Rundgren, Todd - Drive Lyrics

I'm bleeding
I don't think I can go on
I'm dying
My last breath has come and gone
Pity the man
Searching in the sky
Looking for a sign from above
And he never caught a glimpse of
What he's worthy of
Don't sit and wait
For the world on a plate
It's not a stroke of luck or chance
Just draw a bead on that sucker
And drive

I'm falling
I don't know what's up or down
I'm spinning
I can't turn my life around
Pity the man
Waiting for a clue
Can't tell what to do with himself
Ends up as a fool who
Lives for someone else
Don't sit and cry
While the world passes by
Stop tagging after the other guy
Just get a line on that mother
And drive

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Rundgren, Todd Drive Comments
  1. jryuwah

    Disgusted as to why this isn’t played on classic rock radio stations. It’s almost hilarious. Sounds like an anthem that should be played in stadiums.

  2. Todd Fan

    Todd is the best! He is nominated for the 2020 R&R Hall Of Fame and he deserves to be in there! You can vote for him daily until Jan.10/20.
    New this year, to cast a ballot in the official Klipsch Audio Fan Vote, you can search “Rock Hall Fan Vote” or the word “Vote” with any Nominee name on Google to cast your ballot.

  3. Todd Fan

    Why wasn't this on the radio! Fantastic song by a vastly underappreciated artist!

  4. Bruce Campbell

    I forgot how much I love this song!

  5. Eileen McClatchy

    Just saw him perform this live for the first time. You can't help but dance!!!

    Kevin McGiffin

    Very very lucky you are Eileen .😊

  6. Kevin McGiffin

    This is signature t.r.i folks. Underrated can't be overstated. Listen to the entire album and tell me if you you aren't hooked by every song. Give it a try .

    Darren Bethell

    Kevin McGiffin I have and I’m hooked ! He’s a legend!

  7. alpineinc1

    A special song to me since its release, one of the best pure pop songs ever written. And he plays all the instruments! Great drums throughout. Drive on

  8. Darren Bethell

    What a fantastic song! Todd’s the man!

  9. Craig Hindman

    Exactly!! Don't sit and cry...