Rufus - Hollywood Lyrics

He's on his way
He's goin' to Hollywood
He's bussin' it to Hollywood
Show him the way
He's movin' to Hollywood
He's hoppin' it to Hollywood

(where you goin' child?)
(where you goin' now)

He's waited at bus stops all his life
He's been in and out of those spaces
Seein' eyes that spoke to him
From sad and gifted places
Sad and gifted places

He's on his way
He's goin' to Hollywood
He's bussin' it to Hollywood
Show him the way
He's movin' to Hollywood
He's hoppin' it to Hollywood

(where you goin' now)
(what'cha doin' child?)
(where you goin' now?)

You know he's gonna be dressed to kill
He's gonna find some brand new thrills
Whatever he's been looking for
Tell him that there's so much more
In Hollywood, Hollywood

He's on his way
He's goin' to Hollywood
He's bussin' it to Hollywood
Show him the way
He's movin' to Hollywood
He's hoppin' it to Hollywood

(where you goin' now)
(what'cha doin' child?)
(where you goin' yeah)

Painted faces, sunburnt skin
Fixed expressions, smiles worn thin
Caught in the blink of neon of Hollywood
Bending battles, maneuvering schemes
False expressions, washed up dreams
Everybody makes believe
In Hollywood, Hollywood

(oh child what'cha doin'?)
(what'cha doin' now?)
(what'cha been' doin'?)

I say, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Uh huh, I say, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hollywood, uh huh, uh, in Hollywood
Uh huh, Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood yeah yeah
Uh huh, Hollywood, Hollywood, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh, that boy say,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yea, yeah

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Rufus Hollywood Comments
  1. Paul Hue

    The people thumbs downed? Shun them.

  2. Pam Benson

    Some people just don't like real music cause don't understand

  3. Juan Gomez

    Chaka Khan:
    A great female vocalist! This is one of her greatest songs made in her career. Big fan of "Every woman" and " I feel for you". This lady has made some great tracks. I feel lucky to have enjoyed her incredible music/ Fuego

  4. Rodney Moore

    Can't nobody hold a note like Chaka soul sista for sho love her style and smile

  5. Joshua Lowe

    It's almost 2020 and I'm STILL listening to this!

  6. Gerry Glenn

    One of, if not the greatest female singer ever, with the best musicians. Paradise!!

  7. Chuck Ausburn

    1977, 16 years old, Columbus, Ohio and Portsmouth, RI. This song narrates the journey of so many to TinselTown, seeking fame and fortune but often finding more struggle and strife. The lure of LA is a pied piper's call to many and it takes a series of trials to truly belong. Thank you Chaka Khan and Rufus, you know the real.

  8. E Dickerson

    When music was music !

  9. Quad8track

    Can't get enough of this song!

  10. sean blade

    I love this song! Every time I hear this song I am transported by to sitting in the backseat of my parents care thinking about my crush and imagining living in Hollywood

  11. Nazzy

    I used to sing in a band back in the day. So my stage name was Hollywood. I really miss that group Walter Owens of the commadors used to play drums sometimes with us

  12. Diane Dixon

    Dam I love this song so beautiful and sexy this makes me move such a great voice baby making music

  13. Angelle Supastar

    The guitar breakdown is also found on Prince's Love to the 9s

  14. Kevin Dengel

    Chaka Khan:
    This is one of the best songs she made in her career! This song is legendary class! Chaka hit it out the ballpark over 25 years ago! This jam is masterpiece!! Thanks Chaka Khan!

  15. Deahra Shelton

    The good the bad & the ugly Hollywood.

  16. Sandra Watkins

    Sang Chaka 💃

  17. Berry Sweet

    Her voice is priceless.....she take it real low then hit some ear piercing throat soprano..... That girl is bad!

  18. William Polk Jr

    What a great song! Love the tasty guitar riffs and the flute. The ending is just fabulous. Then Chaka starts riffin...sweet!!!


    -> To Everyone -> Stay Groovy

  20. Shirl E

    “Fools Paradise”

  21. Derek Anderson

    Why is this song makin me misty eyed?? Damn it Chaka!! Lol fire from then til Nov 2019!!

  22. ronald pate

    17 years old when this out. Man oh man, what good times.

  23. Sunny Island



  24. Kurt Adams


  25. Kurt Adams


  26. Sheila Spellman

    I had a dream about Rufus and Chaka Khan last night💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿! Had to listen to music today!

  27. Xavier Godbout

    Thanks J. Cole

  28. derick clemons

    Jammed this album as a teenager 1977. Memories of time

  29. Kay-Nin

    ny mom used to play this all the time back in the day good times.

  30. William Bethel

    See what you tube blessing good music

  31. gwendolyn smith

    Another hit for Rufus my college group it was🔥🔥🌎

  32. lnapjr76

    Man, what a song. Chaka leading like only Chaka could, and backed up by smooth instruments and backing vocals.

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiid...this can't be touched. Every Sunday, I give my 3 boys haircuts to the sounds of this classic r&b/funk...hoping that as they develop an ear for real music, they'll recognize the current onslaught of trash for what it is; trash. ✊🏽

  33. Jessie Wright

    Ok y'all no by now I'm old school hell I like this song and still love listening to it n 2019




    How can someone not Love this song she is STUNNING..on every song..

  36. RaythanielGFC

    Old school jam from 3rd grade

  37. Steven Royston

    this fantastic song with a killer bass line came out way before videos. nevertheless, it paints a vivid picture of Hollywood now just as it did back in 1977, it's a myth and a mess. thanks for the funky fine fresh forever Word, Ms. Chaka Khan and you too, Rufus! A song and a sermon! Amen.

  38. Erica Nicole

    I remember this song & album cover as a kid dad had this in his collection. My love of music! 1970's baby ...yes!

  39. eugene Purry

    What can I say the illustrious the Magnificent queen of rhythm and blues Chaka Khan songs just love of my life

  40. Dean Barkanic

    Love you, Chaka!!!

  41. Gerry Glenn

    Just like Midnight Train to Georgia, by Gladys Knight and the Pips, I love how this song tells a tale about a Woman whom outgrows her Country, small town roots and leaves her inadequate first love behind.

  42. Buddha's ChildTv

    She told the truth about fame right here Hollywood ain't shit

  43. Charlene Hardy

    Yes Lord. I want to Go To Los Angeles. .Yes . I’ll Be There Baby.

  44. boogsma842 Graham

    Chakaaaaa Khan & Rufussss Badass Funk Babeee!!!!🎵🎵❤️❤️🤗🤗

  45. 312 Craig X Xx X

    Nothing but a true masterpiece. The voals are unrivaled and that band rocks on.

  46. Ghost Writter

    This beautiful soul is gonna be at the GSR CASINO & RESORT tonight (July 27, 2019) and I pray this one is on her list.

  47. JF Bub

    @AuntieSoul34, watch out now, you taking an old cat back to his teenage years right here! Great content!

  48. Robert Olidge

    In the 6th grade living on 72nd & exchange

  49. Miss Pickles InaCan

    Bubble Boy!!!!!!😎

  50. Miriam Hernandez

    I would hear my Mother’s voice in the morning calling out my name and my siblings name to get up and get ready for our daily routine which was off to school, the first thing I would do was run to the radio turn on the radio and this song and all of Rufus featuring Chaka Kan songs and Stevie Wonder songs would be playing, and would get dressed thinking I can do this, these songs inspired me

  51. Temima Tribe of Judah

    I was 9 also! Love her music! My mother was a young mother blasting this and all the Funky music back in the 70's!

  52. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I was 2 Years Old when this song by Rufus and Chaka Khan came out called. Hollywood.

  53. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. Another one of my favorite songs by Rufus and Chaka Khan is called. Hollywood. This is one of my favorite Old school jams back in the day.

  54. Chrystal King


  55. Anthony Jones

    I'm a 80s baby but I remember my cousin playing this album every Saturday morning(cleaningupthehouse) Timeless music!!!

  56. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's R & B 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1977.

  57. baby ga

    This is one of moms favorite songs god called his 👼 home May 15th 2019 we miss u mom

  58. Alexis Araneta

    I first heard this gem when I was nine, and I've been captivated since. Chaka just has this way of pulling at your soul with her voice. Just gorgeous. I also love the warmth of the sound that makes the song sound so intimate. The flute also gets special mention for that ethereal feel cutting through. Such a jewel of a track !

    Juan Gomez

    This is one best tracks, she recorded in her "Illustrious" career. She was one of the best artists in the 80's and 90's. A great singer with some big hits.

  59. Derek Townsend

    Little did we know she would become Chaka Khan

  60. Latrice Holmes

    My mother played this on Saturday. Morning. And me sisters going around the house sing Hollywood. Hollywood. Lol lol lol

  61. Igor Formosa

    This is just BEUTIFUL listening to this on repeat 😁😁😁

  62. Anthony Mckinney

    Ask Rufus , one of the greatest albums ever made.

  63. Patrick Lopez

    Was there ever anything better than 70s music ? Me thinks not !!

  64. kevin lane


  65. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #32 on the pop charts in 1977!!!

  66. R R

    This song is about me. This song is about you. This song is about every person who has ever waited at those "bus stops" and seen those faces staring back at you from "sad and empty places."

  67. Tracy Nelson

    Say what my jam

  68. Gerry Glenn

    My all-time favorite Chaka Kahn/ Rufus cut.

  69. Mickey Hodge

    Sounds so good!

  70. mdlagebrthr

    As a pimply faced 12 y.o. pre-teen, a spell was cast on me in 1973 by the foxy sista' who sang lead with a white rock group named Rufus (brought to mind a big, lumbering dog). I often sneaked into my big brother's record collection.
    Generations later, it's no stretch anointing Chaka Khan as a Queen (insert title here). She deserves Hall of Fame induction. Moreover, I now appreciate the talented musicians who later accompanied her in Rufus. Unforgettable material and performances.

  71. Tyler Riley

    I snap my fingers to the beat

  72. Dominique Johnson


  73. John Leon

    Living in Detroit when this came out, parents split up, moved back to STL(1978), MOVED TO HOLLYWOOD IN 1982!!! WHO KNEW

  74. Mickey Hodge

    Dynamite sound

  75. Tony Negron

    🎉 Today March 23rd,2019... 🎂 Happy Birthday Chaka! 66 🎤

  76. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    ."....yea-he's straight ho' in!..." that's her inner fascination.

  77. Sonya Richardson

    Something about this song makes me want to get up and dance... You can feel it in your soul💯 and I'm 33 by the way I definitely enjoy grown folk music as they say

  78. Judge Tinker

    Kanye West brought me here and 92.9 WTUG brought me here and Music Choice

  79. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's soul 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1977.

  80. pacorama 73

    Pezzone👍I love it❤

  81. sony k

    Nice to see Chaka Khan singing, recording and touring..

  82. Edward Reed

    Still a top 100 song 40 plus later

  83. Kevin Smoutherson

    These songs are priceless

  84. Roger Street

    Chaka!!! Love this song ❤️❤️💙💙

  85. Paulette Adams

    Chaka shows out!

  86. Marshall Thompson

    The best music came out in the 1970s and 1980 straight pimping music 4 Sho! !

  87. The Gemini Man

    A voice from heaven, and a body like a goddess, she had it all too make it in this industry.... God blessed her to make it in this crazy industry..... she had it all.😎

  88. Sunny Island

    Woa na. Chaka talkin 'bout it.

  89. GrooveRner

    so groove'

  90. Craig Holt

    Hollywood wow

  91. Ezra Gonzalez

    J Cole?

  92. Cheryl 2018 Myers

    Still 2019 love this song

  93. Joshua Lowe

    This song never gets old!

  94. MekkaR3D

    One of my fav of all time still. GET WIT IT IN 2019‼️‼️‼️❤️💯

  95. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song

  96. Porsha Jones

    This reminds me of the 90s and me being in the backseat at the age of 5 and I was with my god auntie, she was picking up her grand daughter and this song played on the radio. Back then all of the good classics like this one played all the time.

  97. Lateshia Childs

    I was born on 1982, around 1986 when I was 4 I remember my dad playing all kinds of funk music around the house. I remember how he just love this song and it became one of my favorite songs. Chaka became one of my favorite singers.

    Kevin Dengel

    This is one of the best songs she recorded in her " long" career. I like " I feel for you".

  98. Monique jackaon

    still rockn to this going into 2019💓💓💗💗