Rufus - Right Is Right Lyrics

Running to fight
Spirit in the night
Like a dog to bite
Everything in sight
Give me love you say
There's a price you have to pay
With momma's life you cannot play
Make things right you need to be saying...
Right is right, wrong is wrong
Right is right, wrong is wrong

Fists come to town
Blood on the ground
Momma's crying, 'Lord have mercy!'
Mercy's hard to find
It's just a state of mind

Drop the ..., get out the way
We don't have another day

Right is right, wrong is wrong
Right is right, wrong is wrong

He said he's comng by five my friend
And I desire to live again
If you hear me let me know woa woa woa woa

Right is right, wrong is wrong [x3]

He said he's coming by five my friend
And I desire to live again
If you here me let me know
The world is full of woa!

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Rufus Right Is Right Comments
  1. wav3y

    Here from the Stan ad lmao

  2. Lina Kihea

    Love this song💟

  3. YT Rewindz

    Anyone else from the STAN originals trailer vid?


    Yea lad

  4. ełłe

    Um I’m here from a Stan ad

  5. P Camp

    Didnt think this was my type of song but this s#$% go doe😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Joanna Szczygiel

    “It” makes me feel insane.

  7. Ryan C

    Here because of Aussie music!

  8. chloe maree

    Austrlaia music is gold.... fucken love rufus. Have since 2014 hahaha.

  9. Silk UK

    Okaay...sooo what is ballers then!? 😂

  10. That Rad Guy

    Never heard of Ballers, but it sounds like crap anyway. I'm deeply happy that I found RDS on my own and didn't have to jump on any bandwagons to get here 🤷‍♂️

    some idiot

    i dont have anything against ballers, but same lol

    That Rad Guy

    @some idiot 🤣🤣

  11. Phil Devon

    soo fuckin dope. :)

  12. Noah Cels

    tf is ballers

  13. Tre Morris

    you new people hearing this from ballers tuh...pathetic...but welcome lol

  14. Picturepickle Picupic

    Erm... am I the only one who came here without Ballers???

  15. Nakka

    At the end of the day, theres only you and the things you care about

    the rest is somebody else problem.

  16. Casey Southern

    Who else isn't here from the HBO show Ballers? 😥

  17. R L

    auditory blissssssss 🙏🙏

  18. Monumental English School

    Me too!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳

  19. Cryptic Shadow

    1:26 we all like that part. DONT LIE!

  20. chops is k3y

    I’m here because ima Rufus fan!!!

  21. Jeremy Elvis

    ballers brought me here

  22. hoshang Rawanduz

    You’re not up to date with music if Ballers brought you here 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. The Art of MMA

    I’m here because of my balls.

  24. shanky sharma

    Season 5 episode 4 .. who all agree this song has an amazing vibe !!

  25. caimin conway

    Nick rtfm

  26. Micah S. Johansson

    Ballers always the best music selection. Another good series that ended.

  27. Harvey Van der Liiner

    What is ballers haha , I’m here for good music

  28. kulani garth

    What a song .watching an African sunsets .sipping Amarula cream liquor ,South Africa

  29. mannick

    Beginning to many wild nights in Manila..

  30. David Palanker

    “You only have yourself and the f**ks you choose to give....”

  31. L Young

    Spencer and Joe need to get the Band back together! Ballers!!!!

  32. Faith Fischer


  33. Javier Guzman

    Have no idea what “Ballers” is. I’m just here because I heard this song on Pandora, and because Pandora knows I have good taste in music ;-)

  34. Android 16

    Ballers ! Great ending of the episode

  35. Delanda D'Leon

    HBO'S Ballers need to release a soundtrack for each season

  36. Mohammad Othman

    Anyone worked at forever 21??

  37. lacey mai

    Still listening since 2015 anyone? Because I don't know what the hell this 'ballers' thing is lol. Am I too old or something? Litrally not even 30 tho 😂

  38. Alan Caudle

    Im here because i likes great music

  39. ben the bat

    Why do I feel like the guy who picks Ballers music is the same guy who picked the music for the HBO show called Entourage?

  40. John Frankson

    Hola Pamela its Jonathan from Miami. I hope you see this comment this was our song we heard so many times. I miss you

  41. Matheus Viana

    Ballers song !!! Hahaha cool !!

  42. Gallai András Balázs

    Ballers have already made more music famous. I love it. Pleasant music, especially while driving.

  43. Adrian Wylde

    Cool beats noises really nice trak

  44. Mike Leas

    Sup ya'll, I'm just here to read all the Ballers comments 👊😎

  45. Life Tourist

    Can everyone SHUT THE F*** UP ABOUT BALLERS

  46. Evan Pellerin

    Ballers does it again they always on point!!!!

  47. Saurabh Maitra

    You need to zone out to feel this. Thanks Ballers, you we're right! 🥂😎

  48. Augusto Fortunato

    Ballers brought me here after the ending of the 4th episode! Anyone else?

  49. Allen .Gunn

    HBO shows always seem to have great closing songs, Ballers is just one of several of their shows that have brought me to yet another great song!

  50. gustavo correa


  51. Daniel Velasco

    Fitz brought me here

  52. kunal chandwani

    can any body tell me the meaning of song?

  53. DrivTech


  54. travis kovacs

    Ballers !!

  55. andrija stankovic


  56. DJVijilante

    For some reason I came here to hear this track and I keep on seeing all the comments about Ballers. I was like what, and then I realized that’s where I heard it again this past Sunday!

  57. pHaZe017

    To hear one of my favourite songs at the end of one of my favourite shows, awesome...

  58. Edwin Pimentel

    Watched Ballers and googled this song. Have been listening to it every day now. This song is so Amazing and Great. Great Music!!!!

  59. Malcolm I MIGHT GO POSITIVE Smith

    Ballers!!!!😂😂 this song is amazing so is the beat!!!

  60. Julius Kiilu

    Ballers brought me here. Great show, great song!!


    Just seen👀ballers and heard👂 this sound at the end🔥🔥🔥 different sound

  62. Nick Torres

    Yes Ballers have great music 👍👌♥️

  63. Jojo Slamka

    same here

  64. Galo Rojas


  65. AsleepAtTheKeys

    Sounds like a good older Caribou song

  66. Николай Шиян


  67. Boitumelo Marumo

    Spencer and crew guilty!!!

  68. kato robles

    Ballers did it again lol man they sure know how to pick music

  69. rubski 1978

    Just watched ballers and shazam this song lol 👌👍

  70. Backstab Bigdady

    any 1 fitz?

  71. Syed Sharif

    Just watched the Ballers episode and immediately googled the song..... awesome- love it!!!!!!!!! Ballers MUSIC simply rocks,

  72. zGaudy

    Alright the BALLERS sound track has never disappointed

  73. Sammon Training


  74. Britto Roshan

    Ballers Season 5 Episode 4!

  75. Dvan 2k19


  76. romainicon dance

    You were Right ! Ballers brought me here anyone else 👌🤟

  77. Daniel Stans

    Ballers made me jump on this song,

    Ward Burton

    Daniel Stans Me too fam! Hopped straight online to find it

  78. komzs232

    Ballers brought me here...

  79. Juan DeJesus

    Ballers S05E04

  80. Timothy Garcia

    Ballers brought me here💯💯💯

  81. Makolo Bansimba

    Baller brought me here!!!!! Damn their playlist fuego each episode 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ward Burton

    Makolo Bansimba Only reason to keep watching the show fam.

    Nikø Stark

    Ward Burton lol that’s not the only reason! Show is amazing! The Rock rules!

  82. Quantum Charlie


  83. Moeneeb Ryland

    always Ballers _ great song

  84. Dre Eazee


  85. Gabrielle N.

    Love the music Ballers introduces me to.

  86. MidnightWanderer

    HBO's Ballers brought me here. Who else?

    Monumental English School

    Me too!!!!

    Hachani Mahdi

    Same 🤩

    A Reddy

    It brought me back.


    Me broooo

  87. High Flogan

    This fire

  88. Ryan Brunson

    Whoever does Ballers music deserves an award. They been on fire since the show started.

    lacey mai

    How are you all only just finding out about this song lol? 5 seeds cider ad from like 4 years ago brought me here lol. (Whatever it's called..I don't drink cider). This song helped me in the toughest time of my life. It's amazing isn't it

    bill olsen

    @Joao Albuquerque musn't be to "Culturally aware" if it took a tv show to introduce you to Rufus...
    -Just saying- ....

    Joao Albuquerque

    @bill olsen who said it introduced me to him?

    Darren Sonnar

    @Mc Bull agreed!!


    you were right.

  89. Zain Tariq

    who just saw ballers right about now

  90. Bashaun Coleman

    Ballers also their soundtrack be the illest

  91. Jesus Guia

    Ballerss!!! anyone else????

    Rick Merring

    Would never have known about this song, otherwise.

    Ward Burton

    Jesus Guia Best part of the show is the music

    Ty Wagner

    Jesus Guia same

    Patrick Lauer

    Jesus Guia oh hey your a tycho fan cool

    Errly McDabbin

    Tycho is amazing

  92. Parham K.

    Ballers is amazing.

    Julian Colon

    Parham K. Your right, finished it and came here quick

    Chris Garcia

    I had to find this song.

    Ward Burton

    Parham K. The show is trash these days, I watch just to get fire ass music

    Fernando Sanmartin

    end season :(

  93. trini kid

    I’m here because of ballers

    Fernando Sanmartin

    like everybody man!!!

    All or Nothing

    Pathetic. Songs been around forever. Pshh

    trini kid

    All or Nothing well damn bro. I’m sorry

    All or Nothing

    trini kid lol

  94. Next Level

    Ballers sent me here!!!

    Chris Harris

    Same here! Haha

  95. Christian D Shatto

    Amazing! September 2019:)

  96. LewisTolkienFan01

    Yeah, I am still thinking about her, a year and half later. But I am not the one that wanted to leave. I was good for all time with you. But I suppose you had other plans. True love gone, just like that :(

  97. SeaJay Oceans

    Very Swooooopy ! Thanks.