Rundgren, Todd - Soul Brother Lyrics

I didn't just pull into town.
This happened right before my eyes.
There's something missing in the sound,
That so used to satisfy.
It may rock, it may roll, but tell me
Whatever happened to your soul?

It's just a murky, jerky groove.
It motivates but it don't move
And all the pimps and funky divas
Crank out their empty testifying
They mixed it all in a bowl but then they
Forgot to add a pinch of soul

Tell me, whatever happened to soul, brother?
Tell me, what did they do with the soul, soul brother?
Tell me, where did they go with the soul, brother?
Can I get a witness?

We're only here to entertain
And just pretend to be in pain
And if you wanna see me get down
Just watch me wave my hands around
It's just a distraction I'm told, I use it
To hide my total lack of soul

Can't find a little a bit of soul
Cause it's so hip to be a ho
And all the brothers act like crooks
And all the kids in the suburbs write the radio hooks

And if you want to be a star
Just grab your crotch and squeeze it hard
And make your mom and daddy proud
As you dry hump for the crowd
It may be tired and old, but then it's
Your only substitute for soul

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Rundgren, Todd Soul Brother Comments
  1. Michael Alderete

    Knowing the studio version fairly well, I'm really impressed with this live version. His vocals and all the instrumentalists sounding very fine.

  2. Joseph Baca

    Outstanding!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌☺️☺️☺️

  3. Kevin McGiffin

    The boys are dressed men. Kas in pink ...looks fine.😀😀😀

    Jazz Fusioner


  4. Todd Fan

    Todd is the best! He is nominated for the 2019 R&R Hall Of Fame and he deserves to be in there! You can vote for him daily until Dec.9th here:


    Vote early and often!

    Todd Fan

    @rednoise0 Vote with multiple emails!

  5. Hmbldzy99

    What did they do with the soul brother?

  6. Donna Taylor

    Happy Birthday TODD

  7. Joe Ciliberto

    GSH and the Midnite Band.

  8. JuomariTurmio

    Orange pimp suit. Glad this didn't become a staple. Great tune in any case.

  9. alexjamess

    greatest of the greatest of the greatest of the greatest (fades out with echo) ) ) ) ) )

    Jazz Fusioner

    Truth...a few others to fade out to...Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Mark Hollis, Joe Zawinul, Peter Gabriel, Lara Nyro, Terry Kath...

  10. Seth Harris

    Jesse on keyboards! Mark of a great musician!

  11. Clayton139

    Letterman and Schaffer both knew talent!

  12. TheWhollymoly

    That's Bruce Kapler on flute.

    Jazz Fusioner

    Nice one...tasty solo...

  13. goblinboxy


  14. dorispq

    Todd is an artist of multiple talents. As a good French wine, he gets better with time. Not enough to be a great songwriter/performer, he is also the most charming man in the world. Come to Brazil, Todd... and call me!

  15. awizardatruestar

    The true Philly soul brother!

    Liqht Raise

    awizardatruestar Philly?

    Stephen Kane

    Get a clue mate man!!! You don't know what you're seeing Light raise

    Jazz Fusioner

    fellow Philly Soul Bro...Daryl Hall...

  16. micktheMaag

    The Master and his crew Speaking the Truth... "Cause its so hip to be a HO and all the brothers Act like Crooks... If you want to be a Star Just grab your crotch and squeeze it Hard" What ever happened to the Soul?? He tells it like it is.. no doubt..

  17. letsjam2

    Inredible performance The creepy guy on the flute should be in a tarentino film

  18. jtdavis62

    Best album of Todd's long and distinguished career!

    Jazz Fusioner

    'Liars' is an outstanding album...among many of his long career...

  19. truck2112yes

    seems funny not seeing Him w/a guitar or piano.

  20. Suzie Q

    Awesome, man!! Great pimp suits all around!!