of Golden Stories Comments
  1. Anna

    We will remember.

  2. Melissa Ramey

    This happened for my birthday. :)

  3. Тимур Мунгиев


  4. Kirsten Grau

    Feeling love.. Just love <3

  5. Scott malcolm

    is it ok for a 45yr man to still cry to this song ….. brilliant and such an emotional song ….thanks for growing up with me guys

  6. Chancy Squire

    Wow - great version! This song is really awesome in ALL versions of Runrig!

  7. John Scott Neill

    I have seen purple, rainbow, Bowie so many others but nothing compares to the emotional feelings and amazing music that night

  8. TheSwabbie

    God I am going to miss these guys.. :(

    Whats kinda funny is that I visited Scotland twice in 1977 when I was in the US Navy stationed in Keflavik Iceland. We would fly down to the Royal Air Force base in Kinloss. The guys were playing gigs around that area back then.. I had no clue who they were. God Bless boys..

  9. PRE Icklemickle

    Broke me down soo much!

  10. Ferries

    One of my favourite song ever, it's so emotional to hear it

  11. john mckenzie

    Thoroughly enjoyed

  12. AnnWilsonfanchannel *****

    Truly Wonderful ❤️ Goosebumps!

  13. Amanda Phillipson

    I think watching the DVD will break me as much as the actual show did ❤️


    It broke me.. but i saw myself in the crowd.

  14. MrStevieboy491

    Brings tears to the een! 45 years of excellence from the guys!

  15. Scottish Mamma

    Beautiful, so emotional listening to this.

  16. JonoB23

    Simply wonderful.

    Stanley Birch