Run DMC - Down With The King Lyrics


down with the king for years, about ten of 'em
recruiting suckers, Mac and Mike, and makin' men of 'em
tears and fears for my peers, they rippin'
you think that it is, it is, if not it isn't
race for the border my daughter, 'cause beats you're bangin' out
jeeps rockin' beats in the streets when there's time for hangin' out
gather, or rather form a circle around a loud
'cause brothers or others could never ever rock a crowd
is it because he's runnin' off with the mouth
or was he really clearly tryin' to play a nigga out
nope, shut him down, the king with a crown
'cause all you wanna be is dicky down


[CL Smooth]
two years ago, a friend of mine
asked me to say some MC rhymes
so I said this rhyme I'm about to say
the rhyme was meeca, and it went this way
wrecka lecka mecca mic check on the windmill skills
Mac distracts, wearing Godfather hats
it's okay to parlay to fortee better
tell 'em my nigga made a sweater tougher than leather
swing another Rodney King thing in our right
but just like the white one I get no respect
money stay awake, 'cause them other niggas are fake
from Hollis to the Becon, now your dumb ass is leakin'
C.L. and Run DMC so rush it
big time way before Hammer got to touch it
remember the faces in all types of places
look Ma, no shoelaces
and I'm....


I'm takin' the tours, I'm wreckin' the land
I keep it hardcore because it's dope man
these are the roughest toughest words I ever wrote down
not mean for a hoe like a slow jam, check it
sucka emcees could never swing with D
because of all the things that I bring with me
only G-O-D could be a king to me
and if the G-O-D be in me, then the king I be
the microphone is granted when it's handed to me
I was planted on this planet and I plan to emcee
the emcee fiends only seem to agree
that I rock all the world and the society
I rages on the stages with a tune of verse
I get praises from these pages to the universe
my voice is raw, my lyrics is law
I keep it hardcore like you never saw


[Pete Rock]
I'm the man you see, in the place to be
I went to John Jay University
and since kindergarten I acquired the knowledge
and after twelve grade I went straight to college
down with the kings on the mic, a full swinger
the P to the R, not an R&B singer
the R to the U-N-D-MC'n
the fly human beings, tonight I hold the key and
flowin' with the funk track, here to soul brother black
pick up the bass, better yet leave a space
so let me put my big black ?? on in to the early mornin'
had skins doanin'
mecca? (yo) you want the mecca? (yo)
I'll make a funky beat so we can blow, check it out
Pete Rock's the beat knock, put you in a headlock
and now all the outty out flock is down with the king

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Run DMC Down With The King Comments
  1. Righteous Teacher

    It's good to see the two generations come together

  2. the godfather james brown Warehouse

    Still the Kings of rock 2020 run dmc

  3. Shen Agüeybaná II

    DMC set it Law. Im not gonna argue [12 year old me) it still stands.

  4. John Moore

    Rev Ron! Down with the king!

  5. Smooth Criminal


  6. Emma Philomena

    Love this ❤❤❤❤

  7. FxrestGxd LaFlare

    Literally All Of Hip Hop Was In This Video ...Would Name Em All But Its So Many ....Legendary

  8. FxrestGxd LaFlare

    Pete rock went in

  9. László Juhász

    new generation a zero !! ok the kings !!!

  10. grandson of Portuguese immigrants

    To think this was their best sellin single out of all the great hits they made .

  11. László Juhász

    King: Run DMC ,naughty by Nature,Public Enemy 💯

  12. Ludmila Petera

    2.09 Eazy E ?

  13. marcin swoboda

    In 2020 Still 🎶🙏🏻💪🎤...Always !

  14. Seven Williams

    Run Dmc, kings for ever in the rap music. Love Run from Run's House. What a wonderful Dad, Husband, AND FATHER. STILL WATCH THE RE-Runs

  15. dee m

    The microphone is granted when it's handed to me
    and I was planted on this planet and I plan to emcee

  16. rod Schermerhorn

    Chills down my spine,no millennial can do that today.its like a Dre beat, chills!!!

  17. FightMang36

    Great video

  18. ALFJAMXA James

    I remember when this came out. They seemed sooooooo old and out dated. They had only been gone for a few years. Trends used to change soooo quickly in Rap they seemed ancient lol. GREAT SONG and collaboration

  19. omsalat

    Still Down with King in 2020...

  20. Валентос Валентинович

    32000 💨💨💨🖖👍👍👍

  21. 1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!

    Dis is SPARTA!! HIP HOP!!

  22. 1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!

    Real HIP HOP ALERT!!

  23. Bill Bixpi

    Look ma no shoelaces

  24. SMT Admin

    5 percenters

  25. André Brown

    No mumbling here...

  26. Heriberto Mendoza

    Mumble rappers pay Attention!

  27. H2THEP33

    Devon larrat broughr me here

  28. Hermon Bennett

    Down with the king

  29. Marciano D'Anginou

    this is a Collabo. a Gramps, and grand son. Lee Huthenson & "Sendoi". At end. He's doing Run Look.

    Wrote at time of Warm it up "kriss'ps. The Homi` Recited from when heard it then, then the 1990. 18 now. Then; was 1979. 1980. 8 years and 7 years old. -Marciano D'Anginou Rakim

  30. Malik Avrette


  31. Fernando Velasco

    2020 in the building 🔥🔥🔥🔥hip-hop my first love miss these days 😭

  32. Stefan Hammel

    There is a reason why Eazy is in this vid from the westcoast and not dre/snoop

  33. Ace Wilcox

    I'm Gonna be Meeting REV RUN a week from Sunday in Ann Arbor Michigan. Talk About An Honor to be able to meet a member of Hip Hop Royalty, and one of the Biggest Innovator's In Hip Hop History.

  34. Shaundra Lee

    Darrell be rocking it always. Down with the King!

  35. Emmanuel Nd Carterman

    Rap Royalty MayHem

  36. Felix Ribeiro


  37. furious styles

    I'm still in my late 30s but if u cant give it up to real hiphop then there is no connection or conversation with yall! 💯💯

  38. Charles Crossen

    2020 and down with the king.

  39. David G O

    You can hear Pete Rocks production in this song. Love it!

  40. BRad From The Valley

    there is none higher care to prove that.....

  41. Nelsonh86 A

    Down with the king jesus christ you cant losed in this world, he is our lord.

  42. VTP

    Look MoM no shoe laces!

  43. Dwain Trent

    Another Pete Rock classic!! CL Smooth one of the best lyricist ever!! Run DMC brought that heat!! Straight banger

  44. Arjay 82

    Naughty by DMC

  45. Kenneth Overton

    Another one of my favorite RUN DMC songs

  46. Martin Kápostáš

    2020 still rocks!

  47. Jaylib247

    I’ve been down with the King since day one ☝️

  48. Crash Bandicot

    I fucking heard 27 years ago and the verses go like I bought a cassette a week ago, those were beautiful times, I was listening at home all the time.

  49. Thereal70 Mymotherschild

    2020 yep still🔥🔥

  50. Victor Franco

    Rest in Peace JMJ!

  51. Naomi Dessalines

    Legendary 🔥

  52. DBmng BigTwin

    Still slamN

  53. born invincible

    I miss those dayz!!

  54. Adrian Oquendo

    Pete rock is a monster!!!

  55. Mariana Mantovani

    January 2020

  56. Donnell Holt

    They all love and respect Run-DMC.

  57. nicholas palmer

    2020 who STILL DOWN?

  58. Дмитрий N

    My one of favorite groups, I audio cassette in youth listened to in tihorya from parents but rhythm in anybody retained and now in Russia I in machine include on full and kayfuyu, thank you you for rhythm and the text ,the first time heard you in distant 90M year then me was 10 years and I already music and stupid pop music could separate) DNA-BRO

  59. Taste The Rainbow

    2020 here!!

  60. Worn out Testicles

    Am I the only one who thinks this iconic who's who video of 93 Hip Hop deserves to be preserved in a Hip Hop library for future generations to appreciate what REAL music used to sound like before it was destroyed by white corporations?

  61. Nathaniel Castillo

    The loop is "where do I go?" From 1968s HAIR.. pretty lit. HAIR is a peice of art that belongs to every one everywhere and every genre.


    Pete Rock's verse is very underrated; not so much the lyricism but moreso his cadence and how his flow rides tight in the pocket.

  63. Amy Lou

    Still down 2020

  64. Kamran Jan

    I saw redman

  65. kiddkevo

    Is that PARIS at 3:12?

  66. Doug Green

    Snoop frog never could touch NY E

  67. Power100

    RIP JamMasterJay!!!! Shoutout to Pete Rock & CL Smooth!!!

  68. Pedro Vuduhex

    Still 2019 * * * * *

  69. SYN4456

    Pete Rock killed this beat. Not enough credit is given to him, he saved some groups with his beats.

  70. Tony Brown

    I hope Jame Master J was down with the king so he can go to Heaven!!!

  71. Guy Hill

    Always loved this song. Had an epiphany while watching the video and realized how many MC's from New York were included. This song of course came out after mc hammer dissed Run-DMC and New York in his song "Pump It Up" pushing Run-DMC "off the ledge" of hip hop. Why? I have no idea. I never understood that. Anyway, this song was clearly a response to that song as a show of solidarity, as if to say that Hip Hop and New York is literally "Down With the King". Really deep when you think about it.

  72. nice1


  73. Queens 14482

    CLASSIC!!!! FIRE!!!! 2020+++ JAMAICA!!! QUEENS!!!!! 4EVER!!!!



  75. Chris Hasse

    Real hip hop rap now is garbage

  76. Prolifik By Design

    Who cares what year it is, when this joint is timeless.

  77. MrBnwg

    ahahahahaha such a SOUNDDDDDDDDD 2019 STILL

  78. will cornelius

    Thumbs up mfkas down with.

  79. Stephanie Bailey

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    ⚫⚪🔴⚡Run DMC⚡🔴⚪⚫

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    Almost all of hip hop came out for that video, even E came out form the West Cost, RiP to both JMJ and Eazy E!!

  84. Chrisper Malamsha

    This generation will never understand how DOPE the 90's were. ✌🏾

  85. Francisco Bachez

    2019 2020 one the best songs ever......

  86. ness35tc

    Look Ma... No shoe laces

  87. Joe Ruck

    Song was cool, but Run DMC's verses sounded played out for its time, when CL spit it was apparent that they were stuck in the 80s in comparison to a 90s MC. They legends tho, but this song proved they were on their way out.

  88. sergio diaz

    Pete ROCK..

  89. Mike Gee

    This is when those base lines in songs were humming in the whip with 12s in the trunk!

  90. Jim Cauchon

    Heavyhitters here only please... Lightweights need NOT apply.

  91. Jacq B

    Just saw them in AC at the Hardrock tonight..Kilt it!💪🏾🙌🏾

  92. Dante Del Valle

    I always Murder Pete Rock’s verse when this comes on

  93. Dante Del Valle

    This is a Def Jam!!

  94. Worn out Testicles

    Pete Rock droppin REAL HIP HOP PRODUCTION not that faggot trap shit these days!!!

  95. Felix Ribeiro


  96. Felix Ribeiro