Rundgren, Todd - Day Job Lyrics

Don't quit your day job
Corporate-cry baby
A bit wiser and a whole lot older, feelin' bolder
Suckin' up to the last stockholder with a
Golden parachute slung over your shoulder
Another fool got stuck in the whirlpool
Lookin' for a fast break, not enough cake to go 'round
Another brother goes down, and he's out of the gene pool
Day after day, night after night if the money is right
The campaign goes on to make right seem wrong
With computer animation and a hip-hop song
Land of opportunity, this is the
Don't quit your day job
Suckin' up to the aristocracy
Not even sure if you like democracy
Tryin' to establish an American royalty, a personal dynasty
Let the buyer beware, it's a jungle out there
So buy my advice and don't think twice
Then me and your money will go someplace sunny
Kiss and tell, got a book to sell
'Cause you don't excel or do anything well
Since you slipped past thirty, better keep the sex dirty
Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money

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