Run DMC - Hit It Run Lyrics

Born to rock around the clock
You can't say I'm not
And in case you forgot

I'm the devestating mic controller D.M.C.
And can't nobody mess around with me
I'm the king of rock, rap, and a rhyme
I deal what I feel and it feels fine
If the girl's ?? chase then I will play
around with sound put down for the rhymes I say
Beats flow from Joe and never stop
Better get yourself together let's rock, HIT IT RUN!


You, jump, watch you clock, while I rock your spot
I'm better known to the world as the King of Rock
I like to speak my piece when I'm on the mic
I'm the best, or at least, I'm the one you like
And when I serve you deserve to hear what I say
I throw a curve he got the nerve to make a triple play
Now how devestating can an MC be?
My name is Darryl, but you can call me D, HIT IT RUN!


It's called, gangsta hard rock, non-stop hip-hop
And it's headed for the top by the rhymes I pop
For every race place color country county or creed
and all of the places that I emceed
B-Boy badness to the highest degree
And it can't b-a-boy unless you be D
You can't bust a cherry or crush a grape
and if you ain't got this tape you're in bad shape
Beats flow from Joe and never stop
Better get yourself together, let's ROCK!


Do.. you.. really believe what's going on
I was conceived and I was born
I once was lost but now I'm found
Tell your bunch I'm boss I run this town
I leave all suckers, in the dust
Those dumb motherfuckers can't mess with us
Beats flow from Joe and never stop
Better get yourself together, let's rock, HIT IT RUN!


I.. was.. straight from the start performin art
Climbin up the chart while others fall apart
The three outlaws in the music trade
We won't rob but our job is to get paid
Cause Run has fun if Jay will play
As I add one more rhyme to say
Now how devestating can an MC be?
My name is Darryl, but you can call me D, HIT IT RUN!


I was born
son of Byford, brother of AL
Bad as my mamma and Run's my pal
It's McDaniels, not McDonald's
These rhymes are Darryl's, the burgers are RONALD'S
I ran down, my family tree
My mother, my father, my brother and D

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Run DMC Hit It Run Comments
  1. Clarence Bowman

    Favorite all time hip hop group hands down my opion

  2. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Pure classic indeed hit it run.

  3. Tony Barker

    Freshman year highschool.

  4. Eric Rojas

    Dmc always was better than run.....

  5. Lino Rodriguez

    1st vinyl single i had was roxanne roxanne utfo. this was 1st cassette album, raising hell. i wore this out lol

  6. FLuX SpAcEe

    Running out of time

  7. Desert Dog

    Heard a sample of this song on Encarta 2001

  8. Lancer____ Dog

    Hit it run
    Beat box
    Fart noise
    Rap perfection

  9. Robert Funke

    I like the *strong and semi-nasal DMC tone of voice* . Along Melle Mel, Chuck-D, Rakim, KRSONE and Snoop is one of the top "brandmark Hip hop Voices".

    harold mccoy

    G rap, Jada kiss, Dmx, Eric semon, Mc lyte, Mc Ren,Eazy E, Biggie, Rha diggah,Mase,Kool Moe Dee, 50,AZ,Prodigy,Pun, Cube, are apart of my list along with yours !! I agree 100 percent with you bro !!

  10. Joe Masters

    I grew up on this 👍

  11. Crystal

    Tyler brougth me here

  12. Camo and Donuts

    "its McDaniels not McDonalds, these rhymes are mine, the burgers are Ronalds"




    when i see this COMMENTS about this real...rhat fake...born in 1972..I KNOW REAL WHEN I HEAT IT..THIS IS REAL HIP-HOP.

  15. Joe Masters

    RIP Jam Master Jay

  16. John Simmons

    First tape I had. Thanks to DMC I had something to compare others to. What was/is real vs. was is fake/shit.

  17. Darth Synmor

    2018 and RUN DMC is still in your Face...!

  18. Lino Rodriguez

    Raising Hell was the 1st cassette I owned- I wore it out for nearly a year, and then copped the Criminal Minded cassette

  19. Lino Rodriguez

    Undiluted hip hop here, from my teen years. Dope dope dope

  20. Manny Singh

    Remember buying this in the summer of '86. Played non stop on my techniques :)

  21. Warren Hunter

    When my brother brought this tape home you couldn't tell him nothing

  22. Keith Witcher

    Run DMC's Hit It Run song is a nice jam. Raising Hell album is good. I like the album pictures. RIP Jam Master Jay. I miss you.

  23. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Classic track.

  24. Hubby Hub

    6th grade wouldn't have been the same without this album.

  25. VA HOSS

    I was 11-12 when this come out. Me and my "crew" walking around with a big jam box on our shoulder. I fucking miss them days!!!

  26. O.G G LIFE

    My freshman year in high school 1986

  27. Robert Grajeda


  28. GenMusic856

    The 1st hip hop track I heard as a young bull on Encyclopedia Britannica in 98' moment of my life!

  29. Fargone1

    This joint was ahead of its time,
    One of the best RUN-DMC joints right here,
    A Hardcore #Classic

  30. Kareem Supreme T.V.

    I saw them perform this on Saturday Night Live best performance i ever saw, and I never saw it again. it's been on my mind for 30 years. its season 12 episode 2 hosted by Malcolm-Jamal Warner if anyone finds it please let me know.


    They had to edit a particular line, obvs. JMJ scratched a record over it. I was just thinking about that particular performance. Great minds.

    Reginald Webster

    I saw that and the one on soul train was dope

  31. TheRealMooshMillionz

    Still get goosebumps when I hear this.. I pumped this everyday in the 6th grade.. unadulterated hip hop.

  32. Maurice Brodie

    Next to Rakim .. DMC had the best tone of voice. When he spit shit you had to listen and wanted to listen over and over.. Run was good but DMC didn't know folks was tuning in to hear him!

  33. Marina Amaro Da Silva

    muito bom. Bons tempos😃👍

  34. William Boyd

    scratchin ,b boppin real skill without cussin the only one who was jockin there still was the fat boys can u digg it u sucka mcees

  35. Jay-Beats

    This is just so f&c**ing motivating . And Fresh .

  36. Leo Dougherty

    Frosh when this came out. In a "city" FILLED w/ hick folk. EVERYONE was a filthy butt rocker. I didn't really have have anywhere to access this kinda music in our stores. :'( But once I started going into downtown seattle, I was saved by the FONKY BEATS, from on high!

  37. monos70

    Ah-ah- ah Yeah!

  38. Akumaa2000

    Sophmore year in highschool when this came out.

    Jeff Posey

    U dont no shitvabout music

  39. dolphinated

    Junior in high school...Memphis Central baby!

  40. Adrian Speechley

    First vinyl I ever purchased.

    Adrian Speechley

    Except for my assless chaps.... They have always
    been vinyl too.

    Robert Johnson

    likewise. Christmas '86

  41. Black Heart

    I leave all suckers in the dust / Those dumb motherfuckers can't mess with us

    At my school playground as a child in the 80's, this was the first swear word I ever heard! Thanks RUN DMC!!

  42. Matt Walsh

    would jam, rather.

  43. Matt Walsh

    I was a 13 yr. old white boy from the suburbs who jam to this song back in 1986.

  44. Adrian Speechley

    1986.....Fuck.....Where does the time go?

  45. DJosephWells

    RIP jam master jay

  46. alex93md

    The gateway drug of hip hop

  47. alex93md

    Fuck I love drum machine

  48. Jose Mendez

    all punkass wannbe rappers shall bow down............

  49. 626SupremeLogic

    Ill shit

  50. JStayCalm

    How devastating can an MC be? Classic

  51. thedarkchild86


  52. thedungeondelver

    Own this one on Vinyl. STILL a vital album!

  53. troy jackson

    man,this was out when i went in the army,i was station at ft.bragg,nc.

  54. Matt Mcintur

    the burgers are RONALDS!!!

  55. Rashid Jackson

    you are right. this is dmc's at one of his best. theres another one where he's going off on the other album. the one with king of rock on it. i forgot the name of the song but when i find it i'll hit u up. my best friend in junior high was a big run fan...i was dmc all the way..and we both loved jam master jay. one of the best live dj performers ever..

    Beautiful body by kev

    Rashid Jackson brother, u must mean "Darryl & Joe"!! A joint guaranteed to make you "move ya arms and ya butt". Can any new jack make a song this bangin'? The rhymes, the beat with the instrumental interlude, the cuts and scratches... just an old hiphop Geezer's thoughts

  56. johnniewalker23

    This is my favorite track on this album. I think it's D.M.C. at his best. A very simple beat and he just blew it up with his flow and delivery!

  57. Rashid Jackson

    my god this was my jam. i was like 13 and me and my boys never went anywhere without our ghettoblaster (box), and raising hell, llcoolj im bad and beastie boyz license to ill cassetes. This was one of the hardest tracks on this album. thanx for posting!!