RÜFÜS DU SOL - Innerbloom (What So Not Remix) Lyrics

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yourrrrsssss

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yourrrrsssss

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

If you want me
If you need me
I'm Yours

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RÜFÜS DU SOL Innerbloom (What So Not Remix) Comments
  1. Matt Grillz

    anyone else get "terminator - end of days - sorrow sundays" feels from this?

  2. Harry Hodges

    The Egyptian dances in the ⛅

  3. New Era Boss

    i remember looking 4ever for this song and gave up. Now I finally found you. I am at peace.

  4. Michele alvarenga

    😭 would love to do some sort of choreography to this


    I'd like to see it ;)

  5. XxKMSxX

    Speed up to 1.25x🤤


    This is Gunna go off at wildlands

  7. Catta Bonata

    this is just too good 💞🌃

  8. Amy

    if ya like this you should check out støne's stuff ;)

  9. Stephehcus


  10. Rosen Rot

    I hear a holographic tap from far away at 2:34 literally thought somebody tapped something in my room or outside spooked me. I thought these semi open balanced armatures iems didnt have a holographic soundstage. But this track proves to have the transient 3d stereo imaging in digital format.

  11. quack676

    Surely no one is here because of the AFL upload?

  12. João Víctor

    This song and mass

  13. ssss

    Mamang kesbor brought me here

  14. Rolando Ramirez

    This Has A Lot Pf Meanings Behind This.😩💔🐍

  15. Chou Lie

    Tu m'as fait découvrir ce morceau, depuis je pense tjs à toi❤

  16. White

    Greetings from Wicked Warsaw! 🇵🇱🐰

  17. u g l y 1 9 9 5

    que vibe do caralho, amo demais.

  18. Kaylee Lands

    The best... lost for words.

  19. Daphne van Leeuwen

    Hit me up if you know similar songs plz <3

  20. OG CC

    The intro with strings and violin🤤 the drop gets me everytime!!! Eargasm music!!!🤘🤘 have it on repeat right now!!!

  21. Basyboy

    holy shit ive been looking for this for so long ever since the Mix i found it on dissapered on soundcloud. THANK THE LORD

  22. mustbsouf

    Running song got me pumped

  23. Bill Steven

    In case it's bothering anyone else the first song is Never Say by Dawn Wall ... actually I'm not sure who is sampling who

    Le Azure

    What So Not definitely did that part first since this was released 3 years ago whereas the one Dawn Wall did was from a year ago, additionally it seemed to have been sped up too.

  24. Matthew Torres

    What so not remix .. got me here

  25. Melody Moon


  26. Ash

    The fact I got to see What So Not play this at a festival. Life changing ❤️

  27. Cake Pie

    I hooked up with this girl .in the same time frame I discovered this song . It reminds me of that feeling of getting those deep feelings

  28. Patricia Noelia Gomez

    Tremen da cansion

  29. mr buIIets

    this is a good remix but the original is literally my favorite EDM song of all time.

  30. Ben Gursky

    holy crap this is dumb fire

  31. Edward Kaplan

    First time i heard this original song was at the rufus dul sol concert in Berkley CA. Wow it was amazing!!!

  32. Milly

    why does this sound like a rufus song

  33. Devin Jackson

    3:31 you’re welcome

  34. Devin Jackson

    This is my favorite song of all time. Who still here in 2019?

  35. Karina iii

    Обожаю эту песню !класс !высший класс!❤👍

  36. Derek Mathis

    Alison Wonderland 🙏🏼

  37. _ sickarewe_

    Wow this track is a trip

  38. Maxx

    Should of called it Inner Farty

  39. hung john tran

    Love your song . You are the best😘😘

  40. Gerasimenk2o49


  41. Israel Perez

    This is a trippy ass set😎🤟

  42. mustbsouf

    Best work out song, go slow...... Wait.... Wait.... Boom.... Run

  43. Ricco

    I marked this song with "inverted bass" in my library, as I would call it. The drop rather feels like an implosion instead of an explosion? Does anyone know what I'm trying to say?

  44. Joseph Banks

    Every time I listen to this I just here the original Thomas the tank engine intro music!!

  45. christopher juarez


  46. KARvER

    I love what so not. So SAD I MISSED HIM AT EDC 2019 (LV)

  47. tryce mason

    that bass drop is so dirty/funky!! I'm speechless.

  48. Mikeyzom

    I'm here bkuz of ivan

  49. John DiGioia

    If you want me, If you need me. I'm yours

  50. yucel ozyazgan

    came from soundcloud!

  51. ikaaathe e

    I still listening this song is one ofnmy favorites. Is amazing how one song can make you TB..

  52. Gavin McCallum

    Golden tunes sooo fucken good. .
    Following from the beginning.

  53. Gyselle Mairinck

    Foda para um caraleo

  54. karloss peter

    Thanks martin garrix without u so hard

  55. Duxim

    Anyone here from Martin Garrix? :)

    Phyo Zaw Aye

    @Dj Seymur of course . hahah

    Joe Hachem


  56. Pratik Patil

    Did you come here after martin garrix said he loved this song?😀💯



    Reina L

    Pratik Patil I was here before I knew that, but I love +x! 🖤

    Any Garrix



    Where did he say it?

  57. Messiah No

    Whose here from Martin Garrix?

  58. ImBoredAsHellAtm

    This is more like a song of its own



  60. J. Montrice

    For once I like a remix just as much as the original. Doesn’t happen very often for me unless its Kaytranada, he can do no wrong and I’d love to see him remix the original

  61. Perry Taylor

    I genuinely believe this to be the greatest EDM song ever produced

  62. RaHim Moulaha

    The best ever

  63. Game Render

    Are the stems for this available anywhere??


    doubt it buddy

  64. Gavin McCallum

    What’s so Not is the shit... best beats ever

  65. Andrea Scroggins

    I fell in love, in the first 10 seconds ! ❤️

  66. Karina Rodrigues

    Brazil 💛🇧🇷

  67. Tornador 76

    Nice remix from 'Somebody that I used to know'

  68. n lealy

    this song gets me every time! experiencing this live was other worldly, words cant describe that feeling! anyone else just smile to themselves, eyes closed lovin' it ? :)

  69. Razvan Stanciu


  70. innerbloom

    still the goat

  71. Tri H. Utomo

    Blows my earphones!!!

  72. Jaime Waters

    Here's to the earth

  73. pbfamous07

    well here came four musical geniuses. well played hombre.

  74. Oscar Romero


  75. Mr White flying a Kite

    The instrumental and beat was okay but the guys vocals was shit and the end of it was. You really fucked up the sound's at the end of it and it's cheep minded and horrible take the guys vocals and the last part off the track and it be good.


    you're retarded

  76. Mare La Mer

    Наши ребята тут есть?

  77. Susan Cahill


  78. steph agar

    Omg this track is making me cry it's so good

    Tomas González

    steph agarrar me too

  79. Jesse Smith

    How the Fuck did over 700 people dislike this track? Its been out for over 5 years and still one of my favorites!

  80. Jesse Smith

    Listen to this track rollin it sounds like children are talking in the background its super trippy!


    holy sheep..IM HERE?

  82. Katie Stait

    🔥 🔥 🔥Gives me 🦋 in my stomach 💕 💕 💕

  83. isaiah castillo

    First rave . Firdt song I felt it . My first time listening to edm was on the car ride there . I didn't know one djs name. I spent days looking for this song . It was one of those songs at a rave that you only remember once you hear it and it all comes back to you .

  84. Duckbutt Sasuke

    This is awesome lol

  85. Trebuchet Facts

    Everything about this track is monumental.

  86. jose luis arenas gonzalez

    This real what so not

  87. A. Jung

    That bass drop gave me goose bumps... twice! 👍

  88. Gold Blooded MMA

    2019 🙌🏼

  89. NytroManiac

    Can anyone be generous enough to point me in the right direction of more track that are similar to this one.

  90. Archie Whiting

    Love this song sooo much that I made a little music video to it

  91. NightShinobi

    if you want me, if you need me, see u later

  92. Kika's Trench

    found it through never say by Dawn Wall

    synth wave

    Me tooooooooo

  93. Joseph Tomasik

    Girlfriend had this playing and i Had to know what it was

  94. pieter1music

    Damn I just heard this for the first time ever.. and repeated it 100 times immediately cause WOW goosebumps 🔥🔥 Wish I knew it earlier 😅

  95. 859_ evo

    had this song in my like videos for a couple years now. scrolled through my 600 liked songs and rediscovered this song again and can still stay in 2019 this is the definitely in my top 3 favorite beat drops💯🔥🔊

  96. Tu Lam

    This song is incredible! I love the lyrics! <3 Thanks for the upload. Best wishes!

  97. TheOnlyZelvix

    The best!