Rufus - Jigsaw Lyrics

Jigsaw - Puzzle
Jigsaw - Puzzle

Your love is like a maze
I can't get through to you
You keep me in a daze
What's a girl to do with you?

Loving you is like a puzzle
Just when I think that this is it
You shake me up
The pieces just don't fit
It's like a ...
Jigsaw - Puzzle

I lay my heart out on the table
I let you know my every move
But darlin' you are so unstable
Your needle never lifts the groove

Now order may not be your nature
But I think that we could work out fine
If you would only trace the dotted line

Jigsaw - Puzzle
Jigsaw - Puzzle

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Rufus Jigsaw Comments
  1. Johnny Teague

    Angela winbush on those background vocals though🔥🔥


    Classic..... but still FIRE today 8.4.2019... when music was REAL music. Bass is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Roy Sanders

    Background vocals by Rene Moore and Angela Winbush.

  4. John Adams

    this was there last album together... underground Classic...

  5. Geoffrey White

    Very underrated Lp. I think they were in a dispute with the label when this came out.

    Jimmie Smith

    she was with Warner Bros at the time but this was on MCA they said she was in breach of contact i think it was something like that

  6. Marvin G. Harden

    This is my shit, sorry Grandma

  7. June Evans

    Underrated album

    Sven Franz

    Hell yes, never heard of it. It's running up and down my spine now

  8. Foster Mac

    Bass and more Bass.