Rufus - Turn Lyrics

Turn, Turn, Turn
Turn, Turn, Turn
Turn, Turn, Turn

[Verse 1:]
Bring on all the seasons
Repeat your earlier deeds
Show the children your face
Most of all teach them to...

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Bring on all the colors
Don't let me forget for a moment
What i have to do
It's all so necessary for you to...

[Repeat chorus]

We will rehearse long and hard
For the big celebration
Spread the leaders among us
Like the heat's in the sun
Like the blue is in the sky
Like the peace in the eyes
Of the believers of GOD

Well if there's a will
There's a way
If we're strong it will pay
Look at the babies all around us
Like the moon in the night
Like a bird takin flight
Though this world is not right
We got to show them the way...

[Repeat chorus]

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Rufus Turn Comments
  1. soultree serenade

    Rufus and Chaka made some of thee greatest music of their time. Unrivaled

  2. Keith Witcher

    Rufus and Chaka Khan's Turn song is a classic. Street Player album is a classic. I like the album pictures. [email protected] Maiden's white jacket/Bobby Watson's pink shirt. I love Rufus/Chaka Khan.

  3. sony k

    somewhere i read that the entire LP is GREAT...SO TRUE...haven't heard this one in years, FABULOUS, pure music!!!! Where can I buy this cd...