Rundgren, Todd - Happy Anniversary Lyrics

Come to me, she said, my girl
I must teach you of the world
It is full of hungry men
Who will drag you to their den
But their feelings they won't share
And of yours they do not care
And they think that they're so smart
But they're not

Men are stupid, men are stupid
And that's just the way it's got to be
Happy anniversary

Come to me my boy, he said
Better get this in your head
All the girls will use their sex
To get a yoke around your neck
Then they'll try to make you change
And when they fail, hold you to blame
And they don't care what's real or true
Like we do

Women are evil, women are evil
And that's just the way it's got to be
Happy anniversary

You'd like to change it but there ain't no way
Cause you're a slave to your DNA
It's so unfair but it's the game we play
We're only slaves to our DNA

Men are stupid, women are evil
Happy anniversary
And is that the way it has to be?
Happy anniversary

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Rundgren, Todd Happy Anniversary Comments
  1. David Carney

    Todd is brilliant...great muscian...producer

    Headphone Jack TV

    an honest lyricist too ;)

  2. Lridesagain

    Love this song. Great when Todd sing the women part in a falsetto style, and the opposite for the men... Much deeper. Love the little Asian Techo best also.'Men are stupid...Women are evil.:-)

  3. Lynn Lehman

    It took a while to grow on me but I fell in love with this album after listening to it several times..
    Todd is a genius in his own right... I see him every chance I get.. tomorrow night at the Coach House... See you all there!