Rundgren, Todd - Sleep Lyrics

I'm sitting in the dark
And watching you sleep
I'm wide awake and you are breathing deep

There's nothing on my mind
No promises to keep
I'm happy ever after and I'm not counting sheep

I'm sitting in the dark
Counting my blessings
And watching you sleep

I'm waiting for the dawn
Trying not to yawn
And watching you sleep

The light across the street
Illuminates the gloom
And but for your slow breath it's like a tomb

I close the bathroom door
And carefully I tiptoe round the room
I want to wake you up but it will be daylight soon

I'm sitting in the dark
Counting my blessings
And watching you sleep

I'm waiting for the dawn
Trying not to yawn
And watching you sleep

I'm sitting in the dark
Counting my blessings
And watching you sleep

I'm waiting for the dawn
Trying not to yawn
And watching you sleep

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Rundgren, Todd Sleep Comments
  1. Rick Brown

    Sooooooo amazing!

  2. charles mann

    Just keep hoping for the Evolution Of Man Maybe that will follow.

  3. bodeswell35

    3 thumbs up...

  4. Mark Walters

    And yet another Todd classic!

  5. Rich Carlson

    Classic in a nutshell.

    Rich Carlson

    Whatever that means.

  6. BlueEyes 1970

    Todd won''t like this, but this is very XTC-ish. Just has mid-late period Andy Partridge written all over it. Which is a good thing.


    I definitely hear the XTC vibe. Listened to them a lot in high school, so I recognized it almost immediately.

  7. Blaire Ronzel

    Brian Joe Walsh and Rundgren

  8. Great Bowls Afire

    Andy Partridge Forever


    Andy Partridge still not a Todd fan to this day since he produced "Skylarking" for XTC. I still love them both though!

  9. Richard Sarkisian


  10. arthurtwosheds jackson

    love the "repeat" sound on the guitar.reminds me of the same thing on" couldn't i just tell you. "

  11. barkybarkbarkbark

    Genius collaboration. Has that magical, lush, floaty, psychedelic ELO/late Beatles sound. 🖤💙 Todd keeps me close to sane in this crazy world.

  12. dashowgolfer1

    " Hello it's Me!!been my fave artist forever and that includes the british invasion!!

  13. KatyS531


  14. Taylor Conrad

    R Stevie Moore suggested this. If you like this you should really listen to him.

    Taylor Conrad

    Say goodbye to a couple months as well.

    Bill Colrus

    I've spent 10 years listening to RSM. Still just scratching the surface. #genius

  15. Ross Vick

    Sleep is the kind of song that makes you glad that you grew up listening to Todd Rundgren and Joe Walsh. It keeps me hopeful for the evolution of the music industry. Thanks Todd and Joe.

  16. Mark M

    Hints of Adrian Belew, XTC, and definitely prime Todd. What a wonderful little musical gift, this..

  17. catrinasaguto

    This song puts me in an incredibly happy mood....

    andrew gillis

    Same idea for me with Just One Victory, Courage, All The Children Sing. A long list with only Stevie Wonder or Smokey Robinson in the league. Todd is what the late Harry Nilsson, or Laura Nyro might have been, in time, but with a whole bunch of technical know-how.
    Total uplift new to me from the stirring, devious 182 seconds of Let's Do This. And the poetry (although vague) is a match for the chord changes, taken together they're ecstatic - and the last verse is always some sort of re-wording that serves as a payoff to the man's message. .

  18. Bob Love

    Two of my favorite artists playing new music that hints at what my mentor and sometimes backstage aquaintance, Brian Wilson, might compose. It sure doesn't get any better than that!


    Bob Love

    Absolutely Brian Wilson! If I did not know the track was Todd's already, I would ascribe it to Wilson.

  19. bodeswell35

    I've read that Walsh is a fan of "Healer"...this sounds pretty good to me...

  20. John RossStar


  21. billy smith

    worn out music played over and over again in supermarkets donald trump is our president


    billy smith I am not a h8er. 🖤💙

    Reed Richards

    billy smith - And what does this ^ have to do with this song, might I ask?

    Eastman D

    Not that one thing has ANYTHING to do with the other. cheesedick.

    TA3P - The Annex 3 Project

    You choose Trump. Live with it.

  22. Ben Champion

    Another fantastic track off White Knight. Todd should literally be knighted.. and also put in the Rock and Roll hall of fame ASAP!

    Krista Hamilton

    He himself has said he doesn't want to be nominated for the Hall. The honor would be nice, but Todd isn't really for that.

    Ben Champion

    Right I know Todd probably wouldn't be that phased.. but considering his standing in the rock pantheon he definitely more than deserves it👌🏻

    Hugh Stone III

    I was initially surprised, then dismayed, then outraged that he isn't in the Hall. As artist, lyricist, performer, producer AND innovator. And one morning, I thought about it: would I want to live in a world without Todd Rundgren, or a world without the Hall. Then, and only then, did I realize how insignificant, how infinitesimal the issue has become. I've never agreed with Todd's politics, though I've always loved his social awareness. There are turns he's taken in his music that have not always​ been easy for me to follow, but he gave us fair warning, and I've hung in there for greater rewards. I once heard writing about music is like dancing about words. For those who appreciate TR, no words will do. For those of you who have heard this man's oeuvre and haven't been moved: you have no soul.

    Did I mention: I'm a fan?

    Hugh Stone III

    ... dancing about architecture...sorry

  23. Corrinne McClure

    Two great producers and arrangers collaborating to make a beautiful song. I'd love to hear an album of these two together. But Seriously meets Mink Hollow. What a sound that would be.