Rundgren, Todd - You Cried Wolf Lyrics

You cried wolf once too often
You cried wolf, you made me run
You cried wolf, I caught you bluffing
You'll cry wolf but I'll be gone

If you need someone to love
You only had to ask
Instead you pulled a false alarm
Baby, just for a laugh
You can have your little joke

But when they see what you done
You will holler for assistance and nobody will come

You can threaten me forever
With the same old song
But you can toy with my emotions
Baby, only so long
Because the very next time
I see you talk through your hat
You will get no more attention, I can promise you that

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Rundgren, Todd You Cried Wolf Comments
  1. R.C.B.

    Sticks in your head

  2. David Ellis

    Short , but awesome !

  3. jamesthejawa gaming