Run DMC - Party Time Lyrics

[Intro/Chorus: unknown singers]

It's party time, and we came here to party
so get up and move your body, cause it's party time
It's party time, and we came here to party
so get up and move your body, cause it's party time

Come inside, the time is fine and I'm
really ready to drop a heavy bassline
on the crowd that's loud and proud the rhyme
is mine and the jam of party time
We're well equipped to flip and trip you out
I never slip but I rip the jam no doubt
So grab a girl ?? I know you wanna play
The funky jam I never quit until the break of day
Here we go on a Afrolistic journey
Here come the jam but don't forget to bring ??
to make sure the beat is upheld
The beat is raw and Run's banged it well
to make it take you to your destination
It's just the jam that slam across the nation
I gotta rock, you know I gotta good rhyme
So grab a girl, and listen to the good times
Now sweat til you're wet and get done
and I'll bet you get some..
heat to release the piece to have fun
So just grab a girl, cause it's party time


Groove, breathe, wind blowin the leaves
I'm at ease, can you feel the funky sensation
I might take a vacation
on the seven seasons
Reasons to be cheerful, sun shinin, Run rhymin
I'm right behind him
Jay, you know where to find him
Shinin like a diamond, if I'm lyin I'm dyin
{girrrrrrrrrrrls, drive me crazy}
So fine, goin out of my mind
I keep em goin, they sayin, I've got the rhyme
Ooze, cruise, gonna take a cruise
Jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling I'm never singin the blues
Afros, studios, doin shows
four-O's I suppose, no one knows
who's rockin the hoes, tell me that
You gotta be (funky)


Now let your body be free
And yeah, go you know
Never slow the flow til it's time to go
Cause that ain't the way you play the crowd
You gotta mingle, single girls allowed
So round em up, get a cutie in the spot
Look at the booty, do me, time to rock
And make all the girls give up the play
Get on the floor and make your day
So you're illin, still it's four o'clock
You won't leave til you see em close the spot
You gotta stay til they play the last song
til the night gives light to the early morn'
Check the place and the taste of the bass is on the case
A negative thought that you brought just erased
Put away the nine and keep in mind
that the jam'll slam when it's party time

[Chorus (repeat with ad libs to fade)]

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Run DMC Party Time Comments
  1. Philip Anderson

    Well that's disdainable.

  2. Nick Georgiev

    I liked the part where they all creampied each other.

  3. The Linx

    Girls when the lights go out in the classroom:

  4. The Dickman

    This song goes great with doggy style.

  5. Mike Niebauer

    Damn! Mom getting creampied there at the end. Lol

  6. Andrew Antoniti


  7. vynnlaron skilful

    This is a awesome song

  8. Bill Sells

    I propose a new variant: "Liberty knows no party (democrat/republican); except the right to party." This country has gotten way to dicked up and needs to chill. I have considered having this as a dual tattoo, one with lady liberty with the intro, and a personified eagle serving a beer as the second half.

  9. Legacy Maiden

    The #MooToo didn't get this video banned?

  10. Vanessa Rodriguez


  11. Eastwood Music

    *At **1:38** that girl low-key looks like*
    *Taylor Swift*

  12. Yoichi -

    Wow this sucks

  13. Libtards Suck

    Music is better than the video...which sucks

  14. Izzi Michaels Now you know where they stole it from.....

  15. Julith Brown

    I Love that song

  16. Artwork INC

    "Your mom busted in"
    *Middle aged man walks in* 2:51

  17. Sébastien Sartori

    Du bon son !!!!

  18. Bill Fike

    I'm the genius behind this music. Neiman Vampire

  19. Steve Jiminez

    Your mom threw away your best porno mag.

  20. Guitar Player

    Looks like 8,8k people don't want to fight for their right to party

  21. The Blas


  22. fcg honesty

    I grew up with this and now my son listen to it. I know they hate it but it specks to 2007 babies still. Stand the test of time I feel. Love you boys

    fcg honesty

    I play them a lot buzzed and of course many other different eras of course but I love adding them toy playlist

    fcg honesty

    Play list

  23. Daxter

    Why does this make me think of a teenage Adam Sandler?

  24. ASDF

    I never noticed that in the intro, MCA is whacking himself in the head with a dildo! And I was around when this came out in the 80's! I wonder if they censored that part?

  25. Helen Love

    cool: Kick it!

  26. John Mckenzie

    Party all night and all day for the college football game and basketball team

  27. thedaaank

    Legit one of them looks like a pizza delivery boy!

  28. Totally Meta

    The guy on the left of the couch in the beginning looks like an older version of the kid from Home Alone who wets the bed.

  29. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it rock's

  30. Simon Randall

    MCA RIP.

  31. B uppy

    Best rock anthem!

  32. Anders Johansson

    Festa! (party in Swedish) Runka!


    I love how the beastie boys literally made a joke song making fun of drunk party people, yet those are the type of people who listen to their music😂 These guys where genius

  34. TelePhotoLens

    Back in my day, I maybe saw this music video twice during my entire childhood/teens before youtube.

  35. Stevie Lough

    2:44 cut that hair lmao XD

  36. Stevie Lough

    This song rocks

  37. Ralph Gonzales


  38. koen critzer

    This my most favorite song by the Beastie Boys.

  39. kyzem86

    Listening on 31st December 2019 right before New Years party to get into the mood.

  40. Ricardo Santos

    1,5x !!!!!

  41. Marco Hernandez

    No Way Erick Go Cowboys Angel Gonzales

  42. souliscringy :3


  43. Joel Duprez

    You’ve gotta fight for your right to comment

  44. Melissa Garrison

    😂😂😂 i like all oldies

  45. Sam DunKley

    And thus millions of teenage douchnozzles failed to comprehend satire.

  46. Joe Gonzales

    Mom busted in," saying what's that noise?"

    "Mom you're just jealous, it's the beastie boys!"


    I heard them sing that while I listened to the song.
    Good thing you repeated it.

  47. Good Ol Yuro

    Haha ! No way
    I was at that party , had no idea some one was filming Man oh man , the Beasty boys sure did show us how to rock that day

  48. Kensley Kidd

    At 52 seconds the cup that the girl was holding she flipped it and landed it!Beastie Boys for life❤

  49. GREGO X

    GLEE ♥️♥️

  50. Jessie James

    I'm sorry but The Beasty Boys sound like s#it, except for Sabatage .

  51. paranormal crisis inc.

    0:39 me and the squad in cod walking into a room full of the other team

  52. Knuckles from Kentucky

    Funny how i found about this song playing on the radio on a pornhub video of a white guy getting a bj from an asian hooker i was like "fuck this i like the song in the back its going wild" so yeah 😂😂

    Mason Sackmann

    Link lol😂

  53. Dirk Lorenz

    Behind the Iron Curtain you came right after the Rolling Stones. Greetings form East-Germany.

  54. The Moto King

    Kick it! 👟💥

  55. Matthew and Dalia Steer

    Any one here after the Tommy Lee goes to college episode

    Raili sula

    no but i would be disapointed if that song wasn't there

  56. Holly Fiedler

    The acting is so bad at the start

    Creative Freak

    Wasn't supposed to be good, the bad acting adds to the fun stupidity of the song & video.

  57. oliver milke

    worst video ever ^^

  58. aleksander isaksen

    when he said "your mom threw away your best porno mag" i felt that

  59. Niko Theophanis

    I can imagine a movie scene with a degenate kid saying fuk you to his parents for telling him to turn down the volume

  60. Denise Thomas Hudson

    Mom you're just jealous, it's the Beastie Boys

  61. Denise Thomas Hudson

    Fight for your right to party. Merry Christmas

  62. rocko rocko

    coolest rmxs holidays patys

  63. rocko rocko

    great party cool everyone

  64. rocko rocko

    cool kings

  65. Franklin R.

    0:39 to Kick It!

  66. Ariel Fetters

    "I hope no bad people show up."

    Someone has obviously failed to explain how the universe works to this young man.

  67. Justin O'brien

    Top tune still in December 2019

  68. rocko rocko


  69. rocko rocko


  70. TONE 007

    8..7k losers.

  71. Kimberley Chadwick

    I am only age 6

  72. rocko rocko

    mladi i za zabave zaigrati

  73. Oskar Alexander

    THE song of my adolescence.


    Ok remember boys fight for you’re right ok 👌👌👌👌

  75. Craig Harrison

    0:41 that Mr.T starter kit on mike D. LMAO

  76. Liam Ferry

    the song of for the shy type

  77. ArcticJumper [Official Channel]

    My favorite song of all time!

  78. Макс Шаман

    The guitar resembles AC / DC. I think it is

  79. Damien Gordon


  80. Ronin Music

    Do nobody understand that they made this song to make fun of people that act like this????

  81. Rachel Jardin

    I discovered Beastie Boys when I was 11 (2001), never knew they were there even in the 80's. 😂

  82. hypocritnotme

    Used to watch on over and over.... MTV..... Saw first video ever played... may be corny to y'all but I'm proud of it 😎✌️🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋💥

  83. Dennis Young

    This has got a *Numbskull rhythm* - reminds me of this one Mötley Crüe song.

    (Shout at the Devil...)

  84. Kimiko Aguilar


  85. TNandProud!!!

    The original

  86. Noah Little

    Me: Studying for a test

    My last three braincells: 0:30

    Thot Slayer

    Noah Little hahahaha

    B uppy

    Totally relatable!

  87. Kåta Ulla

    Damn! This fu*ker ROCKS!!! Poppin' it in my casual car when driving to work every damn day.

  88. Doubleheaded Eagle

    I miss the 80’s.. it’s only gone down hill ever since. Where’s the new original stuff,all I hear is fucking remakes.

  89. David T

    These dudes were the original ,set that bar high

  90. Fat IDIOT

    2:10 Oh Boy¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  91. Kyle Hall

    Rip Adam

  92. Amanda Buck

    Damn sure will fight for my right get something right forme game over