Rundgren, Todd - It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Lyrics

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Do you remember the last time I said
If I ever thought of lying
I'd rather think of dying instead?
And maybe you remember

The last time you called me
To say we were through
How it took a million tears
Just to prove they all were for you
But those days are through

'Cause it wouldn't have made any difference
If you loved me
How could you love me
When it wouldn't really make any difference
If you really loved me
You just didn't love me, 'cause

I know of hundreds of times I could be
In the most unfaithful arms
That you always picture me
And maybe you remember that

Though I can't always show proof I was true
No one else could change my mind
Or stop me coming home to you
But those days are through

'Cause it wouldn't have made any difference
If you loved me
How could you love me
When it wouldn't really make any difference
If you really loved me
You just didn't love me

Enough to believe me
Enough not to leave me
Enough not to look for a reason to be
Unhappy with me
And make me regret ever wanting you
But those days are through

'Cause it wouldn't have made any difference
If you loved me
How could you love me
When it wouldn't really make any difference
If you really loved me
You just did not love me

'Cause it wouldn't have made any difference
If you loved me
How could you love me
When it wouldn't really make any difference
If you really loved me
You just did not love me

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Rundgren, Todd It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Comments
  1. Larry Wilson

    I wonder how much influence this song might have had on "Promise Ain't Enough." They both sound really similar.

  2. knucklehead0202

    This is just fucking EPIC! I love this song in every iteration i hear it but this is just incredible. WOOO HOOOO!

  3. Stephen Boyle

    Brilliant if you have time check out wet wet wet version it’s great

  4. Jennifer Puhl

    Beautiful Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall in Hawaii!!! Something Anything Album 1973

  5. Elisa Frankle

    So great!!!

  6. tigerjohns0n

    This is nice. Real nice.

  7. Martha Stephens

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  8. jerry feigelson

    Todd HOF finally comin!!!

  9. Frits Timmer jr.


  10. lainey ruocco

    Todd and Daryl...we still love you guys. I have loved your music for about 30 somewhat years. what more can I say. you are both still rocking it !! But, where is John in all of this music?

  11. Barbara Pyles

    Todd just gets better with age - Love the guy!

  12. BaSkA

    Does anybody know the name of the drummer?

  13. Melissa Schroeter

    We remember baby...the times that ....were the times that you loved.......and I loved .....what could have been... the love...that we saw.... that loved us...... do you remember loving me..... babe? I remember loving you... love this.....

  14. Leo Simmes

    beautiful composition by todd .

  15. sooke54

    Check out Tom Middleton's version - a #10 hit in Canada in 1973.

  16. Maggie Vada

    Love this song right here!

  17. Catherine Nielsen

    Todd & Daryl, I'm not stalkin' , although, my fav hand me down is a t shirt that says "some call it stalking, I call it love" lol.... I have know idea why I d=keep coming back to Daryl;s House.... maybe because he finds fab artists like himself? * Todd, I think this is my fav song* ...

  18. The Black Al Bundy

    Love that yodel at the end. Perfect touch Mr. Hall

  19. Catherine Nielsen

    I just love your voice.... Daryl and Todd.

  20. Catherine Nielsen

    Daryl you are brillant for making all of this. Love to Todd. Always. Cat

  21. Catherine Nielsen

    Did I already subscribe? I forgot.

  22. Catherine Nielsen

    Thanx you Daryl for makin' a home for every GREAT artist....*Todd Rundgren*....

  23. Sheryl Ketchum


  24. Dorothy Grady


  25. lainey ruocco

    Todd, We all still love you greatly,,,,,,But, pls go get my dear long time family friend, Billy Savoka to join you in your jams.

  26. Larry Wilson

    it's almost as if this song was written for Daryl. this is exactly how I thought this song would sound if he did it.

    Erno Vlasics

    hey larry i so very much agree, carol miz

    Jennifer Puhl

    Larry Wilson These 2 are so awesome together and im sure they have jammed together throughout the years before now. They sound so much the same...2 of my favorites😋

  27. D Key

    Todd performed this in New Haven last night, perfectly beautiful.

  28. 1neruby

    I do believe Todd Rundgren gets better with age! As does Daryl.

  29. Sheryl Ketchum

    Beaming.  My favorite song for so .... so.... long.

  30. Ted Rood

    Jason Kamasz made a remarkable 4 part Todd bio, it's posted on YouTube, check it out!

  31. Ted Rood

    I had the joy of staying on Kaua'i, in Princeville, where Michelle Rundgren's "Tiki Iniki" restaurant is. Met her there, complete with beaming smile and blue wig. I drove around, trying to recognize Todd's house from the background on these videos, but sadly was unable to. Think I'd have a permanent grin for the rest of my life if I'd sat in on that recording session. Two of the greatest performers of my generation.

    Jennifer Puhl

    Ted Rood Lucky you! I have never been to Hawaii....Strange older girl here.I am terrified of flying! Mostly because i am claustrophobic! I am thinking maybe Xanax to knock me out and i would be great after ...My husband lived in Honolulu when he was 12 and always thinks about going back....

    Ted Rood

    Jennifer Puhl , it would be worth it to see Kaua'i, and you might well find your fears are worse than the actual experience of flying.

    Jennifer Puhl

    Ted Rood Thank you!!!

  32. Jim grassi

    Two of the best, Philly boys, I would love to know more about that Gibson Daryl is playing.............

  33. JennaP46

    I need this song tonight

  34. bostonlucy

    I was so fortunate to see Todd and Ringo Starr and his all Starr band in Toronto in October. Still smiling. :) Todd and Daryl are both Philly boys. For the record, Todd sounds so rich and smooth now. Loved that concert! Also joining were members of Santana and Toto. And yes, I got pictures.


    +bostonlucy Yeah Todd's voice has matured- very nice.


    It was an awesome concert :)

  35. Mortimermanto

    Classic pairing of two 'Philly Soul' music lovers. Great version. Daryl is great and Todd is Godd.

  36. Perkins Kimberly

    Todd when I listen to you,  I am whole!!  Thank you!!  I'm in KY now, enjoying your music for  many  years. You make me shine!  Wish you were here. I'm  51 and love your music with all my heart . My family is in  Ohio.  My father always played your tunes and I loved them!  Don't stop, keep up the good work!! Love You!

  37. Perkins Kimberly

    You are the best!!  KY

  38. JennaP46

    In Hawaii no doubt.:)What a beautiful place to be

  39. JennaP46

    I so love these 2... They jam so good together

  40. Denise Powell

    I'd love to visit...and listen..omgosh!! So awesome!

  41. Michelle R Jackson

    "Heart musiic".. Todd..God bless you with such a voice

  42. Michelle R Jackson

    Love ..

  43. Melissa Ward

    Todd rocks!  Daryl adds flavor to this one.

  44. Judy Smith-Randle


  45. austin teutsch

    Don't get me fucking started on how great Todd and Daryl are.  Rock and Roll hall of fame, bullshit.  I love Donna Summer, but if you put her in and not Todd, then the voters wouldn't know rock if it SHIT ON THEM!

    Dennis Gutierrez

    @austin teutsch I couldn't agree with you more! 

  46. Elizabeth DelFranco

    Amazing version of a Todd favorite of mine.  Thanks LFDH!

  47. Erin Walter

    F ing awesome!

  48. Paul Bonaldi

    Todd for R & R Hall of Fame,,,Whats wrong with these people ???

  49. Karen Bryant

    @aTallguy" the sound quality was awful" - WOW! Question.. DO YOU HAVE EARS OR A BRAIN?

  50. Karen Bryant

    Does not get ANY better! Two of the greatest artists in Soul/ Rock together, the harmonies are just Mindblowing! Rock n Roll hall of fame indeed and then some! AWESOME.


    Absolutely agree with you, Karen. Mindblowing indeed! Such a talented group of people.x

  51. scopo 54

    another wow from beautiful DARYL @ ALL

  52. P S C

    This is absolutely AMAZING .. LOVE IT !!!!!  Thanks so much for sharing!  Two of my Favs .. Todd and Darryl .. WOW!!!  ..and I totally agree that Todd should have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame years ago!

    Jennifer Puhl

    Pamela Lee Me too woman ! Two of my most favorite men in the older genre life. .I followed them both and still do in the music world..

    Jennifer Puhl

    My hubby and i are truly musical followers from the 70s...We love our music😚

  53. Shirley Robertson

    Man these guys always made me happy

    Shirley Robertson

    Great Voice

  54. Jean Allard

    What can one add? Todd an Daryl doing one of the rock anthem song makes me long when music had meaning and yes I am an old, but still feisty.. 

  55. therealeben

    This particular grouping is what Soul is all about.

  56. Ted953

    A new great version posted on: sunday [email protected]

  57. Bobby Fletcher

    Two of the great voices from Philly! I believe I heard in another clip that this episode of Daryl's house was "guest-shot" at Todd's house in Hawaii. I've seen Todd in many of incarnations over the year - Todd's band, Todd & Utopia, Todd "A Capella" and Todd solo with three racks of computers & keyboards. And yeah, his voice has never been better...

  58. Sheldon Ki

    How can people not like this???

    Jennifer Puhl

    Sheldon Ki because that are young and dumb and only appreciate garbage music! Younger intelligence loves our old music as i dig thiers

  59. Richard Khan

    Two of the greatest voices together what a treat ...thanks

  60. Andy Isham

    Todd's voice is much richer now than it used to be. Great.

  61. furkinhellman

    Thanks for posting Rundgrenfan. BTW check this promo tape for his July 2013 tour of Australia : -
    Don't know whether you have seen it, enjoy if not!
    Best wishes - Furkinhellman

  62. GrannaLynarie

    Would LOVE to sit in at Daryl OR Todd's house! You're livin' the dream, guys!

  63. Hannie Knoester

    I listen to this song every day!

  64. Robert Parry

    I love this Darryl's House series.I really dig these 2 Philly cats!

  65. TheKaelleb

    I have ALWAYS loved nearly everything that Todd has done. He is an amazing talent. Recently my respect for Daryl has grown a great deal when reviewing his body of work in retrospect. Daryl's House is a great showcase.

  66. Shopping4coconuts

    23rd May, Hard Rock Casino Tulsa H&O's, 6 th row....I'm so there!! 30 Jun Todd R, Cain's Ball room Tulsa!!! Oh man what a summer!!

  67. Rita Hartzell

    OMG! One of my all time favorite songs and I love this version! Thank you.

  68. Helene DeLillo

    Excited to attend the concert on Friday - friends takig ME :D ALOHA

  69. starcloza

    Homeboy at 2:36 is killin the tamborine

  70. Chaz B

    Good food, cocktails, great music with Todd & Daryl and friends ... does it get any better?
    ..... mmmmmmm .. no it doesn't.

  71. Lisa Suydam


  72. Jay generico

    I agree...for the most part...except when I went to see Todd in Tarrytown...he went off on Bush for 5 minutes (got boo'd heavily)....So, the problem is Todd (Bruce and others, like Macca even (the only one I'd actually use the word 'sacred' with) need to shut there mouths first...then maybe posters wouldn't be so passionate about that kinda of thing.

  73. ddefaye

    this just makes me so happy, so glad to find this beautiful

  74. Hannie Knoester

    I agree!!! Much warmer!!!!

  75. Hannie Knoester

    Todd and Daryl: thank you very much for this wonderful song. I think it's the best performance!!! From Holland with love!

  76. Stephen Bufferd

    Unbelievable talents...Can we get them to do it for us live in NYC!

  77. Barb B

    OMG!! this is freakin awesome!! please make an album, or just put this out there for everyone to listen....can't get better than these 2 , and the Bad Ass band!

  78. JennaP46

    Laura, I'm from Jax as well and i would love too see the two of them together~~~~Love me some Todd as always,and iv'e seen him a bunch of times..However, Todd and Daryl would be incredible,Don't you think??:)))

  79. Frank Houston

    Same here!! Loved it!

  80. Laura M

    Todd, will you PLEASE!!!!! come to Jacksonville, Florida????? Please!

  81. 1mikera

    People, it doesn't get any better than this. Darryl and his bands addition is a cherry on top. This is music/ creativity at it's best. Todd originally wrote, arranged, performed and recorded this ALL BY HIMSELF, in his stop with the negatives or show with support otherwise......

  82. steveieify

    Love this stuff, Manhattan Transfer did a good version as well

  83. JennaP46

    Two of my most favorite Artist"s playing one of the most beautiful Todd songs~~~Love you guys!!!

  84. Catherine Lopez


  85. Brien Butler

    Although we don't listen to music on our car radios anymore, can you imagine for just a moment if we could and someone heard this music for the first time? They would have to pull off the road and just go where did that come from? It just shows how far off course music has come but thank God for Youtube!

  86. Catherine Lopez

    I'm stunted by the talent of Todd.. I heard a few of his song... I missed listening
    to this song.. WOW.. I just I must get his album.. and I will !!!
    Thank you for posting these gems ... love the 70s.. and miss those times.

  87. Tatiane Fonseca

    Batera com a camisa do Atlético Mineiro? haha

  88. Alexander

    Holy cow,,, excellent work posting this masterpiece. Speechless, the tradeoff between Hall and Rundgren's vocals is devastating. I'm blown away. Absolutely beautiful melody from one of our best, brightest, most talented artists, Todd Rungren baby.

  89. PlymouthVT

    Fav Todd song. Any dude who's love and girl and she left him knows exactly what Todd means.

  90. Norma Monter

    Just Beautiful vocals Loved it!

  91. fairterr

    Can you believe that Johnny Mathis and Allison Krauss also did covers of this song?, and they are pretty good covers...just goes to show that good music will reach all kinds of an audience

  92. Sandra Stram

    What a fantasy pairing!

  93. Sandra Stram

    I totally agree w. you! in every way! And these 2 amazing musicians + Hawaii - how fantastic!

  94. Hope McKiernan

    Todd's music was so comforting to a young teenager full of doubts and insecurities. Years later it's still comforting in different ways. What a great pairing with Daryl.

  95. Ace's Cafe

    To bad Kasim wasn't on the project.

  96. 1mikera

    One of Todd's best ballads performed by the masters at play

  97. Janster59

    the story of my life

  98. Joe Bill

    This is so fuck*ng great.