Rufus - True Love Lyrics

When you try and look inside
Your lover's lovely eyes
And you're not sure of what you're seein'
And you're thinkin' all the time
Of the tings you should have said and done
And what it all could really mean
Remember that ...

True love never looks back on heartache
True love never looks back on sorrow
True love only looks to tomorrow
True love never fades

When you're lookin' for some lies
To build a new disguise

So you can run away again
Usin' anger as a fuel
You go breakin' every rule in sight
Thinkin' that this might be the end
Remember that ...


Is there really any wonder why you're feelin this way
Livin' with a dream can cut just like a knife
Is there really any wonder why you're lonely today
When you're givin' up livin' up your live
Remember that ...


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Rufus True Love Comments
  1. E Dickerson

    "Using anger as a fuel you're breaking every rule in sight"

  2. E*rocc Whitaker

    True Love,Highlight,Jigsaw,Losers in Love,Quandary,back to back.Wish this album was on Spotify.Oh!Don't forget Music Man!🎧🎛🎚🎙🎶🎵🎼🔊

  3. Calvin Poole

    Rediscovering this LP. "True Love" one of my favorites from the Camouflage album.

  4. Calvin Poole

    This was from the last LP Camouflage from Rufus featuring Chaka Khan . Chaka went on to persue her solo career and the rest is history. Luv you Ms. Khan aka Yvette Marie Stevens.

  5. Edward Saunders

    this here 💋 oh yes 💯💋🎤🎧🎶

  6. Anthony C Fletcher

    Thank you for posting this treasure!

  7. Randy Mahon

    I guess the 4 people that gave this song a thumbs down never had True Love in their poor wretched lives.

  8. Roy Sanders

    The silver album.

  9. Jolisa Collier Lee

    Hello, i love this song and i cant find it no where?

  10. lynette kim

    Thank You,  I love this song, it brings back some wonderful memories.  Thank you, so very much.


    +lynette kim I FEEL YOU,SAME HERE 1981 WoW!

  11. Moody Sutton

    love it. thanks for posting TheCmelmoneyman :)

  12. EvilCarnisa

    I did. Chaka is very versatile, and Angela is only backing on that album. Listen to Chaka on "Night in Tunisa"...perfect display of her ups and downs, and her tones.

  13. EvilCarnisa

    obviously they did, since thats still Chaka.

  14. EvilCarnisa

    @hollidayevery it did come out after Masterjam. It was Rufus' last studio album with her before they disbanded, not counting 'Stompin at the Savoy.'

  15. Dwayne Smith

    @socialbutterfly50, not too many people noticed that Chaka was airbrushed into that photo.

    C Flow

    you and I have the keen eye and noticed that immediately huh Dwayne!

  16. Darrin Todd

    my third place...jigsaw....runner-up...this one...and in first place...sharing the love! chaka is fierce with her boys and on her own....

  17. hollidayevery

    I think this came out AFTER Masterjam!...Both are great albums...I think Quandary is my favorite from this project!!

    Marvin G. Harden

    Camouflage came before MasterJam


    Camouflage came out in 1981, Masterjam was released in 1979, I remember...

  18. FLATX7880

    Thanks for this post. My albums are in boxes and I surely missed hearing this gem.This album got overshadowed by their next album MasterJam

  19. Ruby Stargell

    This is sooo good! thanks for posting this. I wish someone could post"Pain"

  20. TheCmelmoneyman

    out of all the rufus albums this is the one I always forget about lol.

  21. LightWeightProcess

    I like Jigsaw, Bettertogether in this album.

  22. iluvmyboba

    This is a nice one. I love the texture in Chaka's voice on this song.

  23. ChakaFanTV

    @TyjaluvsChaka I truly agree with you on that one .It was one of RUfus and chaka's best albums.A masterpiece in my opinion.

  24. Tyjah Khan

    Haven't heard this in awhile!!! The critics panned the "Camaflouge" album but what the hell do they know? -That was some their best work!!!

  25. TheCmelmoneyman

    @ChakaFanTV lol please post it. i'd like to see the montage of pics.

  26. ChakaFanTV

    Aahh!! Cmelymoneyman I was in the process of doing a video to this
    song but ya beat me to it!!! hopefully i will put it up by next month though!!What a beautiful song!Thanks for sharing

  27. Carvaughn Cullins

    Real beautiful... just listenin to Chaka sing is relaxin and stimulatin in itself. Real beautiful sound.