Rufus - Stranger To Love Lyrics

Take me, oh I need it now
Shake me to love somehow
I need warm embraces, yes I do
I need smiling faces to look into
I know that time erases the wounds of man

Love is not all I crave
I know there's a world to save
But I've always done my best
And I think I've passed every test

But there's something about a brand new heart

Send me a stranger to love
I need a stranger to love
Send me a stranger to love
So I can leave my past behind
My past behind, my past behind (mmm, my past)
My past behind, my past behind

I know that love may not come
But if I can dream like everyone

I'd dream the warming feelin' of an early spring
I'd dream the magic elation a touch can bring
I wanna capture the feelin of a newborn heart

Send me a stranger to love
Send me a stranger to love
I need a stranger to love
So I can leave my past behind......
My past behind, my past behind ,yeah yeah, yeah
My past behind, my past behind

Send me a stranger to love
I wanna stranger to love, oh yeah
Send me a stranger to love
So I can leave my past, wanna throw it out the door......
My past behind
Ooh, ooh, baby, baby, my baby, yeah
My past behind
My past behind, my past behind

I've been lookin' for a brand new mind
There's somethin bout a brand new start

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Rufus Stranger To Love Comments
  1. Elizabeth Williams

    I need, warm embraces....yes I Do...,)

  2. E JONES

    This song takes me back to my early military days! Chaka was great then and if you listen to her latest album (Hello Happiness released February 2019) you’ll agree she’s still great!! ❤️❤️❤️ her eternally iconic & mesmerizing music !!

  3. Kevin Since

    " Loving is not all I crave. I know there's a World to save .. but. I I've been doing my very best & I think I've passed quite a few tests.
    Send me a Stranger to Love.
    So, I can leave my past behind.

    I know Love may not come but if I could DREAM like everyone.. "

  4. Kevin Since

    I KNOW. that Love may not come, but if I could *Dream ... Like everyone... I'd Dream a little dream☆ -- of the magic◇ elation (!)))!))!) a touch -- could bring. ( an eyelash brush or a pinky nudge... ) I wanna capture the feeling of a new born ♡ `•••high•••`🌼😍🍹🌍🌎🌏

  5. Elizabeth Williams


  6. Courtney Townsel

    High school. Old school!

  7. phil gay

    2019! This is real love music! Damn I need my Twin Flame🔥🔥!

  8. Steven Napoletan

    I listened to this album over and o er in 78. I don’t think anybody can duplicate the groove that was this song, but I wish that Incognito would give it a try.

  9. Christine Andrews

    Yeah... leaving My Past behind...He was a Stranger but now he's My True and Tender Love..

  10. Upfromthesky

    They wrote some of the coldest songs, of all time.

  11. terry avant

    This is too much, I love this then and even more now√

  12. terry avant

    tears, the best, lex, wow, years,tears ne

  13. Dana Terrell

    Dayz gone by... I'm very thankful for being born and growing in the time that I did.
    Dana T.

  14. Breone Jamal McNill

    Her voice is a breathe of life.

  15. Breone Jamal McNill

    Another undiscovered treasure from this phenominal woman.

    Elizabeth Williams

    The true dedicated.....was on this

  16. Marty Emmons

    It's songs like this that have me feeling spiritual. Seems like my earthly, and material situations disappear. Much gratitude to Rufus and Chaka Khan!


    Yes, I agree about giving gratitude from Rufus & Chaka Khan. They were originally a band who also had great harmonizing vocals!!!!!!

  17. donald gray

    This reminds me of my brother Gerald 1979 .

  18. Lynn PT

    College!! Played this over and over and over... Street Player was the Album!!


    indeed ... my fave album of all time Lynn

    soultree serenade

    Wasn't Stay on this album?? Or was is on Ask Rufus, I can't get the facts together. Im a 80s baby

  19. Jhay Chylla

    Clean , good raw rEaL music. Thanks for this post of Chaka's greatest.

  20. love goddess

    Thank u for writing this unbelievable song David Wolinski💌 and thank u Chaka for bringing these lyrics to life in a way that Only you could...I can relate to this song so deeply right now it's so scary and miraculous at the same time. 💞💋🌹💕💜

    Cleo Manago

    One of the greatest singers born!

  21. Edward Glass

    HUR. sounds like Washington, D.C. The best of the rest. The original Quiet Storm.

  22. Elijah Postell

    This was some great work by Chaka Khan.. I love this album hole heartily... I also want to dedicate this song to Michelle Annette Demby who was my girlfriend at the time... We're not together but the memories will live on... Loved her then and still care today... Love on 1978... John Bartram High School.....

  23. leslie walker

    All her music is classic to my ears, n soothing.., I just Chaka Khan.

    Elizabeth Williams

    Genre' ICONIC

  24. Author G D Grace


  25. renee hudson


    renee hudson

    i love this song . Shes singing evrrything im feeling.... This is my one of my favorites... Try to move on and its helping... sing yo my spirit you Diva... HELL YEAH !!!

  26. sandra basket

    give me a stranger to love!

  27. chauncey bloom

    Lord, I'm still waiting.  I want to leave my past behind.  Looking for a brand new start.

    Cordell Edwards

    Turn around and just keep walking

  28. Mrs. Tina Wilson

    Yassssssssssssss! My JAM! MY SONGBIRD!

  29. Kenni Wells

    My shit!!!!!!

  30. Maverick Styles

    I love this song!

    Elizabeth Williams