Rundgren, Todd - Stood Up Lyrics

When I found we could have some brains
I was the first in line, cause we were, like
Dragging our knuckles along the ground
(dragging our knuckles along the ground)
Ever since, I've been convinced that every
Sacred thought is mine, and you were still
Dragging your knuckles along the ground
(dragging your knuckles along the ground)

Cause I think I'm there, dude (don't get ahead of yourself)
I think I'm there, dude
(Already high)

And when they asked us who will lead
I thought it surely must be me
But I stood up too fast
(I stood up too fast)
Because as soon as I was boss
The next one in line took my head clean off
Cause I stood up too fast
(I stood up too fast)

I was barely in my teens when I decided I was tired
Of always like dragging my knuckles along the ground
(dragging my knuckles along the ground)
So with all due haste I based until I got so freakin wired
Forgot I was dragging my knuckles along the ground
(dragging my knuckles along the ground)

I thought I was there, dude (you'll got ahead of yourself)
I thought I was there, dude
Already high

And when they asked for volunteers
I must have thought they said 'drink beers'
And I stood up too fast
(I stood up too fast)

I can imagine things that can't possibly exist
And then I add them to an ever-expanding list
And when I've solved every significant test there is
Then I'll move on no matter how many clues I've missed

It's so easy to be smart but it's a struggle to be wise
You shouldn't be always throwing your weight around
(always throwing your weight around)
It's much better to be humble than to have a big hat size
Or you'll be just begging somebody to take you down
(begging somebody to take you down)

And you'll be nowhere, man (you got ahead of yourself)
And you'll be nowhere, man
Already high

And right before your very eyes
I have ignored my own advice
Cause I stood up too fast
(I stood up too fast)
And nobody has the slightest choice
But to put up with my droning voice
When I stood up too fast
(I stood up too fast)
[repeat until end]

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Rundgren, Todd Stood Up Comments
  1. César Guerrero Vaquera

    Great 💪 Todd

  2. charles mann

    Love the Lyrics and the tune, if you stand up to fast you might get dizzy.

  3. Wyngardian

    A nice little "backhanded" compliment to his former nemesis Andy Partridge!! The spirit of Skylarking is strong in this one...

  4. Tripper Harrison

    It’s a shame that this album isn’t on iTunes

    Todd Fan


  5. bodeswell35

    A classic form Todd song...Top 10 material...

  6. Rosie Vela

    Literally Addicted 2 Stood Up Todd

  7. Rosie Vela

    I’m addicted to this tune

  8. Rosie Vela

    Stood Up is a BeautyFuLL Carousel Ride.

  9. Repsychler 808

    When I tried turning friends on to ‘Liars’ they didn’t know how to handle it. I loved it first spin but then I’ve admired TODD since AWATS.

    Todd Fan

    It's hard to believe that other people don't hear what we hear! I've had little luck converting many people :(

  10. Kevin McGiffin

    Todd ...i love this album. Thank you molly😍

    Ed Tate

    I paid $29 for this cd during Christmas. In two weeks I gave it to somebody that really needed to hear it.
    And I'd buy it again!

  11. TheRealBarbDwyer

    "Ah-EE-yah Stood up too fast" ...

  12. Dave Ski

    Ok I know where this tune came from. Wow Todd, pretty sneaky. Your secrets safe with me...

    Kelly Leiby

    The secret that he gets it? It's no secret.

    Ed Tate

    Drop a clue?

    Dave Ski

    @Ed Tate Well hey there Ed. Ok a clue? Well I was really intrigued by this tune especially the disharmony bell's and chimes of sorts..I was watching a u_tube video on Paul McCartney and the Beatles. They were playing some Beatles music backwards. Low and behold what I heard? I am fairly certain the tracks are let's say... conspicuously similar.... then the image of Utopia in Beatle persona.... let me know if you agree. I believe it was about the conspiracy of Paul being a imposter.

    Ed Tate

    @Dave Ski strawberry fields or glass onion?

  13. Thomas Todd

    8 people stood up too fast...

  14. Ira Gordon

    Welcome to the R&R Hall of Fame, Todd!!

    Thomas Todd

    Ira Gordon Todd said this about the RRHOF: "If nominated I will not run; if elected, I will not serve."

  15. Mark Walters

    And yet another Todd Classic

    Jazz Fusioner


  16. Wayne Dent

    I love this song. It's got everything that makes a song great!

  17. Mark Walters

    Half of these views are mine!

  18. jsilence418

    " I got so " FUCKING wired"

  19. sara cheri

    Todd stood up just in time for me. Forever amazed and grateful!

    Kelly Leiby

    Right in!

    Jazz Fusioner

    Witness with your good self...

  20. Marla Singer

    One of the best songs ever.

    Morley Bartnoff

    Marla Singer 👨‍🎤I was Thinking 🤔The Same Thing!

  21. David Renton

    "And when tey asked for volunteers, I must have thought they said drink beers" Love that line, love this song.

    Jazz Fusioner

    Great capture our fine Wizard performed...again...

  22. Simon Cornell

    Yes he is, was, and will always be. I tried, but got fucked. No regrets, I stood up too fast. Maybe the next person can have it easier.

  23. Wayne Dent

    Mr. Rundgren is the man!

  24. bostonlucy

    I love this song. Well honestly, I can't name a Todd song I don't like.

    Dan Halper

    this honesty is greatly appreciated

    Kelly Leiby

    Me either. OMG. I live and breathe Todd Rundgren.

    skyblaze eterno

    I like most Todd stuff but 99% of the stuff on Arena is crap imho

  25. sisosiggy

    Dig this song lots. Bridge at 2:20 sounds so XTC it's uncanny.... after all, this IS the guy who produced Skylarking.

    Headphone Jack TV

    i didn't know he produced an XTC album

    Mark Meyers

    Funky bridges go back to early 70s for Todd.

  26. Susan Baldwin

    Todd, your stuff is amazing.

  27. mmarian1959

    Fab! ty!

  28. Rob Davidson

    My copy DVD was yours to?

  29. meetprobe

    Excellent! WHAT A COMEBACK that was...!!!!

  30. Roger Morgan

    thanks for lyrics - love it x

  31. marsdexter

    I know what you mean. Todd's songs are the sound track of my life.

  32. Kenyon Mills

    So many eras of Todds music I just Love, seems as though there has always been a Todd song that fully captured the moment of something I was going through in my life...The Liars cd song for song is just brilliant, because so much of the production that has made Todd who he is just really shines on this CD ! Sheer Brilliance !

  33. gumbyonacid

    wisdom is sorely lacking in our society- exactly why our political system is failing-

  34. gumbyonacid

    Saw todd many times with many different musicians playing with him- He never disapoints live and his studio productions just keep getting better-
    peace my friends-

  35. Suzie Q

    "It's so easy to be smart but it's a struggle to be wise" Lyrics that will always stick with me.. So True.

  36. sam frost

    humbling song

  37. flieonthewal

    @JonP1961 Todd is the master!!

  38. baxdrum1

    Rundgren has been getting into my head since 1974. Thanks Todd, it's been one hell of a ride.

    Glenn Bagley

    Same year for myself also Baxdrum!

  39. gergsar

    a lesson in humility...

  40. JonP1961

    great layering on this tune!

  41. Oscar Kraal

    stood up & god said are my favorite tracks of this fantastic album. all lyrics are a slap in the face in the best way possible...

    Kelly Leiby

    Well said.

  42. Suzie Q

    @menRstupidwomenRevil Right?!!

  43. Jonathan McCready

    great track - notice something new every time

  44. Suzie Q

    YES! Been waiting for someone to post. LOVE the harpischord in this! Peace and Love! Sus